ROH’s video library is not up for sale

ROH’s video library is not up for sale
Credit ROH

As some of you may have seen since yesterday, there were reports coming out stating that ROH's entire video library was up for sale to the highest bidder. Not only that, the asking price was higher than it's actual market value.

Most of these claims had come from, surprise surprise, Pro Wrestling Insider.

However, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, have since disputed these claims stating that sources from WWE, AEW, and IMPACT Wrestling all deny having knowledge of the Ring of Honor tape library currently being up for sale.

Dave Meltzer went on by saying

"Sports Illustrated reported that the library is up to the highest bidder,” Dave Meltzer wrote. “But sources in AEW, Impact and WWE have all denied knowing anything about it, and if it was for sale right now, one would think WWE and AEW would be the first people contacted.”

It is very safe to assume that if ROH's whole video archive was up for sale, then WWE and AEW would definitely know about it, as they are the two biggest wrestling promotions out there today.

Not only that, the actual video archive would be surprisingly valuable to either of those promotions.

But I have to admit, it is quite an interesting development in the current situation that Ring of Honor seem to find themselves in.

What do you think of these recent developments in regards to ROH? Should the entire video library be up for sale? And do you think WWE or AEW would purchase them?