Ring of Honor: Bytesize 23rd August 2021

Joshhausen pays for your ticket on this weeks Tilt-A-Whirl that is Ring of Honor!

Ring of Honor: Bytesize 23rd August 2021

Good timezone, ladies and gents! Joshhausen is back once again! We have completed another 7 days around the sun, which means we now have unlocked another episode of Ring of Honor!

As this is not a PPV, the non-appearance of Danhausen is still very much disturbing and I must urge Ring of Honor to bring back Danhausen or be cursed. 

To kick off as always, we only had one Women's Tournament match last week, but as a reminder it was Max The Impaler that proved victorious and moved on to the next round!

Now for this week's show!

Ian Riccaboni is back with his infectious smile! I love this man! He is filling in for Quinn again this week as she is in a match tonight! He gives us our card for tonight:

- Rok-C Vs Quinn McKay
- Miranda Alize Vs Nicole Savoy
- Rey Horus Vs Demonic Flamita (AKA Batman) in a No DQ match.

Before our first match, we're taken to a backstage interview between Rok-C and Quinn McKay, where Rok-C insinuates Quinn will be an easy win as she's just a backstage interviewer, and Quinn looking very nervous about this upcoming match.

Rok-C Vs Quinn McKay

Rok-C enters first with Quinn following fairly quickly. Unfortunately without the crowd, the entrances feel quite low energy and a little awkward. I hope ROH has their fans back, soon!

The ladies shake hands and quickly lock up. Rok-C gets Quinn to the ground and into a bridging hammerlock, but Quinn deftly reverses this into a wristlock.

The match proceeds at a fairly slow pace for a while as the pair share takedowns and locks, but some athleticism and quick manoeuvres speed the match up to a failed pin by Rok-C. They lock up again and Quinn begins to take advantage, knocking Rok-C to the mat, failing a pin but goading her opponent with a quick curtsy. 

Quinn, appearing to be the stronger of the two, forces Rok-C down to the mat and 3 failed pin attempts later, Rok-C hits a wristlock takeover but it ends with both competitors taking each other down and kipping up in sync!

Quinn fails a manoeuvre and manages to hurt her knee, the ref takes time to check on her and she seems okay as she charges to Rok-C and puts her in a headlock. Rok-C breaks out and begins working on Quinn's knee before she slams Quinn into the turnbuckle, hitting a suplex but failing a pin.

Rok-C hits a big-time elbow to another series of failed pins, misses the following elbow and Quinn tries to capitalise with the tangarine dream but ultimately fails. Rok-C counters and starts another assault on Quinn in the corner, she misses an attack, Quinn tries to lock in the tangerine dream, but again Rok-C breaks out and hits a Thesz press.

Rok-C follows up with an attempt at a tilt-a-whirl legsweep but Quinn counters with a neckbreaker and another failed pin at 2. Rok-C tries to hit a move off the top turnbuckle but Quinn catches her, hits a spinebuster to a neckbreaker, and fails a pin at 2. Rok-C counters an attack into a backslide, Quinn tries to lift her but the knee injury from earlier starts to play on her, even moreso when she tries to dodge an attack that never comes, landing on the knee again, Rok-C capitalises by hitting the code red and securing the 3 count.

Winner: Rok-C

A fairly slow match for the start of the show but some energy was injected into it with Quinn's injured knee adding some drama, too. Without that injury Quinn was an even match for Rok-C and at times looked like she could definitely take the win, however, this was not the case and Rok-C advances to the next stage.

Miranda Alize Vs Nicole Savoy

As she makes her way down to the ring, Alize talks about how she's proven she's the best, and that tonight isn't going to be Savoy's night.

Savoy comes out next and says that she has history with Alize, she says that she didn't think they'd make it this far but tonight their friendship goes to the side.

They shake hands and lock up, Alize seems to be using Savoy's back as a bongo drum. They trade locks and holds for a while until Alize bites Savoy's fingers, breaking the lock. (She's been studying MJF!)

Savoy gets Alize to the ground and fails a pin at 2. The pair trade pins for a while before Savoy gets knocked down to the ground twice in a row and then Alize hits her out of the ring and hits a basement dropkick.

Savoy suplexes Alize onto the ground outside the ring, (still not as hard as the apron, to be honest.) We then get taken to ads...

When we return from the ads, we're back in the ring with Alize in control as she plants her foot in Savoy's mush and gets a 2 count.

Savoy seems to be fighting back as she hits a suplex to a 2 count, followed by a sliding clothesline to another failed 2 count. Alize wails on Savoy with her fists but this doesn't last long as Savoy hits some butterfly suplexes, planting Alize and failing a pin at 2, but quickly tries to recover with an armbreaker. Alize breaks out and rolls her up for a 2 count.

