Ring of Honor: Bytesize 9th August 2021

Joshhausen is here with his debut review to give you the highs, lows and middles of this weeks Ring of Honor!

Ring of Honor: Bytesize 9th August 2021

Good timezone, boys and girls! Joshhausen is here to cheer you up with a bytesize review of this week's Ring of Honor!

First of all, I would like to express my displeasure with the lack of the very nice, very evil one, Danhausen in this weeks episode. Put him on tv next week or receive curses of some sort.

To clear up some admin, there is currently a women's tournament happening in ROH to crown the first(?) ROH Women's Champion, and I have began reviewing it after the first weeks matches, so I thought I'd be super nice and at least include those results!

In no particular order:

- Miranda Alize beat Alex Gracia

- Nicole Savoy beat Mazzerati

- Rok-C took down Sumie Sakai in the main event.

- Allysin Kay took down Willow to proceed to the next leg of the tournament on their weekly YouTube show.

On to this weeks show! And our usual host looks... different?

No! Quinn hasn't had a makeover, (Why would she? She's lovely.) This week our host is Ian Riccaboni! Filling in for Quinn this week as she has a match in the women's tournament, and that is our first match!

Before we get taken to the in ring action, we're treated to short video packages from both competitors. Quinn explaining how hard she has worked for the opportunity and The Allure have repeatedly tried to screw her out of chances.

Mandy Leon's video backfires stating that Quinn has had too many chances and that Maria Kanellis is just playing favourites, stating that it's "rigged."

We go to a CarShield ad, don't worry guys you'll be seeing A LOT of these! WOO!

First match time! Quinn Vs Mandy:

Quinn bursts out of the bell with a spear and a furious in ring assault which swiftly transitions to an outside ring assault, for a long time Quinn dominates the match until Mandy gets a cheap kick to the face after a failed pin.

Mandy isolates Quinn in the corner of the ring before hitting a neckbreaker and a pin attempt which doesn't do the job.

We go to an ad, WOO! When we come back, Mandy is still in control and at this point Quinn seems to be struggling. Mandy climbs onto the turnbuckle and Quinn leaps up onto her trying to regain control over the match by attempting a suplex but it fails when Mandy rolls over her and plants her into the turnbuckle.

Mandy hits the running unprettier but it still isn't enough to put Quinn away! Back on her feet, Quinn trips mandy into the bottom turnbuckle and capitalizes on her delirium with a backbreaker to a sidewalk slam then finally to a powerslam as Mandy runs at her, but it still isn't enough! She kicks out at 2.

Quinn tries to lock in the tangerine dream, but gets countered with a backpack stunner to a 2 count. 

In the closing of the match, Mandy tries to hit the astral projection but Quinn counters with a surprise roll-up, getting the 3 count and putting her through to the next round!

Winner: Quinn Mckay

Could this mark the end of her feud with The Allure? I doubt it, but we'll see what happens! A good match, overall. I am happy to see Quinn finally participating in some in-ring action and I hope that she continues to have great matches going onward!

Next up, more incredible wrestling action! Wait... nope. I've just had a message from my director, It's another CarShield ad, WOO! Not just one, but TWOO!

Next match is Marti Belle Vs Trish Adora, before that though, we have the video packages of the two entrants. 

Marti Belle tells us about how wrestling allows her to marry together all the things she loves in her life into one art form she can express herself.

Trish Adora says that she is standing in solidarity with her people, saying that she was in the military and she won't forget the lessons she learnt there. She continues by stating she is fighting for her mother who is fighting cancer.

Match two: wrestling boogaloo! Marti Belle vs Trish Adora w/ Guest Commentary: Chelsea Green

The match starts off at a slow pace with some back and forth holds and grapples, it continues this way until Belle hits a forearm to the face knocking Adora down.

AND the best part of any wrestling match! A CarShield ad! WOO!

Back to the actual wrestling, Belle seems to still be firmly in control of the match, Adora makes attempts to get back in the saddle but once again gets knocked back down by Belle.

Adora tries for one more assault and this one gains her the advantage! Her attack bears fruit as in a very swift turnaround, Adora locks in the cattle mutilation and Belle taps out very quickly. (The cattle mutilation I've been told to add, was made famous by a certain American Dragon Bryan Danielson. His name seems familiar?)

Winner: Trish Adora 

This match was fairly slow but with a quick finish, both competitors performed really well and showed respect to each other after the match, I hope to see more of them both going forward!

After this week's women's tournament matches, here is how the table looks going forward:

Main event time: Brodie King and the unfortunately named Chris Dickinson aka Vlnce Unltd Vs Bandido and Rey Horus w/ Silas Young on commentary.

But before the match begins, a word from our sponsors at Vlnce Unltd, If you need Violence, they've got stock! They begin by congratulating Bandido on his win, but says that they're really there to congratulate themselves as the ROH World Tag Team Champions.

Dickinson begins screaming at the camera, telling them not to think they've forgotten about Survival of the Fittest and that this match is about the best that ROH has to offer, quoting: "There is Honor in Violence and this is Vlnce Unltd."

Onward to the in-ring action!

Bandido enters proudly displaying the ROH World Championship (that thing is MASSIVE!), but it still has Rush's name on it..? It's a tiny bit like showing off your best mate's wife, innit?).

As he walks down the ramp, we're shown a brief video of Horus congratulating him on winning the title and then they spend a bit of time trash talking Vlnce Unltd. 

Onto the match itself, Vlnce Unltd start off strong in complete control of the match, continuing to dominate for a long time locking in various submissions and hitting some impressive tag team assaults. 

Bandido and Horus manage to turn the tide when Bandido hits a furious assault, throwing Dickinson out of the ring onto King and following up with both Bandido and Horus taking turns knocking Vlnce Unltd to the ground.

From this point onward, Bandido and Horus took over control of the match, hitting some good tag team offense ending with a running shooting star press from Bandido but only landing them a 2 count before King breaks the pin.

Horus tries to keep the pace going but gets hits by a tag team attack from Vlnce Unltd. They isolate Bandido and continue their tag team offensive on him.

Horus comes back in again trying to break Bandido free but his feeble kicks seem to do literally nothing to help Bandido, but instead he gets himself locked into a submission by Dickinson. However, this gets broken when Bandido reaches the ropes.

Dickinson hits a brainbusters but fails a 2 count when Horus breaks the pin with a dropkick. Horus continues his assault by pulling down the rope at a charging King, throwing him outside of the ring, he follows up with a hurricanrana.

Dickinson counters a 21 Plex by Bandido but gets attacked by Horus, Bandido uses this momentum to finally hit the 21 Plex and seal the win.

Winner: Bandido and Horus.

As soon as the bell rings, tolling the end of the match, Rush ran down the ramp, into the ring and starts laying the smackdown on Bandido with a chair whilst LFI beat down Vlnce Unltd and Horus.

Homicide runs down to the ring trying to even the odds, but ultimately it doesn't help as LFI and Rush manage to beat down everyone in the vicinity.

The show closes with Rush stealing Bandido's mask and walking away with it, this is not over!

That's all folks!

A decent episode overall, I believe there will definitely be fallout from the Quinn Vs Mandy match, potentially further into this tournament, and with the women's tournament ramping up we're almost at the end of round 1!

Bandido performed well, displaying his talent as a champion but the beatdown at the end of the show with Rush stealing his mask, leaves this reviewer with an ominous feeling that Bandido may not be champ for very long.

Join me next week for another episode of Ring of Honorhausen! Joshhausen out! #GETDANHAUSENHISBLIMP