RAW Round-Up 9th August 2021

Adam's back as young JP is away still, with his take on this weeks Monday Night Raw!

RAW Round-Up 9th August 2021

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, children of all ages, D-Generation X proudly bring to you their tag team champ.........shit sorry, its Adam again guys, not the New Age Outlaws. Young JP is still M.I.A, so again I'm here to bring you my take on this weeks episode of Monday Night RAW! Now grab yourself a brew and a biscuit, sit back, and lets get started.  


So we open the episode this week with Randy Ortons music playing, and the WWE universe going absolutely wild. Out comes Randy, this is the first time he’s been seen in 7 weeks, and you can clearly tell how excited he is to be back, especially in front of a live crowd again.  

He starts off with the traditional ‘Welcome to Monday night RAW’. Just after, Riddle’s music hit and he comes down to the ring on his scooter as usual (does he always look stoned, or is it just me?) and slides into the ring, kicking his flip-flops off.  He grabs a microphone and starts off by saying he missed Randy so much. Then onto asking ‘bro where did you go?’ was he hiding like a big girthy anaconda, or did he go on vacation? (Or holiday, as us brits know it) 

He goes on to say how happy he is to see Randy back, and starts telling a story about how his step-dad went for milk and never came back.  But now Randy is back, they can team again, they can be RK-BRO again.  Randy responds by asking Riddle what makes him think that he would want to team with Riddle again, they had a few matches, made a few shirts, both got a buzz.....on social media, but lets get real. He tells Riddle he works better by himself, and for the past few weeks that Riddle had been getting on by himself just fine, without the help of Orton. Just as Randy starts saying they WERE a good team, AJ Styles music hits and out come AJ and Omos. Styles starts off by ripping into both Orton and Riddle and mocking the whole ‘Bro’ angle. What did Riddle think, this is Randy Orton, all he does is use and abuse people. He goes on to say to Riddle that after Omos snapped his scooter last week, he never thought that the thing that hurt him the most would be a broken heart by Randy, well done Randy.  

Randy interrupts AJ, and starts saying he’s been watching him from home run his mouth for weeks, and the only bigger jackass than him is that jackass right there whilst pointing at Omos. AJ doesn’t take too kindly to this, and challenges Randy to a match tonight. Randy accepts his challenge and says he’ll give AJ a spoiler with how he’s going to win, with an RKO. As he says ‘O’ he goes to hit an RKO on Styles but he swiftly dodges it and runs out the ring. Omos checks on AJ, but Randy is stalking Omos looking for an RKO on the behemoth.  Randy attempts an RKO on Omos, but gets powered away and rolls out of the ring. Whilst Omos is staring at Orton outside the ring, Riddle is behind Omos, looking to hit an RKO on him.  Needless to say, that didn’t end well and Omos hits a massive chokeslam on Riddle who then rolls outside the ring to the side of Randy. Randy just looks down to Riddle on the floor and just says ‘Well that wasn’t a smart move, was it?’ and they both head back up the ramp. 


We then cut to a video package reminder (Here we go again, how many tonight?) of Jinder Mahal, Shanky and Veer, attempting to beat down Drew McIntyre with steel chairs, but Drew one upping them and attacking with his sword, Angela.  

This leads to backstage where we see Baron Corbin (Wait a minute, isn't he on Smackdown?) where he says he is here to challenge Drew to a match, because Jinder will help him financially if he does (I absolutely HATE this story line, but I'm not going to take forever explaining why) This then leads on to Match one of the night, Baron Corbin Vs Drew McIntyre. Honestly here, I'm not even going to waste your time reviewing this match. It was absolutely shocking, was just Drew controlling all the time, as you’d expect.  

The only good part about this match was the ending. Towards the end of the match, Drew grabs a microphone and starts saying to Corbin that he feels bad for him, and asks how much he’d need to get him on his feet for a few days. Corbin replies one hundred thousand dollars where Drew just laughs. Why not two hundred, why not three hundred? Which leads to a 3,2,1 countdown into a claymore kick for the pinfall victory.  

