P-Nut's PPV Perspective - AEW All Out 2021

P-Nut gives his unique view and opinion on the most recent AEW PPV

P-Nut's PPV Perspective - AEW All Out 2021

P-Nut's PPV Perspective - AEW All Out 2021

What an amazing PPV AEW put on over the weekend! Many are calling it one of the best PPV's in recent memory, but what went down? The show took place on September 5th 2021 at the Now Arena in Illinois in front of 10,126 fans. I am P-Nut from Real Rasslin and it's time for another "PPV Perspective" as we look back on what made this PPV so great and why. The PPV started with...

Match One - TNT Championship - Miro (c) vs. Eddie Kingston 

Recently AEW changed the TNT Title to be more custom designed for each individual champion. Miro is the first to benefit from having his own custom title, but the 'Mad King' Eddie Kingston is no slouch and has had a run deserving of a midcard title. Eddie Kingston comes out first to a great crowd reaction sporting a 'Deez Nuts' t-shirt. Miro comes out next and we are reminded by the commentators that Miro is undefeated in AEW, but will that 13-0 run come to an end here?

The match starts with a stare down as the crowd builds anticipation. Miro goes for a Game Over early but Eddie attempts to counter it into a Full Nelson, but Miro rolls out of the ring to the outside. Miro slowly gets back in the ring and eats some vicious chops in the corner. Eddie follows up with a Suplex sending Miro back to the outside but this time he gives chase.

Eddie finds himself thrown into the barricade but eventually counters with a boot to Miro's face. Eddie tries to follow up with a crossbody off the apron but eats a Powerslam from Miro. Miro starts to bounce Eddie off the ring posts and goes on the attack in the ring. Eddie tries to fight back with some slaps to Miro but is quickly sent back to the mat with a single blow.

The fight continues and Miro sends Eddie into the corner with an impressive dropkick and follows up by charging into Eddie, who retaliates with more vicious chops. Miro is once again sent to the outside of the ring and Eddie tries to follow up with a high flying move, but is countered by a Miro blow. The momentum shifts in Eddie's favour as he calls for the Spinning Backfist but Miro once again rolls to the outside. This time Eddie dives out the ring hitting a Elbow on Miro. Back in the ring Eddie hits a Fisherman Suplex pin fall attempt for a two count.

Miro regains control and hits Eddies back repeatedly in the corner and follows up with a German Suplex as the ring post cover comes flying off. Miro hits a brutal head kick to Eddie and follows up with the Game Over. Eddie manages to get a rope break as the crowd erupts and Eddie hits a DDT earning a two count.

Eddie tries to send Miro into the exposed turnbuckle but the referee blocks it. Miro hits a low blow on Eddie as the referee's view is blocked and follows up with two brutal head kicks to end the match.

Winner and STILL TNT Champion - Miro by pinfall

Perfect way to start the show. Both competitors worked a stiff match and welts could visibly be seen growing on the chest of Miro. Miro remains undefeated in 14 straight matches and 7 straight title defences. Eddie loses nothing in defeat here after such a good back and forth showing. 

Match Two - Jon Moxley vs. Satoshi Kojima

The second match of the night was between Moxley and Kojima. This is a match made possible by the "forbidden door" and Moxley's time in New Japan as IWGP United States Champion. Kojima comes out to a great reception by the crowd but it is still dwarfed by the reaction to Moxley and wild thing. Moxley comes out sporting GCW attire as he recently took the GCW title from Matt Cardona.

With both competitors in the ring, the action gets underway. Moxley rejecting the handshake and flipping Kojima off as the fans chant GCW. The two men then begin exchanging chops and blows, both mens chests already going red. Moxley goes to the outside but Kojima jumps off the top rope and Moxley's failed catch takes both men to the ground.

Moxley dives through the top rope onto Kojima on the outside. Both men finally get in the ring and Moxley hits Kojima with some vicious chops in the corner, before Kojima gets Moxley into the corner hitting some blows of his own. Kojima hits an elbow drop onto Moxley from the top rope but his offence is shut down by a Suplex. Both men climb the top rope and take it in turns to bite the other before Kojima hits a superplex on Moxley.

The fans start cheering for both Moxley and Kojima as they fight in the ring both men get some good offence in but Moxley locks in an Cross Arm Breaker slowing things back down. Kojima gets into the ropes to break the hold and reverses a Paradigm Shift into a Brain Buster earning a two count. Kojima removes his elbow pad and goes for a Lariat but it's reversed into a German Suplex.

