Ring of Honor: Bytesize 13th September 2021

Another week, another ROH. What antics does Dave Honor and his merry band of wrestlers have in store for us this week?

Ring of Honor: Bytesize 13th September 2021

Good Timezone! Newly crowned King Joshhausen here and I'm back with your weekly Ring of Honor review!

First and most importantly: STILL NO DANHAUSEN. WHAT IS GOING ON DAVE HONOR?! 

Secondly: For some reason, this week's episode of ROH was taped before Death Before Dishonor, so I will be putting the PPV results after this weeks review.

On with the show...! We're greeted by the lovely Quinn McKay who gives us this weeks card and announces that it's "Death Before Dishonor" Weekend.. (Which doesn't help as it's already happened)

Here is tonights match card:
-The Briscoes Vs Bandido & Rey Horus
- LFI Vs Vlnce Unltd - ROH World Tag Team Championship
- Will Ferrara Vs Josh Woods - Pure Rules Match

We get thrown straight into the first match:

The Briscoes Vs Bandido & Rey Horus
As The Briscoes enter the arena we're given a video package where they just seem to scream Mexican slang at the screen whilst one displays how badly he needs a dental appointment.

Rey Horus enters first looking like a Lucha Triple H followed by ROH World Champion Bandido. We're shown a video package where they agree they've been waiting all their lives to face the Briscoes and calling them the "best tag team in the world" (Have they not met the Bucks or Lucha Bros?)

The match starts off with Horus tagging out, Jay and Bandido lock up. He takes Bandido down to the mat and continues to keeps the locks in, Bandido rolls out and taunts Jay, showing some impressive agility and they trade hurricanrana's and dropkicks, but before the match can gain any sort of traction or energy..


A weird change, we only have 1 ad. We're back in the ring as the Briscoes are dominating Horus and Bandido, launching them outside of the ring to continue their offense. Horus becomes isolated in the ring by the Briscoes and Bandido tags in and takes the Briscoes down with a cross body.

After a tag team assault from the lucha pair, Bandido goes for a pin but only gets a 2. Bandido tries to capitalise but is quickly taken down by Jay. Mark tags in and does his best karate kid impression and proceeds to dominate the match, goes for a pin and only hits a 2.

Horus manages to tag in and exchanges strikes with Mark. Mark tries to show off again and Horus takes the chance to hit a speedy offense but only hits a 2. Horus and Bandido start a tag team offense on Mark which ends in almost a 3, but Jay breaks it up and throws Bandido to the outside.

In the ring, Horus tries to work on Mark, but he whips Horus into the corner as both Briscoes hit him with boots. Bandido enters the ring and all men end up on the mat. The ref gets to a 5 before Horus and Mark are back on their feet trading strikes.

Mark and Horus exchange strikes until Horus gets planted before a failed pin at 2. Bandido tags in and takes control of the match quickly dropping both Briscoes to the ground, tagging Horus back in and dropping Jay on the outside.

Horus in the ring hits a quesadora driver off the top rope but only gets Mark down for a 2 count. Bandido tries to climb to the top rope but gets knocked down by Jay. Horus tries to climb the turnbuckle too but the Briscoes take advantage and hit the doomsday device for the 3 count.

Winners: The Briscoes
This match was okay for a starting match.. I don't really see what purpose it served, especially giving Bandido the loss when he had a huge match going into DBD weekend. Both sides had an equally good showing in this match, at one point I thought it was going to Bandido and Horus but the Briscoes pulled it back at the end.

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Will Ferrarra Vs Josh Woods (ROH Pure Rules)
Ferrara enters first saying he's been in ROH for a long time and he's never felt as home as he does now, he thanks Gresham and says his best days are yet to come.
Woods enters next, praising Ferrara but he says that the ROH Pure Championship belongs to him.

The men shake hands and the match starts. They tease a lock up and Ferrara tries to grab Woods leg, but he isn't having it. He tosses Ferrara across the ring like a rag doll.

The two competitors trade locks whilst throwing each other to the ground with slams and rolls. They end up in the corner until Woods has had enough and just tosses Ferrara across the ring, goes for another toss but Ferrara uses up one of his three rope breaks.

Woods locks Ferrara into the gorilla lock and Ferrara uses rope break #2.


