MLW Opera Cup 2020 Winner Crowned

Tom Lawlor vs Low Ki in the Opera Cup final

MLW Opera Cup 2020 Winner Crowned
The Opera Cup. (

The Opera Cup 2020 is over and another name is etched into history as two former World Heavyweight champions met in the final.

Low Ki secured his place in the final, defeating 2019 winner Davey Boy Smith Jr. in round one and followed up with a victory over Richard Holliday in round two. 

He met Filthy Tom Lawlor, who had to defeat Rocky Romero and ACH to book his place in the final. 

Tom Lawlor and Low Ki have a history together in MLW having fought each other in some classic matches. Tom Lawlor was the man that took the MLW World Heavyweight championship from Low Ki in February of 2019. 

For those new to MLW, you may be forgiven for thinking you were watching an MMA bout at some stages of this match. Tom Lawlor, a legitimate former MMA fighter and Low Ki, known for his MMA style striking and submissions. 

This match was filled with effective striking, excellent ground based grappling and both men utilising submissions, looking to wear their opponent down. Counter after counter, this was a technical masterclass. 

The quintessential cup final. Momentum swinging back and forth on a pendulum throughout the near 25 minutes match and neither man looking like they would fall. 

With both men exhausted and gasping for air, Tom Lawlor locked in a sleeper hold which Low Ki then countered into the Ki Crusher. Unfortunately for Low Ki, Filthy Tom Lawlor was too close to the ropes to get the pin. With Tom Lawlor reeling in the corner, Low Ki followed up with a running drop kick. Lawlor clings on to the referee as Low Ki then lined up the rolling Koppu Kick, which hits the target but with his shoulders on the mat and legs in the air, Filthy Tom collapses on top of Low Ki to get the pinfall victory and add his name to the history books.