Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 13th July 2021

Pixc is back giving us a rundown on this weeks NXT!

Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 13th July 2021

Pixc here, back with another week of NXT! This week was the fallout from the Great American Bash, including not only the start of the Breakout Tournament, but also Karrion Kross vs Johnny Gargano for the NXT title. Also to come, how will Cameron Grimes slip into his new role and will Tegan Nox have anything to say or do?

Ember Moon vs Dakota Kai 

Starting off with a repeat, however it should be alright due to the quality of these two. Raquel Gonzalez accompanies Dakota to the ring, and i must say i'm not liking the bright pink top, it looks a bit out of place.  

A nice sequence with some arm drags from Ember seemed to be the first thing of interest. Dakota went for multiple covers, unfortunately for her leading to nothing. As usual her kicks are on point, but you would expect nothing less from the captain of Team Kick. Ember hits back with a dive to the outside, and somehow after colliding roughly with the barricade, Dakota fires straight back, forcing Ember onto the apron.  

Picture in picture, it was a tad too soon for some of us to be looking at adverts of pizza, thanks! Dakota seems in control during this break working over Ember in the corner. A string of kicks, bouncing off Ember's head, and a near fall from Dakota greeted us as we returned to full screen action. Ember looked to fire up,  but she takes a suplex, however, she fires up again! 

Dakota manages to kick her way back into the match, hitting her traditional Kick in the corner, followed by what looked like a spike DDT, only getting a near fall this time though. Dakota talks a bit of trash and a hurricanrana from Ember off the top almost has her regretting those words, near fall! 

Dakota manages to get back on top, hits her Go To Kick, and gets the pinfall. Overall, it was average, however we get a nice surprise afterwards. Xia Li comes out and challenges Raquel Gonzalez, who's in the way of her destiny apparently. Interesting! Something tells me this is the end of Xia Li's momentum, but it was a nice aftermath to an otherwise average start to the show. 

Winner Dakota Kai (Not that anyone cares!) 

Next, we have Malcolm Bivens hyping up The Diamond Mine and apparently, they are doing an open challenge. I like this twist on the open challenge to be honest. Bobby Fish interrupts them, clearly wanting a piece of Roderick Strong, and i must say i'm a bit confused on this. Did I miss the part where Bobby has any issues with Roderick Strong and why? Either way it'd be a good match, but Rust is going to take this one.  

A nice video of Ikemen Jiro, talking about history and his story. I'm a little annoyed he is against Hudson, as I think those two were my picks. Well, not anymore! 

LA Knight is up next, and his first order of business is to tidy up Cameron Grimes. The chemistry is there, and Grimes is gold. I'm glad they didn't completely ruin his look, so I'm ok with it so far.  

Tyler Rust vs Bobby Fish 

Should be interesting, especially if you know how technical Bobby Fish can be. Tyler Rust does seem to use his size to take control. As Bobby Fish gains momentum, Roderick Strong stands on the apron, drawing his attention. However, it doesn't appear to distract him as he downs Rust. Fish turns to Strong again, and this time the distraction is enough and Rust picks up a soft win. 

Winner Tyler Rust

Interesting development next as The Way are shown arriving earlier. Beth Phoenix manages to speak to Indi on her own to ask about Dexter, and apparently, he was a gentleman. Beth says sometimes you've just got to go for it... can I get an Index!!?? 

Gigi Dolin is shown next, stepping up face to Sarray instead of Toni Storm. She has also been craving some competition. I like how they are bringing this up, as I was honestly expecting a proper job match, but now I'm expecting either an interesting match, or a formation of a new tag team. Gigi gives me Toni Storm vibes, hold that thought. 

Sarray vs Gigi Dolin 

A show of respect starts, as expected with Sarray. A nice back and forth early on, before they suddenly stop in the ring. Mandy Rose is apparently in NXT stood there bold as brass? She looks on and the two in the ring get back to it. A nice submission from Sarray, but she let's her out and instead starts with some strikes.  

Gigi almost gets a cheeky pin, before Sarray hits her dropkick up against the bottom rope, what a beautiful move! It's the first time it's looked good for me though.  A pinfall follows up a suplex, and gets the victory for Sarray. Mandy Rose looking on shrugging like it wasn't that great.  

This was unexpected. The match was predictable, but better than i expected. The interruption was great, a little confusing i must admit, but I'm curious to see where it goes. Any thoughts let us know on our socials, I'd love to know what you thought. 