The Paradigm Shift is reversed again by Kojima who hits a Left Arm Lariat and follows up with The Koji Cutter but the damage is done and both men are down. Eventually both men are on their feet and exchanging blows again, Moxley getting the better of Kojima and locking in a Bulldog submission hold. Kojima makes it to the ropes breaking the hold and both men make it back to their feet. Kojima hits multiple Mongolian Chops again to Moxley and goes for the Lariat once again but it's reversed into a Paradigm Shift. After a second Paradigm Shift it's all over.

Winner - Jon Moxley by pinfall

Post Match Segment

The bell rings signalling the end of the match and the fans are singing Wild Thing in celebration but the mood quickly changes as Minoru Suzuki's music hits and he begins walking down to the ring to a thunderous reaction. Suzuki and Moxley have a stare down in the ring as fans chant "Holy Shit!". Suzuki and Moxley exchange multiple blows in the ring taking it in turns to hit the other. Suzuki gets Moxley in a Rear Naked Choke and hits his version of a Piledriver and places his foot on the laid out Moxley in victory. We find out later in the night that on AEW Dynamite it will be Jon Moxley vs Minoru Suzuki.

Wow! What an incredible match and moment. I am definitely going to be tuning into Dynamite to watch Suzuki vs Moxley. That match should be fantastic between two very hard hitting workers. The Kojima vs Moxley match was extremly hard hitting in it's own right from the very start. They put on a great match that showcased Kojima's talent and continued to make Moxley look a star. 

Match Three - AEW Women's World Championship - Britt Baker (c) vs. Kris Statlander

The following match was an interesting choice because they decided to put the Women's Championship match lower on the card than the Number One Contenders Casino Battle Royal. It is made more interesting because the Battle Royal was originally scheduled for the pre-show. Britt Baker has been the womens champion everyone had hoped she would be, so much so most people have written off Kris Statlander completely here.

Once both women have entered the ring and been announced, they start the match off with a lock up and after some good technical wrestling, Kris gets Britt in a choke hold. Britt escapes and with both women back on their feet Britt goes for the Lockjaw early. Kris reverses move after move by Britt and using her unique offence she does a handstand on the top rope and kicks Britt in the head.

Britt manages to catch Kris on the top rope and hits a Fishermans Neckbreaker. Orange Cassidy exchanges words with Britt's entourage and Britt hits Kris's head off the hardest part of the ring (the apron!) Britt hits a Vertical Suplex and follows up with elbow strikes to the face, Kris fights back with elbows of her own hitting Britt in the corner and hitting a Falcon Arrow for a two count.

Britt counters Kris's offence into a DDT for a two count and puts her glove on signalling the end might be near. Kris goes for the Big Bang Theory but it's reversed into another two count. The two women fight in the corner and Kris hits a Superplex and tries to follow up with a 451 but Britt moves out of the way and applies the Lockjaw.

Kris manages to get to her feet and she slams Britt face first into the mat and follows up with the Leg Scissors for another two count. A "This is Awesome" chant can be heard throughout the arena as both women fight to the outside and Britt hits a painful Curbstomp to Kris. Cassidy screams at Kris and wills her back into the ring and she reverses the Lockjaw into the Spider Crab submission hold. Britt kicks her way out of the hold and follows up with more in the corner.

Britt hits her version of her boyfriend's move the Panama Sunrise and gets Kris in the Lockjaw for the submission win.

Winner and STILL AEW Women's World Champion DR. Britt Baker D.M.D. by submission

Kris Statlander might have been written off as actually winning the match but it didn't stop her looking good. Britt Baker continues her run as champion and managed it without much help from her stable which is rare. Another good match from the AEW Womens Division. 

Backstage Segment 

Andrade and Chavo are being interviewed backstage about Andrade's match with Pac which has had to be moved to Rampage due to travel issues. Andrade is asked if he was responsible for the issues and despite his denials Chavo gives off the impression that he might have been involved. The segment ends with Andrade calling for "no more excuses" and offering to pay for the flight himself to face Pac on Rampage.

Match Four - Steel Cage Match - AEW World Tag Team Championship - The Young Bucks (c) vs. The Lucha Bros.

The next match was an amazing match of the year candidate between potentially two of the best tag teams in the world. The cage match stipulation should stop the usual Elite shenanigans, leaving these two to really settle who the best team is. The Lucha Bros. had a nice live performance involved in their entrance whilst The Young Bucks came out to their usual Superkick Party entrance. The Good Brothers and Don Callis join them but head to the back after wishing them luck. 

