Ring of Honor: Bytesize 16th August 2021

Another week, another ROH, locate your peepers on this'un!

Ring of Honor: Bytesize 16th August 2021

Good timezone! Another week has come and gone, another episode of Ring of Honor has been gifted to us! But before we dive in, we must do some admin:

Same as last week, there is still no appearance of the very nice, very evil one, Danhausen. This of course, prompts a memehausen and a threat of many curses if he is not brought to our TV screens (and/or internet) very soon.

Now the important admin has been done, we can continue. (But seriously, give us Danhausen.)

We start this weeks foray into ROH via a recap of the current table of the Women's Championship tournament, so as a reminder for you lovely readers:

- Miranda Alize beat Alex Gracia
- Nicole Savoy beat Mazzerati
- Rok-C beat Sumie Sakai
- Quinn McKay beat Mandy Leon
- Trish Adora beat Marti Belle

Next, we're taken to the hosts table and due to Quinn's match last week, we still have our amazing guest host Ian Riccaboni! His smile could disarm anyone!

He gives us today's relatively small match card, the final first round match of the Women's Championship Tournament, Holidead Vs Max the Impaler and then our main event is a 10-man tag team match of "Champions Vs All-Stars" as chosen on the "Choose your Honor" facebook page.

The Champions: Bandido, Dragon Lee, Homicide, Chris Dickinson and Jonathan Gresham

The All-Stars: Mark and Jay Briscoe, Josh Woods, EC3 and Flip Gordon.

It looks like a short but exciting show, let's get into it!

Holidead Vs Max the Impaler

We're first given a video package from Holidead who gives us a background of her wrestling career. She states she was trained by Gangrel and has wrestled all over the world but is having issue finding respect in the USA.

The video package from her opponent Max is just.. odd? She has her manager, Amy Rose, talking for her, saying that Holidead is "just another obstacle" and then Max just..screams into the camera? She okay?

Holidead enters first and proceeds to scream at an empty arena. (Seriously.. Crowds are needed back in ROH.)

Max enters next with what seems to be her shtick of screaming at everything. She's accompanied by Amy Rose.. this seems like an incredibly odd pairing.

Amy Rose offers a handshake in Max's stead but Holidead downright denies it.

The match starts off slow... for a time they just scream at each other before locking up and taking what seems to be a guided tour of the four corners of the ring.

More screaming happens and the two trade strikes, Holidead taking the advantage very briefly before Max takes control, tossing Holidead across the ring.

This match really is quite slow with Max and Holidead now just trading slams but Max seems to be getting angrier with each hit. They continue to trade strikes until Max hits a lariat, knocking Holidead into the 619 position but instead, Max decides to grab her arms and plant her foot in her back, stretching her against the ropes.

Max tries to continue her assault but by this point Holidead has recovered. Whilst she's in the corner, she manages to plant her foot in Max's face and knocks her into the turnbuckle.

She tries to capitalize with some shoulder barges into the turnbuckle but Max dodges on the last charge.

We go to ads and then coming back from it Max is in firm control of the match, driving Holidead further into the ground. Holidead tries to gain some momentum by countering a lift to a DDT but the momentum doesn't last long as Max spears her back to the ground.

Holidead hits a German suplex but she isn't able to capitalize as Max rolls out of the ring, but she follows her out and drags her back in. Holidead tries to set up the Darkness Falls but Max completely overpowers her and throws her back to the mat.

Max tries to start an offensive but Holidead counters with a spinebuster, but this doesn't avail her long as she misses a leg drop from the top turnbuckle, Max capitalises and hits two backbreakers on Holidead leading to a 3 count ending.

Winner: Max the Impaler

This was a pretty low energy match for the opening show. I don't feel that both competitors really got to give their all in this match. Both were billed as powerhouses for sure but I feel like this could have been a much more entertaining match if they were allowed to go longer. Nonetheless, we have another competitor going through.

We're now given our match-ups for next week:
- Rok-C vs Quinn McKay
- Miranda Alize vs Nicole Savoy

Next up we're given a video package from Matt Taven, he says he needs to remind himself who he is and then he starts having a shave. Remember to groom yourself, lads! He states his next trend will be him becoming ROH World Champion again but he wants to be completely done with Vincent before this happens, calling forward their steel cage match at Glory By Honor.

Main event time! Champions Vs All-Stars! 

Dear God, here we go. A 10-man tag team match. This is going to be fun.

The All-Stars enter the ring, with Flip Gordon coming out first, followed then by: The Briscoes, Josh Woods, and then finally EC3. Flip and EC3 have a little staredown as EC3 wipes his chin, likely from when Flip spat in his face.

After we count our last CarShield ad of the episode, marking the final one of the episode: 

We then have the Champions begin to enter the ring. First up we have the ROH World TV Champion, Dragon Lee, followed by: ROH World Tag Team Champions, Homicide and Chris Dickinson of Vlnce Unltd, ROH Pure Champion, Jonathan Gresham, and finally ROH World Champion Bandido.

Beginning the match we have Gresham and Woods in the ring. The match kicks off and the pair trade a bunch of different grapples and holds followed by Gresham seemingly just.. rubbing Woods' chest while smiling...?

