Ring Of Honor Bytesize: 18th October 2021

Joshhausen is back with another very nice, very honored review!

Ring Of Honor Bytesize: 18th October 2021

Good timezone! Joshhausen here, how are you? Yes, good. Another week of Ring of Honorhausen, which means for you lucky folks, another reviewhausen! No curses this week, very nice.
But what's not very nice is still no Danhausen. I watch ROH for Danhausen but there is no Danhausen? Bring us Danhausen, Dave Honor, or be cursed.

We're greeted by the returning Quinn McKay. She tells us we have an exciting show ahead of us as we have two main-event matches. (Not really sure how that works? But.. okay!)

Today's match card is:
ROH World Tag Team Match: S.O.S (Moses & Kaun) Vs LFI (Dragon Lee & Kenny King)
8-Man Tag Team Match: The Foundation (Jay Lethal, Rhett Titus, Tracy Williams and Jonathan Gresham) Vs. Taylor Rust, Eli Isom, Joe Keys and World Famous CB (Cheeseburger)

Onto the show!

Ring of Honor World Tag Team Match: S.O.S (Moses and Kaun) Vs LFI (Dragon Lee & Kenny King)
S.O.S enter first, representing Shane Taylor Promotions. They have a very basic entrance, no video package, no anything.

LFI enter next, King looking like he's searching for the One Piece and Lee looking like he needs the next size up in trunks.. Lee gets a double introduction as Tag team champ and TV Champ. Their video package outlines that they're the best tag team champions in the world. Kenny says they call him "Kenny Gepetto because he plays people like dummies"? Weird analogy..

I don't see any code of honor but S.O.S go right at it pummeling LFI and making them retreat out of the ring. On the outside Kenny and Lee seem to be chilling saying "We came to wrestle."

Lee is the first in the ring, stepping to Moses. Lee uses his speed to the advantage managing to trip Moses out of the ring. He goes for a springboard but Kaun knocks him to the corner.

Kenny knocks Kaun out of the ring and LFI taunt their opponents teasing a springboard but instead drop to the floor and.. relax? This doesn't work in their favour as S.O.S get back in the ring and begin to dominate Kenny after knocking Lee out of the ring. Moses dominates Kenny in the ring, throwing him around like a ragdoll and squashing him like a fly. Moses and Kaun hit a tag-team assault on Kenny but only get a 2 count.

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After the break, S.O.S are in complete control hitting a tag team assault on Lee but only gets a 2 count. Moses is using his size and weight to completely dominate Lee. He tags Kaun in who continues their domination.

Kaun throws Lee onto the outer apron and tries to hit a suplex but Kenny interferes, messing up the suplex and allowing Lee to attempt a pin but fails. Lee argues with the ref and Kenny drags Kaun outside, Lee joins him and they toss him into the barricade then back into the ring.

Lee follows him, Kenny tags in, hits a front facelock and a ground 'n pound. He tags in Lee. They whip Kaun into the corner and hit a tag team double dropkick. Moses tries to climb into the ring but gets stopped by the ref. Lee takes this opportunity to put Kaun in a lock and stomp on his head. LFI hit another tag team assault on Kaun and then start showing off again as the ref is dealing with Moses, still.  

Kenny locks in a single leg crab but Kaun reaches the ropes. Kenny has Kaun in a wristlock but he breaks out, but only for a moment as Kenny drives Kaun into the corner. Kenny hits a spiral into a pin which fails quickly, then continues to lock Kaun into the single leg crab again. Kaun reaches for the rope but Lee momentarily pulls it back, this doesn't stop Kaun, however.

Car Shield ad #2! Everyone take a moment to breathe, drink water, and feel the zen cooling vibes. Thanks, Ice-T!

Back in the ring, Kaun is in the corner once again with Kenny attempting an assault but Kaun quickly takes over with a springboard back suplex, but seems to have taken some damage to his back and knee. Kaun manages to tag in for Moses, Kenny tags in for Lee but Moses takes over quickly, dominating Lee with a speed that's impressive for his size. He hits a drop on an invading Kenny, and hits a deadlift powerbomb on Lee. Kenny breaks the pin.

Kenny hits some kicks on Moses, Kaun comes into save but gets thrown over the ring by Kenny. The camera pans to the ramp for some reason and when it comes back, Moses is in control, on the top rope setting up for a superplex but Lee knocks Moses right onto his grapes! Kenny jumps to safety hitting a lariat on Moses, Lee drives a double stomp onto Moses and dives out onto Kaun, Kenny hits a blue thunderbomb on Moses but only gets a 2 count. 