The match began with a stare down with all four men exchanging blows. The Young Bucks try escape the cage early but Penta gives Fenix a leg up to knock them both down. The Lucha's and Bucks fight in the corner and both teams do-se-do to hit the other in the corner. Fenix hits a hurricanrana and Penta follows up by attacking the other Buck in the corner. The Luchas hit a good double team move on Matt and earn a two count.

The Bucks are sent head first off the cage and the Luchas follow up with two Spears. The momentum shifts to the Bucks and they hit some good double team moves on both of the Lucha Bros. utilising the cage. Matt starts choking Fenix out with a chain but the powerbomb into the cage is reversed into a Huricanrana and Penta hits a Slingblade shifting the momentum and finishing off with a Backstabber for a two count.

The Luchas fail a double kick on the Bucks and now all the participants exchange Cutters as the hit them one after another, finishing with a Fenix double cutter into Penta's Made in Japan for another two count. The fans are already chanting "This is Awesome" and we've only just started. The Bucks regain control and Matt holds Penta in place for a Top Rope Senton and a Spike Piledriver by Nick for a two count. The Luchas try to get back in the match but both eat a low blow from Matt.

The Bucks continue their double team offence on Fenix and Pentagon and they start trying to rip off their masks to a chorus of boos. Fenix is Lawn Darted off the cage and Cuttler who is ringside throws a bag over the cage to the Bucks. Inside the bag is a trainer with thumbtacks attached to the bottom which Matt promptly switches his boot out for. Penta saves Fenix from being kicked in the head only to take the kick himself.

With Matt perched on the top turnbuckle Penta is sent face first into the thumbtacked shoe. The Bucks signal for a BTE Trigger but Fenix gets to his feet only to eat a Superkick from the thumbtacked shoe. The Bucks hit the BTE Trigger on Pentagon but he's able to kick out at two. Fenix is able to counter the offence by the Bucks and fights them both off before grabbing the thumbtacked shoe and hitting the Bucks in the face with it hard. Penta and Matt hit tandem offence on Fenix and Nick as both deliver the Package Piledriver onto the hardest part of the ring. Penta hits a Canadian Destroyer off the top rope to Matt to which the fans chant "Holy Shit" and "Fight Forever". All four men exchange Chops and Superkicks until all four men are eventually laid out.

After an Ineffector from the Lucha Bros only gets a two count Fenix decides to climb to the top of the cage and hits a Cross Body on all three men. This is quickly followed up by a double team move and it's all over.

Winners and NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions - The Lucha Bros. by pinfall

This was an incredible match of the year candidate. Best match on the card and the fans reaction throughout said it all. I am extremely happy to see the Lucha Bros. as new Tag Team Champions finally and look forward to the amazing title matches that are to come down the road. The Bucks introducing the Thumbtacked Trainers was unique to me and was quite a brutal edition to the match. 

Match Five - 21 Woman Casino Battle Royal for a future AEW Womens Championship title opportunity

Who doesn't love a good Battle Royal? The Casino Battle Royals have been the talk of many an AEW PPV. Four suits divided between the wrestlers involved and a lone Joker entering at the end, usually a surprise. Will the winner have what it takes to topple Britt Baker from the top of the women's division?

The first suit was Clubs meaning out first was Hikaru Shida, Skye Blue, Emi Sakura, The Bunny and Abadon. The bell rang and the match got underway. Sakura went right for Shida, with Abadon and Bunny going for Skye Blue. Sakura and Shida get an early advantage but Abadon comes up behind them both taking Shida down in the corner. Skye Blue finds herself outside the ropes and is eliminated by Abadon who is quickly eliminated by Bunny. Sakura and Shida fight in the ring and Bunny breaks up the Surfboard Stretch. 

The second suit is Diamonds which means Anna Jay, Kiera Hogan, KiLynn King, Diamonte and Nyla Rose join the match. Anna Jay and Bunny get into it straight away. Kiera goes for Shida and Nyla finds herself being double teamed by Shida and Sakura. Shida hits a knee to Diamonte which eliminates Sakura from the ring apron. Kiera finds herself eliminated by Nyla Rose in the corner and King joins her following a Clothesline from Nyla. Nyla reverses some top rope offence by Shida into a powerbomb over the top rope for another elimination. Diamonte has Nyla down in one corner as Bunny drops and elbow into Anna Jay in the other as the clock counts down.