Winner Sarray 

Santos Escobar is back, and I kind of missed him if I'm honest. Escobar wants that NXT North American title, and he takes a shot at his opponent tonight, Dexter Lumis, before heading out. 

Duke Hudson is next hyping his match, but mostly himself. Any more bees and we'd be making honey, cringe! Still probably going to go far. 

Santos Escobar vs Dexter Lumis 

Santos starts off goading Lumis, and he gets the first offense in. Lumis gets his crazy on, escaping Legado before he drags Santos under the ring. They half rescue him, and Lumis gets all spooky as he's coming out from under the ring. Santos gets another spell of momentum next, with a hurricanrana from the top and a few clotheslines in the corner. 

Shades of Eddie Guerrero next, but Lumis blocks the third suplex. Almost King, almost. I know you love a bit of Eddie! Lumis is back now with some strikes., before the official is distracted as Legado employ their usual shenanigans. Lumis takes some punishment from the ring post, before Escobar finishes the job in the ring with a Phantom Driver. Pinfall, it's over!  

Hit Row appear at the top of the ramp, and the two factions shout at each other. It's a bit of a mess, but you get the point, there is none, just mindless waffle. No Indi though, and I was a tad dissapointed.

Winner Santos Escobar 

Next Kyle O'Reilly was with Wade Barrett. He's reminiscing over his loss to Adam Cole last week. He's on a mission to find that killer instinct again.  

LA Knight has a job for Cameron Jeeves... it's mowing the lawn with a little two wheeler. Another good segment for me! I smell a lawn circle coming on, please have Grimes do something interesting with his lawn. 

Oh wait, Indi did show up during the commercial break and she didn't get her man because you guessed it, Candice LeRae says no. More disappointment, not just from no Index, but also that Candice is still on the same tip, Indi's still not just ignoring it. 

Duke Hudson vs Ikemen Jiro 

Love this catchy theme from Jiro. Hudson was cocky from the get go planting Jiro then stepping on him to taunt. Jiro returns the favour though, with some nice dodge action. Typical small guy vs big guy action. Hudson eventually gets hold of him though and throws him around a bit. 

Hudson was seemingly in control but Jiro showed some fight, and he particularly took a liking to his elbows after a failed sunset flip. It doesn't last though, as Hudson uses his power to catch him and slam him, which is followed by a powerful uppercut, but still Jiro hangs in there.  

Jiro builds momentum and dives to the outside wiping out Hudson. When the action returns to the ring, Hudson pulls out what looked more like Wade Barrett's winds of change, which was not the Bossman Slam it was claimed to be by Vic. Interesting choice to go with Hudson. Not a bad match, Jiro made it worth watching for me. 

Duke Hudson Talks WWE NXT Breakout Tournament Match, Triple H and Shawn  Michaels React, More

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Winner Duke Hudson

Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan are backstage with McKenzie. Dunne is spitting his usual crap about being the baddest or best, before Thatcher shows up to ask him which it is, "Who's asking?" is the response, and a brawl ensues as Thatcher and Ciampa attack. Nice segment, as it gives all four something different to do for a change. 

We get a highlight from last week, with the new women's tag team champions Io Shirai & Zoey Stark.  Interesting to see where this could lead. 

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs Aliyah & Jessi Kamea 

This feels like an impromptu number 1 contenders match, as both teams having been on the fringes of the title scene due to obsessive repeat performances from the other teams. The Robert Stone Brand are in control early on, as they work over Kacy in their corner and make tags to stay on top of things.  

Kayden manages to tag in, after Kacy stretched over Aliyah. They try for some shenanigans to pulls things back, but Kacy & Kayden turn the tables and get the win with a nice double team ending in a 450 splash.  

The aftermath is sweet, as Aliyah snaps on Robert Stone. She beats him up in the corner, and she screams that she has done more for him then he did for her. This even seems to hold some disdain for Jessi Kamea, as she leaves alone. As Jessi looks at Robert Stone, Franky Monet comes down and like a vulture picks up the pieces, drawing Jessi away from the fool. Beautiful, so much going on in the women's division of NXT, keep it locked. 

Winners Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter 

Samoa Joe is off to visit The Way next, as they chant Joe! Joe! Joe! as he comes in. That never gets old! Same speech, different response, as Gargano is on board. Slimy if you will, but I'm looking forward to this one. Pete Dunne appears in front of him, shrugs and we cut. What was the point in that? Dunne is in a brawl with two others then this, and I'm still trying to keep up the charade of him potentially being a future NXT champ? Stop hovering over the trigger and either pull it or move on. 

