Original Plans for Blackpool Combat Club Revealed?

It seems the original plans for the Blackpool Combat Club were different from what we got! Get the details below.

Original Plans for Blackpool Combat Club Revealed?
The Blackpool Combat Club have become a very popular and key focus of AEW programming since AEW Revolution. The Williiam Regal led group is one of the most interesting groups in the current pro wrestling market. However originally the line up looked quite different as another young wrestler was originally picked to join the team in the spot Wheeler Yuta currently sits in. Originally Regal, Moxley and Danielson were going to be joined by.......

Daniel Garcia! The 2022 PWG Battle of Los Angeles Winner himself was set to become the Young Lion representative of the group. The Wrestling Observer reports that while Garcia was pencilled in as originally joining the BCC, Chris Jericho was instrumental in those plans being changed. Jericho was adamant that he wanted Garcia to be a ptominent member of the Sports Entertainment focussed Jericho Appreciation Society. Jericho made his wishes explicitly clear to AEW Creative, who decided to go with Lė Champion's wishes, thus the BCC line-up was changed. 
A lot of fans at the time thought Garcia would have been a perfect fit for the BCC, especially since his name was dropped alongside Wheeler Yuta and Lee Moriarty during promos from Bryan Danielson. This move does indeed show the kind of sway Jericho has backstage within the company though. This also seems like a bit of a missed opportunity as it remains to be seen if Garcia will get over being a part of a Sports Entertainment focussed stable instead of within the wrestling-centric confines of the Blackpool Combat Club. 
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