After the match finishes, Jinder Mahal and his cronies head to the ramp and look to head down to the ring, obviously ready to attack McIntyre. This time Drew is ready for them, and pulls Angela from behind a ring post, leaving Jinder, Shanky and Veer to back off and head backstage. 

Next, we head backstage to see Riddle and Randy Orton in a backstage segment. Riddle is pleading to Randy about still being friends, even if he doesn’t want to be tag partners anymore, also asking if he can be ringside for Randy’s match against AJ later on. Randy just looks at Riddle and says ‘Don't call me bro’ and walks away.  


Onto match 2 we go, and we have the charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy vs the NXT Champion Karrion Kross.  Jeff Hardy comes down to ‘No More Words’ which I wouldn’t usually say, as I think everyone knows that by now, but I had to add it in as I absolutely LOVE this and still gives me goosebumps because of the nostalgia. The match gets underway, Kross goes straight in for a running elbow, which Hardy ducks, throws a couple of punches and runs to the rope, to which Kross retaliates with abig boot to the face. Kross starts to show his size and power over Hardy and takes control of him. Hardy tries to rally, but again, Kross shows his size and power over Hardy and throws him out of the ring. Kross follows Hardy out of the ring and attempts to throw Hardy into the ring steps. Hardy counters this and throws Kross into the steps himself, and follows up with a ‘Poetry in motion’ off the steps onto Kross who's leaning against the barricade.  

We head back into the ring now, where Hardy now seems to be in control. He hits a side russian leg sweep to Kross and heads to the top rope. Kross jumps up and swipes Hardy’s legs from underneath him (Bet you didn’t see that coming did you?) causing Hardy to crash down to the mat and cut to commercial break. Back from break now, and we see both superstars throwing punches at each other, leading Jeff into hitting a DDT. Kross tries to come back from this, but Hardy hits a right hand, followed by an inverted atomic drop in to Hardy’s signature leg drop between the legs. (Traditional Jeff Hardy right here, I LOVE it) Hardy goes for the cover but Kross kicks out at 2.  

Karrion Kross tries to rally from this again, but gets floored to the mat by Jeff, followed up by a splash and another cover. Again, Kross kicks out at 2.  Yet again Kross tries to come back from this, but Hardy hits a jawbreaker on him and goes for the roll up cover using Kross’ shorts as leverage, and again Kross kicks out at 2. Kross confirms the kick out at 2 with the referee, as Kross turns around, Hardy attempts a twist of fate, which Kross managed to avoid by throwing Hardy into the corner. Jeff goes to the top after a swift back elbow to Kross, where Kross follows him up to hit a powerful Suplex after pulling him down, before locking Kross Jackets, where Hardy taps out. Victory goes to Karrion Kross. 

After the match finishes, Kross goes and attacks Hardy, hits another Suplex and locks in Kross Jacket again. The crowd really didn’t like this, with deafening ‘You Suck’ chants following. 

This match was honestly amazing in my opinion. Definitely a main event calibre match, but what would you expect out of these 2 guys? 

Next we see a video package review of Alexa Bliss, Doudrop and Eva Marie, with what happened during last weeks episode of RAW. 


Next we have match 3 on the card – Alexa Bliss Vs Doudrop.  Alexa come down to the ring, bringing Lily with her, and places her on the top rope to ‘watch’ the match. Now, that’s about the most interesting thing that happened for a while, because again this match was absolutely appalling. Which I HATE because I absolutely love Alexa Bliss in this gimmick.   

The match starts with a few punches and kicks from Bliss, but Doudrop shoves Alexa to the mat. Alexa then goes into her ‘exorcist’ looking crawl and starts crawling towards Doudrop, eventually standing up. Bliss runs at Doudrop, goes for a sleeper which Doudrop counters by throwing Bliss on the mat. Doudrop goes for a senton which Bliss moves out the way of, Kicks Doudrop in the chest and goes for a cover, Doudrop kicks out at 1.  

