Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Dynamite 9th December

P-but gives us the lowdown on last weeks AEW Dynamite

Real Rasslin Reviews: AEW Dynamite 9th December

Last weeks AEW left us with alot of excitement due to the Sting showing up and Omega winning the AEW Heavyweight Championship. Personally I'm excited to see where we go from here.

I am P-Nut from RealRasslin and this is my AEW review.

Match 1 - The Young Bucks vs The Hybrid 2

We start the show with The Young Bucks coming to the ring and a brawl between both teams members breaks out. The Young Bucks getting an early lead as they beat down TH2 with some minor moments of offence from TH2 on the apron. The Bucks double team Jack Evans in the ring and the match finally starts to resemble a tag match as Evans tags in Helico. 

Good high-flying action by Nick on Helico as he tags in Matt. Jack Evans gets a tag as he hits an incredible moonsault to the outside. Evans is thrown into the crowd and The Bucks use quick tags to double team Helico. Jack Evans returns but quickly finds himself on the receiving end of a doomsday device on the ramp as The Bucks hit a double super kick on Helico for a two count. 

Nick is isolated in a submission hold as Jack tries to keep Matt out the ring. Its short lived though as The Bucks hit Evans with a spike tombstone on the outside. The match winds to a conclusion following double superkicks and BTE Trigger on Helico for the three count.

Winners The Young Bucks

The acclaimed go for a post match beat down but its shut down by SCU.

Good opening match. I would have preferred TH2 to get the win to set up a future title match. The story between TH2, The Bucks, The Acclaimed and SCU continues. I imagine we are heading for an 8 man tag somewhere down the line featuring these teams.

Backstage Segment

We join MJF backstage. He seems unhappy to no longer have the Dynamite Diamond ring on his finger he used throughout the last year to win matches. He makes comments about how marks out there will be sad when he beat Orange Cassidy later in the night, finishing off with his trademark line "better than you and you know it"

Honestly I love MJF and I think he is currently the best heel in wrestling. I think he should keep the Dynamite Diamond ring because it has added to his character. I don't see what they would do with Orange Cassidy if he was to win here. With the additional backing of Inner Circle and Wardlow surely it makes the most sense at the moment to let MJF keep it.

Video Package 

We join Darby Allin in a pretaped video. He is sat at a table in a way to mimic the classic ink blot test. Every ink blot reminding him of his current opponents in Team Taz, specifically hyping the AEW TNT Championship.

Good package but I would rather see the TNT Champion actually on AEW's weekly show on TNT than these video packages and his just sat in the stands

Sting Segment 

We start with Cody Rhodes coming to the ring. It starts with Tony Schiavone asking Cody what he thought of Sting arriving last week but before he can answer the lights go out and Stings intro begins as he makes his way to the ring. 

Arn Anderson grabs the mic and gets close to Sting stating to see if this is real before leaving and going backstage. Sting stops Tony leaving, actually giving him a hug. He asks Tony to repeat his "its Sting" line from last week to a chorus of this is awesome. Now its Cody and Sting.

Cody thanks Sting for his help last week and says he's been looking forward to sharing the ring with The Stinger. Sting tells Cody he didn't come here for him but because it seems familiar motioning to Darby and the fans, but most of all TNT. Sting says the only thing for sure is nothings for sure except he's officially signed to AEW and he plans to be there for some time. He says how he plans to spend his time here in AEW is his buisness. The segment ends with him embracing Cody and saying "See you around kid"

They look like they are going to draw this out and build excitement. It's not surprising we didn't get much in the way of answers right here and time will tell what exactly his role is. I hope we get to see at least one Sting match in AEW but one thing I know for sure is it's a coup for AEW to have a legend involved like Sting. Hopefully as the situation unfolds it will continue to push AEW to new heights.

Backstage Segment 

We join Tazz talking about the "special moment" it is for Sting to be here. He reminds us of the beat down last week and how it was also a special moment to have the beat down his team delivered last week. It also looks like they have a new member to team Tazz in Hook.

I'll be honest it does make sense to have Hook in Tazz's stable. I'm liking the continuity from last week continuing here.

Match 2 - FTR vs Varsity Blondes

The match starts with Brian Pillman Jr. and Dash Wheeler. Some good suplexes on Pillman as FTR get some quick tags to isolate Pillman. Now the Varsity blondes respond in kind with some good double team moves. FTR are back on top again as we go to picture on picture. We return and it's been FTR all the way with some abdominal stretches and quick tags isolating Pillman in their corner. Pillman starts to build momentum as he gets the hot tag to Garrison who takes down FTR with a double spear for a 2 count. Pillman gets the blind tag as Garrison falls to the outside but FTR hits the Shatter Machine on him and its over. 

Winner - FTR

Bit of a quick post match stare down with jurassic express in the crowd. A quick push from FTR brings the thing to a close.

