Ring Of Honor Bytesize: 11th October 2021

Your weekly Ring of Honor review, brought to you by Danhausen Cult Member, Joshhausen!

Ring Of Honor Bytesize: 11th October 2021

Good timezone! Joshhausen here, how are you? Sooo here we are for another week, time for another Ring of Honor reviewhausen! 
To begin with we are greeted by Ian Ricabonni giving us the lineup for tonight's show.

We have:
- The OGK Vs Bandido & Horus
- Women's Championship Contender Match: Angelina Love Vs Miranda Alize Vs Willow

But more importantly: NO DANHAUSEN THIS WEEK!?!? Put Danhausen on TV so he can get many sacks of human monies. Do this or receive evil curses of some sort.

S.O.S (Moses & Kaun) Vs Dalton Castle & Dak Draper
These guys have a video package where they shoot on Dalton Castle & Dak Draper saying "They've got time". They show us a picture in picture. Dalton says they're exhausted as they're so busy but they're gonna make it snappy, exciting and their "cocktail of meat and charisma will taste like poison."

Dalton takes time taunting his opponent, skipping around the ring saying "You just wait".. Code of Honor adhered to, the bell rings. Kaun and Castle start in the ring.

Some quick rough and tumble leading to a hug on the bottom ropes. They lock up on the mat and trade locks and holds before Kaun hits a shoulder barge off the ropes on Castle.

Castle hits a pumphandle slam on Kaun, lifts him up and puts him in the corner, tags in Draper who hits some shoulder barges before Kaun gets a rollup for 2. Kaun takes over and gets Draper in a wrenching arm lock before tagging Moses in.

The pair hit a tag-team suplex, Castle runs in and gets thrown out of the ring, Moses tags in Kaun and they hit a tag team assault ending with another basement dropkick and throwing Castle out of the ring again. Kaun charging to the corner but Castle pulls Draper out of the way, hits a knee drop and is tagged in.

HERE HE IS! Ice-T, the visionary of chill. Freezing our souls for the hot action to come!

Back in the ring, Draper seems to be in control, kicking and smacking Kaun to the mat. He lifts Kaun, tags in Dalton, they trade Kaun and Dalton hits a gutwrench suplex. He tags Draper back in and he starts kneeing Kaun in the ribs.

Dalton has a jog on the outside with his chickens before climbing back onto the apron. Kaun back in the ring hits a 2 count, but Draper quickly gets back in control by lifting him again, swinging him around and throwing him across the ring.

Dalton Castle says he hopes "The audience at home is getting a bellyful of this because it's special, and it's filling." 

Kaun fights out of the hold, leaps over Draper and tags in Moses. He knocks Castle off the apron instantly and gets to work on throwing Draper out of the ring. He lifts Draper over his shoulder but Castle pulls him off and strikes Moses into the corner.

Castle charges at Moses but he throws him up and over the turnbuckle, climbs onto it himself and dives onto Draper. He tags in Kaun who dives from the turnbuckle and gets a 2 count. Moses climbs out of the ring to attack Castle but his "Chickens" get in the way. He roars at them and they scarper, he follows up by socking Castle in the face and throwing him over the barricades into the non-existent crowds.

Moses and Kaun back in the ring hit a Magic Killer for the 3 count.

Winner: S.O.S, Kaun and Moses.
This was a good match. A good showing for 2/3 of the Six-Man tag champs. They seemed to have trouble against Draper and Castle at times, and even seemed like they might lose. But in the end they prove their dominance and take the win.

After the match, Kenny King and Dragon Lee come down to the ring and assault them with their World Tag Team Championship belts, take a selfie to send to Rush and then leave.
As they leave, they take selfies but Moses grabs a mic and says "You tried, but we're back up. You didn't learn, S.O.S challenge you bitches for your tag team titles and we're gonna bring two bodybags" (JAMES PICK UP THE PHONE!)

Car-shield ad #2, and a good thing we have after that blazing inferno of a match. Cheers for the cooldown Ice-T. Brandon Cutler, take notes.

Women's Championship Contender Triple Threat Match: Willow, Vs Miranda Alize Vs Angelina Love
Willow enters first, in her video she says this match is like a christmas present and all she has to do is win this match, then another, then another and she could be women's champion!

Alize enters next, she says she has a contenders match for the championship (no shit?) she says she's forgotten one of the opponents names, she questions why she needs to be in the match? (Cuz you lost?) she claims the championship is her property (Nah, you lost?)

Angelina Love enters last, no video package for her.

Willow tries the Code of Honor, the other two decline.

Love and Alize instantly start battering Willow and teaming up on her, Willow hits a superkick on Love but takes a basement hurricanrana from Alize. She takes down Alize and hits a series of suplexes on Alize but falls short of hitting the three amigos due to interference from Love who hits a neckbreaker.

Willow is in the corner taking a beating from Love, she calls in Alize who gives Willow a beating, too. The tag teaming continues and Willow is getting withered in that corner, gets pulled out and hit by a snapmare dropkick, we fade to black for.. Car shield ad #3! Ice-T is here hopefully to cool off the match, hopefully giving Willow some respite. Thanks, Ice-T!

Back in the ring, Willow is still on the ground, still taking a beating from the tag team of Love and Alize, they try to suplex her but Willow hits a double DDT. The pair try to start an assault on Willow but Willow has rallied and piles the ladies up in the corner before diving onto them, climbing up to the top rope, goes for a dropkick onto both but Love pushes Alize into it and escapes.

