Raw Round-Up 20th September

Another week, another Raw. Finally, a good show!!! What a main event, might as well click now to see what happened!

Raw Round-Up 20th September

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! It’s JP here back with another Raw review. For once we had a decent show, but it’s a shame the only reason it was good was because WWE woke up and decided they didn’t fancy bothering with the brand split for a night. We have a packed show to get through, so let’s go!


The New Day kicked off the last Raw before Extreme Rules, accompanied by ‘you deserve it’ chants directed at Big E. The new champ thanked them before he got serious and called out the Bloodline. 

Roman and his cousins joined them in the ring, accompanied by Paul Heyman, before we headed for the six man tag team match.

Kicking off Raw with a match we haven’t seen before? It’s literally unheard of! Jimmy and Kofi kicked us off, and Kingston hit an early dropkick before getting a near fall. He hit a splash on the ropes before tagging in the porn maestro XXXavier Woods.

He immediately tagged in Big E for the double team. Jey finally got in, only to be hit with a double team courtesy of Kofi and Woods. Roman managed to finally turn the tide as he tossed Kofi over the announcer’s desk. Roman continued to absolutely destroy Kofi at ringside before action returned to the ring. Kingston tossed Jey out of the ring before he tagged in Big E, But Jey managed to make the tag to Roman making the two champions legal. Big E hit a big belly to belly (Big E to Belly?) suplex and wiped the Usos off the apron. Roman managed to hit a big slam before Woods tagged in. Xavier got a near fall when Big bad booty Bobby Lashley ran down and attacked everyone at ringside. Lashley hit a spear on the WWE champ, and took out Kofi and the Usos before Woods realised what was happening. Reigns took advantage of this distraction however, and picked up the win with the spear.

After the match, Lashley ran into the ring and hit a spear on Roman before stepping out and spearing Big E through the barricades.

Backstage Bonanza

Backstage on Raw, Lashley approached ScrapDaddyAP and DaddyDeville, AKA Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville. He demanded a match with Big E.

We then cut to Riddle giving Orton a pep-talk, when the Viper responded by telling Riddle to distract Omos while he had his match with AJ. 

This match was more shit than the nickname Doudrop

I am already sick of this ‘feud.’ Long story short, Eva trash talked Doudrop before the match, then as soon as the bell rang, Eva got squashed quicker than Corey Graves could go without talking about the colour of Eva’s hair. The Eva-Lution is apparently over?

Backstage, Big E was furious and demanded a match with both Roman and Lashley. Paul Heyman walked up to the all-powerful duo AP and SD next to try and get the match called off, but they had already made the triple threat official for the main event. 

This match gets extra Styles points from me!

Yep, struggling with the creative titles this week people so you’ll have to deal with this! Styles and Orton, even on paper it was making me hard, I didn't know if I’d be able to keep my bed clean in this match. Randy got the early advantage before Omos tried to run the distraction. Randy stomped on AJ before Omos sweeped the leg and dropped him. The referee had enough and sent the giant backstage, but as Riddle mocked him on the way out, he received a giant uppercut. The distraction allowed AJ to throw Orton out the ring and gain control.

Back in the ring, AJ sent Orton into the corner but the viper returned with a series of lariats. AJ was hit with a power slam, but managed to block the RKO and lock in a sleeper hold. Orton reversed this and hit an exploder suplex, before both men dodged each other’s finishers. Eventually, Orton managed to hit the draping DDT and then the RKO for the 1-2-3.


We are gathered here today to commemorate the incredible run Nia and Shayna had as the best of friends. HAHAHAHAHAHA just kidding, thank God that’s over. These two were then facing each other next and the match was plain boring. I’m not going to bore you with the details, but miracles can happen. After over 150 days it has happened… SHAYNA WON A SINGLES MATCH!!! It started to seem like there was more of a chance of my dad coming home then that happening!!!

After the match, Shayna beat Nia to a pulp, meaning this match will probably happen again at Extreme Rules, because WWE can’t resist a rematch, and Nia will get her win back. 50/50 booking, you love to see it. 

A Chump and an angel team up!

Chumperto Carrillo and Angel Garza were teaming up next… why? I have no idea whatsoever. They were facing off against the team of Mustafa Ali and Mansoor. Despite one of the teams being literally chucked together, this match wasn’t half bad. Garza and Carrillo kicked the match off with a double team, before Ali locked in a submission. Mansoor was tagged in and sent Carrillo into the corner to hit a huge double team, only for Garza to break up the pin. Ali went for Carrillo, but he was wiped out. Back in the ring, Carrillo locked in a submission before Garza hit Ali with a dropkick for the win. I have no idea why they won this considering they’re trying to build up Ali and Mansoor, but I'm not even surprised with WWE nowadays. 