Doudrop throws Alexa towards the ropes, where Alexa grabs onto them like a spider, and proceeds to launch off the ropes and hits a cross-body into a cover, where Doudrop kicks out at 1 again. Alexa goes out of the ring and starts stalking Eva Marie. Eva Marie attempts a slap to Alexa Bliss which gets blocked by Bliss. Doudrop then hits Bliss from behind, and throws her into the barricade before rolling her back into the ring. Doudrop is getting the best of Alexa in the ring, and goes to taunt Lily. She looks back at Bliss who is back in the ‘Exorcist’ position on the mat, looking at Lily. Doudrop looks back towards Lily who ‘winks’ (This was absolutley shocking CGI by WWE here, like, my 7 year old daughter could have done a better job) and she freaks out, allowing Alexa Bliss to get a pinfall victory via a Roll-up. 

Another terrible match here. I absolutely love Bliss and this gimmick she's got going at the minute and she's a really talented performer, but my God they really need to use her properly instead of like this.  

Another video package review (Bored of these now ZZZZZZzzzzzzz) reminding us about what occurred between Damien Priest, The Miz and John Morrison last week, leading into the tag match. 


Moving on now to match 4 of the night and we have Sheamus Vs Ricochet in a United States title contenders match. (Does anyone know what the hell these matches are??) Now this match could be interesting, as its renewing a rivalry between the 2 superstars from Wrestlemania Backlash. 

The match starts with Sheamus pushing Ricochet into the corner from a tie up position. Ricochet tries getting out of the corner throwing some punches, but Sheamus overpowers Ricochet and takes him down to the mat. Ricochet tries to come back from this offence, but Sheamus hit him to the mat with a shoulder barge. There is a bit of back and forth between the 2 superstars, before Ricochet manages to hit a hurracarana on the U.S Champion, following it up with a drop kick. Sheamus uses this time to roll out of the ring, taking the full 10 count nearly to recuperate before getting back into the ring. 

Sheamus starts throwing various blows to the body of Ricochet before taking him down to the mat with an arm bar of sorts. Ricochet tries to rally from this with some blows to the stomach of Sheamus which leads him in the corner, but Sheamus overpowers the much smaller Ricochet with a body slam. Sheamus lands a massive punch to the stomach of Ricochet making him stumble back to the ropes, where he attempts to go for a brogue kick. Ricochet counters this by pulling down the top rope leading Sheamus to end up outside, following it up with a running dropkick through the ropes making Sheamus crash into the front of the announcer's table. Ricochet takes this time to have a breather..........of course he doesn’t, don’t be daft, that would be sensible. He hits a cross-body on Sheamus from the top rope which leads both superstars over the announcer's table, annndddd Cut to break. (ALWAYS when it gets good dammit)  

We're back from the break now to find Sheamus is back in charge of Ricochet. Ricochet tries to come back from being controlled by the much larger Sheamus, but Sheamus doesn’t allow this and hit Ricochet with a backbreaker.  Each superstar starts trading blows and various moves back and forth before Sheamus gets thrown outside the ring onto the apron. Ricochet throws a punch but ends up hitting Sheamus’ steel protective mask (I'm sure I've seen this before somewhere). Sheamus heads to the top rope, but Ricochet gets an overhead kick in on Sheamus which stuns him. Ricochet hits a hurricanrana off the top rope, followed by a springboard elbow and a springboard moonsault into a cover. Sheamus kicks out at 2.  

Ricochet gets Sheamus onto his shoulders, but Sheamus manages to get off and pushes Ricochet into the corner. Sheamus runs at Ricochet in the corner, but Ricochet drops him down with a kick to the knee. He goes for a jumping headbutt, but ends up hitting Sheamus in the mask again, allowing Sheamus to hit a brogue kick and get a pinfall victory. 

