Real Rasslin Reviews: NXT UK December 3rd

All the action from this weeks NXT UK

Real Rasslin Reviews: NXT UK December 3rd

NXT UK emanates once again from the BT Sport Studios in London. Last week A-Kid won the Heritage Cup Tournament, so hopefully we hear from him. It looks like we’re starting things off with a singles match though.

The Hunt v South Wales Subculture is set to take place tonight. A recap video is shown of how things got to this point. I’m a big fan of Andrews and Webster so I hope they can come out of this looking strong. The Hunt are a decent team though.

Rampage Brown v Saxon Huxley

Predictable opponent for Rampage after last week. I’m expecting something of a squash match here. Lock up headlock by Huxley, Rampage battles out and they clash, lock up again, Headlock to Huxley, he gets out, Rampage runs the ropes and ducks two clothesline attempts before taking Huxley down with a flying shoulder barge. Huxley quickly returns the favour and the two stand-off. Lock up again, Huxley with a knee to the gut of Rampage, then a club to the back, Huxley attempts to whip Rampage into the ropes but he reverses it and hits a dropkick. Rampage unleashed blows on Huxley in the corner, then takes him down for a two count. Rampage continues the assault on Huxley, big suplex, goes for the cover, gets a two count. The two trade blows on the ropes. Irish whip into the ropes by Rampage, Huxley reverses it. Rampage catches himself on the ropes as Huxley bends down, Rampage delivers a big kick, which staggers Huxley on the ropes, and Rampage lariats him out of the ring. Huxley has a little tantrum outside the ring before getting back in, he goes for Rampage’s legs as he tries to bring Huxley back in. Huxley pulls Rampage out to the floor and they trade blows, but Huxley rams Rampage into the ring apron. Huxley rolls Rampage back in and goes to the top rope, hits a flying clothesline! Two count. Huxley continues the assault on Rampage and throws him into the corner twice, Rampage fights back with a kick, and runs at Huxley but he hits Rampage with a botched looking Uranage Slam, he still gets a two count. Huxley tries twice more to get the pin, but Rampage kicks out at two. Huxley back to the top, but Rampage nails him with a stiff forearm, Rampage to the top ropes, Huxley fights him off, and goes for a big body slam, but Rampage counters it into a power slam! Huxley is rocked, Doctor Bomb from Rampage! This one is over! 1…2…3!

Winner: Rampage Brown

The commentators are saying it was a dominant victory by Rampage, I guess I was watching a different match as it seemed pretty even to me. In any case, Rampage continues to celebrate.

A flashback to earlier in the week is shown as Joseph Conners is interviewed during the PC Media Day, he is asked how he reflects on his time in the Heritage Cup Tournament, he barely gets an answer out before shouts from behind him grabs everyone’s attention as Piper Niven is shown trying to attack Jinny. Several people hold them apart before Sid Scala gets involved and tells everyone to calm down. That’s the end of the segment. But I think we all know where its leading…

Video of the developing feud between The Hunt & Eddie Dennis and South Wales Subculture is shown. Eddie Dennis cuts a promo throughout talking up Boar and Primate. Eddie is a great talker; he comes across incredibly sinister. Good development.

Backstage Levi Muir and Jack Starz are talking about Rampage Brown and how he beat Saxon Huxley when Huxley walks into shot muttering Rampage’s name. He sees them and Levi says “Better luck next time mate.” Huxley starts muttering “Better luck next time” and walks off as Muir and Starz watch on.

Aoife Valkyrie v Aleah James

Valkyrie has a great cinematic entrance, it’s clear they see her as a big star of the future for the women’s division. Her opponent is Aleah James… Can anyone say squash match? Bell rings and they lock up, headlock by Valkyrie. She’s thrown into the ropes by James, Valkyrie knocks James down on the rebound. She runs into the ropes again, but James hits the floor then pops up with a dropkick which barely stuns Valkyrie before she hits a spinning kick. Short stand off before locking up again. Valkyrie in control, but Aleah James breaks free and tries a hurricanrana, Valkyrie cartwheels out of it. Valkyrie seems to attempt some form of roll up, James catches her and seems to transition into the Walls of Jericho, but Valkyrie is in control, crawls through and monkey flips James into a pin for a two count. Another pin attempt gets a two. James tries to control Valkyrie and has her grounded, but Valkyrie fights her way to her feet and throws James into the ropes. She attempts to attack James in the corner, but she jumps up and over her, nicely done, maybe it won’t be a total squash! Spinning kick attempt from Valkyrie but James bridges to avoid it, but then Valkyrie sweeps low and takers her out at the base, then dropkick to the back of the neck gets a two. Modified surfboard lock from Valkyrie onto James, using her legs to wrench her arms back behind her, Valkyrie rolls it into a pin attempt, two count. Valkyrie is on top but James fights back out of the corner and hits a dropkick, gets a two count. James then hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. James is actually looking pretty good! Valkyrie though steps it up a gear and starts laying in some heavy sounding windmill punches, then hits a series of kicks. Forward flip neckbreaker by Valkyrie, who then climbs to the top rope. Valkyrie hits her impossibly named finisher which is a leg drop from the top rope for the win. Great showing from Aleah James though.