The next suit is Hearts meaning Thunder Rosa, Big Swole, Riho, Jamie Hayter and Penelope Ford join the match. Rosa hits Nyla with a drop kick and beats her down in the corner. Penelope hits a stunner on Anna, Riho hits a 619 to Bunny and Ford and confusion occurs among the crowd as Riho is sent under the ropes but is still announced as eliminated and she heads to the back without complaint. Swole eliminates Diamonte with a brutal diving headbutt but Swole takes too long celebrating and is dumped out the ring by Hayter. Hayter and Nyla work on Rosa in one corner while Ford and Bunny attack with vicious kicks in the other on Anna Jay. Thunder Rosa gets some good offensive moves in fighting back as the clock ticks down again

The last suit is Spades meaning Tay Conti, Red Velvet, Leyla Hirsch, Jade Cargill and Rebel come out next. Tay goes straight for Bunny to help Anna out. Red Velvet spears Jamie Hayter and Leyla starts suplexing everyone in sight. Rebel is eliminated by Red Velvet after the splits failed to save her. Bunny and Anna fight outside on the apron  Anna kicks Bunny off to eliminate her but Ford follows up and Anna is gone too. Jade throws Leyla out of the ring onto the newly eliminated women and referees. After a bit more brawling the clock starts counting down for the final time as fans chant "Ruby Soho"

Finally the Joker is revealed and Ruby Soho by Rancid rings out through the arena as Ruby Soho (formerly Ruby Riott) debuts to a huge pop. She walks out smiling showing her "Destination AEW" jacket off and gets in the ring. Ruby goes straight for Jade and Nyla with the assistance of Rosa. Jade throws Hayer out with an irish whip and dumps out Red Velvet shortly afterwards but Nyla comes up behind Jade and throws her out too. Rosa and Ruby work together to try eliminate Nyla as Tay drops Bunny to the outside but Nyla takes advantage of the celebrating to eliminate her too. Rosa and Ruby look in trouble as Nyla is standing tall hitting blows and even a Samoan Drop. Nyla puts Ruby in a Tree of Woe in the corner and tries to turn her attention to Rosa but is quickly eliminated. And we are down to two: Thunder Rosa and Ruby Soho.

Thunder Rosa and Ruby Soho fight back and forth teasing each one eliminating the other until both women find themselves on the apron. They exchange kicks but Ruby eventually gains the advantage and Rosa drops to the outside.

Winner - Ruby Soho 

This was a decent match. The debut of Ruby Soho seemed to be expected by the fans but it didn't stop them blowing the roof off the place when she came out. Unpopular opinion but I am a little disapointed in this result. I love Ruby Soho and I'm glad to see her in AEW but I don't like that she was able to just walk into a number one contenders spot. I would have preferred someone who has been their longer like Thunder Rosa or Penelope Ford to win. 

Match Six - Chris Jericho vs. MJF - If Jericho loses he will never wrestle again

Just like I said at SummerSlam this stipulation takes the stakes out of the match because just like Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho is not going to lose here. The entrances were intresting as we are first treated to and old school Y2J countdown. It was a swerve by MJF though as the words Jericho's last match come up on the titantron. MJF then walks out dressed as a king to even louder boos than he is acustumed to. Jericho comes out to a live guitar playing Judas by Fozzy as Jericho walks to the ring to the usual crowd singing.

With the entrances out the way, the match starts with MJF pretending to wipe his ass with Jericho's jacket and tearing up fan signs. They get in the ring and lock up, Jericho tries to run off the ropes into MJF but it's like hitting a brick wall. After some back and forth action Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but it's reversed into a pin attempt. MJF follows Jericho to the outside and after a vicious chop finds himself thrown into the guard rail as both men fight into the crowd.

Jericho thows a metal pole at MJF back at ringside and both men get back into the ring but it's short lived and MJF is sent to the outside again. Jericho gets caught in the ring apron and MJF fires off multiple shots. MJF works Jericho's arm as he taunts the fans again. Jericho fires back with chops and blows, following up with a bulldog. MJF manages to hit a top rope stomp on Jericho's arm and follows up with chops and even a headbutt as he imitates the Ric Flair strut. MJF hits a Heatseeker on the hardest part of the ring and Jericho is being counted out but he breaks the count at nine.

