P-Nut's PPV Perspective - Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2021

Slammiversary is in the books, and P-Nut now gives us his perspective on all the happenings from the show!

P-Nut's PPV Perspective - Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen it's time for another instalment of P-Nut's PPV Perspective! we have, what can only be described as an Impact PPV that happened to review today. Impact Wrestling's very own birthday event, Slammiversary, which took place on Saturday the 17th of July from Nashville, Tennessee. Impact Wrestling are usually pretty inconsistent with PPV quality, but hopefully this show won't disappoint too much. With that out the way, lets get started with...

Match 1 - Ultimate X Match - Impact Wrestling X Division Championship - Josh Alexander (c) vs Petey Williams vs Trey Miguel vs Ace Austin vs Chris Bey vs Rohit Raju 

We begin the PPV with Impact's own twist on a ladder match, the Ultimate X match. The concept is simple, you have to climb up onto the red ropes where the title is hanging above the ring. These matches are chaotic, fast paced, high flying, multi man matches. 

The match begins and it's not long before Chris Bey makes a break for the high ropes, but Josh Alexander quickly pulls him down. Next, Rohit tries his luck but he's not quite tall enough as the crowd chant "JUMP!" Ace Austin tries to climb up but Rohit pushes him to the outside and Ace manages to turn it into a moonsault onto all the other competitors. Rohit has a rope in the ring and tries an embarasing amount of times to hook the ropes above the ring to try climb up, but is stopped by Petey Williams. Chris Bey swings across with Trey in pursuit, but both are taken down by Rohit who spears Bey from the top rope in mid air. Everyone except Rohit is in the corner on the top rope about to be powerbombed by Josh Alexander until Rohit gets in the ring with a hooked stick attempting to unhook the X Division Championship, before using it as a weapon on everyone, one by one. Rohit stands on a chair trying to play 'hook a duck' for the title but is dropkicked by Trey off the chair. Josh Alexander swings across the ropes now with Petey Williams in pursuit going for a body scissors, but Alexander is hanging tough like it's an episode of Gladiators. Petey is able to drop down and grab Alexander's foot, who then pulls him down and throws him out the ring. Whle everyone is locking submission holds on each other in the ring Alexander climbs up and is able to get an ankle lock on Bey, before Rohit gets him off the ropes using a chair. Austin is almost to the title until Bey hits a cutter on him in mid air. Petey looks set to climb up and win after hitting two canadian destroyers on the only standing competitors in the ring, but Alexander and Bey manage to tear him down using a piggy back, as Petey hits a Canadian destroyer on Bey from the top.

Bey and Alexander hang from the middle of the ropes exchanging chops. They both have the title in a tug of war, and Ace Austin tries to jump from the top rope to grab it but misses. Eventually Bey is down and it's all over, Alexander has won.

Winner and STILL Impact Wrestling X Division Champion - Josh Alexander

That was an amazing match, even if it was almost impossible to write about, as so much action happened in such an incredibly short amount of time. That is exactly why I love these matches though. Never a dull moment. Fantastic match that is textbook Ultimate X.

Backstage Interview

Gina Miller is backstage outside Kenny Omega's locker room with Don Callis. Don Callis makes reference to Tommy Dreamer firing him and states that real men don't quit, even when they are fired. He states Tommy Dreamer's 'Bladed fingers' are all over the no DQ stipulation that Omega will be wrestling in later tonight. He says the no DQ stipulation only benefits Sami Callahan. He reminds Sami if he was anywere but Impact Wrestling he would be in prison and not getting rewarded with a title match. Callis is concerned that a sociopath like Sami is going to scar Omega in the match later. Callis passionately  talks about how he's always been there for Omega, who he describes as a God, and says when Omega beats him with the one winged angel his work in Impact Wrestling will finally be complete.

Usual promo work from Callis who is to Omega what Heyman was to Brock Lesnar. Great promo to build up the match later but I would expect nothing less from the invisible hand.