I liked what I saw here from Varsity Blondes. Obviously FTR continue to keep their number one contenders spot and almost unblemished record. I look forward to seeing more from Varsity Blondes. I don't really like FTR compared to some other high flying and more exciting teams. They are alot slower and more methodical but that's just my opinion. FTR are a good team and are well liked but to me they feel out of place in AEW's tag team division.

Backstage Segment 

We join Tony Schiavone interviewing Adam Page in a bar. Page with a drink in his hand as we so often see these days. We are told next week Page will be involved in a 6 man tag against Matt Hardy and Private Party. Schiavone points out Page doesn't have partners yet but from behind the bar two men from the Dark Order appear. Page says it's not you two, to a retort of who else is it going to be? Page reluctantly accepts and the two Dark Order members are set to join him next week.

Page is better off as far away from the Dark Order as possible. It was a good idea but it's been poorly utilised and I feel Colt Cabana has already suffered from being involved but that's just my opinion.

Match 3 - Dark Order's 10 vs Dustin Rhodes

Dustin comes to the ring with the nightmare families newest member Lee Johnson. A good move for Johnson and it will be interesting to see how it goes for him.

The match starts with a quick lock up and Dustin quickly gains the advantage attacking 10 in the corner and throwing him to the outside and off the guard rail. 10 gets the action back into the ring and hits a Spinebuster. After a kick to Dustin they are back on the outside. As Dustin rolls in the ring and 10 hits a member of the wrestler audience. 

Dustin back on top in the ring as he hits 10 and hits a quick slam to finish the match.

Winner - Dustin Rhodes

Dark Order are back out after the match ordering the music to be cut. They state they arent here to fight. They pay homage to Dustin's career saying he is the third most important Rhodes family member and offer him the number seven spot in the Dark Order. Dustin pretends to hold his hand out for the shake but slaps member 1 in the face. 

Short match. Dark Order still trying to recruit members to their cult. As I said before it's better if stars distance themselves from the Dark Order. The whole thing is tanking.

Backstage Interview 

We join Tony Schiavone, Shaquille O'Neal and Brandi Rhodes. Shaq says he was watching his partner Jay hoping to see good things. He says he didn't appreciate what she did to Brandi's arm. Brandi responds she didn't appreciate it either. It hurts. We can see her arm still in a sling. She says she feels she didn't deserve it. It looks like they are trying to clear the air. Shaq seems to show remorse for his words on Twitter towards Cody, saying he was just messing around. Shaq says he's looking forward to seeing Jay vs Brandi in the ring and he will be there. Brandi shakes his hand and goes to leave but Shaq quickly says "Brandi, while your arms in the sling I think you should watch Jay and get some pointers from her" Brandi laughs hoping its a joke. Shaq says it isnt leading to Brandi throwing her drink over him, calling him an arsehole and walking away.

Nice to see them continuing the feud. Shaq being involved with AEW has been overshadowed slightly by the return of Sting but it's huge too in it's own right. Hoping this is going to go somewhere good. My thoughts are at a PPV we could see a tag match. Cody & Brandi vs Shaq and Jay. Personally that could be the kind of crossover we have come to expect from certain other big PPV's in another company. 

Inner Circle Ultimatum Segment

Jericho comes to the ring to Judas and his entourage of the Inner Circle come out with him, perhaps for the last time. The fans singing along as they often do. 

Jericho reminds us this could be the last time you see the Inner Circle as it's not going how he had hoped due to the infighting. MJF speaks next saying he loves every member of the Inner Circle but maybe he himself is the issue because fans online are speculating he's their to take over or split it up. He says he joined not to do those things but because he loves the group. He then addresses Sammy who immediately gets in his face. Jericho calms it back down reminding MJF it was him with the towel not Sammy. Ortiz gets on the mic saying MJF and Wardlow are assets and MJF is growing on him "like a fungus" and asks Sammy to shake MJF's hand. 

With MJF's hand extended Sammy agrees but says to MJF one more thing and he will quit the Inner Circle for good. They shake and seemingly put their issues in the past. Jericho now happy says he's glad everyone is on the same page until Hager speaks up and asks why Wardlow keeps staring at him angering Wardlow. Jericho trying to play peacemaker he suggests the staring stops, to which both agree. 

MJF starts hyping his match later but Jericho brings it back and with a united middle finger salute they agree to keep the Inner Circle going.

Im a little disappointed. There's a part of me that wants the Inner Circle to implode in on itself because it would be brilliant to see these guys all go at it. I still think it's on the horizon and I very much doubt everything is going to be roses and buttercups going forward. I hope Sammy and MJF benefit from a feud down the line. I would love to see that.

Backstage Interview 

We join FTR with Tully Blanchard being interviewed backstage. Cash tries to take responsibility for them no longer having the titles but Tully reminds him he can't take all the responsibility as Tully wasn't there. They put down Jungle boy quickly and continue their moniker of best tag team in wrestling.

They are obviously building to a match with Jurassic Express. I would like to see FTR lose which theoretically could give Jurassic Express a title match. FTR have already been champions and it's nice to see multiple teams get opportunities. It's extremely unlikely and Bucks vs FTR in a rematch is almost certain to happen. 