Best match so far to me, quality match, but I don’t like the whole medical mask angle causing a loss. Would rather it had been a clean loss. 

After the match, Damien Priest’s music hits. He comes down to the ring and gets in Sheamus’ face. Sheamus backs away and as Priest turns his back, Sheamus goes for a cheap shot, which Priest counters by thowing him over the top rope. Sheamus scuttles back backstage with his tail between his legs, just as.......Cue Jonny Drip Drip’s Match (Another awful gimmick. I mean, who the hell comes up with these?) 


Match 5 about to get underway. Damien Priest Vs John Morrison. The match starts, and Priest straight away takes Morrison down to the mat. Morrison tries to counter with a knee strike, but Damien Priest throws Morrison into the corner and starts throwing right hands at him, with the last blow taking Morrison down to the mat. Johnny Drip Drip tries to escape the ring, but Priest grabs hold of his belt to stop the escape and drag him back. However, Morrison manages to hit an overhead kick following up with a sliding knee strike into the cover. Priest kicks out at 1. 

Now unfortunately, this is where the match gets a bit boring, so I'm not going into a lot of detail here. It's just a lot of basic back and forth between both superstars, nothing spectacular or stand out. Towards the end of the match, Priest gets Morrison in position for the reckoning, but Miz squirts him with a drip stick. Priest is unphased by this and continues with the move and gets a pinfall victory over Americas Moist Wanted.  

After the match, Priest gets out of the ring and goes to corner The Miz towards the ring steps. Morrison tries a cheap shot from behind, but gets floored with a massive right hand, followed up by being squirted with 3 of his own Drip sticks. Priest gets right up in Miz’s face and starts talking trash. Miz pushes Priest away and stands up to his feet out of his wheelchair. Priest doesn’t seem shocked buy this and goes to chase The Miz, who swiftly sprints backstage. 

An ok match I guess, nothing special, something to me that just set up feuds going forward and to get Miz out of his stupid Wheelchair. (MIZ, DO A WHEELIE!!!) 

After the match, Damien Priest heads back into the ring with a microphone in hand.  He starts cutting a promo about Sheamus, but before he gets too far in to it, Sheamus comes out and tells him to say it to his face if he has something to say. Priest says Sheamus is nothing but a big bully to his opponents, and that he’ll deal with him, in the same way he’s dealt with other bullies in the past. This leads on to Priest challenging Sheamus for a U.S title shot at Summerslam. Sheamus responds but saying he doesn’t care what Priest or the crowd thinks of him, he accepts Priest’s challenge. Morrison AGAIN tries a sneak attack from behind to Priest (has he not learnt by now?) but he gets a brogue kick to the face and knocked out. Priest picks up the mic again and say to Sheamus, that’s going to be him at Summerslam. 


Match 6 gets underway and........errmmmmmmm, well........ BORING!!! Its T-Bar Vs Mustafa Ali and this match was sooooo bad that im not even going to review it for you gys as its not worth the time for you. All I'll say is, T-Bar gets the win. Yeah, pointless match. If you watch RAW back, just skip it, honestly. 

Here we go backstage. We have the current 24/7 Champion (get rid of this belt and bring back the hardcore belt if you want something with that rule. This belt fucking sucks) Reginald in the middle of a photoshoot. Along comes Akira Tozawa  disguised and pretending to be a mail man. (These disguises are the only good thing about the 24/7 Championship, makes for some funny segments) Akira throws some parcels at Reginald and goes for the cover, but in comes R-Truth to break it up, and obviously he is disguised as a janitor. Reginald runs away dodging both R-Truth and Akira, Truth goes to hit Reggie with a large dustpan but he dodges out the way with a backflip (What's with the backflips from this guy?) runs and climbs on top of some equipment containers out of the way, before yet ANOTHER backflip off the top out the way of the other 2 superstars before making his escape out of a fire exit. Will Truth ever get his baby back? 

