P-Nut's PPV Perspective - SummerSlam 2021

P-Nut gives his unique view and opinion on the most recent WWE PPV

P-Nut's PPV Perspective - SummerSlam 2021

It's time for another P-Nut's PPV Perspective! Another WWE PPV is in the books, this time one of the big four PPV's. SummerSlam is usually one of the best PPV's in wrestling but sadly this one wasn't up to the usual standard. Plenty of talking points have come out of it though so without any further ado lets get started with...

Match One - Raw Tag Team Championship - RK-Bro vs AJ Styles and Omos (c)

We start the night off with a match for the Raw tag team championship. Randy Orton and Riddle come out first. Orton is sporting a new mustache look which looks stupid and doesn't suit him at all. AJ and Omos the dominant tag champions come out next and the match is underway.

The match starts with Randy Orton and AJ Styles slugging it out as Orton goes on the offensive with multiple punches and a suplex straight out the gate. Orton and Riddle double team AJ as Orton helps Riddle get some air to hit AJ with a moonsault. Omos gets the tag and he starts to dominate Riddle as the momentum shifts back to the tag champions. Riddle eventually counters into a sleeper on Omos but it is shut down and Riddle finds himself in the wrong corner as AJ is tagged back in. Riddle is being isolated by the champions as they taunt Randy on the ring apron. Riddle is whipped into the corner but he gets a knee strike on Omos and dumps AJ to the outside and finally gets the hot tag to Orton. The momentum shifts back to the challengers as Orton beats down AJ and knocks Omos off the apron. Orton hits his signature middle rope DDT on AJ but Omos saves AJ rolling him to the outside and slamming Riddle onto the hardest part of the ring.

AJ goes for the Phenomenal forearm but it's eventually countered into an RKO, with Omos and Riddle taken out on the outside it's all over.

Winners and NEW Raw Tag Team Champions - RK-Bro by pinfall

I hate this. I am not a fan of RK-Bro at all as they are a prime example of WWE throwing two singles guys creative has nothing for into a team. This trend is ever-present in the tag team scene and it's really sad because WWE has plenty of tag teams they could put over if they tried. Randy Orton has gone from an epic feud with the Fiend to being teamed up with Riddle which means his win at WrestleMania is somewhat meaningless. Two champions in a row now have been thrown together singles stars. The tag team divison deserves alot better than what it's getting even if using legitimate tag teams does take away from the star power that Orton and AJ bring to the table.

Match Two - Alexa Bliss vs Eva Marie (With Doudrop)

The second match on the card is the next instalment in the masterpiece that is Eva Marie's huge return to the ring. Only kidding, but on the plus side Alexa Bliss is amazing and everything she touches is pure gold. Lilly, her new and improved ring gear, her expressions and not forgetting her character and mic work. One of the best things in WWE right now, for sure. I still find myself feeling sorry for Doudrop. I wish she was still called Piper and I feel she deserves better than Eva Marie and whatever this is. 

Eva Marie and Bliss start the match off with Alexa Bliss evading the early offensive attempts of Eva Marie and sits down in the ring with Eva on the outside watching on. Eva finally gets hold of Bliss and slams her to the mat before going over to Lilly and grabbing her from the corner. Eva slaps the sociopathic doll over and over which feels like an incredibly bad omen. Eva taunts Bliss with Lilly and hits Bliss with her. Bliss's demeanor changes and with a scream Bliss starts mounting an offence against her doing an impressive flip and earning a two count. Bliss returns Lilly to the corner as the crowd cheer and hits a drop toe hold but misses the twisted Bliss atempt getting a two count of her own. 

Eva argues with the referee as Doudrop watches on and Bliss gets back to her feet. Bliss hits a vicious kick and follows up with a DDT and it's all over.

Winner - Alexa Bliss by pinfall

Post Match

As Alexa Bliss celebrates her victory Eva Marie is outside the ring complaining to an amused Doudrop. Doudrop calls for a microphone and says "And the loser of this match is Eva Marie" which gets cheers from the crowd. Doudrop puts on a purple robe and struts off.

Finally it looks like Doudrop is going to drop Eva Marie and either do her own thing or feud with her. Fantastic! Hope Doudrop wins. Alexa Bliss was great as ever and Eva Marie was as terrible as ever. 

