P-Nut's PPV Perspective - ROH Death Before Dishonor XVIII

P-Nut gives his unique view and opinion on the most recent ROH PPV

P-Nut's PPV Perspective - ROH Death Before Dishonor XVIII

P-Nut's PPV Perspective - ROH Death Before Dishonor XVIII

Ladies and Gentlemen it's time for another instalment of P-Nut's PPV Perspective and this time we are looking back at ROH's Death before Dishonor XVIII. The PPV took place on the 12th of September 2021 in the RP Funding Centre at Lakeland, Florida. ROH never disappoints with a PPV so let's get straight into...

Match One - Eli Isom vs. Dalton Castle

We start the show off with a match between Dalton Castle and Eli Isom. It is no secret that I am not Castle's biggest fan after the last ROH show I reviewed but that doesn't mean he can't impress me and change my mind. Eli on the other hand I am not as familiar with his work so it will be interesting to see how he does here.

Eli goes for a handshake but is taken to the mat by Castle as the ref rings the bell to start the match. Both men fight in the corner exchanging quick chops before Castle is sent out the ring by Eli. Eli follows up with a flip over the top rope on to Castle on the outside. Castle rolls out the ring to stop Eli following up with a top rope move but gets bounced off the hardest part of the ring for his trouble and is thrown into the barricade.

Castle reverses a German Suplex in the ring to hit one of his own on Eli. Eli goes to the top rope but is knocked to the outside by a knee from Castle, who poses and postures. Castle hits a boot on the outside, a quick knee and rolls him back in the ring for a one count. Back and forth action in the ring with Eli eventually hitting an enziguiri to Castle sending him into the corner.

Eli hits him in the corner and follows up with a side winder for a two count. The crowd are split cheering for both men as the action continues. Castle keeps escaping Eli's offence to the outside and takes Eli down with a Head Scissors. Eli hits a neckbreaker in the ring to earn another two count.

Castle's posse get involved and drag him out the ring but Eli hits a Moonsault to everyone on the outside, except Castle who tactically runs away. Eli is distracted and hits one of Castle's posse with a low blow. Castle hits a back elbow and a Bang-a-Rang to end the match.

Winner - Dalton Castle by pinfall 

The match was ok and not a bad way to start a show. Castle is such a coward and he always seems to be running away from fights to the outside over and over which slows his matches right down. Eli looked good in defeat and I enjoyed his high flying style as he does all he can to stay on the cowardly Castle. I assume this means Castle has an ROH TV Title match in his future now as he remains Number One Contender.

Match Two - Jake Atlas vs. Taylor Rust

We go straight into match two and we now know that this is Jake Atlas's last match as he announced his retirement from wrestling shortly after this PPV aired. (For more on that click here) Can he finish off his career with a strong showing or will Taylor Rust get the win?

The two men start with a handshake and the referee calls for the bell to get the match underway. The two men go for a lock up and fight into the corner. The two men keep reversing each others offence not letting any man get the advantage. Rust finally gets Atlas in an arm bar but he fights out of it and sends Rust to the mat for a one count.

Rust goes on the offence again quickly locking in an ankle lock, Atlas rolls out the ring to counter the hold. Rust traps Atlas by his arm hyperextending it and stomping down hard. Both men hit the other with chops in the corner and eventually Rust goes for another cover for a two count.

Atlas tries to jump Rust but is spun around and launched to the mat. Atlas hits Rust with a Superkick and follows up with a vicious right hand from outside the ring. Atlas gets Rust in a side headlock but Rust fights out of it.

Atlas is showing signs of being weakened as he can't get Rust up on his shoulders and eats some elbow blows to the face for his trouble. Rust hits Atlas with an eat-defeet for a two count and traps Atlas in a Coil Lock. It's all over.

Winner - Taylor Rust by submission

Good technical match from both men and it was back and forth action throughout. Jake Atlas has announced his retirement and it would have been nice if he got the win here but putting Rust over on his way out was probably the right call.

Match Three - Violence Unlimited (Homicide, Chris Dickinson & Tony Deppen) vs. Walters, LSG & Moriarty

It is pretty well known that I am not a fan of 6 man tag matches but I suppose I can forgive two being on the card since they have a 6 man tag title division. Both these teams come out to the ring looking up for this and it could be seen as a low key number one contenders match.

