Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 11th May

Pixc once again delivers his verdict on this weeks NXT.

Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 11th May

Welcome back guys for another week of NXT action some big matches tonight I believe, I can't wait to get started, so here we go!

We get some nice build for tonights action and a recap of recent events, including Kross saying Austin Theory, times up!

Austin Theory vs Karrion Kross
Gargano tries to big up his protege, Theory struggles in the early going, a dropkick he lands just enraging Kross. He then taunts Theory asking him to reach for the ropes before stomping on his hand. Gargano looks on clearly concerned but distracts the referee giving Theory an opportunity to go for the eyes. This opens the match right up, Theory doing some damage on the outside, still not looking like he will win but it's a nice sequence. Kross then takes back over, Kross hit a saido suplex twice, before going for his traditional elbow to the back of the head. He then pummels Theory with Gargano looking on, he locks in the the straightjacket submission and the referee immediately calls for the bell. Easy win for Kross.

After the finish Gargano is looking on, like he will get revenge someday. Kross however looks to the side to see Finn Balor. Apparently Finn doesn't wait in lines and Kross seems happy to oblige, it's on, but when? 

I enjoyed the build this match sets up, the situation with Johnny and Austin, I like how he got a little sequence where he looked good, but I don't like Karrion Kross, he is earning my respect with his work, but his moveset is boring. I think he can blame Shayna Baszler and Samoa Joe for that, his elbow doesn't do it for me and trying to make a basic suplex seem like a badass move is not going to do it for me either.

Winner Karrion Kross

Next we see some arrivals, Kushida and Raquel Gonzalez with Dakota Kai. Then William Regal is seen about to weigh in on the title matches but Leon Ruff is keen to compete, he is not impressed when Regal denies him this and trashes his desk, Ruff storms out, that's him told!

Breezango vs MSK
Breeze starts off and ends up straight posing after a brief sequence. Wes Lee returns the favour after another sequence then the two clash with the same idea superkicking each other. Tags made on both sides.

Nash gets jiggy with it gyrating as Fandango lies on the floor. Then we get a hillarious sequence where Fandango and Breeze collide, then the referee gets involved, laying down then jumping over the wrestlers. I guess this would be a good time for a Booker T quote, "Tell me, I didn't just see that ...." Crazy stuff.

Wes Lee doing some flips, but Fandango throws him into the turnbuckle. Breeze gets the tag. We get a random update that Alexander Wolfe will not compete due to stomach flu. MSK then hit their traditional assisted moonsault, Fandango bulldozing his way into the ring to break the pinfall. All four in a slugfest next which ends with superkicks from Breeze. 

Nash goes for a superplex but Fandango fights him off before taking a kick and falling to the outside. Nash makes the tag, Wes Lee comes in with a nice double team to start but Breeze gets the tag in, he fails to hit the unprettier and is finished off with a double team Blockbuster! MSK get the win. 

A nice show of respect from Breezango with the handshake although it looked like Fandango wanted to attack them. Then MSK calls out Legado del Fantasma.

Winners MSK

Next Gargano is on the warpath again, off to William Regal's office. Regal makes a joke about his door be open how unusual. Gargano has a whinge, but Regal isn't backing down and he is left unimpressed again when Gargano snaps his pencil and storms out! Always a good laugh these segments.

Oooh Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan now looks like Oney is going to support Petey while Danny is away, gives him something to do I suppose. Our Quizmaster it appears wasn't on the money with this one, what say you P-Nut, intrigued?

Pete Dunne comes to the ring, addresses the earlier decision by Karrion Kross to choose Finn Balor. Dunne issues an opportunity for anyone to step up and prove him wrong. Cue an angry and fired up Leon Ruff, that's a nice decision, I like it.

Pete Dunne vs Leon Ruff
It seems William Regal can't stop him from answering this open challenge. Dunne quickly gets control of the match. He manipulates Ruff on the ground before Ruff briefly gets a move in, back to it then for Dunne. Ruff uses his agility to get some shots in, Dunne gets back on top then locks in a triangle choke, adding some strikes before the referee stops the match. Quick victory for Pete Dunne.

This was well put together, purely from a story persepective and furthers Pete Dunne without hurting Leon Ruff. I might have preferred someone to come save Leon Ruff maybe develop another feud for him. 

Winner Pete Dunne

Legado del Fantasma are backstage and Santos Escobar is claiming tonight he will regain his title, this is only the beginning. I honestly hope he doesn't but it wouldn't surprise me if he did either. 
Raquel Gonzalez is getting ready for her title match backstage and we get a video signalling that in two weeks Franky Monet will debut. The same night will see Finn Balor get his rematch too. 

Mercedes Martinez vs Raquel Gonzalez (c) (NXT Womens Title Match)

Raquel with the strange belt on facing backwards showing off her back pose. Mercedes is straight fire out of the gates, taking the action to the outside. Picture in picture after the little firecracker of a start. Gonzalez looking better during this section but Mercedes is not making it easy. A nice powerslam from Gonzalez felt like something that should have been on full screen.
As we return to full screen action Gonzalez is in control and Kai is positively bouncy on the outside. Oh we get another powerslam, not as good as the previous one but glad they did it again. Mercedes gets a sequence of elbows and then some ground and pound follows. Gonzalez recovering gets hit with a sleeper. Mercedes keeps hold as she is rammed into the turnbuckle but the hold is eventually broken. 

Martinez gets a nice drop from the turnbuckle which looked like a neckbreaker but a little slow to cover and Gonzalez kicks out. Gonzalez then takes a spear on the ring apron, but Gonzalez is hanging in there. Gonzalez looks to finish Martinez off on the outside, lawn darting her into the ringpost. near fall follows. Mercedes fights back but Gonzalez drops her with a clumsy looking clothesline, both are clearly tired. Gonzalez goes for the one arm powerbomb but Mercedes manages to roll through and hit a big knee.

