Ring of Honor: Bytesize 6th September 2021

Joshhausen is back from sickness with your weekly dose of Ring of Honor!

Ring of Honor: Bytesize 6th September 2021

Good Timezone! Joshhausen here and I'm back with your weekly Ring of Honor review!

First things first, let's clear some admin. STILL. NO. DANHAUSEN. FIX THIS ROH, AND QUICK!

Also, allow me to apologise for skipping last weeks review. Sadly, I was sick and needed constant bed rest, (thankfully it wasn't Covid.) Unfortunately this rendered me unavailable and as such, we missed a weeks review. However, I have watched the show and I've posted the match results from last week below for you! 

ROH Women's World Championchip tournament quarterfinals:

- Angelina Love def. Max the Impaler
This was a heavily one sided match on Max's side and favour. However, Max had Love in a rear choke using the ropes as a tool and refused to release the hold on referee's orders, leading to a DQ.

- Trish Adora def. Allysin Kay
A fairly equal match to start, Kay and Adora began by trying to gain control over the other on the mat. Kay threw Adora out of the ring, Kay had control of most of the match but as Adora got visibly more pissed off the momentum shifted, despite Kay seemingly still being in control.

ROH World Television Championship: Dragon Lee def. Eli Isom to retain
This match spilled to the outside very quickly. Dragon had the upper hand being able to get in more of his own offense. The pair exchange constant counters and combos, at one point it looked like Eli had the match in hand, but with a few swift knee strikes to the face and the Incinerator, Dragon retains.

Alright! Now we've got that done and dusted, time for this weeks show!

The lovely Quinn McKay is in the driving seat this week, she gives us a rundown of recent events as well as this weeks matches:

Miranda Alize vs. Trish Adora
Angelina Love vs. Rok-C

These matches will decide the final for the Women's Championship tournament at Death Before Dishonor on September 12th. Quinn wishes 3 of the 4 women luck before moving onto announcing this weeks main event:

Shane Taylor Promotions vs Le Faccion Ingobernable (LFI) with LFI saying they have their sights on STP's 6-man championships.

Miranda Alize vs. Trish Adora
Adora comes out first, looking focused but there's definitely some nerves in there.

Alize follows showing no signs of nerves, she looks locked and loaded.

(OH YES! This is what we missed! CARSHIELD! Have you guys ever heard of them? I sure fucking haven't. And we don't get just the one! We get two!)

Onto the match! There was no obvious code of honor. The match starts off with some cat and mouse and Adora displaying clearly she is the stronger of the two by dropping Alize to the mat and locking in submissions. Alize starts to rebuild momentum with some quick strikes and hurricanranas and a boot to the gut, Alize showing her brawler side.
After the strong beginning from Adora, Alize seems to be in control, holding Adora in the corner, after a brief moment of attack from Adora and a duo of failed pins, Alize gets firmly back in the drivers seat with a Lungblower. Adora once again tries to take momentum back with some boots to the face but Alize swiftly regains control and hits a DDT off the middle rope, faling a pin, though.

Adora just yeets Alize out of the ring and a brawl starts on the outside, Alize still being extremely in control of this match. We go to.. you guessed it..


At a count of 19, both women dive back in the ring and the brawl continues inside the ring! Adora hits a vicious cross body and continues to use her size and strength to take advantage of Alize and lock in a choke but it comes to no avail as Alize gets her leg on the ropes.

Alize manages to lock in her own submission, Adora is struggling in the middle of the ring but uses her sheer strength to turn it into a roll up (which if you ask JP, he will tell you is the most devastating move in ALLLLLLLLLLLL OF SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT!) Sadly though, this doesn't work for her as Alize kicks out and hits a spinning neckbreaker for a 2 count.

Adora tries another carry and almost fails but powers through with a samoan drop but only for a 2 count. Adora locks in a cattle mutilation, and transitions it but gets forced into the turnbuckle and receives a back elbow and a kick to the back of the head for her trouble.

Alize hits a ripcord to a driveby, a headscissor to another submission, Adora tries to get to the ropes but Alize drags her back and locks it back in, forcing Adora to tap.

Winner: Miranda Alize, Entrant 1 of 2 in the finals.

This was a great match! Adora displayed her power well but overall it was the creativity and impact of Alize's constant assault that handed her this match. Whoever she faces in the final will have to be very careful!

This section ends with Alize saying "You have to be more than a wrestler to be a champion."

(And of course, now we see the true star of ROH! MORE CAR SHIELD ADS! We'll have our usual screaming count at the end, don't worry. That's gonna happen.)

We come back to a promo from Angelina Love, claiming that the tournament is rigged and that "someone has it out for her", she then says that she's been wrestling longer than Rok-C has been alive and seems to be downplaying her ability.

Next up we hear from Rok-C, she praises her past opponents and she displays the hope of any newcomer to come out on top of seasoned veterans, she respects her opponents, we'll see how this works out for her.

Rok-C vs. Angelina Love
Rok-C comes out first, all smiles and trying to hold her composure. We go to the announcers table with Chelsea Green and Ian Riccaboni, announcing the semi-final match and asking if tonights pressure will turn Rok-C into a diamond or will she crumble?

Angelina Love comes out second and clearly we can see a hook which might take her out of this tournament. She has worry on her face and she's babying her injured shoulder. 

Love denies Rok-C's code of honor, as always.

Rok-C tries to lock up but Love hits some swift boots to the gut whilst trying to protect her shoulder. Rok-C gets driven to the ground twice and a failed duo of pins by Angelina doesn't seal the win. She continues with strikes, trying to keep an advantage from Rok-C until she gets a boot to the face and driven into the turbuckle.