A decent women’s tag team match?

Before their title match, Nikki A.S.H and Rhea Ripley dedicated their match to Connor’s Cure in a promo backstage, so there was no chance they were losing. 

The match for the women’s tag team titles was next… we all love women’s tag team matches! Super Brutality were facing Natalya and Tamina, who has been revealed in a recent investigation as the woman whom there is no one meaner. 

The match kicked off, and Nikki was immediately isolated and victim to typical heel tactics. Tamina was tagged in and continued dominance by hitting a Samoan drop, before going for a top rope splash only to miss. The hot tag was made to Ripley who went on a rampage before tagging in Nikki. Rhea hit the riptide on Tamina, by the way there’s no one meaner, on the outside, and back in the ring Nikki hit the most devastating move in allllllllllllllllll of sports entertainment; the surprise roll up and got the one, got the two, and got the three to give you new women’s tag team champions! The match went quick, but wasn’t too bad, and the decision to give them the women’s tag team titles was definitely the right choice. Hopefully, this leads to Rhea turning on Nikki, leading to a Ripley heel run, hopefully resulting in a lengthy title reign. 

Alexa has a new toy! No! Not that kind you perv!

Alexa was out next with her guest Charlotte. Bliss asked what happened to Flair, before she replied stating she wanted the old Alexa back. Flair went off on Bliss, saying her doll was more popular than she was. She said she was not there to play with her dolls, and instead to give her a beating. Alexa responded by mocking Charlotte, saying she was nothing without the title. After saying she will take the title from her at Extreme Rules, a full blown brawl broke out, with Alexa coming out on top. 

24/7 title gaga next, basically Reggie escaped. Moving swiftly on!

He is Hard-ly Sheam-less

Told you I was struggling with titles today!!! Damian Priest was on commentary for the match, and Sheamus took Hardy down in the corner before Jeff reversed a huge move and hit a basement dropkick. Hardy dropped Sheamus off the apron before the Irish star dropped him on the apron (which is the hardest part of the ring god dammit!!!!!) after he caught the charismatic enigma off the dive. Sheamus hit a huge top rope lariat before getting the high knee off a counter. Hardy kicked out of a pin attempt before Hardy hit the most devastating move in allllllllllllllllll of sports entertainment; the surprise roll up for the surprise win. 

After the match, Sheamus and Priest got into a brawl, and the champ managed to wipe the Celtic Warrior out of the ring. 


Main event time now, and even though I knew this match was going to be great, I wasn’t prepared for just how great it was. To kick off the match, Big E hit a huge clothesline on Bobhead before setting him up on the apron for a big splash, and he should be careful because that’s like, the hardest part of the ring!!!! Roman then took out the WWE champ with a drive by. Back on RAW after a break, Lashley was in control of the match and Big E managed to take him down for a near fall. Reigns came back in and sent Lashley out before getting a near fall on E with a clothesline.

The All Mighty took Reigns out at ringside with a counter and got a near fall of his own in the ring. Lashley hit a spear on both opponents before Big E came back with a slam. Roman hit a Samoan drop on E, before taking Lashley up to the top for a suplex, but this was stopped by Big E who came in and wiped them both out with a powerbomb-superplex combo. Roman took a belly-to-belly suplex from Big E before Lashley sent him into the barricades outside. Lashley hit the vertical suplex to Reigns but he kicked out. Big E reversed the next finisher from Lashley before taking a Belly-to-belly suplex. Big E tried to pin both men together with a splash but Lashley broke the pin. Big E dodged the superman punch and hit the big ending on Reigns but Lashley broke it up again before he sent Big E through the announcer’s table. Lashley went for the spear but Roman reversed with a superman punch. Jesus, this match was hard to keep up and make notes on! Lashley hit the spear on Roman, but Big E made a return and broke up the pin, before Lashley tried to lock in the hurt lock, however, Reigns knocked Lashley down with a superman punch. Big E took Reigns out with a dive to the outside before hitting the Big Ending. Lashley hit E with a steel chair to break the pin and kept hitting him with it. Lashley was going after Big E with the chair when Roman came in with a Spear and picked up the win before Extreme Rules. 

And that was it! A pretty crazy episode of Raw, but an enjoyable one nonetheless. We have new women’s tag team champions and a thriller of a main event. But that’s all from me, thanks for reading and I’ll catch you on the next review!