Winner: Aoife Valkyrie

Another impressive victory for Aoife Valkyrie, who will no doubt be entering the title picture very soon surely. Future looks bright for Aleah James though, she put in a decent performance.

Backstage Stoker and Howley of Pretty Deadly have mics and seem to be interviewing each other, saying they are each other’s favourite wrestler. They then say they have victories over The Hunt, Carter and Smith, and that Gallus can’t pin them. I’d be wary of winding up the Gallus boys there, lads.

They jinx each other after saying Gallus, then go on a rant about how Gallus’ days as tag team champions are numbered…They say they are in sync, in tune and ready to take the NXT UK Tag Team Titles from Gallus and make NXT UK “Pretty Deadly”.

More video build up to The Hunt v South Wales Subculture. They’re really hyping up this match. Lets hope it lives up to it.

Joe Coffey v Alexander Wolfe

The match we knew was coming after last week, Coffey comes out first. Coffey says he doesn’t need or want fandom, all he wants to do is get in the ring and fight. This is his Kingdom! Have to say as much as I like Joe Coffey as a performer, coming out to the ring in that coat of his looks a bit odd to me, he looks like the lost Oasis brother…

Anyway, out comes Alexander Wolfe, who is much better now than in his SaNiTy days. Imperium is a really good fit for him. Don’t see why they’ve altered the Imperium music for him though, that’s irritating. WALTER gets the original version whereas the rest of Imperium get a clearly modified version. Standard Imperium entrance from Wolfe. Both men start with some mat grappling for control, going back and forth. The opening minute or so is primarily ground based. Back to their feet for a second, but then back to the ground, Coffey to his feet but Wolfe takes him down again, but then Coffey stats raining down punches on Wolfe. Wolfe tries to stop him, but Coffey keeps going, then hit backbreaker on his knee. Into the corner and more punches from Coffey. Wolfe backs Coffey into the ropes and the referee tells them to break cleanly which always works in a match with two heels… Sucker punch from Wolfe puts him in control, and he beats Coffey down in the corner. Wolfe attacks the arm of Coffey, then lays into him again with stiff blows. This is a straight up fight! Coffey on the mat again and Wolfe drives his arm into the mat. Knee drop to the wrist. More heavy blows. Whips Coffey to the mat again by the arm, gets a two count, then locks in an arm bar. Coffey tries to loosen the grip, but Wolfe holds on. Coffey to his feet but Wolfe rocks him again, and tries to suplex him, but Coffey punches him in the liver and then hits a suplex himself. Both men are down, but Coffey is trash talking.

Wolfe tries to stomp on Coffey’s arm from the ropes, but Coffey pulls his leg and he falls to the mat. Belly to Belly suplex from Coffey, followed up by a splash into the corner. Coffey to the top rope and hits a cross body. Backbreaker across the knee again and Coffey gets a two count. Goes for a double leg Boston Crab but can’t get it, so rains down punches on Wolfe, then locks in a single leg Boston Crab. Wolfe kicks his way out, and both men are down again. Wolfe tries to get Coffey up but can’t because of the damage to his back, Coffey then tries to hit the Glasgow Send off but Wolfe counters with a knee to the face. Wolfe hits a twisting suplex and goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Wolfe stands over Coffey, and latches on around the waist. Coffey backs him into the corner, then runs at him in the corner, Wolfe avoids the boot but not the back elbow, Coffey to the top, tries an enzuigiri type kick but Wolfe counters with a European Uppercut! Death Valley Bomb from Wolfe! Cover! 1…2… no! Coffey kicks out! Wolfe and Coffey trade off again, Boot to the face by Wolfe, hits a German Suplex and gets a two count! Man, this is hard to keep up with! Wolfe drags Coffey to his feet, sets him up for a powerbomb but Coffey counters, and hits a huge Lariat! Wolfe rolls out of the ring, and Coffey urgently rolls him back in. Wolfe gets his foot on the rope before three!

Wolfe rolls to the apron, Coffey drags him up, then Wolfe pulls him over the ropes to the apron. They trade strikes on the apron, Coffey with a lariat to Wolfe puts him back in the ring, but he counters with a step up enzuigiri off the ropes! Both look spent. More hard strikes, Coffey catapults over the ropes and spears Wolfe, then hits the Glasgow Send off! Coffey follows up two stiff lariats! Wolfe is out, and Coffey gets the hard fought three count. Great slow build match!

Winner: Joe Coffey

Gallus comer out to celebrate the win.