Bestia comes out to the ring to give support to LFI. Kenny lifts Moses onto his shoulders but can't keep it up. He drops Moses, Kaun tags in and Moses fires Kenny into the ropes, knocking him down. Lee runs in. He and Kaun trade strikes but Kaun knocks Lee down with a big boot. Moses enters the ring and they throw Lee out with a ripcord. They hit a move that looks similar to the magic killer but unfortunately the ref is distracted and misses the count, which would have reached 10...

Shane Taylor comes down to the ring and starts arguing with Bestia. The ref seems to be paying attention again now. Kaun lifts up Kenny but Kenny reverses and hits a royal flush, followed by the incinerator from Lee, and hits the 3 count for the finish.

Winner AND STILL ROH World Tag Team Champions: LFI (Dragon Lee & Kenny King) 

This was a great match. S.O.S were firmly in control for the majority of this match, but King and Lee were able to pull off the victory in the end. They were really lucky, though. If  Bestia didn't come down to the ring and interfere with the ref, we would definitely have seen new champions.
Kaun continues to impress me, as does Kenny King, I hope to see more of these two in the future.

After that absolute fire match, we're then cooled down by the dulcet tones of Ice-T and his pal Mr. Biggs in Car Shield ad #3! Remember guys, car insurance is important! Thanks, Ice-T!

Main Event #2: Eight Man Tag Match: The Foundation (Jay Lethal, Rhett Titus, Tracy Williams and Jonathan Gresham) Vs. Taylor Rust, Eli Isom, Joe Keys and World Famous CB (Cheeseburger)

CB enters first, followed by Joe Keys, Taylor Rust and then finally Eli Isom. Nothing special about their entrances, just a simple walk to the ring. They then play a video package of Isom saying that he found 4 pure wrestlers to prove that pure wrestling IS Ring of Honor.

The Foundation enter next, coming down to the ring together, a video plays with Jay Lethal outlining that whether they win, lose or draw, this is a match they'll be proud of. Because this is a chance to prove that Pure wrestling is the right way to do things. Tracy Williams say that The Foundation are "the measuring stick" when it comes to Pure wrestling in ROH.

But before that! Just like Brandon Cutler, Ice-T swoops in with Car Shield ad #4 to chill us out before we get into this main event. Thanks, Ice-T!

Both teams start in the ring and shake hands, adhering to the code of honor, this is nice to see. Warms me cockles. Rust and Williams start in the ring. They lock up and move to the corner but quickly Williams releases Rust and they meet back in the middle of the ring. They lock up again and begin to do the lock-up dance!
The dance ends when the pair get back to their feet to an ovation from both teams. Williams to take a slight advantage as he manages to get Rust to the ground and lock him up. 

Tag: Williams to Titus.

The pair try to hit a double butterfly suplex on Rust, they succeed on the second try. Titus fails a pin at 2. Rust hits an impressive mid-air armdrag and pushes Titus to the corner.

Tag: Rust to CB.

CB works on Titus' arm, but Titus rolls him into a headscissors pin and gets a 1 count. They lock up and Titus drives CB to the ground and into a head lock. Titus has been properly busted open after an earlier head butt. CB manages to break out and reverse the headlock but it doesn't last long as Titus throws him into the ropes, CB returns the favour and drops him down, followed by a boot to the head and a fuji splash, but only hits a 1 count.

Tag: CB to Isom.

Isom gets whipped by Titus but slides and grabs his knee, CB hits a bulldog but only hit a 1 count. Isom is going for a bodylock but Titus locks in a half-nelson which he converts to an inside cradle but only gets a 1 count.

Tag: Titus to Lethal.

Isom and Lethal shake hands again. (Jay earlier referred to Isom as the future of ROH.) They grab a partner and do the ol' lock-up dance! They speed up when Isom throws Lethal against the ropes but hits a shoulder barge to no effect. Lethal starts to get undressed and whips Isom, but he returns the whip, flips Lethal and chops Lethal against the ropes.

Lethal charges to Isom but he leapfrogs twice and hits a dropkick on Lethal, sending him into the corner. Isom charges at Lethal, he responds with a lift up but Isom uses this to his advantage with a mexican arm drag, Lethal tries to hit a big boot but he misses, not once, but twice! 
Isom responds to the missed boots with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. The screen fades to black for an ad but when we come back Lethal is outside the ring. He climbs back in and steps to the corner.

Tag: Lethal to Gresham.

Keys shouts that "Isom needs to let him in the ring against "Old News Gresham". Isom grants his request.

Tag: Isom to Keys.

