ROH to trademark new logo

ROH file for another new trademark logo

ROH to trademark new logo

Ring of Honor has filed for another new trademark design for it's logo, making this the second new design sent for trademarking within a month. The second design is being trademarked as per the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) by the ROH Acquisition Co (acting as Ring of Honor).

The new design was sent on May 12th and it does appear to look much better than the first one that surfaced. Below is the first logo.

Now the second logo has surfaced looks much improved and looks like a lot more care and attention has been paid to it. It is worth noting that trademarked images are usually black and white so we still have no idea yet what colours will be used. Ring of Honor has been known to use many colours but red has been a staple more recently. Below is the new logo filed for trademark.

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