Ring of Honor: Bytesize 20th September 2021

Another week, another ROH, but this time with a twist, it's a PURE EDITION!

Ring of Honor: Bytesize 20th September 2021

Good timezone! Joshhausen back with another week of ROH!

First of all, still no Danhausen, this is to be expected. It's also to be expected that it is fixed QUICK.

We are greeted by the lovely Quinn McKay who tells us that this weeks show is purely a "Pure" episode, featuring 3 matches, each under "Pure" rules.

We get thrown straight into the action, no waiting around today!

Pure Wrestling Gauntlet Match: 
First Entrants: Eric Martin Vs World Famous CB

They shake hands, the bell rings and they lock up. The pair trade locks for a time before CB gets shoulder barged to the ground by Martin.

CB grabs Martin in a drop toe hold, making him use his first rope break, and immediately makes him grab the ropes again by grabbing his leg a second time, and just as quick forces Martin to use his third and final rope break.

Martin hits CB with an assault in the corner leading CB to be knocked out of the ring. Martin throws CB back in the ring and hits a suplex, kips up and charges into CB in the corner, tries to ram CB into the turnbuckle but fails, and the two trade up and overs until CB fails a roll-up.

CB locks in a submission but Martin has no rope breaks and has absolutely no way out and thats the finish, the match is over.

Winner: World Famous CB
This match was over fairly quickly so I have no real opinion on it, CB was the dominant player here as he got Martin to use all 3 of his rope breaks very quickly, showing which way this match was going from the start, but we move on to the next leg of the gauntlet..

Next entrant in the ROH Pure Gauntlet: Delirious

Carshield Ads #1 and #2... More tired old drivel from Ric Flair, sick of seeing him, no rage as of yet.. it's early.

CB and Delirious shake and when the bell rings, Delirious rushes straight in like a man possessed, rolling about the ring with CB in lock after lock. On their feet the two face each other down and lock up again.

Delirious goes for a pin out of nowhere but fails and CB does the same. The two trade pins and submissions for a while, with CB locking in a headscissors and a pin, but Delirious uses his first rope break. CB has used none of his, yet.

Delirious locks a cobra clutch on CB but it fails to put him away, the pair begin throwing themselves around the ring off the ropes until Delirious grounds CB with a waistlock takedown but CB reverses it into a full nelson dragon suplex and he then starts screaming..

Delirious tries to go for an attack off a fireman's carry but CB reverses to a failed pin and Delirious manages to work it into a cobra clutch, CB tries to make it to the turnbuckle but Delirious turns it into a suplex, knocks him to the mat and fails a pin. CB tries a rollup and fails that, too.

CB crawls under Delirious' legs, hops over him, crawls through his legs again... they're dancing a lot until Delirious drags him back to the ground with a cobra clutch backbreaker, he breaks out but he puts him in a triangle hold, forcing his arm to bend in ways it shouldn't, CB taps out.

Winner: Delirious
CB still seemed to be on top of this match until Delirious put him in multiple cobra clutches to a triangle hold, forcing him to tap. CB still did well considering he was coming off the back of a instant previous match.

Next entrant in the gauntlet: LSG

Carshield Ad #3... Trust me guys. I may not be screaming on the outside, but on the inside? It's like emo night.

LSG and Delirious shake, the bell is rung again. Delirious again quick out the gate but LSG seems cautious.

The two trade holds for a while, then a shoulder tackle and some strikes. Delirious gains the upper hand as he plants LSG, locks in a submission and forces LSG to use a rope break. 

Delirious hits a neckbreaker and fails a pin at 2. Delirious tries for a suplex but LSG blocks it twice, on the third attempt LSG back elbows Delirious but he responds with a headbutt to the abdomen.

Delirious receives some strikes and takedowns from LSG and a springboard elbow to a failed pin. LSG tries for an attack on Delirious whose made his way to the top turnbuckle, but Delirious hits a dropkick to LSG's back, but gets a back elbow when he tries to charge.

Delirious hits a brainbuster but is too slow on the pin as LSG kicks out at 2. Delirious continues by wailing on LSG. Delirious locks in the cobra clutch but LSG throws him over the shoulder and locks in a samuta lock, forcing Delirious to tap.

Winner: LSG
Delirious did well in this match but LSG came out on top, there were good spots from both but the former was the more entertaining. However, with that lock up at the end, there was no way out for Delirious.

Next entrant in the gauntlet: Joe Keys

Carshield ad #4... Just.. no.. depressing. I'm done. Carshield ad #5... Everytime he shouts "Wooo!" I die a little inside.

The pair shake hands and lock up. Keys is the first to try an assault but he quickly gets put in a headscissors. From here they roll around the ring trading locks and holds, the odd failed pin here and there.

LSG tries to hit a DDT off the top rope but is countered into a backbreaker by Keys, who continues by delivering two more backbreakers. They trade turns ramming each other into the turnbuckle then LSG tries to take momentum but it doesn't last long as Keys locks him in an abdominal stretch.

LSG breaks out and kicks Keys into the corner but fails a pin. He tries to lift Keys but his back gives out, Keys responds with a backbreaker and kicking LSG's back to lock in a boston crab, LSG uses his 2nd rope break.

Keys hits a trio of German suplexes, forcing LSG to use his third rope break. Keys puts LSG on the top of the turnbuckle, tries for a suplex off the top but LSG counters it into a pin off the top, knocking Keys down for the 3 count.

