Real Rasslin's Raw News Roundup

Warning: This article contains spoilers and strong opinions.

Real Rasslin's Raw News Roundup

With so much news and talking points coming out of this weeks Monday Night Raw, what better way to cover it all than in one convenient location? This will contain spoilers from this weeks show so with that in mind..

I am P-Nut for Real Rasslin and this is the Raw News Roundup.

1. Lacey Evans announces she is pregnant

Lets start with the worst bit of news first and end with the best. On Raw this week, Lacey Evans seemingly walked away from her partner Charlotte after having taken no part in the match. As she walks up the ramp with Ric Flair she tells Charlotte she is pregnant and presumably the implication is that Ric Flair is the father.

Personally, I think this is going to be awful. I can't see this going anywere good even if it is a kayfabe pregnancy. These angles have always gone horribly in the past. When I think back, I am reminded of Lita's awful miscarriage in 2004 after Gene Snitsky hit Kane with a chair (but it wasn't his fault). The other extremly notable pregnancy angle that has lived on in infamy too is Mae Young giving birth to a hand after her kayfabe pregnancy to Mark Henry went full term. This is not a good storyline and honestly I see no good coming from this at all. 

2. Bad Bunny wins 24/7 Title..... No, really.

In a backstage interview segment, Damien Priest was with Bad Bunny reflecting on the last few weeks. They were interrupted by shouts and as the camera turns we see Akira Tozawa pin R-Truth for the 24/7 Title. As he backs away celebrating, Tozawa bumps into Priest, who bounces his head off a packing crate. Tozawa hits the deck and Priest tells Bunny to cover him. He does and we have a new 24/7 Champion.

I get that this title is for comedic effect, but all the celebrity involvement is killing it for me. But then, it won't be long until its back on R-Truth's shoulder for the 4,000th time...

3. Alexa Bliss brings The Fiend back to life in a demonic ceremony. 

WWE is no stranger to pushing the envolope when it comes to evil characters with demonic tendancies. Who could forget the Ministry of Darkness from 1999? A extremly spooky video package is played where Alexa Bliss is sat inside a Pentagram, surrounded by candles and summoning The Fiend back from the dead. 

I really loved this. Everything to do with The Fiend and Alexa Bliss has been pure gold and the story being told with these two characters has been the best thing on Raw for a while now. I think it's reasonably safe to assume that The Fiend will go after Randy Orton after he was set on fire but could there be a transformation coimg? Images of cocoons with a short message reading simply "Thank You" were posted on Bray Wyatt's Twitter after the aforementioned setting on fire incident so I wouldn't be surprised to see The Fiend with an even more demonic twist. I am excited to see what happens next and presumably it will come to a head this Sunday at Elimination Chamber.

4. Kofi Kingston replaces The Miz in the Elimination Chamber

We started Raw with a Miz TV segment. Mr. Money in the Bank himself interviewing Drew McIntyre but the bigger story came at the end. After receiving a Glasgow Kiss from Drew and a little smack talk, The Miz officially declared himself removed from the Elimination Chamber match. The story would develop throughout the night from there. The Miz tried to convince Adam Pearce to name John Morrison as his replacement but Kofi Kingston had something to say about this. Adam Pearce then booked a match between The Miz and Kofi Kingston. If the Miz wins then he gets his wish and John Morrison would be in the Chamber, however if Kofi wins then he would be the one to replace The Miz. After a high stakes match, Kofi pulled off the victory, seemingly foiling The Miz's plan and taking his spot in not just the Chamber but the Gauntlet match main event.

I really don't understand the booking decision here. Surely it made more sense for The Miz to have his buddy enter the Chamber in his place to lead up to whatever plan The Miz is concocting. From a storyline perspective I don't get it. With The Miz saying both major champions should be on notice and, with a PPV coming up, he looks set to attempt a cash in this Sunday. He's got us all guessing and who knows what his master plan is?

5. Sheamus will be the last participant to enter the Elimination Chamber

The main event of Raw featured a Gauntlet match to determine who would be the last participant to enter the Elimination Chamber. This match was amazing. We started off with AJ Styles vs Kofi Kingston. With a little help from Omos, AJ was able to beat Kofi with a Phenomenal Forearm. Drew McIntyre came out and dominated much off the match, beating AJ and Jeff Hardy without too much trouble, but then out came Randy Orton. Orton barely made it to the ring before Alexa Bliss suddenly appeared on every screen in the Thunderdome, leading Randy Orton to be counted out in what can only be described as #Shenanigans. And then there were two. Sheamus attacked Drew from behind as his music played and it wasn't long before he pinned Drew and won the right to be the last man to enter the Chamber for Drew's title.

I loved the match and Raw in general really. I personally don't like the idea of the Champion being last out of the Chamber. If I had it my way the Champion would always start, so for anyone but Drew to win here was great for me. It furthers the story well and we are going to be excitedly waiting for Sheamus to come out of his pod to continue his short rivalry with Drew that escalated recently when he kicked him in the head. WWE often gets a lot of stick when it does the wrong thing in a booking sense so credit where its due. This is truly the best decision. 

What did you think of Raw?

Are you excited for Elimination Chamber this Sunday?

Once again I am P-Nut an this has been a Raw News Roundup.

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