Backstage Segment

Mario Lopez from Saved by the Bell is backstage looking as if he hasn't really aged much, he says a few words before introducing RK-Bro and asking them how they feel to be new tag team champions. Orton starts with "tell you what Mario" which is something you never expect to hear a wrestler say. He then says RK-Bro are back and he means it. It's going to be smooth sailing from here. Orton walks off and Riddle says that's viper talk for Riddle is my new best friend. He also says he has a surprise for Orton on Raw.  

Match Three - United States Championship - Damian Priest vs Sheamus (c)

The next match on the card was quite a contrast between wrestlers. The up and coming Damian Priest takes on the long time WWE wrestler Sheamus. Sheamus hasn't had a good title run and his broken nose storyline has hurt his image. Damian Priest has one of the best entrances in wrestling and has been dominant since WrestleMania on the main roster.

Once both competitors enter the ring the match begins with a good old fashioned lock up as they go to the corner and into the ropes, Sheamus gets the better of Priest and takes him to the ground in a headlock. The momentum shifts Priest's way after a slow start and he hits a suplex on Sheamus earning a two count. Priest sends Sheamus to the outside and dives out of the ring and takes both men to the floor. Priest tries to mount some offence on the outside but Sheamus slams him back first off the corner post. Sheamus gets Priest back in the ring and starts focusing on the back, even taking the time to pose and showboat for the crowd. Priest shows flashes of offence but Sheamus counters again and again slamming Priest to the mat. Sheamus and Priest fight in the ropes and Sheamus gets Priest in position to fire off his trademark shots to the chest. Priest counters into a tornado DDT and the momentum shifts again. Priest hits a spinning back kick off the top rope and earns another two count. Sheamus counters the reckoning and goes to the top rope and hits a flying clothesline into an Alabama slam to earn himself a two count. Sheamus signals for the Brogue Kick and screams "FELLA!" but Priest counters with a kick of his own and hits a chokeslam to earn another two count. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick to counter Priest mid air and gets another two count. Sheamus is angry, screaming at the referee and goes for the Cloverleaf but has to settle for a heel hook.

Priest sits up and rips the face protector off Sheamus. Priest fires shot after shot to Sheamus, who breaks the hold and both men get to their feet. Priest hits an impressive kick followed by The Reckoning to end the match and win the title off Sheamus. 

Winner and NEW United States Champion - Damian Priest by pinfall

I am very happy with this result. I think a run as a mid card champion will help elevate Damien Priest to new heights and possibly even put him in contention to be a world champion someday. Sheamus loses nothing here as he looked good throughtout the match and made Priest look a good and worthy challenger.

Match Four - Smackdown Tag Team Championship -  The Uso's (c) vs The Mysterios

We move on to a rematch from the Money in the Bank pre show. This match should probably have been on the main show then as well given the Roman Reigns storyline being the biggest thing on Smackdown. In the old days this would be considered the "rematch clause" but it was aparently antiquated by Shane Macmahon a few years ago. The Mysterios come out first to the usual face pop and the Uso's respond coming out to boos despite some signs of popularity from fans by the entrance ramp.

Jimmy and Rey start the match off by exchanging blows. Rey drops Jimmy for a 619 but Jimmy rolls out of the ring in time to counter. Rey hits a baseball slide on Jimmy and Dominik sends Jey to join his brother outside the ring, before being tagged in. Dominik and Jimmy fight in the ring and Dominik hits the three amigos as a tribute to Eddie. Jey tags himself in and throws Dominik off the top rope into the barricade on the outside and off the ring post. Jimmy gets the tag and The Uso's hit an impressive double team move on Dominik. JImmy and Jay isolate Dominik in the corner and attack with vicious shots and defend with quick tags to stop Dominik getting to his father for a tag. Jey hits multiple suplexes on Dominik and taunt the crowd and Dominik as they continue to isolate Dominik but eventually Dominik counters and gets the hot tag to Rey earning them a two count. Rey's offence is shut down with a Jimmy Uso superkick earning them a two count also. Rey goes for a highflying move but is shutdown again by a Jey superkick, who follows up with a top rope moonsault earning another two count. 

