Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 27th July 2021

Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 27th July 2021

Back again, it's me Pixc with some more NXT, which starts with a brief look back at Karrion Kross attacking William Regal last week.  

Let's get to it folks! 

Raquel Gonzalez after her big win vs Xia Li is going to address the WWE Universe and the women's locker room. Adam Cole vs Bronson Reed but first what a way to kick things off, with Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher bringing the fight to Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan. 

Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa vs Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan 

This should be brutal. Thatcher and Dunne kick it off just like their brawl previously. Thatcher using his technical skill and roughneck style to ground Dunne. Ciampa wants in and eventually he gets it, but Dunne is wise enough to bring Lorcan in at this point.  Barrett and Beth basically calling the four competitors ugly did tickle me a bit.  

Eventually Ciampa does get Dunne, then some synchronisation in the ring as Lorcan turns the tables on Thatcher, Ciampa brings the action outside the ring, as they take a moment to revel in their momentum sat on the announce table. 

Picture in picture follows and as I squint at the action it looks like Dunne and Lorcan steal back control of the match. Nice double team from them, Thatcher is tied up by Dunne then lifted up to face the chops from Lorcan. He keeps Thatcher from making the tag for a little while but Ciampa gets in eventually and the pace quickens. A nice exchange of strikes follows allow the legal men to be left in the ring battling it out.  

Thatcher stops Lorcan from saving the match it seems but as he leans against the barricade, he is knocked down by a returning Ridge Holland, surprise surprise, finally we get something unexpected in wrestling. Ciampa tries to fight Dunne and Lorcan but he is overwhelmed it seems, he fall to Dunne and the Bitter End. 

Dunne smiles as Ridge Holland joins them in the ring for a beatdown of their fallen opponents. Honestly I'm stoked to see Ridge Holland back, but honestly Pete Dunne looks like a badass the more this plays out. If I may make a bold prediction, if Kross is moving on, to be squashed by Vince on RAW, Samoa Joe returns to in ring action, but that's not my prediction, how about if that happens Pete Dunne finally gets his big win, with the formerly McAfee's goons running NXT like Undisputed Era because let's face it because it worked last time, it has to again right? 

Winners Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan 

Hit Row cutting a pretty good promo to be fair, speaking Spanish to get at Santos and Legado del Fantasma but taking a shot at Imperium too.  

Samoa Joe arrives throwing chairs and a table in the ring. He calls for William Regal to arrive, very polite amidst the fury. Joe has a three step plan to solve everyone's problems, I mean not like we didn't see it coming, but he resigns as management, bit lofty to call himself that, but then ask regal to reinstate him as a competitor, he does. The final step is Takeover. Samoa Joe vs Karrion Kross for the NXT title. Regal obliges, wow, there you go guys! 

We get a little clip of LA Knight next, taking in a few holes at the golf course.  Cameron Grimes is behind him washing his balls, their words not mine kids! Lots of puns about clubs. Loving Grimes jokey nature in this.  

Carmelo Hayes vs Josh Briggs (Breakout Tournament Match) 

He came from nothing and he’s trying to make something of himself here in NXT, Josh Briggs everyone! Not much hope for their next match though. Carmelo definitely the shorter of the two, wow! Carmelo is struggling with his speed seemingly squashed down by Briggs initially. Soon as he looks like he's nailed it he is thrown from the ring, landing hard on the outside.  

Carmelo gets a near fall off a nice reverse springboard leg drop, unique offense. Briggs uses his strength to ground Carmelo. Duke joins us on commentary he will face the winner of this match. He takes a shot at Vic on commentary then comments on Briggs. Clearly not threatened by either opponent.  

Another near fall from Carmelo with a codebreaker like move. He looked strong but Briggs boots him into next week, he spun round before hitting the mat and only a near fall. Carmelo comes back again and hits a leg drop from the top, advancing to the next round of what was in all honesty a weak finish. 

While this was a good match and offered many surprises, you gotta feel for Josh Briggs, that big boot should have been the finish. He did feel a bit generic so makes the next match better I guess. 

Winner Carmelo Hayes 

Franky Monet is with Robert Stone and Jessi Kamea backstage. McKenzie is asking them what her connection is to the Robert Stone Brand, erm maybe ask it when Robert Stone is not stood with her? She is excited about the possiblities and seems to eye up tag team gold, they are interrupted by Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro who say it isn't easy to get chemistry. After they leave Franky and Jessi comment that they are annoying and Robert Stone makes a fool of himself repeating it for no reason. OK segment but tired of makeshift tag teams jumping the queue, Kacy & Kayden should be getting their time. 

More from LA Knight next as Cameron Grimes gives us some play by play. LA Knight sends him swimming for the golf ball when he misses. Ted DiBiase shows up in a golf cart and he gives him a pep talk. Nice gotta appreciate the story even if I do think LA Knight shouldn't have won that match. 

Ridge Holland is back and he seems ready to smash people up. Si Thee! 

Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai head out to the ring next. Dakota bigs her up. She calls out who is going to face her next. Nobody answers and Dakota says nobody will take that title from her as long as she has her back. Still it doesn't come, where are they going . . . boom! The kick, it's happened, Dakota Kai did it finally. Only option left, you beauty. 