Rok-C hits a back handspring kneedrop and fails a pin at 1. Rok-C tries to continue her assault but Love screams "I am injured" like a banshee, holding onto the ring ropes. Rok-C charges at her but gets toppled out of the ring. Love follows her outside and rams her head into the apron (the hardest part of the ring!) and then the barricade (the hardest part outside of the ring!)

Love rams Rok-C into the post and continues screeching about her arm. Love is still in control of this match as she tosses Rok-C back into the ring but only hits a 2 count. Back in the ring, Love throws Rok-C against the ropes and tries to charge at her but just receives an elbow and a headscissors to a side russian leg sweep for her efforts.

(MORE CARSHIELD ADS! MORE! This is 8 in one episode! A new record!!)

Back into the match the two competitors trading strikes in the middle of the ring and Rok-C hitting a flurry of attacks on Love. Rok-C knocks Love down to the mat a few times with arm takedowns and pins her to the ground unloading onto her. 

Rok-C seems firmly in control until Love pulls her hair and drags her to the ground with a DDT but to a failed pin at 2. Love tries to go for a double underhook DDT but Rok-C locks in a crossface, Love transitions it into a pin but fails at 2, Rok-C transitions it into another lock using Love's injured arm as leverage, causing Love to tap out.

Winner: Rok-C, Entrant 2 of 2 in the finals.

This was a good display for Rok-C from start to finish, she had her tough spots due to Love's experience, but Love's injured shoulder really worked against her in this match and made it almost transparent from the start that it'd end this way after Rok-C's match with Quinn. 

They managed to find a way to show off Rok-C whilst not injuring Love's reputation.

Chelsea Green shoots her shot saying if Rok-C becomes champ, she's coming for her and Alize comes out to face down Rok-C, the ladies stare each other down as the screen fades..

There we have it. Our women's championship match set for Death Before Dishonor: Miranda Alize vs Rok-C, I guarantee this match will have as much energy as a can of Monster Energy! Refuel your heart, recharge your dreams!

Next we're given our match card for Death Before Dishonor:
- Eli Isom vs. Dalton Castle

- The OGK vs. The Briscoes

- Rok-C vs. Miranda Alize - ROH Women's Championship Match

- LFI vs. Shane Taylor Promotions - ROH Six Man Championship

- Josh Woods vs. Jonathan Gresham - ROH Pure Championship

- Bandido vs. Brody King vs. Demonic Flamita vs. EC3 - ROH World Championship

Before the main event we're taken to a backstage promo with LFI putting down STP saying that LFI is better. Nothing major worthy of note here. 

Tonight's Main Event: Shane Taylor Promotions vs LFI (Lucha Rules)
STP enters first, screaming their way down to the ring, there's a promo from STP saying the "empire LFI made will be brought down" by STP.

LFI enters next looking like a bunch of cartoon network villains.

Before the bell rings, before they even get to the ring, all hell breaks loose as all 8 men begin brawling. Orderlies try to bring some sort of order, but it's like trying to stop a flood with a teaspoon.

The screen goes to black and when we come back, they're all in the ring. But all looks to break out again... This looks more like a family argument than a match.

Now things have calmed down, the match starts out with Moses for STP and King for LFI in the ring. King fakes out the code of honor with a cheap shot followed by quick strikes, but Moses takes control quickly by charging him into the corner, followed by some swift chops and a splash.

King tries to take back control, however, Moses is too strong for his hits to have any real effect. Though King is also too quick for Moses to land a hit.

King tags out for Dragon and then Moses tags out for Kaun. Dragon quickly being dropped to the ground by Kaun. Kaun and Dragon share some quick strikes but Kaun seems to take control until he gets whipped into the corner, followed by a flurry of attacks from Dragon.

The match is very evenly matched between Dragon and Kaun. It spills to the outside of the ring and the two teams almost start brawling again.

Edwards tags in for STP and continues to work on Dragon. Dragon tags out for Bestia. The two teams outside the ring are once again arguing while the in-ring action continues with both sides again, evenly matched. Bestia begins to take control of the match with a suplex on Edwards, but fails a pin at 2. Bestia seeks to continue his assault but Edwards scoops up Bestia and hits an Atlanta stampede, though he takes too much time posturing and then Rush enters, drops him and calls in Shane Taylor himself.

Taylor and Rush clash shoulder to shoulder, strike to strike, Taylor takes control until Rush hits a rebound suplex, a knee to the face and knocks Taylor out of the ring. 
Edwards and Kaun run into the ring to take out Rush but Dragon and Rush knock them out of the ring. Moses climbs the turnbuckle as Rush is held primed for an attack by STP outside of the ring but Moses botches a drop.

King capitalises with Bestia on the outside, whilst Taylor and Dragon duke it out. Taylor blocks the incinerator and the two share strikes until Taylor hits a Marcus Garvey driver but the attention and ref are drawn to the outside of the ring as Moses looks badly injured.

King takes this opportunity back in the ring to hit a low blow on Taylor, right in the babymakers! He gets the 3 count.

Winners: LFI 

To be completely honest.. This match was an absolute mess. I didn't feel like I was really able to properly keep up with what was going on. Too many angles at once, too many moments and stories trying to be told.. It needed to be more constructive, especially considering these guys are duking it out for a championship in a week!

Now, we come to the end of another week of ROH. This week wrapped up the semifinals of the Women's Tournament perfectly and I'm really excited for the championship match at Death Before Dishonor!

Next week will likely be a double feature as we have not only another weekly review, but I'll be trying my hand at calling a PPV in bytesize form, so please look forward to that!

Feel free to leave comments and feedback below, and until next time, Joshhausen out! #GETDANHAUSENHISBLIMP