Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 27th April 2021

Pixc gives us the lowdown on all the action from NXT this week!

Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 27th April 2021

Welcome back for another week of NXT action with me your NXT correspondentPixc. 

Lots to look forward to this week, I heard Adam Cole has a lot to say and Dakota will face off with Mercedes Martinez, which is where we start things off now. 

Dakota Kai vs Mercedes Martinez 

They lock up and its technical Kai vs Mercedes with her strength. A huge spinebuster from Martinez gets a near fall. Kai finally gets back into it with a DDT. She follows up with her vicious kick in the corner. then uses the ropes to good effect before returning to the corner. A backbreaker from Kai after some strikes by Mercedes and it's levelled out somewhat for me. A quick roll up but Kai kicks out. Kai gets caught attempting the kick hung over the ropes and Martinez takes advantage. She drops her in the ring with a cliff-hanger, but Kai is still in it. 

Kai dodges and manages to finally hit that high boot in the corner. Martinez rolls to the outside as we enter picture in picture, get squinting guys! Kai continuing her offense during this section with Gonzalez looking on, couple of near falls, one each way. As we return to full screen action Kai is in control, the action spills to the outside and Mercedes looks to flip things in her favour. The double knees in the ropes put her down but Kai only gets a near fall. A brutal elbow gives Martinez a chance to get back in control. 

She hits a double underhook suplex and keeps it locked for a triple suplex combo, the final one a deadlift. Dakota rolls to the outside, Gonzalez interjects herself, and when Martinez looked to end the match Gonzalez comes in and boots her, costing Dakota Kai the match. Martinez wins but Gonzalez dominates her afterwards. Gonzalez looked strong by doing this so I'm all for it. 

Winner Mercedes Martinez 

We have Ember and Shotzi backstage looking ahead to two matches, Robert Stone Brand tonight, then next week a title defence vs The Way, some flowers arrive followed by Franky Monet who is excited to find out who sent them, apparently it was Dexter Lumis, but my guess is Candice LeRae. Great segment, Monet's involvement felt a bit pointless for me but could be they are just showing her off a little to get people used to her. 

Cameron Grimes is up next in jewellery store looking for something special, for someone special, himself. He is rushing the salesman, to be continued .... 

Grizzled Young Veterans are in the ring. They are whinging about MSK not defending them tag titles against them. as they get into sooooon to be recognised, they are interrupted by Thatcher and Ciampa who compare the two teams. They eventually show them respect before calling back to NXT UK Takeover Cardiff and "Shoes off, if you hate Gibson" Ciampa takes his shoe off and they attack the two. Brilliant segment and I can't wait to see the resulting tag team match. Definitely the two best teams to challenge for them titles. 

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain are with Mackenzie backstage, set for a tag team match vs Imperium but Drake is not impressed he expects to be betrayed. Dain tells him to have faith, quoting George Michael, nice touch, I'm not convinced Dain would join Imperium. 

We have Tian Sha, with Xia Li speaking in Chinese, bit pointless for me we don't know what this was about or where it's going. 

Swerve then has a response for Leon Ruff, he challenges him to a falls count anywhere match, ooooh see ya next week for that then guys! 

Toni Storm heads to the ring. She claims she made Zoey Stark famous. About to face Zayda Ramier. 

Toni Storm vs Zayda Ramier 

Toni straight out with a big boot. looking vicious from Toni to start us off, throwing her about and stiff strikes. A backbreaker into a stretch across the knees. Zayda looks for a kick twice Storm dodges then hits a German suplexshe looked for Storm Zero but she continued to attack instead, going for a high risk suplex 

Stark comes down to the ring and distracts her giving Zayda time to recover as she hits a shooting star press from the top, that was some distance! The pinfall and a big upset here. Zayda Wins.  

Toni Storm has gotta be livid with that great progress with the rivalry though, Zeoy Stark vs Toni Storm soon I reckon. 

Winner Zayda Ramier 

Legado del Fantasma are backstage hyping up their six-man tag match vs MSK and Kushida, but also getting gold around their waists. I can see it happening one day but doubt it will be so soon. Good stuff though. 

