Ring of Honor Announce Bandido Replacement for Final Battle

Ring of Honor Wrestling have announced earlier today that a former ROH World Champion will replace current ROH World Champion Bandido in the main event of Final Battle against Jonathan Gresham.

Ring of Honor Announce Bandido Replacement for Final Battle

Yesterday Ring of Honor announced that current ROH World Champion Bandido was unable to perform at ROH Final Battle this coming Saturday after returning a positive COVID-19 Test. This put the company into a difficult position so close to not only their Final Pay Per View of the year but also their final Pay Per View before their hiatus. 

With time ticking and the Final Battle event drawing closer ROH Officials have had to think outside the box for a suitable replacement, which they have done. ROH Officials have signed a new match as part of the Double Main Event for the Final Battle Pay Per View, a replacement that Ring of Honor fans and wrestling fans are no stranger too.

Ring of Honor have announced today on their website that former Two-Time ROH World Champion Jay Lethal, who has been regarded as the “Franchise of ROH” has been signed into the match to face Jonathan Gresham. Lethal signed with All Elite Wrestling last month after news of the ROH Hiatus was made public. Lethal, who is returning to take on Gresham, will be main eventing and headlining the Final Battle Pay Per View being held at the Chesapeake Employer’s Insurance Arena in Baltimore this coming Saturday Night. Ring of Honor have gone on to publicly thank AEW for allowing Lethal to compete in the historic Final Battle event.

Jay Lethal had the following to say regarding this turn of events and his addition to the historic main event at Final Battle.

“This match is about more than winning or losing, more than who’s the best or what championship we hold. This match is about showing the world what this era of Ring of Honor is and I can’t wait to get back into the ring with one of the best wrestlers I know tomorrow night, Jonathan Gresham.”

The situation with the ROH World Championship Match will be addressed by Ring of Honor during Final Battle Hour One, which is free to air on Saturday night at 7:00pm on multiple platforms, including the HonourClub streaming service, YouTube and Facebook.

Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham have a storied history together in Ring of Honor where they are former ROH World Tag Team Champions and founding members of The Foundation, a faction that was dedicated to shining a spotlight on the Pure Style of Professional Wrestling. Lethal and Gresham have also faced off as opponents in two of the most memorable matches, one where Lethal prevailed in a 30 Minute Iron Match in 2019 and the other where Gresham successfully defended the ROH Pure Championship against Lethal on the 500th episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling this past April.

In recent times there has been some dissension between Jay Lethal and the rest of The Foundation, including Gresham, after a video surfaced where Lethal states “I don’t even like The Foundation.” To which Lethal claimed that the video’s content was taken completely out of context. With the history between the two men the main event of Final Battle is surely going to be epic.

Stay tuned to Real Rasslin for any further updates regarding the historic Final Battle Pay Per View, which is live this coming Saturday at 8:00pm ET LIVE on pay-per-view, HonorClub at ROHHonorclub.com or via the ROH App on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire.