Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE Royal Rumble 2021

The Royal rumble is over for another year and the Road to Wrestlemania begins now! James gives us the rundown of all the action from the first PPV of 2021.

Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE Royal Rumble 2021
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It’s that time of year again. The road to Wrestlemania begins! 

This is the Royal Rumble! And here’s my Rumble Review! Anything can happen in this match! Are you ready? Let’s get ready to Rumble!

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Match 1: WWE Championship Match: Drew McIntyre (C) vs Goldberg. 

The match kicks off fast with McIntyre landing a head-butt quickly followed by a spear of his own. McIntyre is here and ready to fight! The early stages proved this wasn’t going to be a standard catch-as-catch-can match. The two men fought outside the ring with Goldberg spearing the champion through the barricade. The match hadn’t even officially begun yet as the bell hadn’t been rung! 

Both men back in the ring, McIntyre telling the ref to ring the damn bell, Goldberg tries to land another spear but was met with a boot and quickly followed by a Claymore. Drew attempts the pin, but Goldberg manages to kick out! The champion tries one more Claymore, but Goldberg manages to dodge and hits not one, but two spears! But the resilient McIntyre still kicks out. Goldberg signals for the Jackhammer, he hits the move and pins. Again, McIntyre kicks out showing why he’s the champion, much to Goldberg’s surprise. 
After a fourth spear attempt by Goldberg, Drew manages to dodge sending the challenger in-to the turnbuckle. McIntyre lines up for the Claymore. After connecting he pins Goldberg and retains his Championship!

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre 

This was a good opening match. Sure, it wasn’t a typical match. But I feel McIntyre looked a credible Champion. A huge show of respect after the match as both men shook hands and embraced each other in the ring. McIntyre has earned Goldberg’s respect. 

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Match 2: WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Sasha Banks (C) vs Carmella w/Reginald.

The match starts off with Banks quickly going for the Bank Statement submission, however Carmella breaks free and exits the ring to gather herself. This was a back and forth battle, both women giving it all they’ve got. With Carmella's Sommelier at ringside, Banks would have to deal with not one, but two adversaries. 

The match is physical with both champion and challenger exchanging blows and hard shots. Carmella with a suicide dive through the ring ropes taking the champion down was a face planting experience. Reginald, with all his inference, is sent packing as the referee kicks him back to the locker room. 

Back in the ring, Banks gets the upper hand and goes for the Frog Splash, shades of her hero, the late great Eddie Guerrero, however with the use of her knees, Carmella blocks and locks in the Code of Silence. After a short time being locked in the hold, Banks counters and lands a stiff knee to Carmella’s face. A series of exchanges, Carmella gets the advantage, taking Banks down with a Super kick to the sternum and goes for the pin but Banks manages to kick out! The frustration showing, Carmella drops her guard allowing the champion to lock in her Bank Statement forcing the challenger to tap out and retain her championship. 

Winner and STILL WWE Smackdown Women's Champion: Sasha Banks 

So, when I heard about this match, I wasn’t overly excited, I didn’t want to see it, but credit where credits due, it pains me, but I enjoyed it. There we some cool spots. A decent match all round. I was pleasantly surprised. 

Backstage segment: Big E and Xavier Woods. 

The segment starts with both men speaking about Retribution, and how all they need is each other to last 60 minutes to win the Rumble match and join the wrestling gods (I was half expecting JBL to come on screen at this point). 

They were joined by Sami Zayn. He states that there are no wrestling gods, only WWE management and that they are the poster boys. He begins a tangent stating that he must deal with them every Friday night. Then gets shocked when Kofi Kingston appears, and Sami gets pushed aside. All three men talk about the rumble match and hype themselves up. Special mention to their Brodie Lee inspired ring gear, that was a class touch.

*Next up: A performance by Rapper Bad Bunny*

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I have no words for this. Even Booker looks disappointed!

At least we got to see G.I. Bro though...

Lets just move on shall we?

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Match 3: The Women’s Royal Rumble Match: The winner gets a shot at a Women’s Championship at WRESTLEMANIA. 

The first two entrants are Bayley at #1 and at #2 is the returning Naomi. The Rumble is now officially underway! Bayley taunts Naomi but wasn’t very successful.

Coming at #3 is Bianca Belair, who quickly shows the athleticism she has. A trifecta of cartwheels from Naomi and Belair all while holding each other, that was awesome. 

In at #4 is Billie Kay who decides to take a seat first. Why is she dressed like a toddler?! Actually, never mind.

At #5 is NXT superstar Shotzi “Tank Commander” Blackheart with her tank, an unorthodox entrance, while Kay stops her and promotes a selfie poster, and is met with a flying object from Blackheart’s cannon. Quickly entering in style, Blackheart soon makes her presence felt as she goes for all 3 members. 

At #6 is Shayna Baszler. With Kay still looking for an ally, she attempts to sway Baszler but gets a shove for her troubles. Poor Billie, all she wants is a friend. With no eliminations yet, the ring is getting plenty of action.

At #7 is NXT’s Toni Storm, she soon shows who she is by getting straight into the action. The first Elimination is Shotzi Blackheart who was eliminated by Shayna Baszler. 

Entering at #8 is Jillian Hall, where’s the Boogeyman when you need him? Once again, Kay looks to make an ally, but this time its successful by gaining the name Billie and Jilly (I know, I know) now finally Kay is officially in the rumble match. Jilly and Billie teaming up and trying to eliminate their opponents. 

In at #9 is Ruby Riott who soon asserts herself. With 8 women still left the ring is starting to fill up nicely.

In at #10 is a returning former women's champion, Victoria! She reminds us all why she was a dangerous champion. But she was taken down by Naomi, to the outside, but no elimination as she went through the middle ropes. In at #11 is Kay’s former tag partner Peyton Royce. The former Iconics tag team shows a small reunion. At #12 NXT’s Santana Garratt enters. Pretty decent Rumble so far, I prefer this to a multitude of eliminations. #13 Liv Morgan enters, and the Riott Squad are both in the Rumble. The pace is starting to pick up now as the ring starts filling up. Jillian Hall is the next to be eliminated at the boot of Billie Kay who is then eliminated by The Riott Squad. 

Coming at #14 Rhea Ripley making her second appearance and soon dominates proceedings, quickly eliminating Toni Storm. We’re now halfway through with Baszler eliminating Victoria via a sleeper hold. Ripley with her second elimination takes out Santana. 
#15 the Queen, Charlotte Flair. Her eyes firmly set on each member, but most notably on Rhea Ripley. A storied rivalry there. Bayley eliminates Ruby Riott, by going under the ropes and apron and powerbombing Riott to the floor below. 

In at #16 Dana Brook, who likes to fly and takes down multiple women with a top rope dive. Liv Morgan is next to be eliminated by a kick to the face by Peyton Royce. 

In at #17 WWE HOFer Torrie Wilson makes her return to the ring, soon taking care of business. It’s a bit of a scramble with Ripley almost being eliminated, after attempting a hurricanrana and failing Dana Brook was eliminated by Ripley courtesy of a powerbomb to the apron. 

In at # 18, Ric Flair??? You’d have gone what the ?#%& right? But no, it was Lacey Evans, donning Flair’s trademark robes. Presumably to taunt Charlotte and it seems to have worked! Charlotte in all kinds of emotions. Especially after Evans cost Charlotte and Asuka the women’s tag titles earlier in the night. Charlotte soon took her frustration out on Evans, giving her a Flair style beat down at ring side. Both weren’t eliminated as both went under the ropes. Charlotte eliminates Royce following an elimination of Torrie Wilson at the hands of Baszler. Bayley then eliminated by Bianca Belair who managed to last 30 minutes. Okay that was fast paced, hard to keep up with that! 

In at #19 is Mickie James, who lays a boot to Evans before entering the ring. James and Charlotte soon lock horns. 6 women remain so far. #20 is Nikki Cross, followed at #21 by Alicia Fox, wait R-truth? No, wait he’s running from superstars, using Alicia to ward off his attackers. Seeing the opportunity, she pins R-truth and wins the 24/7 title! Who would have thought that you can win a championship while trying to win a shot at another championship, crazy right? 

In the midst of that, at #22 is Mandy Rose. Who eliminates the new 24/7 champion, but as usual, R-truth regains his title with a roll up and beats Fox. I can’t keep up with this… 

In at #23 is NXT’s Dakota Kai. A good showing of NXT talent this year. I’m impressed at how they’ve done to be honest. No surprise as NXT is the better product. An elimination by Evans’ women’s right to Mickie James. 

In at #24 it’s Carmella with Reginald. In the midst of that, Ripley eliminates Dakota Kai making that her 4th elimination of the night, not the best way to go out, being slammed hard on the ring apron. Make that a 5th as she eliminates Mandy Rose. Nikki almost eliminates Carmella, but Reginald was there to save the day as he carries Carmella and takes her back to the ring, where Nikki is eliminated by Rhea Ripley making it her 6th elimination. 

Coming out at #25 its Tamina, where she super kicks Reginald who was still holding Carmella, dropping Carmella before the kick hits, thus eliminating her as she never got back inside the ring. Soon Ripley and Tamina go at it like two raging bulls. Naomi is almost eliminated by Belair but pulls out one of her memorable rumble saves as none of her feet touched the floor. Managing to pull herself back to the ring apron, with the help of Belair’s overly long hair, she pulls off the great escape. Both women going at it on the apron. 

Making her way at #26 is the returning Lana. D-Von! Get the tables! Maybe she has one on order. Who knows? 

In at #27 is my favourite, Alexa Bliss, what has Wyatt done? I like it! Oh, now she’s turning crazy, but Ripley was there to eliminate her making that her 7th elimination. 

In at #28 is Ember Moon of NXT who quickly eclipses the ring. Two more women to go! 

In at #29 is Nia Jax, quick call the medics! Teaming with Baszler, they make short work of it and eliminate Lacey Evans and Ember Moon. Not messing around these two. The 3rd victim to go is Naomi with a double team elimination. Seems family ties are too strong as Nia and Tamina are both reluctant to go one on one which leaves Baszler left out, who goes on to attack Tamina with Nia watching on. But Nia turned and tried to take out Tamina but was met with a super kick instead. The new women’s tag team champions then teamed up to take out Tamina. 

Nia is a crafty one as she eliminates her own tag partner Baszler. Okay I didn’t see that coming. Okay I did but surprises, right? 

Lana the Table specialist eliminates Nia and damn that was good to see! 
In at #30 is Natalya, who’s quickly assaulted by Jax and Baszler who both re-enter the ring and take revenge upon Lana. But on their way out, they shove Natalya into the ring. 
That’s it, all 30 women have now entered. It’s go time! Natalya eliminates Lana and now we’re down to 4 women. Natalya, Belair, Charlotte, and Ripley. Belair eliminates Natalya now we’re at three. The three remaining women go at it in a war! All to headline Wrestlemania. 

Belair and Ripley do the impossible and eliminate Charlotte! Down to two, Ripley and Belair. Both almost with a double elimination. The two go to war, the crowd chants this is awesome, and I must agree! This is indeed awesome! 

A back and forth exchange leads to Belair eliminating Ripley. BELAIR IS GOING TO WRESTLEMANIA!!

2021 Women's Royal Rumble Winner: Bianca Belair. 

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This was an amazing rumble match, great spots, comedy, and some serious throw downs. A deserved winner in the end. However, I saw something that could add to this story, keep your eyes peeled. But thoroughly enjoyed that. It was great with great story telling. Congratulations Bianca Belair!

Backstage segment:

The Miz and Morrison speak with Bad Bunny, they try to enlist Bad Bunny to their team, with Morrison doing a very bad rap, who in turn get turned down while Miz boasts about being in his prime and Booker T being past it. All while Booker T stands right behind him. 

Kick off panel: 

Basically talk about the Women’s rumble match. What’s the point of this? Then move on to talk about Baszler and Jax beating Charlotte and Asuka with the help of Evans and Ric Flair. Finally, something good as R-truth comes out with his comedic run and is informed his idol John Cena is here, as Peter Rosenberg hits a low blow and Pins R-truth for the win and wins the 24/7 championship! Okay that made it worth sitting through. 

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Match 4: WWE Universal Championship Match. Roman Reigns (c) vs Kevin Owens, Last Man Standing Match. 

The match starts with brutal shots from both men, an early superman punch countered with a stunner, but Reigns connects with the superman punch. The ref starts the count, but Owens makes it back to his feet and manages to hit the pop-up power bomb. What a start! 
These two men are in nothing short of an all out brawl! Reigns hits the spear, but Owens gets back to his feet. A steel steps shot to the face of Owens. Reigns attempts to use the steps again, but was met with a kick to the face, now Owens is in control. This is a fight! 
Physicality right from the beginning, hard shots, stiff punches. Both men brawl into the LED crowd. Reigns regains control with hard chair shots. Owens lands another super kick and lands chair shots. Smart move by Owens going for the legs. 

