NXTUK Bytesize: 9th September 2021

Paul here ready to ease you into the weekend with another bytesized NXTUK review!

NXTUK Bytesize: 9th September 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin” Paul, back once again with another bytesized NXTUK review!

Some good matches to look forward to tonight, Sam Gradwell takes on Wolfgang in the last quarter final match of the Heritage Cup number one contender tournament, and Saxon Huxley teams with Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith to take on the sinister Symbiosis.

We also will have a full recap of the NXTUK Championship match from NXT Takeover 36, with added insights from the new champion, Ilja Dragunov, as well as several WWE Superstars.

So, let’s get into it!

The thunderstorm subsides for Wolfie…

Heritage Cup action up first, as Wolfgang heads to the ring with Mark Coffey. Sam Gradwell hits the stage next and has a mic in his hands;

“Alright here we go! The Big Bad Wolf isn’t awful scary the second time he comes around! And tonight, is about heritage, something a big, burly, logger man like you knows nothing about. So, this thunderstorm is going to honourably, prestigiously, rattle your jowls, and wobble your kidneys. You deep… fried… yoghurt!”

Strong words from the Thunderstorm there…

Round one begins with Wolfgang in full control, keeping Gradwell neutralized with a simple wristlock. Wolfgang keeps Gradwell under control until the last thirty seconds when Gradwell slips free, and after knocking Wolfgang out of the ring, hits a big flying forearm to close the round.

The second round begins with Wolfie landing a huge blow to Gradwell’s ribs, giving him the upper hand. Gradwell is able to see out the round though as he rolls out of the ring near the end of the round to see it to the bell. Round three was over in 35 seconds. As Wolfgang charged in for a spear, Gradwell lifted his knee, causing Wolfie to collide with the heavy brace Gradwell wears, and he follows up with an STO for the first fall.

During the break between rounds, Wolfie is seen cradling his shoulder in pain. As round four begins, Gradwell continues to target the shoulder, and keeps Wolfie down, but he is able to fight his way back into it and seals the equalising fall at 1:48 after a Caber Toss suplex. Round five is over in a flash as Wolfie goes for the kill. With Gradwell still in pain with his ribs, he avoids two spears before the third hits flush, and he is pinned for the final fall. Wolfgang moves on to the semis!

Wolfgang being the only face left in the tournament tells me it will be a heel winner to face Tyler Bate. My money is on Teoman.

We are now told we are going to the offices of the General Manager for an update on last week’s Blair Davenport situation.

Uh-oh, it’s…

With a look that can only be described as a small child trying desperately hard to hold back the tears, Sid Scala informs us that due to Blair Davenport’s actions last week, NXTUK management were left with no choice but to suspend her indefinitely with immediate effect. Works for me, I can’t stand her!

Heritage Hype!

A vignette now shows Noam Dar talking about his opponent in the Heritage Cup Tournament, Kenny Williams. He says that he and Kenny will do whatever it takes to win. Kenny likes to think that cockroaches are invincible, but he’s an elephant in this game (??) and he will stomp him out.

Kenny responds by saying that Noam can’t stoop to the levels he is willing to go to, and that breeds doubt. Next week, Noam Dar will be standing across the ring from him, but he won’t be there, as he is already living rent free in Noam’s mind.

The two then insult each other a bit more before the vignette ends. Standard stuff here.

Big match announcement next! Next week, Pretty Deadly will face Joe and Mark Coffey of Gallus for the NXTUK Tag Team Championships! Backstage, Gallus are celebrating Wolfgang’s win, when Jordan Devlin walks out of his dressing room, in his mum’s dressing gown, asking what all the noise is about as he is trying to get a massage. Gallus mock him (oooooooh massage…) Devlin tells them to stop making so much noise, they scoff at him and Joe says, “enjoy your massage”. As they are walking away, Devlin says once she is done with his neck maybe she can massage his ego seeing as he got knocked out last week….