The fisherman buster that follows doesn't get the win and Mercedes although keen to follow this up falls victim to a boot, which allows Gonzalez to hit the one arm powerbomb and pick up the win! Gonzalez retains.

WWE NXT Draws Lowest Audience Since Move To Tuesdays - Wrestling Inc.

Image courtesy of Wrestling Inc

I thought this was exactly what we expected, hard hitting, back and forth affair. I'm glad Gonzalez retained, its just too early. Next!

Winner Raquel Gonzalez (c)

Next we see Swerve and his entourage arriving, he apparently knocks a camera down and i believe AJ is the one who comes back to tell him to get up. 

Then we see Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory, being pushed out of the locker room, Austin still healing from his match earlier. Apparently they attacked Bronson Reed. Seems odd that Austin would be nursing his battle wounds from earlier but still able to help Gargano, but maybe i just want to see the beatdown.

Next we get Swerve Scott, apparently its about to get spooky? really? Cringe or what? Well it looks like he has a new faction. Top Dollar is up first, with his cheesy rhymes, B-Fab and a little dude, they needed to make this a lot clearer for me, wasn't easy to follow, but they are Hit Row. Curious but not impressed yet. 

Next we have a lake front home auction. Cameron Grimes is looking to get some prime real estate, but somebody keeps outbidding him, who would that be I wonder. Oh yeah he outbids him to the max and we get the reveal, its Ted DiBiase! Great progression, please make this match, even if Ted gets to pick his poison!

Next week we get Toni Storm vs Zoey Stark, a little recap on the reasons for this is shown, great story telling here, fan of both women. Particularly liked Toni's flavour of the month comment, NXT definitely has the best womens division.

Oney Lorcan vs Kyle O'Reilly
Oney is accompanied by Pete Dunne, we get a clip of Oney claiming he can't beat him, the comment from Kyle really works as Kyle already beat Pete Dunne, not forgetting his War Games victory against Oney. This match starts off slow, technical and methodical. Oney takes over and when Kyle drops to the outside after a submission, he forces Dunne up the ramp before Lorcan attacks him from behind returning to the drivers seat. Lorcan fails to capitalize on a sore knee, taking a knee of Kyle's to the gut before Kyle starts to dissect Lorcan. Kyle eventually hits a brainbuster and a top turnbuckle diving knee, gets the pinfall.

Pete Dunne comes in and attacks him, they dominate Kyle briefly before help arrives in a  surprise return for Bobby Fish, now that was good, Red Dragon was it their team? Nice but its not a reunion, Bobby has his own score to settle and Kyle is doing his own thing, but respect is clearly there as Bobby leaves the ring. Nice surprise for once, appreciate that.

Winner Kyle O'Reilly

Bronson Reed is pissed next, he has been to William Regal and his North American Title match will be a steel cage match. Interesting.

Cage Match and Women's Match Set for Next Week's WWE NXT Show

Image Courtesy of Wrestling Headlines

Kushida (c) vs Santos Escobar (NXT Cruiserweight Title Match 2 out of 3 falls)
News to me but this is two out of three falls guys. Not going to lie in the short time we have this felt a bit much.  The action ends up with Kushida on the outside dodging Legado del Fantasma when MSK come and even the odds, taking them out and getting both teams sent to the back, level playing field, speaking of levelling, Kushida levels Escobar who is livid his boys have left him. Escobar has Kushida up high dropping him on the turnbuckle. Kushida attempts to fight back and Escobar keeps control of the match, his submission attempt weakening Kushida, a near fall follows. Escobar seems to dominate for a while, even taking time to gloat towards the fans. Kushida gets a near fall surprising him with a roll up though, so close.

Escobar hit a Phantom Driver and gets the first fall near the ropes. He did deserve that to be fair. Kushida quickly locks an armbar in and Escobar can't escape it as he picks up the 2nd fall in quick fashion. To be expected in fairness. Kushida needs to look strong with submissions. The picture in picture comes next, really again? Kushida still working on that arm. Kushida is still on it as we return to full screen action but Escobar fights him off and heads back to the ring. Escobar dives to the outside taking out Kushida, hes striaght up getting the action back in the ring. 

Escobar looking for the finish, but Kushida maanges to turn things in his favour planting Escobar in the ring, he heads to the top, diving knee on Escobar's elbow before he hightails it out of the ring, Kushida follows, hitting his running arm slam he does. Kushida gets a sly roll up and almost gets the win. Escobar nearly gets the win with an inside cradle. Nice pin sequence with both coming close to winning follows and Escobar barely kicks out of the last in this pin pong extravaganza! 

Escobar looks for a finish from the top but Kushida reverses, hoverboard lock from the top rope, Escobar crawling to the ropes, is this it? Kushida drags him back to the middle. He barely makes it to the ropes. Kushida keeps hold, suplex into the corner, Kushida hits another suplex, holding on for the pin, Kushida retains. 

Honestly this match was pretty good, Escobar had a great spell of dominance, Kushida looked strong, resilient and it builds him up more taking the win here. I like how Legado were taken out of the equation early on, these two could better put on a spectacle that way.

Winner Kushida (c)

In summary of this weeks NXT, I have to say it was an enjoyable show. I particularly enjoyed the surprise return of Bobby Fish. It was well done. I am not convinced Escobar is done with Kushida either, but it was interesting to see Oney and Petey together for the evening, wonder what this means, could we see them reunite with Pat on Smackdown someday?

I hope you enjoyed this weeks NXT and my thoughts on it, let me know in the comments or come say hello in the group on facebook.

Pixc out!