Match 2 - Brian Myers and Tenille Dashwood vs Matt Cardona and Mystery Partner

The big question going into this match is who will be the mystery partner? Brian and Tenille walk to the ring shortly followed by Matt Cardona who introduces his mystery partner, and it's Chelsea Green. Surprising considering she has already said she is too injured to wrestler in Ring of Honor for a month, as her arm is still broken. She comes out complete with pop and cast and proceeds to kiss her fiancé Cardona. The crowd chant welcome back as they come down to the ring. Tenille and Chelsea talk smack to each other and exchanged slaps before being seperated by their respective male counterparts as the match begins.
Myers and Cardona start the match off and it's all Cardona, as he stomps Myers in the corner and knocks him to the floor on the outside. Myers gets back into it with a flatliner on the ramp and climbs back into the ring. Tenille attacks Cardona on the ropes as her entourage helps attack him while the ref's back is turned, before they all pose for a selfie with Cardona being held by Myers. Cardona hits a neck breaker and tries to tag in Chelsea, but Tenille takes her off the apron. Both women enter the ring and it's all Chelsea, who goes for a cover but is dragged off by Myers. Tenille goes for a low blow on Cardona but hurts her hand on the foreign object Cardona reveals was in his trunks. Cardona rubs the object in Myers face and Chelsea hits him with a Canadian Destroyer, our fourth of the night.
Chelsea hits an unprettier after a low blow on Tenille, making me wonder if that would even hurt a woman, and it's over. Chelsea Green and Cardona have won.
Winner - Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green by Pinfall
Nice match that is short and sweet. I was surprised to see Chelsea Green wrestle after stating in ROH that she isn't cleared for a whole month, but perhaps that is just to give her the opportunity to wrestle in this match and engage with this feud. Unsurprising that they won though, with Chelsea and Matt curently looking good everytime they step though the curtain.
Match 3 - Eddie Edwards vs W. Morrissey
Morrissey has been extremly dominant lately, so let's see if he can keep his momentum going here. The commentators make reference to Morrissey and how much he has been injuring wrestlers lately. Hopefully, they are only kayfabe injuries to build him up and not knock them down. Both wrestlers come to the ring and the fans are behind Eddie here. 
The bell rings and the match begins with a stare down and some pushes from both competitors, before some chops from Eddie. Morrissey has him in the ropes and breaks on the ref's four count a couple of times. Morrissey kicks Eddie off the turnbuckle to the outside, and Eddie tries to keep chopping Morrissey but finds himself thrown against the ring apron and barricades. Back in the ring and it's still all Morrissey as he gets Eddie in the ropes for some repeated hard blows. Eddie repeatedly counters the offence from Morrissey hitting a vertical suplex and more chops, before a failed dive attempt sees him Chokeslammed into the hardest part of the ring shutting him down. Eddie counters Morrissey with a back body drop on the top of the ramp and quickly hits his version of the V trigger. Both wrestlers fight back in the ring and Eddie hits a Blue Thunder Bomb, but only manages to get a two count as the crowd chant 'that was three!'
Morrissey unwraps what appears to be some studded tape off his boot and cracks Eddie in the head with it. He then hits him with a powerbomb to end the match
Winner - W. Morrissey by pinfall
Morrissey is looking very ripped since his days of Enzo and Big Cass, making me feel he's essentially Ripped Cass now instead. As a side note, I really love Eddie's entrance music, but I digress. The match itself was good. Morrissey is still undefeated and Eddie didn't look like he was in a squash match, as he did occasionally get some good offence in.
Video Package
A video promo plays and it's Moose. Moose starts by talking about how Sabin has made a mistake comparable to going all in on a poker game when your mortgage is due, or driving at 100 mph down a free way, and the consequences will be worse than failing to pay his mortgage or ending up in a car wreck. I think Sabin is lucky though because nothing is worse than a stupid name like Moose and calling yourself a wrestling God. 
Interview Segement
At ringside the winner of the Impact Wrestling super fan contest Miguel Contrerez is being interviewed. He is asked about which match he is most looking forward to and he speaks highly of Deonna Purrazzo and her mystery opponent later tonight, Fire and Flava that were on the preshow and hopefully seeing Sami win the Impact World Title later tonight, but the segment is interrupted by Fulton and Shera who are angry that they were banned from ringside during the Ultimate X match. They start intimidating the referee before Scott D'Amore comes out to break it up. He grabs a microphone and says he is very excited to see fans back in the Impact Zone. He talks highly of the Ultimate X match to cheers from the fans, before talking about being upset a couple of clods are taking his ring and show hostage. He books them in an imprompt match with FinJuice.
Match 4 - FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) & vs Shera and Fulton
The bell rings and the match is official. Juice Robinson and Shera get the match underway with some fast paced action before Fulton is tagged in, and is immediately hit by some good double team offence. Finlay hits a dudley dog using Juice for leverage and it's over.
Winners - FinJuice by pinfall
Very short and quick match. Nothing much to say other than it was nice to see FinJuice.
Match 5 - Chris Sabin vs Moose
