Smackdown Review: 01-20-2022

Smackdown Review: 01-20-2022

Smackdown opens with a video package of Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns feud over the past few months, promoting the upcoming Undisputed WWE Univeral Championship match for this forthcoming Royal Rumble. Sami’s relationship with The Bloodline is summarized. 

The Bloodline enters the arena, refusing to fist-bump Sami Zain 

The Viking Raiders vs Sheaumus and Drew McIntyre: WINNERS Sheaumus and Drew McIntyre

Sheaumus and Drew McIntyre are on their way to the ring introducing the first match of the night, teaming against The Viking Raiders. The winners of this match will face the winners of Hit Row and Los Lotharios. After a battle outside of the ring, where  Shamus beats one of the Viking Raiders with eleven chops. Shamus goes for a powerbomb from the turnbuckle but can’t make the lift. 

Cut to Commercial

The bald Viking Raider has Shamus in a behind-the-back arm lock. Shamus chops his way free, followed by an exchange of elbows. I would use the Viking Raiders individual names, but I never hear them used by the announcers, if they don’t care I don’t. Drew takes down both Viking Raiders before getting a quick two-count. Drew gets hit with a pair of clotheslines. Drew is saved by Shamus, who hits a White Noise. 

Cut to Commercial 

Drew is in the corner getting elbowed in the face, Drew counters and hits a DDT. Drew goes for a Claymore and receives a spin kick to the face. Quick tag on both sides. Shamus gets ready for a Bro-Kick, but he’s distracted by Valhala. Shamus ends the match with a Bro-Kick, advancing to the next tag team title tournament round. 

Backstage Sami asks Roman if they can talk. Sami asks if everything is cool. Roman says he saw how Sami looked last week. Roman tells Sami to tell him the truth. Sami says he was disappointed that he did not get to finish the match last week against Kevin Owens. Roman tells Sami to get out. “When did I have to ask you for your opinion?” Paul Heyman sends points Sami out the door. I guess the Saudi deal is done. 

Cut to Commercial

Raquel Rodriquez is backstage on floating cam declairing herself for the Royal Rumble

L.A. Knight vs Greg Jones 

L.A. Knight comes to the ring cutting a promo on Uncle Howdy before his very short match with a Jones. Knight finishes the match with a _____ before the Firefly Fun House is on screen. Bray Wyat welcomes everyone back and says he cant wait to have more fun. The Firefly Fun House is too strange to be described. Wyat ends by saying “You should be scared of the dark.” Followed by video of Uncle Howdy stealing the Joker’s line “All you need is a little push.” 

Cut to Commercial

Hit Row vs Los Lotharios: WINNERS HIT ROW

Uberto and Ashanti show off their technical abilities before Angel recieves a tag. Top Dollar is tagged in and brings Angel to the desk. Top Dollar threatens Michael Cole, while giving Angel a loud chop. Adonis and Umberto is tagged in as Los Lotharios leap oover the top rope taking down Hit Row. Umberto and Adonis meet in the ring. Umberto is distracted and is rolled up by Adonis for a quick pin fall. 

This week’s second Cody promo shows the grandson of a plumber’s journey through recovery. 

Braun Stroman is backstage, declaring himself for the Royal Rumble. 

Charlotte Flair is in the ring, wooing the crowd and asking why Sonya Deville has a problem with her. Sonya makes her entrance trashing the city of Detroit and demanding a title shot. Deville is greeted with “you suck” chants. Charlotte offers Sonya a match, Deville demands that a match between the two become a title match. Adam Pearce comes out and Charlotte is blindsided by Deville. Sonya runs to the back. 

Backstage Paul Heyman is advising Roman Reigns, asking the Tribal Chief to consider keeping Sami in the Bloodline. 

Cut to Commercial. 

Brawling Brutes vs Imperium: WINNERS IMPERIUM

Shayna Blayzer is backstage announcing she will be in the Royal Rumble

A video package shows the history of Monday Night Raw, promoting the 30th anniversary of Monday Night Raw next week. 

Karrion Kross and Scarlot are backstage. Kross announces his entrance into the Royal Rumble. 

Cut to Commercial 

Brawling Brutes vs Imperium: WINNERS IMPERIUM

Vinci and Holldand start the match with a double shoulder tackle. Butch hits a double foot stomp from the ropes. Kaiser is tagged in hits Vinci with a running kick knocking Holland off of the ring apron. 

Cut to Commercial. 

Holland hits a double-back body drop on Imperium and tags in Butch. Butch hits a standing moonsault on Vinci. Butch gets an armbar, Kaiser counters and tags Vinci. Butch on the top rope kicks Kaiser and Vinci. Imperium hit an Imperial Bomb on Holland for the win. 

Sami Zayn is backstage alone when Paul Heyman appears. Heyman tells Zayn “Your Tribal Chief would like to see you.” 

Cut to Commercial 

Legado Del Fantasma -Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro with Zelina Vega and Santos Escobar vs. Maximum Male Models - Mansoor and Mace with Maxxine Dupri WINNERS Legado Del Fantasma

The models show their strength early until they are tossed over the top rope. Legado Del Fantasm each hit suplexes before Wilde hits a splash for a slow two count. Cruz and wild finish the match with a leg sweep kick finisher. 

Backstage, Roman is apologizing to Sami, again, for the second week in a row. The pair bump fists and Roman sends Sami to get the cars ready to leave. 

Kevin Owens - Roman Reigns Contract Signing

The Bloodline comes to the ring without Sami, who is supposedly setting up the cars for their exit. Owens makes his entrance without music. Kevin tosses Solo over the top rope and stuns Reigns. Owens superkicks The Usos. KO powerbombs Reigns through the contract table. Owens signed the contract. Sami comes running. Owens throws the contract at Sami and runs into the crowd. Owen’s music plays as The Usos check on Roman and the show ends. 


Smackdown had a nice flow this week. The Roman Sami story is compelling and keeps your attention. I don’t see the point of having all of these stars having 30 second backstage Royal Rumble announcements when their faces are already on the poster. There was a lot of great action in the matches, but I get tired of having tag match after tag match on the same show. Kevin Owens is a star that demands attention, and I want to see what happens with everyone favorite honourary Usos, Sami.