NXTUK: Bytesize 9th December 2021

Slighlty later due to real life getting in the way, Paul is back with the latest NXTUK review!

NXTUK: Bytesize 9th December 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, here once again with another slice of NXTUK action for you all to enjoy! 

This one’s a little later than usual because of real life (I know, I’m disgusted too) but we have a lot to look forward to in this week's show.  

After their altercation last week, Sam Gradwell takes on the “East End Bookie” Sha Samuels, Blair Davenport is set to take on the protégé of Meiko Satomura, “Not-Millie” McKenzie, and in the main event, Pretty Deadly will defend their NXTUK Tag Team Championships against the forefathers of NXTUK, Moustache Mountain. 

As ever, we have a lot to get through, so let's go! 

Davenport down McKenzie 

Davenport is out first, followed by McKenzie, and the match begins with the usual lock up and trade holds. McKenzie takes the initiative with a couple of arm drags, followed by a sick neckbreaker. McKenzie has Davenport by the waist, but Davenport forces McKenzie back into the corner, and gets free with some back elbows. She follows up with a shoulder tackle, then a hard kick to the back of a floored McKenzie. 

Davenport throws McKenzie into the turnbuckle, and from here controls the match, dominating McKenzie with a series of high impact moves. Eventually, McKenzie is able to find an opening and hit some lariats, followed by a back drop for a two count. The two trade blows, but McKenzie catches Davenport off guard with a spear for a two count. 

After a brief period of trading shots, Davenport hits a top rope dropkick, followed by a falcon arrow attempt, but McKenzie is able to transition into a German suplex for a two count. Following this, McKenzie attempts a top rope spear, but Davenport cuts it off with a knee TO THE FACE!!! 

With McKenzie completely out of it, Davenport hits a Falcon Arrow for the win. 

Following the end of the match, Davenport locks an STF on McKenzie and speaks to Satomura through the camera, saying she may be the Final Boss, but she’s the Top Gaijin. 

Winner: Blair Davenport  

Not a bad match this, but I still don’t care for Blair Davenport, so I was not as interested in this match as I should maybe have been. That said, I look forward to her eventual title match because I REALLY want to see Meiko Satomura destroy her. 

Backstage, Noam Dar and Sha Samuels are about to go into Sid Scala’s office. Dar tells Sha to be respectful, and to not shout at the boss. Sha shouts he never would... 

They walk into the office, and Noam says to Sid that he never felt supported by management, but now look at him, the NXTUK Heritage Cup Champion. He says that Sid should just congratulate and thank him now. 

Sid says congratulations to Noam for winning the Heritage Cup, and on the subject of that, he tells Noam that next week, Nathan Frazer will take on A-Kid to determine the number one contender to the Heritage Cup. Sha shouts “WHAT?!” and Noam tells him to calm down, before motioning to leave the office and saying “See ya later Sid”.  

As they leave you can hear Dar telling Sha he told him not to shout and that he’s an animal... Brilliant!

Next a short update on Rampage Brown, who suffered an injury during last week's main event. Apparently, he has declined all treatment and calls from NXTUK management. Oooohhhhh... 

A camera crew then catches up with Xia Brookside at the UKPC, and ask her about her match with Meiko Satomura. She complains about the fact she only had a week to prepare and it wasn’t her fault, and turns to the group of women behind her to back her up, but they just walk off. Xia then tells the camera crew to leave her alone. 

Xia's regression into a whiny teenager continues!

The Ace challenges the Czar 

“The Irish Ace” Jordan Devlin comes out next, with the crowd taunting him over his “Granny Slippers”. 

Devlin says it’s time that everyone got on the same page, he is the longest reigning NXT Cruiserweight Champion in history, and is the star, franchise player, and ace of the NXTUK brand. 

He says with that in mind, it’s about time he went for the NXTUK Championship, and calls out Ilja Dragunov. 

Dragunov comes out, and says that he appreciates Devlin’s abilities, but why all the talk? If he wanted a match, all he had to do was ask.  