We then go to another backstage segment, with AJ Styles & Omos being interviewed by Kevin Patrick (who the hell even is this guy??) He starts by asking AJ about his reaction to the return of Randy Orton. Styles replies with he is so glad he's back with obvious sarcasm in his face. He goes on to say he doesn’t care that Randy is back, or that he broke up their little tag team, or if he's better off working alone. What he does care about, is that if Randy thinks he can walk back in after 7 weeks off and be right back at the top of the mountain, Hes wrong. AJ goes on to say that Randy had made a big mistake, and just like Omos snapped Riddle’s scooter last week, they’ll have to break Randy aswell. 

Next up, we head back into the ring for a promo by MVP and Lashley (notice how much filler there is, I know it’s a 3 hour show but Jesus). This is a promo I'm not even going to review. it was an obvious promo to get heat on Lashley for his match with Oldberg, sorry, Goldberg at Summerslam.  

The basic concept of it was just the 2 of them explaining and bitching about what happened last week with Goldberg, and ends with Lashley saying down the camera to Goldberg, don’t let his son watch Summerslam. 

We go again backstage after ANOTHER video reminder of Nikki A.S.H winning the RAW Women's Championship, to Rhea Ripley getting interviewed by Megan Morant. Megan starts off by asking Rhea that after seeing Nikki A.S.H beating Charlotte Flair in a no holds barred match last week, is she confident going into her match tonight with Nikki? Rhea replies by saying she has to give it to Nikki, she held her own in the match last week, shes been handling herself well as champion, but Almost a SuperHero just isnt good enough to stay champion.  


We come back from a commercial break now to Rhea Ripley making her way down to the ring. During this we get on screen showing that Titus O’Neil had given away 30,000 backpacks stuffed full of school supplies. (This is why this guy is great) Down comes Nikki A.S.H with her mid-section all taped up, clearly suffering from the no holds barred match with Charlotte last week. The match gets underway, and straight off the bat, Rhea Ripley shows off her strength and size she has over Nikki, by powering her down to the mat. Nikki manages to go for a roll up, but Rhea kicks out at 1. 

Nikki A.S.H gets Rhea into a headlock and doesn’t seem to want to let go. Ripley tries to power out of it, but Nikki refuses to let go and takes Rhea down to the mat. Rhea gives Nikki a hard elbow to the taped up mid-section of Nikki, and slams her down to the mat. Rhea takes control of the match, showing off her size and power over the much smaller Nikki A.S.H. The match heads outside and then goes to a commercial break (did you see that a mile away like I did?) 

Back we come from the break, and Rhea is in control over Nikki. The almost superhero manages to rally and spikes a DDT on Ripley, then manages a hurricanrana into the corner followed up by a shoulder barge and goes for the cover where Rhea kicks out at 2. Ripley attempts to go for the riptide, but Nikki counters into some form of cross-body and a cover, where again Rhea kicks out at 2.  Rhea manages to get control of the match and gets NIkki into the corner and starts throwing punches at her, then puts her on the top rope. Rhea goes for what looks to be a superplex  but Nikki manages to punch Rhea down, and looks to go for her cross-body, but out of nowhere, Charlotte Flair pushes NIkki A.S.H off the top rope causing a disqualification. (That sucks because this was actually a REALLY good match) 

Charlotte follows both females into the ring and hits a big boot on Rhea, taking her to the mat. She then gets Nikki off the mat and hits a Suplex on her, then goes on to hit a natural selection on Rhea before it cuts to commercial break. (Again) 

I thought this match was absolutely great, and I hate it when good matches are spoiled by interruptions. I get it's for the storyline, but I genuinely hate it for good matches. 