We're back in the ring but it's more of the same with this match. The two competitors trade locks over and over with the odd slam here and there...so for anyone who doesn't know, I'll briefly explain the "Pure Rules": They have 3 rope breaks for submissions, pins or other illegal maneuvers. If all 3 are used up, a rope break cannot save you from any of the pre-mentioned 3 techniques. Each match also has a 25-minute time limit.

Woods once again throws Ferrara across the ring and Ferrara retaliates with a single arm DDT and locks in a short-arm scissor. The lock lasts for a while until Woods picks him up with one arm and drops Ferrara to the mat, landing only a 2 count.

Ferrara uses his last rope break on a waist lock before he smashes Woods into the post and only hits a 2 count. He goes back into the short-arm scissor but it gets no where as Woods breaks out, and hits a chaos theory for a 3 count.

Winner: Josh Woods
This was a slow match, but all technical matches are. It was a really good showing for both but at no point did it seem like Ferrara could have won. It was a strong showing for Woods before his match against Gresham at DBD.

Main event time? Nah! Carshield ads #5 and #6! Let me go on the record and say please find a new sponsor! YOU DON'T NEED 6 ADS IN A 50MIN EPISODE!

Main event time!
La Faccion Ingobernable: Kenny King & Dragon Lee Vs Vlnce Unltd: Homicide & Chris Dickinson (Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship match)

Lee and King talk about a Bruce Lee movie and then King says that the smartest will win, not the most honorable, they're the true champs and they run the place. 
Homicide says he's gonna take Lee's mask and give a "buck 50" to King, Dickinson says he wants to get his hands on Dragon. Homicide looks tired.

In the ring we're starting with Homicide and Kenny King. King denying the code of honor as they circle each other in the ring. They lock up and Homicide breaks free by throwing King against the ropes but just gets knocked down repeatedly by King with arm drags ending into a lock.

King keeps the lock in as they dance around the ring. King pushes Homicide into the corner where Dickinson tags in to break the hold as they fade to black, luckily no ads.

Back in the ring, Dickinson and Dragon are in the ring running laps around it before Dickinson knocks him to the ground and hits a backdrop to a failed pin and tags Homicide in. They hit a tag team offense and then tag Dickinson back in, continuing their assault.

Dickinson leaves the ring and Homicide bites Dragon's fingers before Dragon knocks him out of the ring. Soon all wrestlers are on the outside exchanging blows and Homicide for some reason rubs Kings head?

Back in the ring, LFI are dominating the match and hitting a tag team assault on Homicide. Dragon leaves the ring and King continues to dominate the match, holding Homicide in the corner. The ref breaks it up and King argues with him as Dragon hits a sneak shot.

Homicide rolls up King into a cradle to a 2 count and gets hit with a lariat for his efforts. King tags Dragon in and holds Homicide down as Dragon double stomps him, locks him in a submission but then lets him go and tags King in, Homicide fails a move into the corner as LFI knock Dickinson off the apron and give Homicide two big boots.

King continues to dominate the match, Homicide barely able to get a move in. King gets a nobodys home before Homicide goes up to the top and gets his own nobodys home! King almost gets back in the driving seat but again nobodys home! 

We fade to black and when we come back we have Dragon and Dickinson in the ring with Dickinson dominating Dragon to a failed 2 count and a cross-arm breaker which gets reversed to a pin.

Dragon hits a German suplex but Dickinson hits a Spiccoli driver to a 2 count. He knocks King off the apron and he and Homicide launch Dragon against the ring, he holds himself on the ropes, King tags in. Homicide hits a stunner for a 2 count, the four men knock each other down before King continues to dominate the match with a double underhook tiger driver to a 2 count.

Both teams tag, Dragon and Dickinson in the ring, Dragon instantly knocks him out of the ring but gets hit by a inverted atomic drop by Homicide, King and Homicide exchange strikes before Homicide gets put into the corner, places him on the top rope but fails his assault as Homicide hits some back elbows knocking him down.

Dragon takes King's place and Dragon stomps Homicide off the top turnbuckle, dives out of the ring and takes Dickinson down, dragging him too back into the ring. King hits the royal flush, Dragon covers but Dickinson kicks out at 2.

All men looking spent, King is back up first, knocks Homicide out and hits a tornado splash onto him. Back in the ring, Dragon and Dickinson are trading blows, both trying to hit suplexes before Dragon kicks Dickinson in the chin not once, but twice, though, Dragon only gets a 2 count. Dragon then hits an Incinerator and gets the 3 count as King holds Homicide back.