Moose comes down to the ring with his terrible entrance  music that is basically just the word Moose over and over to some generic music. Honestly, whoever thought this was any good in creative wants sacking. Chris Sabin on the other hand comes out to the traditional Motor City Machine Guns theme which is a classic tune from the glory days of TNA.
The match begins with Sabin launching multiple kicks to Moose's shin, as he ducks the offence from Moose. Moose kicks him to the outside and nurses his leg a bit. Sabin repeatedly drops Moose's leg against the hardest part of the ring. Back in the ring, Sabin hits a hurricanrana off the top rope and keeps working the leg with multiple dragon screws and a figure four leg lock. Moose finally catches Sabin and hits him with the snake eyes to the middle turnbuckle, as he continues selling his leg before slamming Sabin from one side of the ring to the other. Moose sits Sabin on the apron and starts hitting him with multiple audible chops to the chest as the crowd chant "Moose!" and "one more time" before following up with a drop kick. Back in the ring, Moose tries to rip open Sabin's Jaw but Sabin responds by biting him to release the hold. Sabin takes Moose down on the outside with a stunning kick and a high flying dive. He gets Moose back in the ring to hit a high flying DDT for a two count. Moose grabs Sabin from the top rop and hits him with a fallaway moonsault. Sabin hits Moose on the outside with rights and lefts but is caught going for a hurricanrana, before Moose slams him into the ring apron and the barricade.
Sabin gets back in the ring to the count of nine. After mulltiple near falls, Sabin rolls him up into a cover sitting on his shoulders for the three count.  
Winner - Chris Sabin by pinfall
I was pleasantly surprised by this result. I was expecting Moose to win here but the fast paced, high flying offence from Sabin proved to be the diffrence maker. I am not a fan of Moose, so I'm glad he lost. Guess even wrestling Gods can't slay every demon before them...GOOD!
Match 6 - IMPACT World Tag Team Championship - Violent By Design (c) vs Rich Swann and Willie Mack vs Fallah Bah and Mystery Partner vs The Good Brothers
As the competitors enter the ring the big question is, who will be the mystery partner for Fallah Bah? It's No Way Jose! He comes out with his usual Adam Rosesque entourage. Very good choice to replace TJP. Let's see if it's enough to pull off a surprise upset here.
No Way Jose and Rich Swann start this match off with a handshake after a little bit of posturing and playing up to the crowd, who are happy to see No Way Jose in this match. The match properly begins with grapples and one legged kicks before Anderson blind tags himself in. Jose takes him to the corner to tag in Fallah, who takes Anderson to the ground and slams Jose onto him. Willie Mack is tagged in as he and Swann double team Anderson, who eventually gets to the corner and tags in Gallows. Gallows quickly attacks Swann with stiff punches, kicks and elbows before tagging Anderson back in who antagonises the crowd. Gallows is back in as they double team Swann, before Gallows throws him across the ring. Swann finally escapes the Good Brothers quick tagging offence to get the hot tag on Jose, who starts dominating Anderson until he is hit with a spinebuster. Gallows and Doering are the legal men now and they stare each other down before exchanging blows. The match breaks down into an all out brawl between everyone.
Rhyno finally is tagged in by Doering who looks to gore Jose, but Anderson hits a cutter into the Magic Killer and The Good Brothers have won their titles back. 
Winner and NEW IMPACT World Tag Team Champions - The Good Brothers by pinfall
I always prefer matches like this to be elimination, but that's just my opinion. I just love my elimination matches! Still this match was entertaining, and it's nice to see The Good Brothers back on top of the tag team division. No Way Jose was a nice surprise as he enters the Impact Zone and it will be good to see what he does going forward.
Match 7 - IMPACT Knockouts Championship - Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Mystery Opponent
Purrazzo has been pretty much unstoppable since winning the womens title, and the mystery opponent builds alot of suspense, so who will it be? It's Thunder Rosa! Not overly surprising, as she's been turning up all over the place and has faced nearly every women's champion now. She comes out to a huge pop from the crowd, but will she win here? 
The referee calls for the bell, getting this match underway as each woman starts in opposite corners. They circle each other before going for a lock up to start the action. They both go for an arm drag at the same time and it's a stalemate stare down. Purrazzo catches Rosa outside the ring and drags her through the middle into a brutal divorce cork. Rosa reverses the submission hold by Purrazzo and slams her into the corner. Purrazzo places Rosa in the corner for a superplex, but Rosa counters into a missile dropkick and hits multiple clotheslines, before hitting a dropkick on Purrazzo in the corner. Purrazzo gets Rosa in an arm bar, but Rosa counters into a sleeper hold before finding herself back in an armbar. Rosa climbs to the top rope and exchanges blows with Purrazzo, getting the better of her before hitting a two footed stomp on the back for a two count. Rosa calls for the end and attempts a Thunder Driver, but Purrazzo counters into a roll up for a two count. Purrazzo finishes the match with a brutal pile driver to cover for a three count. Purrazzo has retained her title against Rosa. Fantasic match from these two.
Winner and STILL IMPACT Knockouts Champion - Deonna Purrazzo by pinfall
Post Match Segement