A stare down from all six men leads into the match officially starting with Homicide and Walters shaking hands. Walters gets Homicide in a headlock and sends him to the mat keeping it locked in. Chris Dickinson gets the tag and begins working the arm of Walters who tags in LSG. LSG reverses Dickinson's offence in the corner and gets an Ankle lock on Dickinson and both men tag Moriarty and Deppen.

Moriarty hits a bow and arrow into the airplane earning a two count before locking in an Abdominal Stretch. Dickinson and Homicide get tagged in and also findd themselves in an Abdominal Stretch by Moriarty. Walters locks Homicide in a Sharpshooter and gets Deppen by the neck but Dickinson breaks it up with a kick to the head. Quick tags from Violence Unlimited as they take it in turns to isolate and wear down Walters. Walters tries to fight back and manages to get the hot tag to LSG.

LSG tags Moriarty and hits some double team offence on Dickinson but Deppen breaks up the cover at two. Deppen jumps in to hit LSG with a stiff knee but Moriarty gets involved hitting Homicide on the outside through the ropes and Dickinson back in the ring. Homicide tries to stop Walters locking in the Muta Lock but he gets both Dickinson and Homicide in the Muta Lock but it's broken up by Deppen.

Moriarty gets the hot tag but is taken to the outside by Homicide who dives out the ring onto all three of his opponents. Homicide throws Moriarty into the ring and Dickinson hits the Valley Driver and it's over as Deppen helps with the cover.

Winners - Violence Unlimited by pinfall 

The match was ok for a six man tag, plenty of back and forth offence but Violence Unlimited come out the victors. This is probably for the best as the other team seems thrown together by comparison, as they have no stable name or anything like Violence Unlimited do. Thinking of this as a number one contenders match has me interested to see if they can dethrone Shane Taylor Promotions should they retain later on in the card.

Post Match

The thrown together team of three look like they are going to come to blows in the ring but are quickly stopped by Jay Lethal and members of management. Lethal says it's been a while before he's not been on an ROH PPV card but he is enjoying the show and starts putting over some of the great talent ROH has to offer and some of the matches we have coming up later. He talks about the great ROH pure division and gives props to legends like Eddie Gurerro and Dean Malenko, as well as AJ Styles and Samoa Joe who inspired the wrestlers on the roster. He says the ROH talent love professional wrestling and puts over the pure division some more before leaving.

Match Four - OGK vs. The Briscoes

I have become a fan of The Briscoes due to what I have seen from them in recent PPV's. Their hard hitting and heelish style appeals to me greatly. I don't know OGK as well but this is no time to be biased. Let's see if they can impress me here. Mike Bennett comes out first, followed shortly by Matt Taven sporting new "O'G F'N K" T-Shirts. The Briscoes come out next with the usual antagonising the crowd tactics.

With both teams in the ring, The Briscoes start the match by getting the jump on OGK but eventually the offence ends with a stand off between the two teams. Matt Taven and Mark Briscoe start the match properly fighting back and forth before tagging in Jay and Mike.

Mike tries to get in some offence but is taken down to the mat. The Brisoes isolate Mike with some quick tags and vicious chops. Mike eventually fights back and gets the tag to Matt, who hits a Missile Dropkick on Mark Briscoe. Jay hits Matt with some jabs and a DDT before quickly tagging Mark back in.

Matt sends Mark to the outside and Mike picks him up on his shoulders. Matt attempts a high flying move but Jay hits a Hurricanrana, leaving Mike with no choice but to drop Matt head first on the hardest part of the ring. Matt hits a top rope Moonsault onto Jay and Mike on the outside, knocking both men to the floor. Jay Briscoe hits a top rope move of his own, downing all three men on the outside again.

Mike and Matt hit some double team offence on Jay in the ring, but it's broken up by Mark who eats a Superkick and Spear for his trouble. Jay reverses a Piledriver to get the hot tag to Mark. Mark dives off the apron to hit Matt on the outside. Mark hits a flying elbow on Matt in the ring but Mike breaks it up at a two count.