WWE NXT Scores All Time Low Audience On Syfy Against Olympics - Wrestling  Inc.

Image courtesy of Wrestling Inc

Adam Cole is up next, keen to send Bronson Reed crashing down the mountain in their match later. 

Next Zoey finds Io training alone and tries to get her to come bond to help them become a great tag team, Io is not convinced but eventually agrees, bit of a condensed version of Killian Dain and Drake Maverick if you ask me, maybe I'm too deep into it? 

Cameras backstage catch up with Mandy Rose chatting to two jobbers we have seen recently Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. I don't see this as a tag team, Gigi & Toni Storm maybe, Gigi and Mandy at a push but Jacy Jayne i'm not feeling her as anything more than a singles yet, on second thoughts she could work well with Vanessa Bourne, frizzy hair buddies. What a shame Sexy Muscle Friends never worked out. Asuka should have managed them it would have been great. Thank you Shayna and Nia again. 

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs Jessi Kamea & Franky Monet 

Kayden have a little bit of fun teasing each other, Jessi tries to use her height to goad her opponent while Kayden is wise to it and dodges. Tag team offense next from the ladies in lime green. Jessi eventually gets out of there, Franky tagging herself in.  

Monet looks dominant and looks to keep her team going quick tags keeping Kayden down. For some reason Robert Stone throws something into the ring, telling Monet to finish her. The referee sees it's a bit of a mess and Franky Monet is furious as she takes the loss with a nice double team finish from Kayden & Kacy.  

Honestly the Robert Stone Brand should have ended when Aliyah exploded and Franky Monet brought Jessi Kamea under her wing. This is just a mess. Glad Kacy and Kayden won. 

Winners Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter 

Next a sit-down interview with Malcolm Bivens and Roderick Strong. they talk about how the relationship started, bigging up Strong. Then they are up for a big money match vs Bobby Fish and when it's over, it's over! 

Dragunov vs Walter hype next, they will clash at Takeover 36.  

We see Dakota being asked for a word, but she rushes out the door, no words, we can wait Dakota, I'm just glad it happened.  

Hit Row vs Imperium 

Barthel seems to be showing his experience staying in control of Adonis before making the tag to Aichner, this is where the change comes. Adonis manages to get some momentum going,  Aichner manages to floor him though which prompts the tag to Top Dollar.  

Top Dollar turns the match immediately on it's head and the double team that follows only gets a near fall. Barthel manages to make the tag and Imperium have Adonis to themselves. Be-Fab and Swerve cause distractions allowing Hit Row to stop momentum. There's a break here where Imperium again gain control. 

Adonis is stopped from making the tag by Barthel twice before he is dragged into enemy territory. Aichner gets a near fall. Adonis sends both Imperium to the outside and dodges to make the tag, Top Dollar comes in dominant as expected. The near fall results in Hit Row going for a double team. As they look to finish things, as I suspected this might go, Legado del Fantasma attack Swerve and distract Top Dollar, this causes Imperium to finish Adonis with a double team, pinfall victory. 

With Hit Row growing on me this wasn't great but it did explain why they were facing Imperium, the ideal next opponents for MSK if you ask me. Liking how good with the crowd Top Dollar seemed to be.  

Winners Imperium 

The Way minus Austin Theory are backstage now, Indi gets a present from Dexter, which prompts an idea for a match to get her man in The Way. Johnny has got this apparently, I say let him in, no pun intended.  

Another hole, another golden segment from Cameron Grimes, Grizzled Young Veterans are here to rush the game, but Grimes gets them to double the money, LA Knight hits it into the pond again, so asks Grimes to do better, a man of his word, Grimes gets a hole in one with a golden golf ball. At what cost though, he smashed the hell out of LA Knight doing it. A fast thinker Grimes pins the blame on GYV, wonder if he got the money? 

Bronson Reed vs Adam Cole 

Bronson throws Cole off to start the match. Bronson using his strength to his advantage. Gorilla Press Slam was a sight to see, Cole not looking good, only a cheeky chop block to the back of the leg has had any impact on Bronson so far. Cole unable to hit much but does get a superkick in that causes Bronson to topple.  

As we return from picture in picture Cole has somehow been able to keep Bronson down. Methodical dissection of the knee by Cole Bronson does fire back, even reversing a suplex carrying Cole dumping him to the mat. Big powerbomb attempt avoided by Cole and somehow Cole fells the big man only getting a near fall. Cole goes for the super kick one too many times, Bronson catching it and firing back. Bronson ends up taking a Panama Sunrise but still kicks out! 

Cole is clotheslined as he looks for the Last Shot. Bronson misses the Tsunami. Super kick from Cole and then the Last Shot for the win. Unexpected, pointless oh wait a minute as Cole walks off celebrating and here comes Kyle O'Reilly. He drops Cole with a chair and then suplexes him on the steel steps. Well, that was fun! 

WWE NXT results: July 27, 2021 | WWE

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Winner Adam Cole 

This week for me was interesting, some good build for future feuds and matches. Personally think LA Knight vs Cameron Grimes isn't over, their segments have been gold. Intrigued in particular if we get Dexter Lumis in The Way. What say you? did you enjoy this weeks NXT? 

Pixc out!