Bronson spots Candice and Johnny waiting as he comes to the ring for his match vs Austin Theory. Who after Bronson heads to the ring, appears asking why they are in the dark? 

Weirdly though we get some LA Knight instead backstage with Mackenzie. He wants to talk to Indi and thinks she was into him. As he walks away Ever-Rise come in with their custom mugs, Ever-Rise Rules, erm not really guys. They want to be asked about their show, but Mackenzie has nothing, brilliant! 

Austin Theory vs Bronson Reed 

Indi is clearly not on the same page with The Way as she is clearly not interesting in doing their entrance. Poor Indi. 

Bronson gets Theory in the corner. Theory has some trash talk, but it's clearly not going to wash with Bronson Reed. Theory ends up on the outside. Theory is helped up by Gargano but Bronson bulldozes in and the action returns to the ring. A really high drop kick from Theory rocks Bronson and fires him up, he is then blindsided on the outside by Gargano with a superkick, the referee distracted, Theory follows this with a crossbody. He then manages to draw Bronson to the steel steps dodging as he charges. 

When the action returns to the ring Bronson looks to get back in the driver's seat. Theory looks out of it taking big moves from Bronson. Theory hangs in there kicking out of a pinfall after this dominant sequence. Theory manages to hit a blockbuster, but seems to hurt himself just as much, near fall follows. A Samoan drop from Bronson gets a near fall. Lumis makes his way to the ring, Indi is suddenly not interested and he stalks her til she ends up in the ring, he saves her by pushing her out of 'the way' taking a bump, this starts the chain of events that looks to be the end Bronson looking for the Tsunami on a fallen theory.  

Bronson Reed vs. Austin Theory: WWE NXT, April 27, 2021 | WWE

Image courtesy of WWE 

I thought there were some good stuff in this match. Theory showed off his athleticism, Bronson winning to get another shot at the title is a fair call. It didn't click during the segment but I wasn't' feeling the Lumis and Indi stuff here, it takes a bit of putting together as it wasn't tied in by commentary well. The flowers remember them, I was right it's gotta be Candice LeRae. 

Winner Bronson Reed 

MSK & Kushida are backstage with Mackenzie, they thank Kushida for helping them settle in and are excited and full of energy. Kushida even alters their catchphrase, M S Kushida all night and all day, nice. Brilliant good way to get people behind Kushida who might not be, but also MSK for those who follow Kushida but have no clue who MSK are they gel well. 

Here we go. The Way are in the corridor and 'mummy and daddy' if you will, are martialling the troops. Indi gets mad thinking Ember and Shotzi are after her man, storming off to take care of business it seems, pun intended. Theory again taking a little flack to start though let's not forget that. 

Finn Balor is shown next on a break in Mexico. Expected back next week. 

Imperium vs Killian Dain & Drake Maverick 

Lots of tension between the comedy duo here, Dain opts to start. He does seem in control of Aichner. Barthel comes in off the tag but Dain doesn't seem to be stopped. Dain drags Barthel over to the corner and hip tosses Drake in for the tag. Drake does well to start, still nervous about the situation. Barthel drags Drake from the top in a brutal spot, building it seems to show Dain is clearly on his side in the match. Drake gets a chance to tag but crawls pathetically before Dain is taken off the apron and Imperium assert their dominance. Aichner hikes him by the pants, swinging him around like a cheap Cesaro knock off. Drake loses his belt, the referee sliding it out of the ring. For some stupid reason Drake faces away from Dain as he reaches for the tag and Barthel drops Dain from the apron again, Drake turns to see nobody there. Imperium then have to deal with an angry Dain, this descends into chaos with Wolfe on the outside almost using a chair. Drake then gets involved and Dain helps him into the ring with a toss, no coins involved. Wolfe stops Dain from taking out Barthel and Imperium take advantage. They hit a eurobomb, for the win! 

