Raw Review 01/17/2023

Raw Review 01/17/2023
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This week Raw opened with The Bloodline minus the Tribal Chief cutting another promo on Kevin Owens. Solo Sikoa and The Usos announced that next week on Raw the brothers would defend their tag team titles against Judgement Day. It was also announced that there will be a ceremony to acknowledge Roman Reigns. 

Judgement Day makes its entrance touting their win in the elimination tag match last week. Balor is still selling his injured ribs while Priest proclaims that the red belts would be returning to Raw.

Prison Dominic says he can smell fear and that Jimmy and Jey wouldn’t last in…prison. Solo Sikoa gets in the younger Mysterio’s face, Rhea Ripley pushes her way in between the gentlemen to face Solo. Dominic defends his Mommy and is quickly knocked to the ground and the two groups tussle.

Mustafa Ali appears, diving off the turnbuckle onto Sikoa, setting up Sikoa vs Ali after the commercial. 

Cut to commercial

Solo Sikoa vs Mustafa Ali: WINNER SOLO SIKOA

Solo hits Ali with a clothesline and gets a quick two-count. Ali is knocked out of the ring and is attacked by The Usos. Owens comes to the rescue, taking out The Usos. This gives Ali an opportunity to catch Sikoa with a tornado DDT. Ali goes for a 450 splash which Solo converts into a Samoan Spike, winning the match with a pinfall.

Owens gives Sikoa a post-match stunner and drags him to the broadcast table. Before Owens can leap from the barricade The Usos come to Sikoa’s rescue. Adam Pearce separate Owens and The Bloodline heads to the back to lick their wounds. Sikoa yells back to Owens that he is going to kick his ass. 

Bobby Lashley is backstage cutting a promo on Austin Theory, saying he would win the six-way elimination match at the Raw 30th-anniversary show. 

Cut to commercial.

Ugh. So they ran these Cody promos into the ground the past few weeks. But now WWE has decided to ruin the worst surprise in wrestling history and announce that Cody is in the Royal Rumble.

We go backstage to see Byron Saxton waiting outside of Adam Pearce’s office. Saxton introduces Elias, who also claims he will win the Royal Rumble. MVP is also in Pearce’s office making vague claims about the Royal Rumble. 

Street Profits vs Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin: WINNER STREET PROFITS

Ford hits Alexander with a cross block and then a clothesline. Alexander returns the favor with a clothesline. 

MVP comes to ringside to the surprise of everyone. Ford hits a frog splash and pin that is broken up by Alexander. MVP distracts the referee and Benjamin throws Dawkins into a knee strike from Alexander. Alexander goes for a pin that Dawkins reversed and he gets the three count. 

Cathay Kelley is backstage with Judgement day. Otis and Chad Gable interrupt. Prison Dom says he can’t hold Ripley back. Priest tells Dom to leave or he wont make it to the ring. 

Lynch comes out to a pop, followed by Damage CTRL and Baylee. Lynch played to the crowd while Bayley wore a San Francisco 49ers jersey. Lynch trash-talked Bayley’s hair, saying she looks like a Karen. Lynch challenges Bayley to a cage match next week on Raw and after Bayley accepts drops the mic. 

Dolph Zigler is backstage with Mustafa Ali, Ali begs Ziggler to tag with him. Ali complains about not getting opportunities. Ziggler tells Ali that no one gets anything handed to them and Ali knocks him to the ground and left the room. This is not how you make friends. 

We come back from commercial to Elias in the ring. MVP comes out to say that Elias would face the winner of the Royal Rumble before Omos makes his entrance. 

Omos (with MVP)  vs Elias

Elias attempts to hit Omos with his guitar but is stopped with a big Omos headbutt. Elias goes to the top rope an is caught by Omos who slams him to the ground for a pin fall victory. 

Damien Priest and Dominik Mysterio vs Alpha Academy: WINNER PRIEST AND MYSTERIO 

Very fast paced match. Priest throws Gable into the ropes as Mysterio holds down the top rope sending Gable over the top. Otis gives Priest a powerslam. Gable Suplexes Dominic to the ground. Gable gets back in the ring and gives a suplex to Priest. Mysterio attempts to roll up Gable but is countered and put in a leglock. RIpley distracts the referee and Priest chokeslams Gable. Pin fall by Mysterio. 

Gable returned to the ring and suplexed Priest. Dom rolled up Gable, who countered into the ankle lock. Ripley distracted the referee and then Priest hit his South of Heaven chokeslam on Gable, which led to Dom scoring the pin. 


Michin gives Sky a neckbreaker and then a dropkick. Sky goes for a kick that Michin reverses into a german suplex. Sky is distracted by LeRae outside of the ring leading to Michin hitting the Eat Defeat for the pin. 

Bianca Belair makes her way to the ring to discuss Alexa Bliss, calling her out for the unprovoked post match attack. Bliss comes out. The pair are outside of the ring when Bliss attempts to toss Belair into the steel steps again which Belair countered. Uncle Howdy appears as Bliss gives Belair a DDT as we cut to commercial. 


 Tozawa hits a huracarana and then a suicide dive. Tozawa goes for a cannonball outside of the ring and is countered. The gentlemen get back in the ring where Reed hits a Tsunami splash and finishes with a pin. 

The following announcements are made for Raw’s thirtieth episode next week: Roman Reigns acknowledgement ceremony, Usos vs Priest and Mysterio for the Raw Tag Titles, Theory will defend his title. A list of legends for next week is announced, Road Dogg, Ron Simmons, X-Pac, Jerry Lauler, Teddy Long, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Teddy Long, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Nikki and Brie Bella. 

Austin Theory comes out to watch the main event and see who his opponent is next week will be for his United States Championship. 

Main Event: 6 Man Elimination Match. Miz vs Lashley vs Rollins vs Corbin (with JBL) vs Balor vs Ziggler. WINNER 

Fin and Seth are in the ring while the rest rumble outside of the ring. Theory is on commentary. Miz and Ziggler team up against Lashley and Zigler gets a quick two-count. Miz goes after Rollin’s ribs. Miz puts Zigler in a figure four, Zigler rolled over and Rollins hits Miz with a Curb Stomp. Miz is pinned by Rollins and eliminated. 

Ziggler takes a stiff kick from Corbin. Ziggler counters Fin with a superkick of his own. Ziggler takes a pedigree from Rollins and is pinned and eliminated. 

Corbin gets a Deep six on Balor. Rollins comes in and is slammed by Lashley. Lashley suplexes Balor. Lashley goes for a Hurt Lock but is distracted when MVP comes out with Omos. Balor his Corbin with a sling blade. Rollins hits Balor with a stomp and pins him. Lashley spears Corbon for a pin fall elimination. 

Theory hits Lashley with the United States title, Omos grabs Theory by the throat, Rollins out of no where hits a stomp on Omos. Rollins comes back to the rng and MVP is now ringside. Rollins is running the ropes when he is speared and eliminated by Lashley. 

Austin Theory stands on the announcers table holding his belt while Lashley looks on ending Raw for this week. 


Lot of short matches this week on Raw. I am getting tired of the Cody Rhodes videos and having the same, or similar matches each and every week. This wasn’t a bad show, just predictable.