Raw Was Good! 01-23-2023

Raw Was Good! 01-23-2023

By Jon Schaefer

This week on Raw, WWE celebrated the Monday night show's 30th anniversary with a bang! (Yes, Diamond Dallas Page was there.) Tonight's show was a dedication to the past while providing a platform for the future. Here are the highlights of WWE's 30th anniversary. 


  • HULK HOGAN - Hulkamania ran wild on Raw as the aging Hulkster started the show with a few "brothers" into a broken microphone
  • APA - The APA is still fun, with their door that leads to a card game. There were a few upgrades to the office. 
  • The Undertaker - Taker came out as the American Bad Ass gimick to mixed reviews from the crowd. A face off between The Dead Man and Bray Wyatt led to "Holy Shit!" chants, and nothing else.
  • DX - At first I thought Tony Kahn had provided Vince with night with the Ass Man. But a closer look let us know that Kurt Angle always wanted to join DX.
  • Teddy Long - HE DIDN'T SAY "YOU'RE GOING ON ONE ONE WITH THE UNDERTAKER!" We didn't need a match, it could have been a joke. Missed opportunity, the guy was standing right there.


Sami Zayn was put on trial by the Wise Man, Paul Heyman. Heyman provided a video package of Sami not being so Usy, running away from danger and afraid to help his "family" in uncertain times. Unexpectedly, Jey came to Sami's defence with his own video package of Sami's good deeds (mostly cheating to win matches for The Bloodline.) Later on Sami replaced an "injured" Jimmy Uso to defend the tag titles, a match the Honorary Uso won. 


Speaking of legends, Brock Lesnar made his way to the ring ruining Bobby Lashley's hopes of becoming the Unites States Champion once again. This return sets up a long term fued between the two former MMA monsters. Will they battle at the Royal Rumble? What will Lesnar's availability be for the road to Wrestlemania? Will they face off in the Royal Rumble? Who is Eric Cartman's father? 

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