ROH Champion Returns to Impact!

The ROH Champion, Jonathan Gresham made his return to IMPACT Wrestling this week, get all the details on his return below!

ROH Champion Returns to Impact!

The last time, the ROH Champion was seen on IMPACT television he was found unconscious backstage, no one knowing what had transpired for him to be found like that. It turned out that none other than Eddie Edwards was responsible for the heinous attack on the ROH Champion. Edwards took out Gresham on his path to joining Honor No More, revealing himself to be a traitor to IMPACT Wrestling!

This this last Thursday’s episode of Impact (March 24th, 2022) Eddie Edwards squared off with Rocky Romero in a singles match as the Forbidden Door once again swung open, the two men facing off against each other for the first time in their careers! Romero showed Honor and offered Edwards a handshake which was not returned. What followed after was Romero taking the fight to Edwards an taking him to the limit, but Edwards, the traitorous snake had an ace up his sleeve. Edwards countered the Diablo Armbar submission by placing his feet on the ropes, using them to stack on top on Romerto to get the cheap win. Edwards has finally lost all traces of honor with by such a cheap move!

Throwing salt into the wound, Edwards pulled a fast one after the match as HE offered his hand claiming that respect was earned from his opponent. Romero reached out and Edwards pulled his hand away and attacked! Edwards was aiming for a DDT when the ROH Champion had seen enough!

The Octopus charged down to the ring and sped up for a Springboard Moonsault, by Edwards bailed out of the ring with his tail between his legs. It seemed like Romero did not appreciate the assist, it looked like he had beef with Gresham but both men ended up the segment with a respectful handshake, something Romero was not going to get from Edwards.

Later in the night, Impact announced that Eddie Edwards will take on the ROH Champion, Jonathan Gresham at IMPACT: Rebellion on Pay Per View, on April 23rd, 2022. Right now the ROH Championship is not on the line, this is a shot at retribution for The Octopus, but as all things in wrestling go, you never know what is going to happen on the next show. Gresham is scheduled for a Title Unification Match with ROH World Champion, Bandido at ROH Supercard of Honor on April 1st, 2022. If Gresham manages to walk out victorious the unified title could very well be on the line against Edwards! We all know The Octopus does not stray away from a challenge!

Are you excited to see Jonathan Gresham vs. Eddie Edwards at IMPACT: Rebellion?

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