Alize locks in a crossface but Savoy rolls out and hits a michinoku driver to a 2 count. Savoy attempts an assault but Alize kicks her in the chin midair and hits a DDT from the middle turnbuckle, she fails a pin at 2 but quickly recovers by hitting a drive-by and securing the 3 count!

Winner: Miranda Alize

Nicole Savoy seemed to be in control for the majority of this match, but toward the end you could see the balance shifting in Alize's favour, especially so in the final moments of the match. I can see Alize going far in this tournament.

This is the end of the Women's Tournament matches, this is how the bracket looks now:

The main event is up next, but we're now taken to a backstage promo with the Beer City Bruiser, Brian Milonas and Ken Dixon the 3-man team that make up "The Bouncers." (An amazing game by Squaresoft, too!) They are talking about how they are going to "relieve people of their lives." (Steady on, lads! This is a family show... right?), they also argue about the hierarchy of their group, saying that Dixon is "third in line" now. I can see this going swimmingly, in the future. This promo sets up a match for ROH's YouTube show, Week By Week. The Bouncers Vs Martin & Keys (Which sounds like a terrible real estate company.)

Demonic Flamita Vs Rey Horus

Time for this week's Main Event! 

We have Demonic Flamita coming out first, he walks down to the ring clutching a chair dressed like a member of the Akatsuki trained in Lucha Libre. We cut to an earlier moment where he says that he has to show once again that he is the best in the "mexisquad." (Side note, readers. I will from hereon be referring to Demonic Flamita as Batman. We can all see it.)

Rey Horus comes next, his earlier moments explain that today is the day he makes it clear he is the better man in the ring and that the "sun of Tijuana is going to shine on him."

No code of honor in this match as they tear straight into the action, trading chops and fakeouts and a heck of a lot of lucha athleticism ending with an up and over 2 count pin.

Horus tries to dive through the middle rope but Batman grabs some of his gadgets from under the ring, but they unfortunately backfire on him as Horus kicks the chair into Batman's own face!

Image courtesy of batman.fandom.com

Horus tries to capitalise with a top rope dive but Batman counters by throwing the chair at Horus' head and then stomping on it. Batman continues dominating the match by throwing Horus into the barricades on the ramp. He grabs the chair and places it on the apron, proceeding to drop Horus head first on the chair, on the apron, (which as Curly Tot will tell you, is the hardest part of the ring. Even harder with the chair!)

Batman takes more "gadgets" from under the ring, Alfred has fashioned this one into the form of a table. (Top work, Alfred!) Horus escapes back into the ring but Batman's not giving up his assault as he continues to dominate Horus with a dropkick to the corner and a suplex followed by a failed 2 count.

Batman sets up the chair on the top turnbuckle. Horus tries to fight back but Batman continues his domination by whipping Horus head first into the chair. Horus begins to fight back as he yeets a chair into Batman's head, knocking Batman out of the ring. Horus slides out of the ring, hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT followed by ramming Batman's head into the post, a beatdown with a chair and a high crossbody for a 2 count when back in the ring! (Where's Robin when we need him!?)

Batman charges at Horus but he flips him into the turnbuckle for another failed 2 count. Batman tries to fakeout Horus and they swap slaps before Batman hits a butterfly backbreaker for a 2 count. Batman looks to continue his assault as he picks up Horus looking for another suplex but the two men end up trading flammaflame's and tilt-a-whirl DDT's and then they both take a well deserved nap, before Batman renews his assault dragging Horus onto the apron (The hardest part of the ring) before they end up trading, (say it with me now,) WOOO'S!

Horus hits a pump kick and gets on the pair get on the turnbuckle trading strikes, until Batman hits the flammaflame off the turnbuckle, crashing Horus into the table. He drags him back in the ring and goes for a pin only getting a 2. In response, Batman climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits a 450 corkscrew, securing him the 3 count.

Winner: Batman (AKA Demonic Flamita)

This match started off with high energy and fast paced action that continued all the way through. So many good points in this match to note but it was clear that Flamita was 100% dominant in this match. Though it has to be said, those tilt-a-whirl DDT's from Horus are damn impressive.. though I think Horus will need a couple weeks off now.

At the end, we're given the card for next weeks show:
- Angelina Love Vs Max The Impaler
- Allysin Kay Vs Trish Adora
- Eli Isom Vs Dragon Lee (ROH TV Championship Match)

This brings us to the end of another week of ROH action! The Women's Championship tournament continues apace and is definitely heating up! We have some good matches in store for us still to come. The feud between Batman and Horus is one I hope will continue as these two put on a great spectacle together!

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you'll join me next week for more! Be sure to bring your Monster Energy! Monster recharges your heart, it fuels your dreams!  Please feel free to add your comments and feedback below, I'd love to know what you think!

Joshhausen out, #GETDANHAUSENHISBLIMP #MonsterEnergySponsorUs