Match 4 - Eddie Kingston, Butcher and The Blade vs The Lucha Bros and Lance Archer

Chaos ensues as all the members from both teams brawl on the outside before the bell even rings. Pentagon is put through a table by Butcher as the bell sounds and we start the match officially with Archer and Kingston.

Officials are tending to Pentagon giving Kingston's team a man advantage. Fenix is beaten down by Kingston's team isolating him from Archer as they quick tag each other in and out. Eventually Fenix fights back hitting a cutter on Kingston and tagging in Archer. His offence is shut down quickly and Fenix is knocked off the apron as they now isolate Archer. It's been all team Kingston as they benefit from the man advantage.

Fenix gets the hot tag after a distraction from Jake 'the snake' Roberts. The match ends with a double team move from Butcher and Blade on Fenix.

Winner Eddie Kingston, Butcher and Blade.

Archer is back in the ring for a post match beatdown and team Kingston quickly escape the ring for a stare down.

The match was clever in that they took Penta out for a man advantage but it wasnt particularly good or exciting.

Match 5 - Abadon vs Tesha Price

The match starts and its all Abadon. She is extremely creepy in her offence and Tesha looks genuinely scared of her. The match is incredibly short ending with a Widows Peak.

Winner - Abadon

Hikaru Shida quickly comes out with a kendo stick to stop a post match beat down and helping Tesha to the back. 

Backstage Interview 

We join Jericho and some members of the Inner Circle. We are reminded they have agreed to continue working together. Jericho says they are all on the same page and will be ringside for the MJF vs Cassidy match later.

Kenny Omega Segment

Kenny Omega comes in by Helicopter as Tony Schiavone stands in the ring. Don Callis climbs out too as he blows off an interviewer outside as he heads to the ring. 

Tony doesn't waste time asking immediately about the "gentleman's agreement" and his relationship with Don. He is disgusted about what happened last week and doesn't mince his words. Don mocks him for being upset saying he's just like everyone else because the fans and Tony Khan are upset. Don even going so far as to say it's the biggest screwjob since Montreal. Don reminds us Omega was on Impact and says he's been watching and working  Omega this whole time. Even going so far as to take credit for AEW even existing. 

Omega grabs the mic and mocks Tony Khan saying he's waited, plotted and planned to pull off this whole thing. He puts over the title as the most prestigious in the world and says we all fell for this plot of theirs. He says Moxley is the real deal and shows his black eye but nobody kicks out of the One Winged Angel. The say goodbye and goodnight and leave the ring ending the segment.

I think Kenny is an ok wrestler but I don't see what everyone else seems to. I don't think he's the best wrestler in the world and what should make me hate him with this heel turn only furthers my opinion that he is somewhat over rated

Main Event - Dynamite Diamond Ring Match - MJF vs Orange Cassidy.

The best heel in wrestling MJF comes to the ring with the Inner Circle. Orange Cassidy comes out accompanied by Best Friends. Cassidy has support but it's by no means equal.

The match starts with MJF quickly gaining the upper hand and beating Cassidy down in the corner with some quick stomps, before breaking the sunglasses of Cassidy. MJF carries on his vicious attack choking Cassidy with his own shirt. 

MJF ducks the orange punch on the apron and gets in the ring. Cassidy sells the hand hitting the metal turnbuckle as MJF hits a powerbomb on the outside. Both competitors are back in the ring but MJF is shutting down any offence Cassidy tries quickly. Distracting the ref as Cassidy is thrown to the outside and Inner Circle beat on him. 

Back in the ring now we go to a double feature MJF still on top and taunting Cassidy at every opportunity. Other members of the locker room join Best Friends on the ramp, evening Cassidy's support up a bit. 

Cassidy gets a free shot in at MJF's request and the momentum finally shifts in his favour. Cassidy getting in his trademark fast paced offence before MJF shuts it down hitting a Powerbomb and a Tiger Driver. 

MJF grabs a baseball bat after his attempted cover with his feet on the middle ropes is broken up by Cassidy's supporters and pays homage to Eddie Gurrero, throwing the bat to Cassidy an lying down but now Cassidy is down with MJF holding the bat. The ref disarms MJF throwing away the bat. Cassidy hits a great Orange punch for a two count, And quickly hits another but Wardlow puts MJFs foot on the bottom rope and the support of Cassidy has seen enough now brawling with the Inner Circle as Miro hits the ring. He hit Cassidy laughing with Kip on the ramp. MJF gets the three and its over.

Winner - MJF

The aftermath is crazy everyone brawling before the officials break it up. Miro goes crazy and throws an unnamed man off the stage. Miro stands tall as the show goes off air. MJF saying he won clean.

I have no words on how to describe that match other than complete clusterfuck. I enjoyed the match. Im glad MJF won but it was total and complete chaos.

The show on the whole was ok. Another episode of Dynamite is in the history books. Omega will probably be on Impact to develop that story. We still don't really know Sting's role and the Inner Circle continues to dominant much of the show.

What did you think of Dynamite?

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