Jordan Devlin up next. He says people have been asking why he is seeking out challengers. He says it simple. Anyone can have a ten-year title reign if they don’t defend it. A great man once said, “To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man.” And, as long as he has never been pinned or submitted with the title on the line, and as long as he holds the title on his shoulder, he is the man! Starting next week on NXT UK, where the Cruiserweight Title lives, he’s throwing out an open challenge to anyone under 205lbs to come to the Jordan Devlin show and test themselves against the Irish Ace.

Jordan Devlin has been really impressive since returning, his intensity and sense of injustice at having his title awarded to someone else across the pond seems to have pushed his character into a higher gear. He will at some point be a contender for the UK Title, but for now the head of the Cruiserweight division seems to suit him.

NXT UK’s first ever talk show, Supernova Sessions debuts next week…. yawn.

The Hunt (w/ Eddie Dennis) v South Wales Subculture (Mark Andrews & "Flash" Morgan Webster)

Here we go. Eddie Dennis hypes up Boar and Primate as they make their way to the ring. I’m expecting this one to start quickly. Yep, as predicted, Andrews and Webster storm the ring and throw punches. They throw the Hunt out of the ring then dive on them, beating them down outside the ring. Primate is thrown into the barricade. Andrews and Boar start off, traps Boar in the corner. Webster tags in, double team kicks send Boar to the mat and he rolls out of the ring. Boar gets to the apron, but Flash hits a drop kick on Boar who drops to the outside, Andrews tags in as Flash slingshots over the ropes and takes out Boar, then throws him back into the ring. Andrews hits a standing moonsault on Boar. Goers for the cover and gets a two count. Andrews is dominating Boar until Primate distracts him, leaving him open to a huge back body drop from Boar.

Primate tags in and goes to work on Andrews, raining down blows. Eddie Dennis shouts “MAKE THEM PAY!” Boar tags back in and continues the assault on a grounded Andrews. Andrews tries to fight back but Boar cuts him off. Boar has a handful of hair and tries to throw Andrews face first into the mat, but he rolls through and up to his feet, and delivers a chop to Boar, then goes after Primate. Boar recovers quickly and then hits Andrews with a Uranage Slam. Gets a two count. Boar keeps Andrews grounded and tags in Primate, Assisted Senton on Andrews, two count. Primate with a hard elbow, tag to Boar. Flash trying to get the tag, while Boar continues to torment Andrews. Andrews with a Monkey flip, but it ends up with them on the wrong sides. Andrews tries to get back to his corner, but Boar grabs his leg. Andrews with two hard chops and then enzuigiri to Boar. Boar staggers back to his corner and Primate tags in, making a beeline for Andrews. Primate stops the tag by grabbing Andrews leg, but he rolls through and stomps on Primate. Yes, that is as improbable as it sounds, but it happened.

Andrews gets the tag, Flash with a huge moonsault on Primate followed up by a dropkick to Boar in the corner. Flash is on fire, taking the fight to Primate. Dropkick to Primate on the apron, Flash goes to the apron, and runs the full length before hitting a hurricanrana on Boar, then a senton to Primate! Back in the ring, Boar tries a cheap shot, but Flash counters with a double underhook slam on to Primate, and then kicks Boar out. Andrews tags in and they hit a double team Sliced Bread on Primate. Shooting Star press into the pin from Andrews gets a two count. Flash tags in, it looks like they were going to set up another double team move, but Primate counters Andrews leap into a German Suplex while Boar holds onto Flash’s leg. Primate then with an overhead throw on Flash, before tagging in Boar. Boar with a pop up powerbomb then senton into the corner, two count from Boar!

Boar drags Flash up, tries a double underhook powerbomb but Flash escapes and delivers a hard headbutt. Both men tag in their partners, Andrews catches Primate with a stomp, Boar tries to intervene, but Andrews is wise to it and strikes first with several strikes. Boar whips him into the ropes, and Andrews hits a huge tilt-a-whirl DDT on both Boar and Primate! That was an amazing spot! Flash tags in and tandem dives to the outside on the Hunt! Andrews tags back in, Monkey Flip into a huge knee to the face of Primate by Flash! Cover by Andrews but Boar makes the save just before three after being thrown in by Eddie Dennis!

All four men are down. Boar and Flash to their feet first. Boar to the apron and flips Flash to the outside, then a huge clothesline to Andrews by Primate. Boar tags in and the Hunt savage Andrews! Massive power slam! Cover for the two count! Primate tags back in as they go for another double team move, but Flash, who is on the top rope, leaps over Primate and takes out Boar with a cross body!

Andrews, who was on Primate’s shoulders, escapes and pushes Primate forward, Primate tries a Pumphandle Slam variation but Andrews counters it into the Stundog Millionaire! Andrews to the top rope, Boar tries to intercept but initially gets a kick for his troubles! The referee tries to get Boar back to his corner, and that is all the distraction Eddie Dennis needed to dislodge Andrews form the top rope! Andrews hits the mat hard. Flash goes after Dennis but gets wiped out by Boar. Primate with a massive spear. Boar tags in, Primate with an AA into a Powerbomb by Boar and this one is over! Count to 50, Andrews is done!