Gresham and Keys perform the ol' lock-up dance once again, but Gresham takes control with a shoulder barge and a series of strikes. Keys drops Gresham onto the ropes and hits a saito suplex, grabs Greshams leg and starts kicking him in the back.  Keys hops to the outer side of the apron, Gresham sweeps his leg and dropkicks him to the outside of the ring. Isom checks on his teammate and Keys gets back in the ring. Gresham doesn't wait and instantly continues his assault with an arm wrench, dragging him to the corner.

Tag: Gresham to Williams.

Keys locks Williams into a wristlock but pushes him to his opponent's corner, Lethal intervenes with a boot to the gut and then...

Tag: Williams to Lethal.

Lethal enters the ring and begins dominating Keys. Knocking him to the mat with strikes and boots to the face, a scoop slam and a pin that only gets 2.

Tag: Lethal to Titus.

Titus comes in and boots Keys to the mat. He hits a suplex and a pin that only gets 2 as well. He gets keys in a head lock, hits a takeover but Keys breaks out with a suplex into the corner. Both teams hit tags.

Tag(s): Keys to Rust & Titus to Lethal.

Rust hits some takedowns on Lethal, but Lethal responds with a dropkick, knocking him out of the ring. Lethal tries to hit a springboard dropkick but Rust dodges it expertly, drags Lethal over the top ropes and hits a big boot and slams him into the apron (the SECOND hardest part of the ring!) by dragging his arm down as he jumps off the apron. The Foundation gather round Lethal and try to give him time to rest, but Rust isn't having this and drags him back into the ring. Rust drags Lethal by the arm and hits an uppercut.

Tag: Rust to CB.

CB jumps off the turnbuckle and hits a double axe handle on Lethal, knocking him to the mat.  He looks for a tag to Isom but he seems to ignore it but he does get the tag.

Tag: CB to Keys.

Keys starts his assault but we fade to black, when we come back the match has changed...

Tag: Keys to Isom during the ads.

Isom has Lethal on the mat in a front facelock after a 2 count. Isom tries to hit a suplex but Lethal jumps out the other side, Lethal tries a lariat but misses, Isom tries another suplex but Lethal counters it into a pin but fails. Lethal hits the lethal combination, but it fails to put Isom away.

Tag: Isom to CB, Lethal to Williams.

Williams whips CB around the ring and finishes with a doctor bomb but only gets a 2 count. He launches CB into the corner.

Tag: Williams to Titus.

Titus and Williams hit a tag team assault and Titus hits a belly-to-belly but only gets a 2 as Rust intervenes. CB back on his feet hits a Jawbreaker.

Tag: CB to Rust.

Before he leaves the ring, CB kicks Titus in the jaw and Rust kicks the back of his head, goes for a pin but gets a 2 count. Rust goes for another kick but the two go on a roundabout of waistlocks until Rust kicks Titus in the jaw, hits the perfect circle, pins but only gets a 2 count as Williams intervenes the pin.
The two on their knees share slaps to the face, elbow strikes on their feet and then they kick each other in the jaw, into each others corners.

Tag: Rust to Isom, Titus to Lethal.

They share strikes, Isom slowly takes over with swift leg strikes to Lethal's shoulder, tries to go for a suplex but Lethal counters with a big boot, Lethal tries to go for his finishing move but his shoulder gives out, Isom tries to capitalize with a suplex but Lethal goes up and over and hits a cutter.

Tag: Lethal to Williams, Isom to Keys.

William and Keys trade strikes, Keys takes over with a series of European uppercuts and tries to knock the foundation off the side of the ring and turns around go be hit with a clothesline lariat.

Tag: Williams to Gresham.

Gresham and Keys share slaps, Keys knocks Gresham to the ground with a European uppercut but Gresham kips right back up, flips the bird and hits an enzuigiri to a snap German suplex but Keys knocks him down with a clothesline, he rinses and repeats, gets a 2 count but Lethal breaks it up.
Gresham hyper extends Keys knee and locks his knee up, Rust, CB and Isom try to intervene but the other members of The Foundation stop them and Keys taps out.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham for The Foundation
This was a really good tag match. I enjoy watching The Foundation. Lethal and Gresham, especially. The patchwork team of Isom, CB, Rust and Keys performed exceptionally well and have definitely proven that ROH really is Pure. However, they have a way to go to catch up with The Foundation.

We're given next weeks card:

- Rhett Titus Vs Tony Deppen
- Dickinson & King (Vlnce Unltd) Vs Gresham & Williams (The Foundation)
- Homicide Vs Jay Lethal

Before the show ends, we're given a video package from Vincent saying he's on top of the world, saying he's left a stream of blood behind him and each drop has purified his soul... bit creepy, but okay?

This brings us to the end of this weeks Ring of Honor! I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did, and I look forward to seeing you next week for another instalment!

Joshhausen out, no curses this week, you're welcome. #GETDANHAUSENHISBLIMP