Winner and NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions: Dragon Lee and Kenny King for La Faccion Ingobernable.This match was a really good showing for LFI. They dominated this entire match, there was a couple of spots where Dickinson and Homicide had a good showing, but by and large this match was all LFI, especially through Kenny King who was easily the best man in the match.

That wraps up this weeks ROH! It was a good show, but to be honest was massively ruined by the fact they aired it two days after the PPV they were building up to in the show... I don't know what they were doing there?

Speaking of Death Before Dishonor, here's the section where we cover that show!

Sadly, I haven't done a full write-up of the PPV, but I'll give the match results and my thoughts of them:

Dalton Castle Vs Eli Isom
Winner: Dalton Castle
This match was a good opener to the show, but to be honest I didn't see much purpose in it. The main problem I have with ROH is that even in PPV's a lot of the matches are there just for filler. There doesn't seem to be any real back story to them. Not any that they cover on weekly television that is... it makes it a little hard to get excited about. Even so, it was a good match and ended with Dalton Castle taking the win.

Jake Atlas Vs Taylor Rust 
Winner: Taylor Rust
Another good match, both debuts (or returns) to ROH, both former NXT stars so it's good to see them back in the ring doing what they love. They both had a good showing and in the end Taylor Rust came out on top. (Since this match, Jake Atlas has announced his retirement, so I think I speak for all of us at RR when we wish him all the best and have faith he will be just as successful in whatever he decides to do next!)

Vlnce Unltd Vs John Walters, LSG and Lee Moriarty 
Winners: Vlnce Unltd
While others were confident the tag team of Walters, LSG and Moriarty were going to win as a loving farewell to Moriarty, I was not. He may be going to AEW but that doesn't mean things change in ROH. Vlnce Unltd are an established tag team and they proved it in this match, beating the trio.

The OGK (Taven and Bennett) Vs The Briscoes
I was happy to see Taven back in the ring, he performed well and the match really seemed like it could go either way, The Briscoes are an incredibly formidable tag team, perhaps even the best in ROH, but in this match it went to The OGK, largely, I believe, due to the whole redemption arc they are doing for Taven.

Jonathan Gresham Vs Josh Woods - ROH Pure Championship Match
This match was great. Both competitors gave a really good performance with some really good storytelling. The double shoulder down pin really added to the drama and even moreso when Gresham refused to let it end in a draw. It didn't work out for him in the end as Woods came out the better man, but he held true to his honor, strapping the belt to the new champion.

Shane Taylor Promotions Vs LFI - ROH Six-Man Tag Championship Match
Before this match even started, Shane Taylor was taken out of the match by King knocking him down with a few chair shots. Edwards took over his role in the match and it was confirmed the title opportunity was still valid. 

Shane Taylor Promotions retained their titles, even with the loss of their leader. Edwards was a good replacement for him in this match, It left me feeling unsure if this feud will continue or if it'll end here.

Rok-C Vs Miranda Alize - ROH Women's World Championship Match
This was a brilliant match and I hope this leads to a good feud between the two in the future. 

The tournament was great leading up to it and the close was just as good. For me this was the best match on the card, both women gave their all and Rok-C came out on top. Personally I got the result I wanted here as Rok-C had the toughest time in the tournament having to face two previous women's champions. 

Image courtesy of @ringofhonor on twitter.

Main Event: Bandido Vs Brody King Vs EC3 Vs Demonic Flamita (AKA Batman) - ROH World Championship Match
This was a good main event to close out the show. I felt it was a bit of a mess but there were a few spots I liked. Bandido's display as the underdog champion really seems to be working for him and I hope it continues as it's an angle I really enjoy. Who doesn't love an underdog, right? 

The elimination of EC3 made me wonder what was even the point of having him in the match but with the way they've been treating him through this and also his ongoing issues with Flip Gordon, I'm hoping they have something for him soon.

King looked dominant in the match, pulling off moves that apparently hadn't been seen from him for years, part of me actually wanted him to win this one since Vlnce Unltd lost their titles in this weeks (but actually last weeks) weekly show, but this match ended up going to Bandido.

So that brings us to the end of not only the badly timed weekly ROH show but also my write up for Death Before Dishonor! 

If you have any feedback or comments, as always I'd love to hear them! Until next time, Joshhausen out! #GETDANHAUSENHISBLIMP