They trade arm grabs and then stare each other down, quite a slow match so far.

Tag: Gresham to Dickinson

Quick takedown by Woods and more trading of holds until Woods throws him to the ground. Dickinson now back up, offers a tag to EC3 but gets ignored by him, though two successful tags are then made:

Tag: Woods to Mark
Tag: Dickinson to Dragon

The match picks up when Dragon and Mark go at each other with quick strikes and a superman punch from Mark, who seems to be trying to emulate the vocal range of Bruce Lee.

Dragon takes over with a hurricanrana but quickly gets driven into the enemy corner as The Briscoe's go to town on him with stomps.

Tag: Mark to EC3

The pair launch Dragon into the ropes and double clothesline him, EC3 then hits a neckbreaker.

Tag: EC3 gets tagged out by Flip completely unannounced.. It seems they will continue their feud during the match. not a good idea over all but we'll see!

Dragon takes control, launches Flip into the corner and hits him with a series of kicks before he tags out.

Tag: Dragon to Dickinson

More punishment comes the way of Flip with Dickinson hitting him with a hard offense but Flip manages to counter with an enzuigiri and then escapes with a tag.

Tag: Flip to Woods

Homicide breaks into the ring and hits some dirty offense on Woods before throwing him out of the ring and demanding The Briscoes into the ring, it breaks out into an all out brawl between Vlnce Unltd and The Briscoes.

Jay and Homicide get knocked out of the ring before Mark connects a kick between the ropes to Homicide.

Dickinson dropkicks Mark down to the floor, pushes Woods into the corner and tags out.

Tag: Dickinson to Gresham

Gresham and Woods circle around each other until Gresham hits a DDT and then a failed pin to another failed pin.

Tag: Woods to EC3

EC3 slams Gresham to the ground and pulls him to the corner where The Briscoes then trade the tag to assault Gresham, until EC3 is tagged in but then quickly tagged out again by Flip who seems to be acting like a child here.

Gresham dodges EC3's spear and he ends up taking out Flip.. an attack he didn't plan to make but boy does he look pleased with himself for it!

Tag: Gresham to Bandido

Bandido kicks in with a quick assault and fails a pin but then all hell breaks loose as all competitors enter the ring, everyones fighting each other, I'm not calling each individual thing here, fuck that noise!

When everything settles-the-fuck-down, Jay knocks Dragon to the ground with a big boot and Vlnce Unltd go at it again with The Briscoes outside the ring. 

Bandido and Dragon Lee team up to take out Woods and Flip, the match seemingly returning to some normality.

Bandido throws Flip back into the ring but receives a dropkick from Mark for his efforts.

Tag: Bandido to Homicide

Homicide knocks down Mark but then gets knocked down himself by Jay, who gets knocked down by Dickinson, who gets knocked down by EC3, who gets knocked down by Dragon, who gets knocked down by Woods, who gets knocked down by Gresham who then finally gets knocked down by Flip who's left alone in the ring. In short: everyone takes a nap, except Flip who has no friends.

Homicide is first back in the ring, he dodges Flip's enzuigiri and hits him with a quick suplex to a failed pin. Flip tries a roll-up pin but Homicide kicks out and hits him with an up and over to another failed pin.

Homicide fails a submission and gets superkicked in return to a Flip-5 and another failed pin at 2. Flip then hits a sitting tombstone and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Flip Gordon and The All-Stars

As the match ends, The Briscoes start to deal some damage to Chris Dickinson while the rest of his team do absolutely nothing to help and Flip poses in the ring like an absolute fucking lemon.

Dickinson tries to push a counter-offensive but quickly gets knocked back down to the ground and receives further beatings by The Briscoes.

This match started off quite slow, but quickly sped up and continued to build in speed until it became insane to the point it was impossible to call. The main parts of the match seem to be the continuing feuds of EC3 & Flip Gordon and The Briscoes & Vlnce Unltd. We'll have to see how these unfold!

Before the show ends, they give us a look ahead at the match cards for Nights 1 and 2 of Glory By Honor:

Night 1:
- Rey Horus Vs Silas Young
- The Briscoes Vs The Righteous
- Brian Johnson Vs EC3
- Rhett Titus Vs (C) Jonathan Gresham (ROH Pure Championship Match)
- Vlnce Unltd Vs LFI
- Flip Gordon Vs (C) Bandido (ROH World Championship Match)

Night 2:
- The Briscoes Vs Batman (Aka Demonic Flamita) & Flip Gordon
- Incoherence Vs (C) Shane Taylor Promotions (RoH World Six-Man Tag Championship)
- Danhausen Vs Dalton Castle
- Alize & Rok-C Vs Green & Willow
- Vlnce Unltd Vs The Foundation
- Bandido & Rey Horus Vs Dragon Lee & Rush
- Matt Taven Vs Vincent (Steel Cage Match)

So it looks like we have come to the end of another week of ROH! This felt like a shorter show, however the main event was entertaining if not chaotic toward the end, there. Some feuds were continued, and a tournament charges on unfettered! We'll see you next week for more ROH action!

As always, please leave any comments and feedback below and join me next time!