P-Nut's Pay-Per-View Perspective

Warning: This article contains spoilers and strong opinions.

P-Nut's Pay-Per-View Perspective

The Elimination Chamber is in the books and what a PPV it was. Plenty of moments and talking points came out of another big show on the road to Wrestlemania.

I am P-Nut from Real Rasslin and this im my PPV Perspective.

1. John Morrison replaces Keith Lee in the United States Championship Triple Threat Match.

Due to Keith Lee being injured and unable to compete, a fatal four way match on the pre show would determine his replacement. The match was between John Morrison, Mustafa Ali, Elias and Ricochet, with Morrison emerging the victor to earn himself a United States title opportunity.

No disrespect to John Morrison who is a good wrestler but did we really need a replacement in this match? It is unfortunate that Keith Lee was unable to compete but surely the match could have been a one on one encounter between Matt Riddle and Bobby Lashley. 

2. Matt Riddle captures the United States Championship

It's official. Matt Riddle is the new United States Champion. He edged out a close encounter despite The Hurt Business's best efforts, and those of John Morrison Matt Riddle got the pin on John Morrison and walked away victorious.

I am not a fan of Riddle's work but I can appreciate that others are and for those fans I'm sure this is a memorable moment and they are happy or him. The match itself wasn't anything special but it's nice to see a new champion as Bobby has had the title for a while now.

3. Edge chooses Roman Reigns as his Wrestlemania Opponent.

Daniel Bryan emerged victorious in the first Elimination Chamber of the night and without skipping a beat Roman Reigns came out to immediately defend his championship, leaving Daniel Bryan very little time to recover. It wouldn't be long before Roman Reigns beat the challenger and held his title above his head in victory. Then it happened, Edge came in and speared Roman to make his decision. At Wrestlemania it will be Edge vs Roman Reigns.

After the events of Smackdown, it's fair to say this could be seen as fairly inevitable. I would have preferred Edge to go for somebody like Danel Bryan or AJ Styles because I would love to see these two potential dream matches. I just hope Edge wins at Wrestlemania and opens up the possibility for some dream matches to become a reality.

 4. Nia Jax and Shayna Bazler retain their Womens Tag Team Championships

It is not really surprising they have retained these titles when they look set to fight Raquel Ginzales and Dakota Kai soon. I am just counting down the days until their loss on that day. Then the "Hole" thing can be forgotten and we can push on with much better and more exciting champions.

5. The Miz Cashes in his Money in the Bank contract to win the WWE Championship

I have saved the best for last. After a gruelling and long Elimination Chamber that saw Drew McInthighre retain his WWE Title, he suddenly found himself on the receiving end of a Bobby Lashley beat down. And then it hit. One word filed the arena and that word was AWESOME! The Miz stormed down to the ring to cash in his contract and beat Drew for the WWE Title! The PPV ended with The Miz standing tall holding his Championship!

I am a huge Miz fan and I have thought he was one of the best heels in professional wrestling for many years. I hope he can carry the belt into Wrestlemania, but he may have his work cut out for him. It is probably safe to assume that the Fast Lane PPV will see Miz vs Bobby Lashley vs Drew McIntyre. If the Miz can survive that then he is all set to be walking into Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion!

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