Paul Heyman Set for Larger Role in WWE Creative Team?

With all the movements associated with the internal investigation at WWE at the moment, there are a lot of rumours and structural changes happening. One rumour is that Paul Heyman could be set for a larger creative role within the company. Get the details below!

Paul Heyman Set for Larger Role in WWE Creative Team?

There is a new report circulating that former ECW Owner and current council to the Tribal Chief, Paul Heyman could be set for a much larger backstage role within WWE’s creative department now that Stephanie McMahon is acting as CEO and Chairwoman. Stephanie assumed these positions after her father Vince stepped down due to him being embroiled in an alleged affair which result in him allegedly making a “Hush Payment” to the woman he had the affair with.

During an sudio show over at, Wade Keller noted that from everything he’s hearing, he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of Paul Heyman taking on a much bigger role within WWE Creative stating that this would be a “Dream Scenario” for WWE. Keller said the following;

“Some of the things that I’m hearing, make me consider the possibility as worthy of conversation that this could result in Stephanie taking over as head of the company, and Triple H and I saw speculation of this on Twitter, and I could totally see this happening, Paul Heyman taking on a bigger role in creative. Paul Heyman gets along really well with Hunter and Stephanie. And so I wouldn’t rule that possibility out either. But again, that’s inspired by someone saying a dream scenario would be Vince McMahon stepping down (and) John Laurinaitis stepping down and Stephanie taking over and hiring Hunter and Paul to work together to run the company.”

WWE has already confirmed that while he has stepped down as CEO and Chairman, that Vince McMahon would retain his creative role and responsibilities within the company. Bruce Prichard has just been named as the interim Head of Talent Relations, after John Laurinaitis stepped down as a result of the accusations and the consequent internal investigation.

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