Reigns hits another superman’s punch and launches Owens off the off the LED crowd stage into the tables below, almost not making the 10 count. But he gets up at 9. 

Making his way to the backstage area, Reigns blindsides Owens and runs him down with a golf cart. Owens shows heart and still manages to get back to his feet! Reigns seething, tells Owens to stay down but Owens lays a beat down to the champ! The adrenaline is pumping as he hits the pop-up power bomb through a table, followed by a big splash off a crane! Reigns makes it back to his feet at 9! 

Reigns is hurting, Owens is revelling, Owens enters a forklift and lifts the crane to its maximum and leaps off with a senton down to a limp Reigns lying motionles, but Reigns barely makes it back to his feet at 9! Reigns hits a superman punch and a spear through the staging screen, both men down! These men will not stop until the other is destroyed! Rolling off the stage Owens breaks the 10 count! 

Reigns has handcuffs in his hands and both men start exchanging blows with Reigns gaining the advantage. Owens fights back and hits the stunner. How the hell are these two fellas still going? Owens grabs the handcuffs and cuffs Reigns to the very bottom of the lighting poles. Reigns in desperation, grabs the referee and slams him into the lighting pole and gives Owens a low blow. Paul Heyman comes and uncuffs Reigns, although it seemed he had some trouble initially.

With Reigns released, he locks in the Guillotine, knocking out Owens and retaining the Universal Championship! 

Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns. 

Verdict: one of the best last man standing matches I’ve seen in a while.  The match was great, brutal, physical, and high spots. I’m no fan of Reigns but I do like this heel run! Props to Owens for giving a beat down to Reigns the likes we haven’t seen since Reigns won the championship. Great match. Both men putting on a really good performance! 

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Match 5: The Men’s Royal Rumble Match. The winner goes to WRESTLEMANIA! 

The #1 is the WWE HOFer Edge! And #2 is his long-time rival and former tag team partner Randy Orton. The match starts out with Edge attacking Orton as he makes his way out. 
The two men brawl all over the ringside area! What a start! Edge is all fired up. Edge showing his dark side. 

Coming at #3 is Sami Zayn, who takes down Edge, helping Orton, the double team happens. 

#4 is about to enter and its Retribution’s leader, Mustafa Ali! He squares up and goes right after Edge. Seems Orton has crafted a sound game plan. All 3 men attempt to eliminate Edge. 

#5 it’s the charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy, who breaks up the beat down, and takes out all 3 men but is caught with an RKO. But Orton pulls out the snake in him and RKOs Ali and Zayn. But a spear from Edge stops his run. Both men continuing to brawl on the outside as Edge hits the DDT on the announce table. 

At #6 is Dolph Ziggler, but all focus is on Edge as he hits hard chair shots to a dazed Orton. Man, what a damn start! Ziggler makes the first elimination by taking out Hardy. 

#7 enters and it’s Shinsuke Nakamura, who quickly goes after Ziggler. Orton, who hasn’t been eliminated yet is reeling after the chair shots from Edge, seemingly has a knee injury. 
The #8 entry is, Carlito Caribbean Cool! Haven’t seen him in a good while. Apple in hand too! Soon hits a backstabber to Nakamura and one to Ali for good measure. At this point Orton is escorted backstage due to his knee. 

#9 is Xavier Woods, who goes right after Ali, who injured Kofi Kingston rendering him medically unclear to be in the match. This is fast paced! 

#10 is Big E who shows off his power and strength, and again joining forces with his New Day Partner, eliminating Sami Zayn, 

#11 is John Morrison. The ring is filled with superstars, solid match so far. Ali eliminates Woods while Big E gets revenge by eliminating Ali. 

#12 is Ricochet who used his speed and agility to take down the opposition. The action in the ring is pretty good. 

#13 is Walk with Elias! He looks good and eliminates the cool one Carlito. 

#14 a rumble debut as NXT’s Damian Priest heads towards the ring and shows his power! His first rumble elimination happens as he eliminates Elias. 

#15 is The Miz, we’re halfway through now, and the Miz destroys the DJ set of Bad Bunny. He soon tags with Morrison and double teams everyone in the ring. Wait what? Bad Bunny comes down to ringside and distracts Miz and Morrison, the new M’n’M. Hey, it works, alright? And allows Priest to eliminate them both, Bad Bunny then leaps off the top rope and lands a cross body. There wasn’t a slip up in sight... 