Jimmy is tagged in and he misses his own top rope moonsault which is countered into a 619. Rey heads to the top rope but his frog spash is countered. Jey is tagged in and the Usos both hit a superkick to Rey. Jey hits a splash and it's all over 

Winners and STILL Smackdown Tag Team Champions - The Uso's by pinfall

Hardly surprising result. The Uso's have only just won the tag titles so it wouldn't make sense for them to lose them straight back to the former champions. The Mysterio's looked good throughout but they always do.

Backstage Segment

Tiffany Haddish is introduced backstage. She says she is "having a blast" watching SummerSlam and calls over Damian Priest to talk about his new title reign. She calls him a "first time national champon" when refering to his US title belt which was weird. She asks Priest how he feels. Priest replies he feels amazing and is not a fan of bullies, refering to Sheamus. He says that Sheamus being a bully makes it sweeter to take the title from him. Priest compares the US title to a gold medal claiming the win means just as much to him as that would.

In Ring Segment

We are treated to Shinsuke's personal guitarist who plays a few riffs before introducing King Nakamura as the NEW Intercontinental Champion. King Nakamura comes out and Pat McAfee jumps on the announce table and dances to the music, which was pretty funny. All three men celebrate and dance at the announce table and then the segment just kinda ends. 

Match Five - Smackdown Womens Championship - Bianca Bel Air vs Sasha Banks

Rumours were already circulating by this point in the show that Sasha Banks was unable to compete in this match so it was a surprise to see Bianca come to the ring. This moment has caused a lot of negative feedback but what actually happened?

Bianca Bel Air came to the ring as though she was defending her title, which made sense as they had just shown the Bianca vs Banks video package. With Bianca in the ring it is officially announced that Banks will be unable to compete and it is announced that Carmella will be her replacement. Carmella enters the ring and Bianca calls for a microphone. Bianca says to Banks that it may not be tonight but she will defend the title against her down the road, before turning to Carmella and saying she will have to take her frustrations out on her instead. Before the match can start Becky Lynch's music hits and the crowd goes bananas. Becky comes to the ring, taking in the huge moment, she eventually turns her attention to Carmella and throws her out of the ring seemingly taking her place.

With Carmella disposed of Becky and Bianca agree to start the match, but instead Becky suckers Bianca in with a handshake and hits her to the face and follows up with the man handle slam and it's over as soon as it began. 

Winner and NEW Smackdown Womens Champion - Becky Lynch by pinfall

This is an awful way to treat Bianca after holding the title since WrestleMania. She deserved a 20 minute match here not a 30 second squash. It is great to see Becky back and as champion but did it need to go down like this? The heavy criticism of this move has been well deserved and squash matches have no place in wrestling.

In Ring Segment

Two United States Olympic Wrestling Gold Medalist's are introduced by the ring announcer and they both come out to have a celebratory moment with the fans. Tamira and Gable have made history by winning and the fans give them a well deserved standing ovation. What a great moment, maybe we will see them in a pro wrestling ring someday.

Match 6 - Drew McIntyre vs Jinder Mahal

It's been an intresting journey for the two former 3MB members. Both have come a long way and had a long title run atop the company albeit as face and heel respectively. Jinder's two cronies are barred from ringside putting to rest claims of #shenanigans. 

Once both men have entered the match gets underway with Drew carrying Jinder to the corner and striking him with chops and kicks. Drew follows up with a Vertical Suplex and starts counting down for the Claymore Kick but Jinder rolls out of the ring. Drew rolls Jinder back in the ring and Jinder is trying to appeal to Drew as he says "you don't have to do this" and "we used to be like brothers" but it's a ploy and he tries to catch Drew offguard. Drew tries to reverse it but eats a boot to the face for a two count. The momentum swings in Jinder's favour and he seems to have the better of Drew.

Jinder locks in a submission hold on Drew but he escapes and follows up with a Glasgow Kiss. The momentum shifts over to Drew and he hits a couple of Suplexes to Jinder before finishing him off with a future shock DDT and a Claymore kick. It's over.

Winner - Drew McIntyre by pinfall

The best thing about this match was it's length. It was the match on the card I was least looking forward to and it only lasted around 5 minutes. Drew wins in dominant fashion which was to be expected the moment Jinder's associates were banned from ringside. 