I quite enjoyed this, it felt so well-orchestrated and the little nuances throughout kept you guessing, ultimately you can expect that Imperium will bring out some shenanigans for the win, which they did, but it was a solid bout and I'm intrigued to see where Dain & Maverick go from here, does it lead to Imperium vs either Ciampa and Thatcher or Grizzled Young Veterans for a future tag title shot? I would love to see any of those three teams fight for the titles in fairness. 

Winners Imperium 

Pete Dunne gave us another belter of a promo next. More of the same but just a bit more menacing, I will always be a Pete Dunne fan, but this was him really calling out everyone! 

Back at the jewellers Cameron Grimes has found the one! Well, the one watch or so he thinks, we hear a familiar voice compliment his choice, before stating it isn't a million-dollar watch, it's good old Ted Dibiase, continuing his one-upmanship! Nice spot, I wonder if this leads to anything, maybe Ted could have someone wrestle in his place against Grimes, sounds like a job for LA Knight, or someone new to me. 

Jessi Kamea & Aliyah vs Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart (c) 

As the tag champs make their way, to the ring gifts are at ringside apparently more from Dexter Lumis, but we all know it's not! This results in the match not starting. Robert Stone with his clients dancing around the ring like they won is just stupid, but I guess it furthers their idiotic and weaselly personas somewhat. Match didn't start, so I guess that would be a James special guys, it's a no contest! 

No Contest 

Adam Cole is now sat by the pool on the phone to someone, about to do an interview with Arash MarkaziHe's been better but he’s been worse apparently, bigs up his title reign. It wasn't a mistake to turn on the Undisputed Era. He talks up NXT and doesn't think Kyle is ready for main event scene. We cut to Kyle watching this promo, he doesn't seem impressed. 

Next week's Womens Tag Team Title match next week is a street fight! Also don't forget Swerve vs Ruff in a falls count anywhere match, nice! 

MSK (c) & Kushida (c) vs Legado del Fantasma including Santos Escobar 

Wylde comes out to Kushida but Kushida easily dodges. Carter comes in off the tag and quickly tags in Wes Lee good double team action here straight from the apron. Legado take over shortly after, Mendoza is legal as MSK return the double team before dropping Escobar from the apron for good measure. The champions have the higher ground as we head into picture in picture, gotta love them big tasty adverts!  

As we return to full screen Legado have flipped the match on its head. Carter is in the wrong part of town, Escobar finally getting involved in the match. Escobar works on him in the centre but Kushida is able to tag in and is on fire, taking on everyone. Mendoza breaks a pin following MSK's assisted moonsault. Kushida lifts the middle rope to direct MSK for some outside dives. Escobar then takes out Kushida before Legado del Fantasma take out Carter, leaving Wes Lee all alone. He fights valiantly but gets caught by Wylde. Mendoza tags in then Escobar as the triple team continues. Wylde hits an assisted splash, kind of like a hip toss using his tag team partner, nice move. Wes buys himself some time disposing of one of Legado before dodging Escobar. Carter appears on the apron screaming at his partner. He makes the tag, then Kushida attempts to help them taking a phantom driver, which allows Legado del Fantasma to finish the job, with a quick double team move. 

 This match had a lot of great spots as can be expected with these guys, the focus was clearly on the tag teams though. The taking out of Kushida wasn't really highlighted until after the match ended for me, which seems odd. They hold the belts aloft which was a good ending to the show, building to them getting their respective shots at the titles. However, the real question is did P-Nut stomach this multiple person tag match. 

Legado del Fantasma goes for the NXT championships, defeated Kushida and  MSK | Superfights

Image courtesy of Superluchas 

Winners Legado del Fantasma 

Honestly this felt like another great show with lots of build for the future, I will concede though that it felt like it was missing something, like there wasn't enough on the card. It seemed to go quicker, maybe that is a good sign. Have to say the low has to be Jessi Kamea, Aliyah and Robert Stone celebrating like they won the tag titles when they clearly didn't. 

Well, I'd be interested to know what you guys thought of this week's NXT, any thoughts on what will happen with Adam Cole next? Do you think Legado del Fantasma will get the gold? Will we see new tag team champions next week? 

I'm Pixc and I'm out!