LA Knight is back again, but it looks like Grimes had other ideas, as he got some help to do the lawn. LA Knight is not impressed and tells the kid to get lost. He gets a kick in the shins for his trouble and then Grimes 'accidentally' shoves him in the pool. Great stuff again from these two.  

Adam Cole is out with a microphone next. More of the same from Adam Cole taking shots at Kyle O'Reilly. He is done with him though, and he is taking shots at Samoa Joe, claiming he's nothing and nobody would dare step to him either. Cue Bronson Reed, who comes out and considers Adam Cole his golden opportunity. Cole tries to cheap shot him, but Bronson squashes him and Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring to signal it's time, for your Maaaaiiiiiiin Eveeent! 

But first a couple things, Franky Monet is with Jessi Kamea and Robert Stone, being asked about Aliyah, as Mandy Rose walks by saying it looks like the brand is under new management. This is bizarre, why is Robert Stone even there? Feels like this has gone all wrong.  

Also tag team match booked for next week, Kushida & Bobby Fish vs Diamond Mine's Tyler Rust and Roderick Strong. 

Johnny Gargano vs Karrion Kross (c) (NXT Championship Match w/ Special Guest Referee Samoa Joe) 

Kross looking to stomp out the threat of Gargano early. Gargano looking fab again in his ring gear, loving the colour! Gargano manages to dodge Kross, but He ends up getting slammed into the announce table, Joe let this one go, but he screamed at Kross to get it in the ring. Kross is not impressed. Then we get some very annoying picture in picture. I'm not being funny, but is it any wonder why people can't be arsed watching your product when the best matches are covered in capitalism? 

As we return to full screen action, it's still going on, don't worry. A slugfest in the middle of the ringah, with Samoa Joe looking onnaaah. Gargano getting caught several times, but fighting back. using his speed. Kross kicks out at two from the slingshot spear. A taste of the barricade for Kross, and he almost gets hit by the One Final Beat DDT but he catches him. Kross looks to hit his Saido Suplex from the top, but Gargano reverses it.  

Kross takes over again, but once again Gargano reverses and gets another near fall off a DDT. Kross looks to dominate him and finish it, but Gargano hits a superkick out of nowhere. Kross locks in the Krossjacket, but Gargano somehow gets the Gargano escape in. 

The next big moment sees Kross choking Gargano out, but he makes it to the ropes. Kross takes the full count, so Joe pulls him off. Kross clearly incensed keeps his emotions in check, but takes it out on Gargano. He goes for the steps and Joe intervenes, again Kross gets in his face but does nothing. Joe even says all you have to do is jump, and I presume this meant hit me and we can go. Gargano gets involved though with a DDT on the outside. He then manages to get the One Final Beat DDT in the ring, but somehow Kross stays in it.  

Kross hits the elbow to the back of the head, then a triple powerbomb and doomsday Saido Suplex. Samoa Joe checks on Gargano and once he stands Kross nails him with that boring elbow, it's over, one, two and three. Joe counts it and raises his hand. They have words, and it looks like Scarlett makes Kross stay back. As Joe turns to leave, Kross locks in the Krossjacket from behind and chokes him out.  

Now this match was great, definitely one of his better matches, and that's probably because Gargano can go, at least we can trust him to show Kross "the way" ey! The aftermath however, leaves a bitter taste in my mouth for a few reasons. Kross choking out Joe feels only to highlight how Kross is a boring copycat of Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar. He doesn't entertain me because I've seen it before, and he isn't particularly great, though he has grown on me outside the ring. 

If Samoa Joe is in a confrontation with Pete Dunne, then goes on to winding up Kross and Adam Cole, isn't it all just a mess of chaotic writing that doesn't make any sense, that's constantly trying to be predictable instead of entertaining? We all would like to see Samoa Joe vs any of these guys, but if he can't actually compete, it seems pointless. Let's see how it develops. 

NXT recap & reactions (July 13, 2021): Karrion Kross chokes out Samoa Joe -  Cageside Seats

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Winner Karrion Kross 

So, a summary of my thoughts. Robert Stone Brand stuff confused the hell out of me. Is Aliyah moving to Smackdown or Raw? Mandy Rose, I heard rumours she is returning to NXT, and I'm intrigued, but I don't feel she fits yet. Will we ever get Index? Overall I enjoyed the show, mostly for the segments. The wrestling, while good, didn't wow me at any point really. It's solid but nothing special you know? 

Gone for another week, but I'll be back. Pixc Out.