MJF goes for a Moonsault off the apron but misses and Jericho follows up with a Powerbomb onto the apron. Jericho tries to hit a top rope move on MJF but it's countered by MJF's knee for a two count. Jericho still can't lock MJF into the Walls of Jericho and instead hits a Lionsault. Jericho places MJF on the top rope and goes for the 10 punches but the Hurricanrana is blocked by a top rope Powerbomb by MJF. MJF has Jericho on the top rope now but Jericho reverses MJF's offence into a Codebreaker. 

Wardlow comes down to the ring but Jake Hager gets involved to stop him interfering as the referees get involved to break it up. With Aubrey Edwards back turned MJF hits Jericho with Floyd and follows up with a Judas Effect. Jericho gets his foot on the rope but the referee didn't see it and she counts the three. MJF wins?

After a referee informs Auberey that Jericho's foot was on the ropes the match is restarted. MJF is arguing with the referee and is nearly rolled up for a quick three. Jericho misses the Judas Effect and finds himself in an arm bar. Eventually Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho and it's all over.

Winner - Chris Jericho by submission

Quality match between these two. The crowd were into it throughout and MJF shows the fans exactly why he is the best heel in wrestling throughout. I never felt much danger Jericho's career might be over and it was nice to see referees decisions reversed if they are unjust. 

Match Seven - CM Punk vs. Darby Allin

It was then time for the in ring return of CM Punk as he took on Darby Allin in the next match. I had both excitement and worry about whether CM Punk would suffer ring rust or if it would be like the 2002 SummerSlam return of Shawn Michaels. Darby Allin's entrance featured a body bag that said "Best in the World" on it. This was then attached to a helicopter in the video sequence. Darby coms out initially with Sting but he is wished luck and Sting returns to the back and CM Punk came out to the usual loud roar of the crowd you would expect from a Chicago crowd.

With both wrestlers in the ring, this long anticiapted match started with both men sitting down in the ring staring at each other. They go into a lock up with Darby taking Punk to the ground. After a second lock up Punk knocks Darby to the ground with a standing shoulder tackle. The fans are chanting "Welcome Back" and "CM Punk". Darby gets Punk in a Hammerlock but he's dropped by a Punk Elbow, following up with a Powerslam. Darby is forced to quickly escape the ring to avoid a GTS as fans chant "You've still got it". Darby hits Punk in the corner with two Coffin Splashes, he picks Punk up but is thrown to the outside with a harsh Irish Whip. Punk gets Darby in a submission hold but breaks it once Darby gets to the ropes.

Punk continues to weaken Darby with a couple more submission holds including an Abdominal Stretch. Darby starts fighting back with quick strikes and a Code Red earning himself a two count. Darby goes for a Coffin Drop but CM Punk counters and tries to go for a Superplex but Darby reverses it into a Darby Driver for another two count. Punk quickly hits Darby with a GTS but Darby is knocked to the outside. Darby gets back in for a count of nine and CM Punk takes him to the corner and hits a knee to his head and signals for the GTS. Darby is able to counter after multiple elbow shots to the face of Punk. CM Punk goes to the outside but Darby is able to dive through the ropes onto him. Darby climbs the top rope and hits a Flipping Senton to Punk.

Darby imitates the GTS pose on the top rope and goes for a Coffin Drop but Punk sits up to counter it. Punk goes for the GTS again but Darby counters into the Last Supper for a two count. Punk reverses the Poisonrana into the GTS and it's over.

Winner - CM Punk by pinfall

After seven long years it was great to see CM Punk in the ring fighting again. It was nice of Sting to come out after the match and shake his hand in a good sign of sportsmanship. We were pretty sure Darby was going to put Punk over but Punk made Darby look a credible fighter and the match these two put on was great.

Match 8 - QT Marshall vs Paul Wight

Next up was probably the match everyone was least looking forward to with some calling it a sleeper match. It was the weakest match on a fantastic card but at least it was also the shortest at less than five minuites.

The match starts with QT attacking Wight who counters with a Headbutt. Wight starts using vicious Flairesque chops in the corner, QT reverses and follows up with a drop kick and quick strkes. Wight powers out of a pinfall attempt sending QT to the outside. Wight reverses the Diamond Cutter and after a few shoulder tackles call for a Chokeslam. QT's posse are getting involved but they are disposed off. QT tries to catch Wight coming off the top rope but eat a Chokeslam and its over.

Winner - Paul Wight

Glad this match was short and sweet as I had forgotten it was on the card till it happened on my first play through in all the excitement. Paul Wight won but I wasn't expecting a Legend to lose in his first match. 