Jay throws a chair to Mark who sets it up in the ring, The Briscoes attempt to slam their opponents onto the chair but OGK put a stop to it, Instead Mark uses the chair as leverage to hit Mike on the outside. Matt manages to roll up Jay and it's all over.

Winner - OGK by pinfall 

I am surprised at this result, I had expected The Briscoes to continue their dominant run through the tag team division but Mike Bennett and Matt Taven proved to be too much for them. I can see them potentially getting a tag team title shot in the future with a win here over such a dominant team.

Match Five - ROH Pure Championship - Josh Woods vs Jonathan Gresham (c)

I really love the ROH Pure division and it's unique rules and technical offence. Only three rope breaks a piece and after that the only way to break submissions is somehow leave the ring. Josh Woods comes into this match a clear underdog as Jonathan Gresham has been a fantastic champion, impressing me PPV after PPV in these matches.

Woods enters the ring first and is shortly followed by Gresham in his usual Octopus mask carrying his flag, a trademark of his. With both men in the ring and the introductions out the way, the match begins with some quick back and forth action, before a stand off as the fans cheer for both men. Woods has Gresham in the knuckle lock, taking him to the mat for some quick two counts, both men fight it out in the hold back and forth. Both men make it to the ropes but somehow avoid losing a ropebreak from the referee. The referee interferes to break the hold finally and makes the decision to take a rope break off both men leaving them at two a piece.

Woods takes Gresham to the mat who counters with a head scissors in the centre of the ring. Woods eventually powers out, earning multiple two counts as he holds Gresham down. Woods climbs to the top rope and Gresham tries to counter, but he slides out and reverses a German, managing to slam Gresham off the top rope to the mat. The damage is done to Woods arm and he's unable to hit some powerful offence on Gresham. The referee tries to gain control, repremanding both men, and the action continues once more with Woods getting Gresham in an arm bar and once more the referee calls for both rope breaks leaving both men with just one remaining.

Gresham has Woods in an inside cradle, rolling Woods round the ring and getting a three count but both shoulders appear to be down. The referee declares the match a draw and Gresham retains the title!

But wait! Gresham grabs a microphone and asks for the match to be restarted, he doesn't want his record to be tarnished. He states he will be 13-0 after this match and the clock continues as the match restarts.

Both men start exchanging blows to get the action back underway. Both men lose their final rope break after finding themselves in an almost figure four-like position and exchanging blows and kicks. Now neither men has a rope break left, what a match this has been so far!

Gresham gets Woods in a Sunset Flip pinning predicament to earn a two count. Woods manages to reply with a Sleeper and Body Scissors on the mat. Gresham escapes and kicks Woods injured arm once more. Gresham goes for a high flying move but eats a knee to the face from Woods. Gresham counters the Chaos Theory and starts working over Woods arm and neck, earning a two count with a Crucifix Pin. Woods now has Gresham in an Ankle Lock and Gresham gets to the ropes but he's out of rope breaks. Gresham powers out but finds himself taken down with a Chaos Theory for a two count.

Both men exchange blows and are looking exhaused after such an intense match. after a couple more pin attempts Gresham goes for a signature hold, but Woods stands up and with one arm picks Gresham up and hits a suplex from a piledriver position. It's all over.

Winner and NEW ROH Pure Champion - Josh Woods 

Best match on the card right here but I would expect nothing less from the ROH Pure Division which is fast becoming my favourite division in ROH. The technical abilities of both men made the match extremely enjoyable. The referee made the right call stripping men of rope breaks when things were out of hand. Gresham showed he was a worthy champion, refusing to accept a draw that would have seen him retain. Woods finally toppling Gresham means he walks away champion and I look forward to seeing his reign.

Match Six - ROH World Six-Man Championship - LFI (Dragon Lee, Kenny King & La Bestia Del Ring) vs Shane Taylor Promotions (Jasper Kaun, Moses Maddox, & O'Shay Edwards) (c)

The second six man tag match of the night sees the titles being defended by Shane Taylor Promotions as they take on LFI. As I said earlier, I am not a fan of six man tag team matches but they have a title division so I guess it appeals to others.