Willow fails the pin at 2, Love pushes her out of the ring then tries to pin Alize herself. She fails, they start arguing and trading strikes. Alize tries to take over with an irish whip but Love kicks her in the jaw and locks her into a Koji clutch, then a headscissors. Willow comes back in, runs against the ropes and taps Love in the face, she then throws Love out of the ring.. followed by Alize and hits a split-leg dropkick off the apron.

She drags Alize back into the ring but only gets a pin at 2. Alize bites Willow's finger and throws her out of the ring, dives out of the middle rope and drags Love back into the ring, but fails a pin at 2.

Alize picks up Love, but Love hits a jawbreaker and throws her outside and dives off the apron herself with a cross-body. She throws Willow back into the ring and pins for a 2 count. Alize tries to climb back in the ring but gets booted in the face, then Willow hits THE MOST DEVASTATING MOVE IN ALL OF WRESTLING, THE SURPRISE ROLL-UP FOR THE 3 COUNT!

Winner and advancing to the next round: Willow
This was a great match, for me. I liked the dynamic of the two smaller people teaming up to take down the larger threat, but despite this it didn't stop Willow showing her dominance when she was able to swat the other two down like flies, WIllow was great in this match and I look forward to seeing more of her.

Car shield ad #4! After that match I think we all need to cool down, and the best way to do that is with a refreshing Ice-T to cool our souls and chill our hearts. Thanks, Ice-T!

Main Event: The OGK (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) Vs Bandido & Horus
Bennett enters first followed by Matt Taven, Bennett says as a fan he is excited, but as a wrestler he is excited as a win against these two will catapult them to tag team gold. They say they got back together to go back to the top.

Next to enter is our ROH World Champion Bandido with Rey Horus. Their video says they know the OGK is very tight but they are the baddest team in ROH.

They shake hands and we start with Bennett & Horus.

They trade locks, Bennett trying to take control but Horus counters and hits a springboard takeover, pins him for a 2, Bennett reverses for a 2 count, Horus hits a backslide but Bennett rolls up for another 2.

Horus tries to use his speed to his advantage but Bennett is able to keep up. Both tag in their partners, Taven hits a Mexican arm drag but Bandido hits a hurricanrana after the pair show off some impressive agility, the pair throw each other around, Taven goes up and over and ends with a dropkick.

We fade to black and come back with Taven tagging in Bennett who lifts Bandido onto the turnbuckle and tries to wear him like a backpack but Bandido breaks out and starts to rally with strikes but Bennett leapfrogs, Taven hits a superkick and Bennett knocks him to the mat with a spear.

Bennett drags Bandido to his feet and knocks him to the mat with a brainbuster and Horus to the ground outside the ring with a strike. Bennett tags Taven in who starts to work on Bandido's knee, he tags Bennett back in and continues the offense on the knee, locking him into a submission, wrenching on it.

Bennett launches Bandido into Taven's foot, then into a missile dropkick and hits a pin at 2. Bandido whips Taven into the corner but he counters with a enzuigiri to a purple thunderbomb but fails a pin at 2. Taven gets Bandido into a headlock, then slams his head into the turnbuckle, he whips Bandido into Bennett who spinebusters him with Taven following with a splash but nobody's home. 

Bennett gets Bandido into a waistlock but Bandido breaks out and plants Bennett. Bandido tags Horus in, he knocks Taven down with a series of kicks and a leg drop but only for a 2 count as Bennett breaks the pin. Bennett charges into Horus in the corner but he moves out of the way and boots Bennett in the face. Horus then picks up momentum and hits a Spanish fly, tags in Bandido, then Horus hits an up and over on Bennett.

Bandido hits a Tornado and the match fades to black. When we come back, Bandido & Horus are in the ring with Taven, battering him with leg strikes and tag team assaults, a running shooting star from Bandido to a failed 2 count.

Taven tries to pick up momentum with a knee to Bandido's face, tags in Bennett, they hit a spike piledriver and go for the pin but Horus pushed Taven into Bennett to break the pin.

Bennett and Horus trade strikes, screaming at each other, Bennett tries to hit a discus clothesline but misses, Horus returns the favour and doesn't miss. Taven heel kicks Horus, Bandido superkicks Taven and all four men are down.

Bandido and Bennett are back up first, Bennett charges but Bandido pulls down the rope and throws Bennett outside, He dives over the ropes and takes down Bennett, Taven returns the favour to Bandido. 

In the ring, Horus locks Bennett into a headscissors but he breaks out, he charges at Horus into the corner, Horus dodges and tries a 450 but nobody's home. Bennett grabs Horus onto his back and the OGK hit a tag team assault planting Horus for the 3 count.

Winners: The OGK
This was a good main event. Nothing spectacular, sadly. I'm always happy to see these four competitors go against each other, though. Neither teams had a bad showing, both had a good display of their abilities and it ended up delivering a good match. I think they need to start treating Bandido as more of a champion, though.

They then show us next week's match ups:
- The Foundation Vs Rust, Isom, Keys & CB
- S.O.S Vs Lee & King for the ROH World Tag Team Championships.

Overall this wasn't a bad show. The women's championship scene seems to be taken very seriously in ROH which I like a lot. As do the tag team scenes, too. Hopefully ROH will continue like they have today and continue actually pushing their storylines, rather than just throwing out random match-ups that don't mean much. I really do hope they start to treat Bandido as an actual champion, though.

Thanks for returning for another week of ROH! I hope you enjoyed it, if you have any thoughts or comments, you know where to drop them, Joshhausen out! #GETDANHAUSENHISBLIMP