Main Event - AEW World Championship - Kenny Omega (c) vs Christian Cage

It was then finally time for our Main Event. Omega and Christian have had quite a rivalry with Christian already taking the Impact title off 'The Belt Colector'. Once both men had entered the ring and the usual Championship introductions were over it was time for the match.

The match began with Omega going straight for a running knee and Christian going for the Unprettier but both are reversed. Omega hits a Huricanrana sending Christian to the outside. Omega is sent into the barricade by Christian who climbs to the top rope and dives onto Omega on the outside. Omega reverses the Irish Whip sending Christian into the ring steps, sliding in and out the ring to restart the refs count.

Omega grabs a table from under the ring placing it on Christian. He then jumps off the ring apron onto the table breaking it on Christian's prone body. Omega and Don Callis set up a table on the outside both men fight to try put the other through the table but eventually return to fighting in the ring. Omega chops Christian repeatedly in the corner before placing him on the top turnbuckle and knocking him once again to the outside. Christian lands badly and Omega goes for a Moonsault off the barricade but slips on his first attempt. He recovers very well to hit a Moonsault on his second attempt after adjusting slightly to take the barricade into account. Christian attempts to fight back in the ring but Omega hits him with a Hammerthrow into the corner following up with another signature move for a two count.

Christian catches Omega on the top rope and hits a Hurricanrana as both men lie on the matt recovering from an already grueling match. The fans are divided cheering for both wrestlers. Christian gets Omega in the corner and goes for the 10 punches and despite Omega's attempted reversal into the One Winged Angel, is successful.

Omega counters Christians offense again and again hitting a stiff knee. Omega takes Christian to the corner hitting stiff chops but Christian reverses it into a DDT. He goes for the Killswitch but it's reversed as Omega hits a Leg Lariat followed a V Trigger and Snap Dragons. Omega calls again for the V Trigger but Christian flips him off as Omega goes for a third Snap Dragon and more V Triggers. Both men fight onto the apron and Omega attempts a German Suplex and goes for the One Winged Angel onto the table below but Christian counters and hits a Spear through the table as the crowd chant "Holy Shit" and "This is awesome". Both men get back in the ring and Christian hits another two Spears but only a two count. Christian climbs to the top rop for a Splash but Omega gets the knees up. Omega hits more knees to the head of Christian finishing off with a V Trigger. Christian manages to get Omega in the Cloverleaf but Callis calls for the Good Brothers to interfere. Gallows holds Christian for Omega but eats a knee to the face for his trouble. Christian hits the Killswitch but only a two count. Christian places Omega on the top rope but Callis causes a distraction allowing Omega to recover and hit a top rope One Winged Angel and it's over.

Winner and STILL AEW World Champion - Kenny Omega by pinfall

This match was pretty good. Was it Omegas best defence? No, but it was still good, fun and enjoyable throughout. Omega continues to use Shenanigans to win his matches but thats typical stable behaviour. Omega and Christian looked great and both men walk away champions. The night was not over here though...

Post Match Segment

The Elite members join Omega in the ring and continue their assault on Christian but Jurrasic Express come out to try make the save. Unfortunately they are outnumbered and Omega and the Elite start celebrating as Omega grabs a microphone. Omega says he doesn't care about hometown heroes or where people come from. He says nobody is on his level and he's proven it day in and day out. He finishes by saying when it comes to his AEW belt the only people who would have a chance to beat him are not here (in AEW), already retired or dead.

Suddenly the lights go out and Adam Cole comes out making his debut. He looks set to challenge Omega but then he kicks Jungle Boy and hugs The Elite. The Bucks kiss him on both cheeks, a call-back to him being kicked out The Bullet Club and Omega finishes by saying Cole is their buddy. Cole declares his allegience to The Elite and Omega says Goodbye and Goodnight....but it still wasn't over. Rise of the Valkeries suddenly plays throughout the arena and Bryan Danielson walks out to the ring to a chorus of "Yes!" Chants. Omega runs off straight away leaving Bryan and the Jurassic Express to beat down the rest of The Elite to end the show.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is how you do a PPV. The debuts of Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson and Ruby Soho were incredibly well received and I'm excited to see what they do next. QT Marshall vs Paul Wight was the weakest match on the card but fortunatly it was also the shortest. The match of the night was the Cage match which will go down as one of the greatest cage matches ever. CM Punk didn't look rusty and I am excited to watch Dynamite. We know on Dynamite that Suzuki will face Moxley which will be fantastic and It's nice that a wrestling company finally has me wanting to watch week in and week out again.

What did you think of All Out?

What was your favourite match?

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