Match 7 - Raw Womens Championship Match - Nikki A.S.H. (c) vs Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair

Next up was the Triple Threat match for the Raw Womens Championship and the title has changed hands since Money in the Bank. Nikki cashed in her Womens Money in the Bank opportunity to win the title from Charlotte who was previously feuding with Rhea. The fans love Nikki AS.H. as champion a lot, the big hope being she can keep the title from Charlotte for a while. I may not want Charlotte as champion but I can't deny the outfit Charlotte wore to the ring was amazing.

Once the women have entered the ring the referee signals for the bell to begin the match. The match begins with a three woman stare down before Nikki is quickly shoved to the mat by Charlotte. Rhea goes for a shove of her own but quickly finds herself outside the ring as Nikki pulls down the ropes to secure her exit. Nikki hits a monkey flip on Charlotte in the corner and gets Rhea in a roll up pin earning a one count before she is thrown out of the ring. Rhea and Charlotte fight in the ring and Nikki is quickly back in the mix hitting a dudley dog on Rhea and kicks Charlotte to the outside. Charlotte throws Nikki into Rhea and follows up with a fallaway slam to the champion. Nikki hits Charlotte with a cross body and goes for a ground and pound but the momentum shifts back to Charlotte who slams Nikki into Rhea on the mat. Charlotte goes for a Moonsault but Rhea get the knees up and Nikki gets a quick two count. Rhea gets the better of Charlotte with multiple Clotheslines and a vicious headbutt. Rhea follows up with an amazing bridge but only a two count. Nikki hits a tornado DDT to Charlotte but only a two count again. Charlotte goes to slam Nikki but Rhea comes up behind Charlotte and hits a German Suplex to both competitors. Rhea goes to the top rope and hits a Missile Dropkick to Charlotte Flair, two count again. Charlotte and Rhea exchange blows on the outside but Nikki jumps from the top rope and takes them both out with a Crossbody. Nikki and Rhea work together to try and Vertical Suplex Charlotte but it's reversed into a Double DDT. Charlotte has the momentum now as she hits Rhea and Nikki with trademark Flair chops. Charlotte dumps both competitors to the outside and hits a Corkscrew Moonsault taking them to the ground. Rhea goes for her submission hold on Nikki, Charlotte tries to break it up but Rhea moves and puts Charlotte into the hold. Charlotte escapes and gets Rhea in a Figure 8 Submission but it's broken up by Nikki who hits Charlotte with a modified DDT earning a two count. 

Rhea goes for the Riptide but it's reversed by Nikki sending Rhea to the outside. Nikki goes to the top rope to hit a Crossbody but Flair moves and quickly locks in the Figure 8, and forces Nikki to tap out.

Winner and NEW Raw Womens Champion - Charlotte Flair by Submission

I hate this result because it has made it look like the only reason Nikki cashed in was to give Charlotte another title reign as we edge ever closer to Ric Flair's alleged 16 World Title Reigns. The match was good but it was spoiled by the result. I wish they had let Nikki hold the title until Survivor Series so she could benefit from being Miss Money in the Bank and Womens Champion. 

Match 8 - Edge vs Seth Rollins

The match most fans were looking forward to and theorising would be the best match on the card was up next. This feud really heated up after Money in the Bank when Seth got involved in the Roman Reigns vs Edge title match. Edge goes into this match needing the win as he hasn't really won many matches since his big return. Seth Rollins comes out first and then The Brood music hit. Edge came out to his old style entrance, flames and all before transitioning into his usual Metallingus entrance music.