Hardcore Country sounds through the arena as Mickie James comes out and enters the ring armed with a microphone. The crowd chant 'welcome back' as she says it's great to be back in front of a live audience. Purrazzo grabs a mic and says it's her moment and her women's division. Mickie says she has been watching Purrazzo, and lists her achievments before she invites Purrazzo to come to NWA Empowerrr. Purrazzo says obviously you want me on your show, but she feels disrespected by Mickie and says she needs to "grab her trashbag" and leave. Mickie responds with a hard slap and a chick kick, leaving Purrazzo laying as she leaves.
This match was pure quality from these two. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Purrazzo is still dominating as champion which is nice to see. I would love to see Mickie James vs Deonna Purrazzo somewhere down the line. That match would be one for the ages, especially since Deonna Purrazzo has a clean win over Gail Kim.
Main Event - No DQ Match - IMPACT World Championship - Kenny Omega (c) vs Sami Callihan
The usual video package plays explaining the story thus far, and Sami's rise to the Impact Championship, including his and Don Callis's firing. Sami enters the ring to the roar of the crowd. Callis comes out to music that you would expect from a groom at a wedding, and it is horrendously bad. Armed with a flower on his over the top jacket, he bekons Omega into the Impact Zone. It's getting silly how many titles Omega has now! Both men are introduced by the guest ring announcer, but it's not long before Don Callis snatches the microphone and does his usual over the top introduction for Kenny Omega. 
Sami has heard enough and he attacks Omega from behind, as he hits a piledriver for an early two count. Sami is looking for weapons already and throws a chair into the ring as well as a trash can. Sami sets a chair up and gets Omega in a chin lock, and grabs a fork trying to stab Omega's forehead with it. Omega tries to take Sami to the ground, but Sami attacks him with a Pizza cutter. Omega is busted open already. Omega counters the attack eventually with some quick blows to the head but finds himself outside the ring after a reversal. Omega hits Sami with a trash can lid from the outside and gets some weapons of his own. Omega starts repeatedly hitting Sami with baking trays and wet floor signs. Omega sets a trashcan up in the corner and hits a moonsault, but it only hits Sami's leg. The commentators do well to cover up the obvious botch. Omega sets up a chair in the corner and kicks out of a pin attempt and at two, before he sends Sami face first into it. Now Sami is busted open by Omega's malicious assault. Omega rams a fork into Sami's open wounds as the blood continues to flow. Omega starts ripping at Sami's open mouth, viciously stretching it like it's a popular 90's toy. Omega finishes playing Stretch Armstrong with Sami's open mouth and they fight on the outside. Omega does a two footed stomp from the ring to the table that was strategically placed on Sami. Omega sets a table up on the outside. Omega attemps a pile driver on the table, but Sami counters with a piledriver of his own, shattering the table. Sami starts throwing even more weapons into the ring, finding time to even hit Omega with a flying trash can. He repeatedly hits Omega with more trash cans before slamming him through the wooden board in the corner. Sami grabs a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire. Sami attempts a razors edge on Omega but Omega counters and slams Sami face first into the barbed wire chair, and hits him with a V trigger for a two count. Omega stacks up multiple weapons and superplex's Sami onto them. Omega hits the V trigger and goes for a one winged angel but it's countered and Sami hits a tombstone onto the barbed wire chair. Omega throws salt into Sami's face tricking him into hitting a pliedriver on the referee. Omega grabs his title with the ref down, for some reason in a No DQ match, and hits Sami with it. Omega hits a piledriver in the middle of the ring and a second referee runs down to count to two, before he is also downed. The Good Brothers try to interfere but are chased to the back by Chris Sabin and Eddie Edwards. Sami hits a piledriver for a long two count from the recovering Hebner. Like father, like son I guess. Sami grabs a bag from under the ring full of thumbtacks that he sprinkles onto the ring mat. Callis distracts Sami from the apron and Omega hits the V trigger, before he rubbed his knees in the thumbtacks and hit another.
Sami must have told Omega he was hungry because Omega obliges by feeding him a tasty meal of thumbtacks. Omega hits Sami with the one winged angel into the thumbtacks to end the match. 
Winner and STILL Impact World Champion - Kenny Omega by pinfall
Post Match Segment 
Omega barely has time to celebrate with the Good Brothers and Don Callis as they go to 'too sweet' each other. Bullet Club's music sounds through the arena and out comes 'Switchblade' Jay White, who enters the ring. As Omega's posse try to 'too sweet' Jay White, the PPV ends abruptly. Guess we need to tune into Impact Wrestling to see what's going to happen with this.
Fantastic brutal hardcore match. It was obvious Kenny was going to win, and to the surprise of no one, he did. Sami looked great throughout though and I really enjoyed the Pizza Cutter section of the match. Innovating and different. Jay White turning up at the end and the cliffhanger was also pretty interesting.
The PPV was good in places, and not too bad in the worst places. Nothing really bad to say about it and the mystery opponents delivered every time. 
Guess we will have to tune into Impact to see what happens next.
What do you think will happen next?
Did you enjoy Slammiversary?
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