Raw News Roundup

Warning: This article contains spoilers and strong opinions.

Raw News Roundup
With so much news and talking points coming up on the road to Wrestlemania, what better way to cover it all than in one convenient location? This will contain spoilers from this weeks show so with that in mind..

I am P-Nut for Real Rasslin and this is Real Rasslin's Raw Roundup!

Opening Segment

We begin Raw with Bobby Lashley and MVP coming to the ring with impressive lighting effects added to his ring entrance. We find out he will face Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania. It seems fairly obvious Drew is going to win both against Lashley at Mania and Sheamus at Fastlane to stand tall at the end of a rather curvy road to Wrestlemania with more than a few bumps. The Miz and Drew McIntyre feature in this segment too. The Miz with his usual whining and complaining about how it's not fair he lost the WWE Championship. Bobby has a back and forth with Drew but Sheamus attacks him at the top of the stage setting up for the match later tonight.

With the segment ended Drew beats Miz with the Hurt Lock to not only send a message to Bobby but to remove The Miz from the title picture. Miz would later hit Bad Bunny with a guitar after Bad Bunny relinquished the 24/7 title to R-Truth. It would appear Bad Bunny & Damien Priest will face Miz and Morrison at Wrestlemania.

Asuka has returned feat Nia Jax and Shayna Bazler

During a match between Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose vs Naomi & Lana with Shayna Bazler and Nia Jaxx watching on Asuka made her big return getting the better of Shayna and leading to a match later tonight that Asuka would also go on to win to try and get some revenge. Naomi & Lana lose their respective tag team match as well with implications going forward into the Wrestlemania Womens Tag Team title picture. I think it is safe to assume Nia and Shayna will win and retain at Fastlane and go on to Wrestlemania but with the race for those titles hotting up, could we see a womens tag team turmoil match? As for Asuka this has silenced a few doubts she won't be fit for Wrestlemania and she will no doubt lose to Charlotte on the grandest stage of them all. If we are extremly lucky Reah Ripley will beat Charlotte for the title and we will have some new blood atop the divison which is slowly growing stale.

The Braun Strowman and Shane McMahon story continues

Earlier on in the night Shane had called Braun stupid again and reiterated his comments from last week. Eventually Braun would lose his temper and challenge Shane for a match later in the night. The match would never officially start as Shane hit Braun with a camera, then an elbow from the top rope through the announce table before pouring two buckets of slime on him. Shane would walk away after saying challenging him was stupid and he shouldn't do it again. This story is obviously not over and these two will obviously have a match at an upcoming PPV be it Fastlane, Wrestlemania or both.

New Champions brings New Challenges

The new Day are once again your WWE World Tag Team Champions, but before they could really get too excited about their win over The Hurt Business to recapture the belts, AJ Styles and his buddy Omos challenged them to a match for the titles at Wrestlemania. This is an interesting  choice to debut Omos at Wrestlemania as it hasn't always gone well to debut a wrestler at Wrestlemania (ask Nathan Jones). Hopefully this will all go according to plan but it seems pointless even having the match if AJ and Omos aren't going over. 

Alexa Bliss vs Randy Orton at Fastlane

Alexa Bliss is seen sitting on a swing. She challenges Randy Orton to a match at Fastlane and says he will have a chance to kick her out of his life, referring to the punt kick Orton has used in previous Wrestlemania angles. Orton of course accepts later on in the evening. I can't be the only person who smells a rat here. They can't possibly be building to a serious match so that can only mean The Fiend will return during this match or some serious #shenanigans are about to go down. Whatever the plan is I'm sure fans will be watching in eager anticipation for a potential Fiend return.

Raw Match Results 

  • Drew McIntyre def. The Miz via submission
  • Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose def. Lana & Naomi via pinfall 
  • Raw Tag Team Championship -- The New Day def. The Hurt Business (c) via pinfall to win the titles 
  • Damian Priest def. Jaxson Ryker via pinfall 
  • Asuka def. Shayna Baszler via pinfall 
  • United States Championship -- Riddle (c) def. Mustafa Ali via pinfall to retain the title
  • Bobby Lashley def. Sheamus via pinfall 

That was the Real Rasslin Raw Roundup!

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