Several AEW contracts due to expire soon.

Several AEW contracts due to expire soon.
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On a recent show on, Wade Keller made mention that several AEW stars contracts are due to expire in the near future, with some talents apparently being interested in what level of leverage this will give them with other promotions.

He went on to say that AEW remains hopeful that Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega will sign another contract with the company ahead of theirs expiring.

Keller then said:

“There are people I’ve talked to in AEW who are looking at their contracts and wondering what their deal is gonna be next time when their first deals come up and how much leverage they’re gonna have with WWE or New Japan or heck, GCW with their ticket sales these days or the indie scene as an option to book yourself. It’s gonna be interesting to watch.”

“I have heard the intent and the hope is that Cody and Kenny and Tony all come to deals. There’s not signs that any of them want to leave or are disgruntled to the point that they shouldn’t be able to come to an extension but I don’t know the situation. Maybe Cody and Kenny already signed extensions and they kept it quiet. Actually, I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened now that I think about it from people I’ve talked to. I think Cody and Kenny might be next in terms of signing extensions.”

This eludes to a possibility that Cody and Kenny, who is currently taking time out due to upcoming surgery and recovery, may have already come to a deal with Tony Khan and have already signed new contracts with AEW, which is something I'm pretty sure we would all be very happy with. Other high name talents in AEW such as the Young Bucks have recently revealed they have signed a new contract with AEW until the end of 2024.

We will keep you up to date with any details that become available.