Joe turns around and gets right in his face. Devlin backs him off saying “Hey, I’m in a housecoat”, so Joe fakes him out, making him flinch. Devlin cradles his neck and heads back to his massage as Gallus walk off.

“There they go, there go Symbiosis!”

At this point Symbiosis seem like they should be renamed “Job Squad Mk 2” as I genuinely cannot remember the last time any of them won a match.

Things were no different here.

It was Eddie Dennis, T-Bone, and Primate against Oliver Carter, Ashton Smith, and Saxon Huxley in a six-man tag team match.

Now for me, six-man tags are difficult to watch, never mind write about, and this one was no different.

Huxley did start in control, and after a spell of domination caught T-Bone with a nice Thesz Press. From here it became more back and forth until T-Bone hit a suplex, then the heels took control.

This is where it all broke down for me and became increasingly hard to follow. A series of quick tags from both sides, saw the action begin to break down, but Ashton Smith was getting some good offence in.

After a cheap shot to Huxley gained a two count, the action devolved into chaos as all six men entered the ring. I don’t know how it ended up there, but somehow it ended with Primate on Smith’s shoulders and Carter hitting the Doomsday Cutter for the win.

Honestly, I really dislike six man matches!

Stevie seeks Satomura sayonara…

I’m going to pause for a moment here to soak up the adoration for my amazing alliteration work there…

… Ok, I’m done.

Back at the UKPC, Stevie Turner is asked for her thoughts on Meiko Satomura after her recent loss to the Final Boss.

Stevie says in just her fourth match in NXTUK, she earned a Women’s Championship match, and through her loss, she discovered the blueprints to defeating Satomura.

She is about to elaborate further when she is interrupted by “Not-Millie” McKenzie, who says she finds it interesting that she can stand there and badmouth the champion when Meiko beat her, just like she will. McKenzie asks if she has anything else to say, and when Stevie stays silent, she walks away.

Stevie then berates McKenzie and everyone else in NXTUK like a petulant child for being two dimensional, while she is four dimensional.

This is a match I look forward to seeing happen, I’m a big fan of Stevie Turner, and this is the perfect opportunity for to go to the next level (or dimension, whatever…)

Somebody Stoke the fire; Sam seems a bit nippy…

Backstage with the NXTUK Tag Team Champions now. Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley say they feel like they are having a case of de ja vu, as six months ago they were in the same position with Gallus.

They ask what’s changed? They are the champions now, and Gallus just don’t scare them anymore. They beat them because they were better than them, punched harder than them, and outsmarted them, and from now on it will be “Gallus Boys Not Quite on Top”.

Genius. But seriously, someone get Sam Stoker a real shirt…

Boy, they are really Dragun this out…

“Main Event” time, and we are getting a full rewatch of the NXTUK Championship match from NXT Takeover 36 between WALTER and Ilja Dragunov, but with the added bonus of “insight” from the NXTUK Champion himself, and several other WWE Superstars.

Now, I get that maybe for some this is pretty cool, especially if you missed the match. But for me, this was a bit of a cop out, and having the DVD extras active did nothing for me in terms of entertainment.

Basically, Ilja Dragunov starts off explaining his preparation for the match. Training, diet, and all that.

Then as the match goes on, we get picture in picture view (Pixc’s favourite kind of view!) of Rhea Ripley, Cesaro, Drew McIntyre, Toni Storm, Sheamus, and Finn Balor at certain points giving their take and views on the match and its competitors.

As the match nears its conclusion, Ilja explains how he knew once he locked in the submission hold that he had him, and that this was the start of his legacy as the show ended.

For me, while I enjoyed the two matches at the start and watching through the title match from Takeover again was cool, it did nothing for me having people talk over the top and as a result I felt detached from this week’s episode. I always try to be positive about NXTUK, as I think it really helps the UK scene, and it’s great for the talent involved to be on national and international television, but I feel like the half an hour dedicated to a match that had already been seen could have been used to further develop other talents.

Anyway, that brings us to the end of this weeks bytesize review of NXTUK, I hope you enjoyed reading it, and I will see you all next week for NWA Powerrr!