Real Rasslin Fans Group Predictions League Table

Real Rasslin Fans Group Predictions League Table
Position Name PPV's Points Bonus Points Total
1 Adan Lawrence
2 Allen Logue
3 Alan Morgan
4 Andy Byrne
5 Ben Simpson-Aram
6 Billy Fehrman
7 Carl Dominey
8 Ciaran Logue
9 Daniel Bennett
10 Dan Harris
11 Dalton Gearing
12 David Scott
13 Edward Ziubrzynski
14 Hannah Wade
15 Haydn McDowall
16 James Stewart
17 James Monaghan
18 Jamie-Leigh Perkins
19 Jeff Kelly
20 Josh Perkins
21 Joseph Helliwell
22 Kate Surridge
23 Kyle Nester
24 Marcus Archer
25 Phil Hughes
26 Rosie Sue
27 Samantha Gearing
28 Simon Hill
29 Stephen Strmrprty Hawkins
30 Stephen Crush Kershaw
31 Toby Hoelmer


1 - Only WWE, NXT (not NXTUK) & AEW PPV's count towards the Predictions League unless otherwise stated.
2 - Each person must predict the outcome of all announced matches on the card. Any matches announced after the podcast recording will not count.
3 - Once a prediction is made, it cannot be changed.
4 - 1 point is awarded for a correct prediction, and a bonus point is awarded if you predict a entire PPV correctly.
5 - Each person may predict one bonus event which if it happens is worth a bonus point. i.e. Money In The Bank cash in etc.
6 - In the event of a tie, alphabetical order will determine the higher position, unless someone has a higher amount of bonus points. In that instance, the person with the higher amount of Bonus points takes the higher position in the league table.
7 - At the end of the season, If a tie still occurs, a 60-second lightning round of general knowledge wrestling questions will take place to determine a winner.
8 - The league runs from the first PPV after Wrestlemania to the following Wrestlemania.
9 - Whoever wins the league will win a custom Real Rasslin Championship belt.
10 - The complete match card will be released at the earliest point possible prior to the PPV, any bonus points that are allocated will be notified on this.