With both competitors in the ring the match begins with a stare down as both competitors take in the huge moment. They go into a lock up and Edge quickly gets the better of Seth and gets Seth into a Side Headlock and quickly sends Seth to the outside. Seth gets back in the ring and Edge beats him down and quickly throws him to the outside bouncing him off the announce table, ring and barricade. Edge misses a baseball slide and Seth sends him head first into the corner post. Seth slams Edge's head off the steel steps and it's all Seth who follows up with a Neckbreaker in the ring for a two count. Seth continues his assault with a Slingblade, Neckbreaker and multiple punches and kicks, earning another two count. Seth goes for a third Neckbreaker but it's countered by Edge who hits a FlapJack and a spear to the corner. Edge places Seth on the top rope but is sent to the mat by Seth who follows up with a frog splash but only a two count. Both men fight again on the top rope and Edge hits a Spinning Neckbreaker but he can't capitalise. The momentum has shifted back to Edge who hits an Edgecution for a two count. Seth goes for a kick but it's countered into a trademark Edge pin attempt for another two count. Edge drags himself to the top rope but Seth hits a Superplex and goes into the Falcons Arrow and it's another two count. Seth attempts both the Curb stomp and the Pedigree but both are reversed and Edge hits the Glam Slam for a two count. Seth goes for a Curb stomp onto the hardest part of the ring but Edge counters and sends Seth into the corner post face first and spears Seth to the outside. Edge slams Seth into the hardest part of the ring and the Summerslam logo disapears from the screen due to the impact. Edge tries to go for the spear but Seth jumps and counters into a Pedigree for a long two count. Seth goes for a Corkscrew Moonsault but it's countered into a spear by Edge and the fans go wild as Seth kicks out at two, chanting "This is Awesome".

Seth kicks Edge in the head after countering the Killswitch and goes for the Curb stomp again but Edge counters and locks in the Edgeucator and the Crossface, following up by bouncing Seth's face off the mat and locking in a sleeper. It's all over as Seth taps out. 

Winner - Edge by Submission

I have to admit I marked out pretty hard when that Brood music hit. It was an amazing call back to his early days and how he started. Attitude era callbacks done right always make me smile and this was good and well done. The match itself was definitely the match of the night. Truly an amazing dream match that did not disappoint. Edge managed to get a lot of his trademark offence in and Seth looked great even in defeat. His counter of the Spear into the Pedgree was truly iconic.

In Ring Segment

We are reminded of The Miz and John Morrison's backstage comments on the pre show as they stood by a lorry that presumably is filled with water bottles. We then join them both in the ring. Miz welcomes the fans to the biggest party of the summer but says unfortunately it's the dryest. Morrison agrees and says we are surrounded by 50,000 who are thirsty and says it's bringing them down. Morrison says luckily they have a solution. Miz says the solution is the new Dripstick 2000 and they disagree over who has it. Xavier Woods comes out sporting a water cooler on his back attached by a sack cart and sophisticated looking water gun. Xavier's attire is a modified version of Scott Hall with NDR where nWo would have been. Morrison demands Xavier give it back. Miz reminds them there is two of them and one of him and suggests he gives it back. Xavier asks the crowd if he should return it or spray them both. With the crowd firmly behind him soaking them both he obliges bringing the segment to an end.

I loved Xavier's outfit and Razor Ramon impression. It was funny seeing Miz and Morrison get soaked and the crowd seemed to enjoy it too. A much needed cooldown segment as Lashley and Goldberg can't follow Edge vs Seth.

Match Nine - WWE Championship - Bobby Lashley (c) with MVP vs Goldberg

With the best of the PPV clearly behind us we go into the first of two main event title matches. Goldberg famously only wrestles short squash matches, often showing signs of being gassed just walking to the ring. Bobby Lashley has been a good champion but I am growing bored of him and want him to drop the title...just not to Oldberg.

With both men in the ring the thought in our minds is this. Will the buildup and entrances be longer than the match and the answer was yes. Once both men are introduced the match starts with both men circling each other before going into a lock up. Lashley tries to Shoulder Tackle Goldberg who is unmoved. Goldberg hits a Shoulder Tackle of his own and follows up with a Body Slam. Bobby Lashley reverses the Jackhammer and the momentum shifts his way as he goes to the top rope but is thrown off by Goldberg. Goldberg goes for the spear but MVP helps Bobby get to the outside but Goldberg hits the spear outside the ring instead. MVP hits Goldberg in the leg preventing another Spear attempt and Bobby hits a Chop Block to take him down. Goldberg sells the leg and Lashley slams Goldberg to the mat. Goldberg reverses the Hurt Lock but is once again sent to the mat for his troubles.

Lashley sends Goldberg into the ring post on the outside. Goldberg is really struggling to stand on his leg and the referee stops the match.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion - Bobby Lashley by Referee Stoppage

Post Match 

Bobby grabs a steel chair and begins attacking Goldberg's leg with it to ensure he won't have to face him again. Goldberg's son gets involved to try and save his dad but ends up in the Hurt Lock for his troubles. MVP calls for a microphone and says theres no way Bobby knew it was Goldberg's son as he was attacked from behind. He announces Bobby the winner and both men leave.