Before the match gets underway, Kenny King grabs a chair and attacks Shane Taylor. Taylor looks unable to fight so O'Shay Edwards steps up to take the leaders place. All six men get in the ring with tempers already high.

Kenny King and O'Shay start the match. Quick tags from Shane Taylor Promotions as they attempt to wear down Dragon Lee, who fights back using quick reversals and following up with offence of his own. Moses and Bestia get the tag and the two big men seem evenly matched as they Irish whip each other from corner to corner.

King and O'Shay get back in the ring. O'Shay gets some stiff shots in on Kenny. Kenny switches it up a gear trying to counter with his speed advantage, but the power advantage of O'shay becomes too much as he slams Kenny to the mat with a brutal Spinebuster.

King and Jasper fight in the ring and Dragon Lee grabs Jaspers foot, allowing King to hit a spinning kick to his head. Jasper is isolated in the corner as Lee, King and Bestia take it in turns to wear him down. Moses gets the hot tag and unleashes on Lee and Bestia, hitting Lee with a brutal powerbomb. The air on this move was incredible but it only earns a two count.

O'Shay gets the tag and hits his signature move to earn another two count as it's broken up. O'Shay takes all three men down, finishing with a Sitdown Powerbomb on Lee but King breaks up the count.

O'Shay comes out ahead after all hell breaks loose between the two teams and hits a splash on King, but it's broken up at two. O'Shay is taken down on the outside by Bestia. This is followed by some over the top rope dives onto the outside by Lee, Jasper, King and Moses.

Back in the ring, King and Moses battle it out, King hits a Spinebuster and goes to the top rope and hits the Springboard Blockbuster. Shane Taylor returns and  smashes King in the head with a chair, he's out! Moses covers King and it's all over.

Winner and STILL ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions - Shane Taylor Promotions 

This was an ok match and I really enjoyed the storytelling. O'Shay looked set for revenge on King throughout and the return of Shane Taylor to get some revenge on King to finish the match was well thought out as a finish. I have seen a lot worse six man tag matches in my time.

Match Seven - Tournament Final to Crown the Inaugural ROH Womens World Champion - Rok-C vs Miranda Alize

Next up was a highly anticipated match between Rok-C and Miranda to decide who would be the first ever ROH World Womens Champion. I am happy to see womens wrestling has evolved and the influx in talent from womens divisions worldwide has been amazing. During the tournament Rok-C beat Sumie Sakai, Quinn Mckay and Angelina Love and Miranda beat Alex Gracia, Nicole Savoy and Trish Adora. 

Both women come to the ring and go through the usual introductions associated with a big title match. Rok-C goes for a handshake but Miranda kicks her hand away and the action starts with a lock up. The fans seem behind Rok-C. Rok-C locks in a hammer Lock and goes into an impressive bridge, before locking in the Ankle lock. Both women show some good technical work back and forth before they find themselves back on their feet into a brief stand-off. 

Rok-C counters the Head Scissors by cartwheeling away, taking a bow. Miranda walks over and hurts her hand on Rok-C with a vicious slap. Rok-C is angry and she goes on the attack, hitting rights and lefts with the ground and pound. Miranda slams her head first from the middle rope to earn a two count and shut Rok-C down. 

Miranda gets Rok-C in the corner as the chops echo around the arena and follows up with a stiff kick and a Suplex to earn a two count. Miranda keeps on Rok-C with a headlock until Rok-C wisely gets towards the ropes. Both women fight near the ropes until Miranda hits a Hurricanrana from the outside, but again only two.

Miranda puts her knee into Rok-C's back, hyperextending the arms and putting pressure on the back, but eventually Rok-C is able to escape and fight back. Rok-C climbs to the middle rope and hits a Deaths Press and the Roks-Knees for a two count. 

Miranda is in charge again hitting a Go-2-Sleep on Rok-C but only a two count. Miranda carries on the trash talk but is slapped and Dropkicked by Rok-C. Rok-C finds herself in a Front Face Lock and is DDT'd off the middle rope, still only a two count. Miranda follows up with a impressive headlock as Rok-C desperately tries to get to the ropes. Eventually Rok-C gets her foot on the rope to break the hold and gets out of the ring to safety. 

