Sami Callihan Provides Update After Ankle Injury

Sami Callihan Provides Update After Ankle Injury

Sami Callihan provides update after breaking his ankle on a taping of IMPACT. 

Callihan recently appeared on the Battleground podcast talking about his Injury and his road to recovery. Callihan was supposed to reunite with Jon Moxley for the October 30th Wrestling Revolver event, however the injury has forced him to sit on the shelf for an undetermined amount of time. 

Speaking on the podcast he said this: 

“It was broken. I straight Sid Viscious-ed myself, it snapped in half,” Callihan said. The hosts stated that they were in attendance during the taping and made mention on how it looked from a fan point of view to which Callihan replied:

“you were lucky, it was gross, I didn’t scream, I didn’t start crying, I did nothing,” Saying jokingly “I’ve been through worse.” 

When asked on how his recovery was going and how he felt, Callihan had said that he felt good but he still couldn't walk on his foot just yet. However, he should be starting rehab in a month or so.

“Going great, I’m about four weeks into recovery right now, finally got the stitches out from the surgery. I’m able to do a little range of motion, not going to be able to put any pressure on it I think for another four to five weeks, and then I’ll start rehab. You can’t get rid of me that easy, trust me. When I come back, there’s going to be some hell to pay and there’s going to be an entirely new Death Machine.” 

It'll be good to see Callihan back in the ring at full health. Are you looking forward to seeing him make his return? Let us know in the comments below!