Real Rasslin's Daily News Round-Up! 01-12-2022

James rounds up all today's news in one handy place!

Real Rasslin's Daily News Round-Up! 01-12-2022

What's up guys and girls, James here with your daily news round up!  

So, what’s been happening today? Let’s find out!  
William Regal possibly heading back to the WWE.  

There has been a lot of talk in the wrestling word that current AEW star William Regal could be heading back to the land of Sports Entertainment.

While there’s no official word from either AEW or WWE, reports from PWinsider say that ‘’all signs’’ are seemingly heading that way.  It begs the question of what are Regal's intentions at this stage of his career.

Regal played a quintessential role in developing the NXT brand alongside Triple H, but was one of the many names that were released earlier this year due to ‘’budget cuts’’, leading to his signing and making his debut in All Elite Wrestling, bringing together Jon Moxley and Byan Danielson after their AEW World Championship match. 

Regal would turn on Moxley in favour of MJF, allowing the latter to win the AEW World Championship for the first time at Full Gear.

On this week’s episode of Dynamite, the new AEW World Champion attacked Regal, potentially have as a way to write him out of AEW TV.  
Wrestling News Observer's Dave Meltzer reports that Regal currently isn't in any future AEW plans. He suggested that Regal has a two-year option on the three-year deal he signed in 2021, which could mean he has no plans to stay with the company.  
This might suggest the recent promos between Regal, Moxley and MJF all hinted that Regal was set to leave the company.  
As ever as more information comes, we will keep you updated!  


Ring Of Honor Pure Championship Set To Be Defended At ROH Final Battle.  

Current ROH Pure Champion Daniel Garcia will defend his championship against Wheeler Yuta on December 10th at ROH Final Battle Pay-Per-View.  

Garcia and the Jericho Appreciation Society have been locked in a heated feud with the Blackpool Combat Club for some time now, and this has led to Wheeler Yuta gaining a title match.  
Yuta and Garcia will finish their trilogy of matches at Final Battle, both men have scored a victory over the other, with Yuta beating Garcia in the first match, while Garcia ended up winning their rematch on the 7th September episode of Dynamite for the ROH Pure Championship. This should be a barn burner for those in attendance!  




IMPACT Wrestling Star Tasha Steelz Re-Signs With Company.  

Tasha Steelz has confirmed she has re-signed with IMPACT Wrestling.  
Steelz made her debut back in 2019 and has been a main stay since. In her tenure she has won the Knockouts Tag Team Championships on two separate occasions, as well as beating the legendary Mickie James to win the Knockouts Womens World Championship at Sacrifice earlier this year.  
During an interview with Jim Varsallone, she confirmed that she had indeed extended her contract with the company, and stated that it is a multi year agreement..  
Here’s what she said below:  
“I’m excited. Re-signing with IMPACT, so IMPACT gets more Flava, and I’m glad to deliver it for the next few years,” Steelz said. “So IMPACT fans, I know they’re very excited to hear the news. So yeah, I’m excited. More Flava to come.” 
She continues...  
“It’s just the fact of, ‘Was I done yet.’ You look back at it, okay, I’ve achieved so much. Two-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion, I’m a Knockouts Champion, first-ever Ultimate X winner. I’ve made history, I’ve basically wrote my name in the history books so many times. What else there is left to do?” Steelz said. “But then you just really think of it like, IMPACT has so many opportunities that they offer you and so much that happens. Just when you think you’re done, and you think, ‘Okay, I’ve done this so many times,’ they always come up with something new, and it’s just like, ‘Oh gosh, I want to do that. I wanna get to that’, whether it’s a new title, a new match, the first-ever, everything. So that was basically my thought process. 

“I know there’s so many opportunities that is gonna present itself. There are some females, like I said, with Deonna and I, we haven’t really touched yet, and I definitely would love to that match later on down the line, if we can, fingers crossed. So those things were just crossing my mind and I’m like, ‘I have to stay because I have to accomplish these things.’ If there’s anybody that gives you that opportunity to really be yourself and just go out there and be yourself and not have to change you, it’s definitely IMPACT. So yeah, definitely had to stay here.” 

 We look forward to seeing more of Steelz and more of her epic talent inside the squared circle!  


NWA Star Natalia Markova Feels WWE Superstars New Look Is Disrespectful.  

NWA star Natalia Markova stated that she feels WWE Smackdown Superstar Sarah Logan's, now known as Valhalla, new look is disrespectful, she stated that Logan knows Max the Impaler and that her new look is a rip off.

In an interview with, she was asked to give her thoughts and opinions of the subject.  
Here’s what she said below:  
"I mean, honestly, I think it is a ripoff because I know for a fact that Sarah knows Max. I think it's again, that goes back to this disrespect thing. You can do something similar. There are different versions. You could do this gimmick. You can do this type of personality. But I think that she just saw that it was successful and she was like, alright, I'm in a bigger company and I can do whatever I want. I think people just feel like they could do whatever they want if they're in WWE, which honestly, again, if it would be 50 years ago when there was no internet, you can get away with that. But now, everybody knows everything. I could go on Twitter and you can see Max. Even if you don't know who Max is, we're still in the same business and I think you need to respect each other, and just out of respect, you could maybe use different colors or different patterns. It was just totally similar. To me, it feels like a disrespectful ripoff. I think that shouldn't be happening in wrestling. I love Max. I think she's awesome. So please, please, respect her career. She's an independent wrestler at this point. It's hard for her to do what she does. She's not signed to a huge amount of money and she makes money out of this. So please, wrestlers, be respectful to each other.” 

If you look at the two, you could say they look very similar, but as you know in Rasslin’, everyone basically copies each other, whether it be styles or gimmicks. Is it disrespectful or is it paying homage? You decide. 
What do you make of this? Let us know in the comments below and come back tomorrow for another Daily News Round Up!