Pat McAfee Reacts to WWE Investigation on the Pat McAfee Show!

WWE Announcer and Wrestlemania 38 Opponent of Vince McMahon, Pat McAfee has reacted to the news of the WWE Investigation into his bosses affair and alleged “Hush” payment. Get the details below!

Pat McAfee Reacts to WWE Investigation on the Pat McAfee Show!

Last week Pat McAfee became the first person, employed by WWE to come out and comment about the ongoing investigation of Vince McMahon’s affair and alleged “Hush” payment during last week’s edition of his Pat McAfee Show. The former NFL player had McMahon on his show as a guest earlier in the year which lead to McAfee having a match on the biggest card of the year, Wrestlemania when he faced off against Austin Theory, then Vince McMahon himself in back-to-back matches! McAfee said he had no details due to his status within the company as a colour commentator and the investigation and the scandal reminded him of the HBO hit series “Succession”.

"Yesterday, the WWE, I know less than everybody else. This is just me, I don't know s— about f—. I go in, do my thing, say hello to everybody, I'm out. I'm in, maybe the most awesome situation in the history of WWE for anybody. I'm a lifelong fan of the company, but I'm not part of anything. I'm part of no groups, I have no locker room. I literally bounce around, do my thing, and I'm out. It's designed to be that way, I think Michael Cole and everyone have set it up to be that way. 'This is the best way for this to happen, let's keep him out of everything. He comes in and does his thing.' I'm very fortunate, lucky, and I love that job. Outside looking in, it's like, [makes a curious face]. After watching Succession, anytime a board is trying to do something, it's hard not to be like, 'woah, woah, woah.' Yesterday, on the Internet, there was a lot of 'who is, what is.' I'm going there tomorrow. I'm excited to hear the chatter. Obviously, what is being alleged is not fantastic at all, it's terrible. There will be full investigations," McAfee said.

 "Succession has ruined my life. It's completely ruined my life. Yesterday, when this hits the internet out of nowhere, I'm like, 'Oh my God.' It's hard not to start piecing things together and be like, 'you could see how that person would want...then that...if that was does this not come out?' I'm watching along with everybody else. That came out of nowhere," he continued. "What will happen? There are going to be a lot of investigations. There will be investigations about the investigations and those investigations will contradict other investigations. Will you ever get the truth? No, hopefully, we get part of it though. That's what everyone is hoping for. There were like six people at the WWE trending #1 yesterday. Out of nowhere. You open the trends and all the tweets are...'Oh, this person obviously did....did you hear this story from this person?' For a good 9-10 hours, it was just, 'holy s—, I'm learning a lot about a lot of things.' What's real, what isnt? Who knows. Hopefully, I'll find out at some point. Hopefully, we all will. Who knows how that whole thing will go. It sounds incredibly problematic."

The Wall Street Journal report mentioned both Vince McMahon and John Laurinitis, both worked last weeks Smackdown tapings in their usual roles, with Vince even appearing on the show in a segment that some are saying was him making a statement that despite the investigation, he is not going anywhere and will come out the other end intact.

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