Once we’re back from the millionth commercial break, we end up having a very strange and unique video featuring Elias and his guitar. He’s stood on from of a fire, holding his guitar. He looks at it, and gets flashbacks of all the people who have hit him over the back with it.  He gives his guitar a quick strum and proceeds to throw it into the fire.  A voiceover comes on by Elias, stating WWE stood for Walk with Elias. Elias is dead, before walking away from the fire. Could this be a possible rebranding of him? I honestly hope so as I think it's getting a bit old and he's not doing anything in the company as it stands.  

Backstage we head again to Charlotte Flair walking down a corridor and Megan Morant catching her, asking if she can shed some light on why she would attack Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. Charlotte goes on to say that she saw a strategic opportunity to rub salt in their wounds. She's not taking any chances of not being able to reclaim her title back from Nikki at Summerslam.  


The main event is here as both AJ Styles and Randy Orton make their way down to the ring. The match gets underway with both superstars throwing punches at each other. Randy throws AJ into the corners and hitting some punches. AJ comes back with a kick to the lower body and some chops to the chest of Orton. Randy throws AJ into the ropes and on the bounce back he slides underneath Randy’s legs, but Randy comes back at him with a strong uppercut, stunning Styles.   

Randy throws AJ onto the top rope hanging him up and taking him to the ring apron.  As AJ rolls back into the ring, Randy goes for the classic stomp on all the joints to AJ and pushes AJ out of the ring. He follows AJ out the ring and slams his head onto the announcers table in front of Omos. He tries to go for the backdrop onto the table but get distracted by Omos. Off the distraction, AJ goes for an Irish whip on Randy, who counters it into one of his own, launching Styles into the ring apron. Once again Randy finds himself getting distracted by Omos, letting AJ get a baseball slide kick onto him. AJ pulls himself over the top rope and gets a flying elbow hit on Randy before we go to a commercial break............(I'm over these now, especially during the main event). 

Back from the break, and Styles is in control of the match and Orton is trying to rally, but failing. AJ hits a running elbow and goes for the cover, Randy manages to kick out at 2. AJ is still all in control of the match, but Randy goes and pulls AJ’s hair, following it up with a headbutt. Each superstar starts trading blows with each other before Orton hits his Quick powerslam on Styles (the speed on this was insane, like seriously, how AJ didn’t get some form of whiplash I don’t know) and goes for the cover. AJ kicks out at 2. Up from the mat, AJ tries to come back and take control with a powerful kick to the mid-section, but Orton gets his own backbreaker in and goes for the cover again. Again Styles kicks out at 2. 

Randy takes AJ to the top rope and follows him up to the top rope himself. AJ slides through Orton’s legs, pulls him down to the mat and rolls him up into a calf crusher. Randy gets the break and AJ heads outside to go for the phenomenal forearm. Randy moves out of the way of it and clotheslines AJ on the ring apron. Orton goes for his patented DDT on the ropes and hits it hard, but Omos pulls AJ to the corner to avoid Orton going to the cover. Orotn and Omos start trash talking each other which allows AJ to hit a kick to the head. Out of nowhere Riddle runs through the crowd and pushes Omos into the ring post and gets the bromission locked in. Omos runs back into the opposite ring post to break the hold. Aj tries to go for a phenomenal forearm, and as he's midair.......RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!!!!!!!!! I love it when these happen. Randy covers Styles for the pinfall victory. What a match 

This match was great. It could have been a bit better, but certainly a main event calibre match with 2 of the companies' top talents. 

The match has ended, and Riddle makes his way into the ring to try to celebrate with Randy. Randy starts shouting at Riddle ‘I told you to stay in the back’. Riddle tries going for a hug, begging and pleading with Randy. They finally hug it out and the crowd loves it. Randy has had enough of the hug and pushes Riddle away. Riddle starts raising Randy's arms in victory, and again OUTTA NOWHERE Randy hits an RKO on Riddle! So, are they back together, or not? Time will tell. 

That’s it for this review guys and gals. Thanks for joining me on these 2 reviews as my first ones ever. Please let me know if you've enjoyed this style of review. Thanks again for joining me and I'll see you again soon!