Winner: LSG
This was actually surprising.. the man has no rope breaks left, he was dominated that entire match by Keys... I 'm not sure he has any hope of winning, I can't even say LSG had a good showing here, Keys was completely in control of the match... on we go, though!

Next and final entrant in the gauntlet: Brian Johnson (Mecca)
He comes out with the mic saying "another gauntlet with some bozos".. spouts some crap about him being the best and that you spell Pure "Mecca" (this guy needs some English lessons.) 

Johnson gets into the ring screaming more and more and charges LSG into the corner hitting shoulder barges, whips him into the opposite turnbuckle, tries to hit LSG but can't connect as LSG fires an assault with a springboard to a butterfly saintsplosion, he tries to pin but Mecca uses his first rope break.

Mecca is on the apron and hits a closed fist and gets a closed fist warning but instantly dives through the ropes and pins LSG with his feet on the ropes as leverage.

Winner of the match and the gauntlet: Brian Johnson (Mecca)
This match was too short to have an opinion on. Mecca is loud and quite annoying, might have been a good match if LSG had more energy and hadn't taken such a beating.

Carshield ad #6 I have no energy for these today. They just tire me. They have no energy, no pizzazz. No fire. They're about as energetic as I bet ol' Ric is in the ring.

Main Event: ROH Pure Rules Match: Rhett Titus Vs Mike Bennett
Rhett Titus comes out first, representing "The Foundation", he's wearing a mask that looks a lot like how you'd feel after a rough weekend.

Mike Bennett comes out next, looking like a frat bro who lost his clothes on the same rough weekend. Representing "The OGK"

They show a short clip of Bennett tapping to Gresham, which is sure to make you believe he can win, right?

The men shake hands and back into their corners. Bennett tries to use his agility but Rhett catches him and locks him in a headscissors, edging him toward the ropes, trying to get Bennett to use his rope breaks, he doesn't and breaks out.

They lock up and Bennett powers Rhett to the ground and hits a series of failed pins. Rhett is in a bridge and Bennett hops on top of him with his knees but Rhett reverses it into a pin but it fails instantly.

Another lock up and Bennett seems in control until Rhett gets him in a headlock, dragging Bennett to his feet. He throws Bennett against the ropes but Bennett barges him to the round, trying to take control but Rhett counters and locks in the cobra twist, Bennett almost breaks out, Rhett tries to turn it into a pin but fails.

The screen fades to black, presumably for some ads, but when it comes back Rhett has Bennett in a cycle toe hold and transitions to a lion tamer, forcing Bennett to use his first rope break.

Rhett is straight back in with another assault with a high cravat, but Bennett takes over with a side headlock, followed by a shoulder barge and Rhett misses a dropkick. Bennett locks in a London dungeon but Rhett powers out and forces Bennett against the ropes, making him use his 2nd rope break.

More lock ups and a half nelson to Bennett and a failed pin attempt. Rhett jeering Bennett to use his last rope break, following with a double wristlock. Bennett breaks out and the duo share chops until Bennett powers over Rhett, throwing him into the opposite turnbuckle.

He tries to hit a suplex but Rhett counters and the pair trade lock ups again until Bennett hits a discus forearm to a failed pin as Rhett uses his first rope break.

Both men take time to recuperate until Bennett dropkicks Rhett's injured leg and begins an assault on that leg, locking in a submission which Rhett counters to a failed pin but this doesn't last long as Bennett continues his assault on the leg but then it fades to black..

We're told during the ads, Rhett hit a dropkick, sending Bennett to the outside but now they are both back in the ring, Rhett trying a pin but Bennett uses his third and final rope break.
Rhett locks in a submission pulling Bennett's neck against the ropes, but Bennett powers out. Rhett hits a gutwrench suplex to a failed pin.
Rhett goes to the top turnbuckle with the injured leg and Bennett takes advantage to attack Rhett, knocking him draped over the turnbuckle, Bennett pulls him down in an ankle lock, forcing Rhett to use his 2nd rope break.

Rhett tries to throw Bennett off with some strikes but it doesn't work and ends up rolling him up into a failed pin, Bennett tries a backhand, Rhett counters with an attempt at a belly-to-belly but his leg gives out, Bennett capitalizes with a dropkick to the injured leg.

Bennett tries to go for a powerbomb but Rhett powers out of it as he throws Bennett over his head, Bennett rolls him up into a failed pin and gets Rhett into an ankle lock, Rhett rolls it up into a pin but fails, they trade pins but both fail, Bennnett tries a backslide pin but fails.

There is less than 1 minute left but neither men seem to be giving up, trading pins again to no avail, then they trade Lariats until they knock each other down. They are unable to pin or submit either so the bell rings, it goes to the judges who decide that the winner of this match by split decision is Mike Bennett.

Winner: Mike Bennett
I don't agree with this decision.. Rhett was way more dominant in this match, countering all of Bennett's attacks nearly, Bennett did well working on that leg, but overall Rhett Titus was still the better competitor.. but who am I to argue with the decision of the judges?  

That brings us to the end of another week of ROH! Next weeks article will be out a lot quicker and I apologise for the lateness of this weeks review!

As always if you have any comments or feedback, please feel free to drop them below, I'd love to hear from you!