Rok-C drags Miranda out of the ring and against the barricade follows up with a dive through the ropes to the outside. Miranda retaliates with a dropkick and a dive through the ropes of her own. Both women are down on the outside and the referee is counting but both women get in at 19.

Both women fight in the ring exchanging blows and Miranda hits a Cutter out of nowhere. She fails to capitalise and eats a knee to the face. Miranda locks in her signature hold again but Rok-C counters into a Front Face Lock of her own. Miranda escapes and calls for the Drive-by but it's blocked by Rok-C who follows up with a Canadian Destroyer and it's over!

Winner and FIRST ROH Women's World Champion - Rok-C 

What a match! This match was great. Plenty of back and forth and the underdog manages to come out on top in the end. I look forward to watching Rok-C and her reign as the worthy champion she proved she was here. I was impressed by Miranda too and hopefully this loss won't hurt her too much going forward.

Main Event - Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match - ROH World Championship - Bandido (c) vs Brody King vs Demonic Flamita vs EC3

Bandido has been champion for a couple of months now and surprised me by managing to hold onto it for this long. He has his work cut out for him here, especially with Brody and EC3 in this match. EC3 has been in multiple companies and is the most experienced of the four. 

All four men enter the ring and begin staring each other down, the tension building as we look to see who will go on the attack first. Flamita begins pushing the others but runs out the ring as Brody and EC3 square up to him. Flamita grabs Bandido's leg and flings him into the barricade as EC3 and Brody exchange blows in the ring. Brody counters EC3 in the corner and hits a back elbow after a ground and pund from EC3. EC3 gets back into it, countering Brody and sending both men outside the ring.

Bandido and Flamita run into the ring and show off some impressive back and forth acrobatics. Bandido finds himself alone in the ring and dives over the top rope onto Flamita. Brody and EC3 keep fighting outside the ring and Bandido dives through the ring ropes onto them too. EC3 takes Bandido down in the ring and hits a Brain Buster. Flamita gets back in the ring to break up EC3's cover and tries to suplex him, but EC3 hits a flying Clothesline to take him down. 

EC3 hits a T-Bone on Bandido and places him on the top rope, Brody sends EC3 to the ground and tries for a Superplex on Bandido. EC3 Powerbombs Brody to the mat and throws Bandido onto him. EC3 follows up by powerbombing Bandido onto Brody but before he can follow up on Bandido, Flamita hits him with a Steel Chair across the back. EC3 grabs the chair and retaliates on Flamita but the referee sees and disqualifies EC3, sending him to the back.

The remaining three men are left in the ring and Flamita is trying to work with Bandido, but Brody takes them both to the mat with a Clothesline. Flamita and Bandido recover and start double teaming Brody, earning a two count each. Brody starts fighting back, relying on his power but Flamita manages to get him on his shoulders as Bandido hits a top rope Elevated Mexican Destroyer. Bandido turns on Flamita and sends him flying onto Brody on the outside. He follows up with a top rope Moonsault.

Flamita goes for the Muscle Buster but a kick from Brody takes both men down. He follows up with the all seeing eye on Flamita and eliminates him. And then there were two. Brody vs Bandido, the winner walking out Champion. They shake hands and get the action back underway.

Brody slams Bandido to the mat and follows up with a Piledriver to earn a two count. Bandido hits a Snapcanrana on Brody from the top rope and gets a two count before earning a second with a Crucifix pin. Bandido hits a Shooting Star Press, but Brody no sells it with a one count and follows up with a Lariat. Bandido locks the legs rolling Brody around the ring into another Crucifix pin after a Consita and it's over!

Winner and STILL ROH World Champion- Bandido

This was a decent main event. The scrappy underdog Bandido manages to get the win here to keep his reign going. EC3 still looked strong in elimination due to foul play and will probably be back for another opportunity. Brody looked good in defeat and it will have helped him being the last man. 

A very good show from ROH and the best match as expected was the ROH Pure Championship match. I think the weakest match on the card was the Dalton Castle match but I am not his biggest fan anyway, so I would think that.

What did you think of ROH Death Before Dishonor XVIII?

What was you favourite match?

Let us know in the comments.