The match wasn't the Goldberg squash I was expecting and Bobby has done well to walk away still champion but as Goldberg screams "I'm Gonna Kill you" I know this is not over and next time Goldberg is probably going to take the title from Bobby. As we draw nearer to Survivor Series and the inevitable Champion vs Champion match it seems clear to me the Raw side will be represented by Goldberg, but who will be his opponent?

Main Event - WWE Universal Championship - Roman Reigns (c) with Paul Heyman vs John Cena

It's main event time. Will the returning John Cena be able to stop Roman Reigns' dominant run as champion? Roman's heel persona as head of the table has been his best work and this match could easily go either way. John Cena comes out to a huge pop but not the biggest of the weekend or even the night itself. His t-shirt looks amazing and is a callback to my favourite Mario Game. Roman Reigns comes out to the usual boos that have followed him even during his face run. The stakes are taken out of this match as Roman declared on Smackdown if he loses he will leave WWE which won't happen and it spoiled the result.

Once both men are introduced the match starts with both men circling and staring each other down as the WWE Universe get excited for the match. John Cena tries to end it early with quick roll ups earning a one and two count. Roman sends Cena to the mat and showboats for the crowd. Roman follows up with a suplex earning himself a two count and he follows up with a chin lock. Cena fights to his feet but is quickly dropped by Roman. Cena is thrown to the outside and into the ring steps. Roman grabs his title and stands atop the ring steps holding it high. Both men get back in the ring and Cena is dropped again after another roll up attempt. Cena goes for the AA but it is quickly countered into a DDT. Cena tries to fight back and get into the match but Roman drops him again. Roman gets Cena in a sleeper hold and Cena is fading fast as Roman adds his body weight into the mix. Cena eventually escapes and sends Roman to the mat with a Clothesline but the damage is already done and Cena can't capitalise. Cena hits a multitude of Shoulder tackles but finds himself in a Guillotine and on the receiving end of a Superman Punch. Cena takes Roman to the mat and hits a Five Knuckle Shuffle and an AA but Roman kicks out at two. Cena follows up with an STF but Roman escapes to the outside and hits a Driveby taking Cena down on the outside. Roman tries to go for a running Spear on the outside but Cena counters with an AA, slamming Roman through the announce table. Cena throws Roman in the ring but only earns a two count for his trouble. Roman counters another AA attempt into a Superman punch but once again Cena kicks out at two.

Roman calls for a spear but Cena side steps and Roman eats the post. Cena takes Roman to the top for a top rope AA and somehow the match doesn't end there. The fans chant "This is Awesome" as Cena calls for an end, mocking Roman, both men exchange right hands until Roman hits multiple Superman punches and follows up with a Spear and it's all over. 

Winner - Roman Reigns by Pinfall

A long match in which the only memorable moments are the AA through the announce table and off the top rope. The rest of the match was meh and I knew from the Seth vs Edge match it was all downhill from here. I found the match boring and as I said before Roman saying that he would leave if he lost made the result a dead cert. This left fans wondering after Cena who is going to challenge Roman. They weren't wondering for long...

Post Match

As Roman celebrates, with a huge pop Brock Lesnar's music hits. Brock Lesnar walks out sporting a new hair cut and beard. Paul Heyman cowers holding the Universal Championship as Brock circles the ring. He stands atop the ring steps staring down Roman before entering the ring. He stares down Roman who leaves the ring to a chorus of boos and the event ends.

Brock Lesnar is back and he's probably going to beat Roman. I can see Goldberg vs Lesnar at Survivor Series happening but after the decision to move the Hell in a Cell PPV could it be that they could face off inside the demonic structure. It certainly wouldn't have made sense to have Hell in a Cell's that close together. Time will tell but that's what I see happening.

The Summerslam PPV itself felt like a one match card with the only real enjoyment coming from Seth vs Edge. Charlotte winning back the womens title was a complete let down and for a big four WWE PPV this felt very average. 

What did you think of Summerslam?

Do you think we will see Goldberg vs Lesnar at Survivor Series?

Let us know in the comments below