At #16 is Matt Riddle. The shoeless one slugs it out with Nakamura with stiff shots from both men. 

Coming in at #17 is the Yes man! Daniel Bryan! A good showing of back and forth between him and Ricochet. Edge with 27 minutes is still going strong.

#18 is The Big Red Machine Kane! Kane makes more history as he enters his 18th Royal Rumble match and makes his all-time 44th elimination by taking out Ziggler, now his 45th in Ricochet. With Bryan in the rumble, Kane and Bryan embrace and hug it out, team Hell No are reunited!

Psych, short lived as Kane chokeslams his former partner. Past and present collide as Priest and Kane go at it! But Priest eliminates Kane! 

#19 is King Corbin, who soon eliminates Nakamura. 

#20 Oh Yeah! Otis! Taking out Big E, that was impressive! The big man is going well! But things don’t last as Corbin eliminates him. Final 10 to come! 

#21 is Dominik Mysterio! Who’s set on Corbin, but a spine buster and hard shorts take him down, but Corbin got a shock when he’s eliminated by Dominik! 

Entering at #22 is the Hurt Business’ Bobby Lashley, who soon eliminates Dominik, Damian Priest and sets his sight on Big E, two big men going at it! Two huge mammoths!

At #23 is the superhero! The Hurricane, reminiscent of 2002 he tries a double choke slam but gets eliminated by Lashley and Big E. 

#24 is… WHAT?! Captain Charisma, Christian! Edge’s best friend and former tag partner! All members of the rumble team together and take out Lashley! Christian looks in amazing shape! Edge and Christian embrace with a hug and turn to Riddle and start their attack! Ah nostalgia! 

#25 is the phenomenal one AJ Styles! Edge at this point is 40 minutes into the rumble! And still going strong. 

#26 out comes Rey Mysterio! Who shows his high-flying style, Styles was almost eliminated but his big bodyguard was there to make the save, Omos then eliminates Big E by literally reaching over the top rope and dragging him over it. Final 3 to come! 

#27 is The Celtic Warrior Sheamus! Who starts off by taking down everyone! 
Omos is really getting involved as he saves Styles once again as he eliminates Mysterio! 

#28 to arrive is Cesaro, who starts off with great momentum, a short-lived reunion of the bar, Cesaro takes Sheamus for the big swing, and also gives one to Daniel Bryan for good measure. 

#29 is The Friday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins! He makes his return to the ring for the first time since Survivor Series! But an uppercut from Cesaro almost ends his rumble! The two slug it out in a great back and forth 

And finally, #30 is “The Monster Among Men”, Braun Strowman. Everyone in the Rumble is in trouble as he launches AJ Styles over the ropes, but Omos catches Styles, but Braun makes no mistake in eliminating Cesaro and Sheamus. He grabs Styles again and changes direction mid run to avoid Omos and eliminate Styles! But a double spear by Edge and Christian takes the big man down.

Bear in mind Orton hasn’t officially been eliminated from the rumble, so 6 men remain! Riddle and Bryan go at it! He tries to eliminate Edge, but he manages to stay in! Again, Riddle and Bryan go at it I’d love to see a match between those two.

After lasting 29 minutes Rollins eliminates Bryan. Then Rollins and Riddle go at it! The personal issues between these two are very much unsettled! But Rollins takes the upper hand with a curb stomp to Riddle on the apron, thus eliminating him

4 men left in the ring! Rollins, Strowman, Edge and Christian, with a viper lurking in the back. With Strowman attempting to eliminate Edge, Christian makes the save to eliminate himself and Strowman while Edges thinks he’s won by eliminating Rollins. 

BUT a viper was waiting with an RKO to Edge, but with a final elimination Edge dumps out Orton and wins his second Royal Rumble! 


2021 Men's Royal Rumble Winner: The Rated R Superstar, EDGE! 

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So, that’s it, the Royal Rumble PPV gave us shock returns, epic encounters and two amazing Rumble Matches! I must admit that I really enjoyed this year’s offering! Would I recommend you watch? I know WWE is hit and miss these days, but this was definitely a hit! If you ask me, I’d say I preferred the women’s rumble match, but both were great!

And that is a no contest!

Do you agree? Did you enjoy the PPV? Let us know in the comments below!