Devlin says he knows who Dragunov beat to win the title, good men that fight for the love of the sport and men who consider the mat sacred. But he’s not like them, he will not stop until he gets what he wants, he doesn’t consider the mat sacred, and first chance he gets, because he will only need one, he will end Dragunov’s career to take that title and not lose a wink of sleep over it. 

Dragunov wants to make one thing clear to Devlin, he can’t intimidate or scare him. Whatever type of fight Devlin brings, he is prepared for it. 

Devlin says he hopes Dragunov knows what he is getting in to. And he hopes his wife will forgive him, and that he’ll be able to explain to his son, Constantin, why he has to care for his dad. 

Ilja clearly wasn’t prepared for that and launches at Devlin, getting a few strikes in before security pulls them apart. 

A short video interview piece plays of Amale now, with her explaining why she got into wrestling, and how she fought for her dreams and will not give up. Quite a heart wrenching segment actually, it certainly made me feel something for Amale, especially when she had tears falling down her face.  

She ends the segment by reminding us that her name is the Arabic for “Hope” and that’s what she is. 

Next up, Kenny Williams is sat in a dark place eating chips and says that people like to pretend that they are someone they are not, and no one is a bigger example of that than Mark Andrews. 

He says that with Mark, it’s all an act, and that he is just a scared, insecure little boy. Kenny says he knows all this because he used to be the same, but now he is everything Mark thinks he is and ten times worse. 

He says that Mark is all that’s left of Subculture, and after he is done with him, there will be nothing left, and all that will remain is a culture of scum. 

Gradwell upsets the odds! 

The match begins and Samuels keeps his distance from Gradwell at first, staying near his corner and conversing with Dar outside the ring. Samuels gets the first strike and controls the opening exchanges. 

Gradwell turns the tide with a hammerlock followed by several blows, then lands an STO for a two count. Samuels though is able to take control again and throws Gradwell into the turnbuckle. He lands a huge lariat for a two count. 

After another period of control from Samuels, Gradwell grabs Samuels' ear and starts laying in some hard shots, followed by a body drop. Samuels soon ended up outside the ring. Gradwell follows him out and lands a flying forearm, and gets Samuels back in the ring. 

Samuels rolls out of the ring the other side, and Gradwell follows him out, but Samuels sweeps the leg, causing Gradwell to hit the apron, then body slams him on the outside. Back in the ring, Samuels hit a Michinoku driver for a two count. Samuels then hits a suplex for a two count.  

Samuels argues with the referee, and while he’s doing this Gradwell takes Samuels' scarf and wraps it around his neck, laying against the ropes. Noam Dar takes the bait and goes over to Gradwell and tries to unwrap the scarf from his neck, but of course, the referee turns around and sees him and assumes he’s the one that caused it. While the referee is arguing with Dar, Gradwell gets up and whips the scarf into Samuels nuts, then hits the Cradle Shock for the win! 

Winner: Sam Gradwell 

I’m slowly becoming a big fan of Sam Gradwell, and I am happy that he got a big win over Samuels here. I feel like they are slowly trying to turn him face, and maybe start pushing him towards the main event scene over the next 12-18 months 

Gallus target Die Familia 

A short Gallus vignette now, and they are putting some tools in the back of a car, saying “These jobs are getting harder”. 

Wolfie asks what Joe is going to do about Charlie Dempsey? Joe says he thinks he’s a bit of a throwback, and Mark says there’s no school like the old school, and Joe says “Aye, and I’m the Headmaster!” 

Wolfie says he should leave his mark on him and the rest will come. Joe says it's an eye for an eye, and after they’re done, they will be the ones smiling. They then hear sirens from above them in their underground car park and decide it's time to go. 

Soooo... Gallus are criminals now?... Great...

We then get confirmation of Nathan Frazer v A-Kid next week, followed by the standard hype vignettes from both men talking about how they are going to win, how they are going to beat their opponent blah blah blah... 

NXTUK Tag Team Championship Match: Moustache Mountain v Pretty Deadly 

Here we go! The main event with the titles on the line! 

Trent Seven has hinted that if they don’t win here, he will call it a day. 

Pretty Deadly look confident having beaten Moustache Mountain once before with the titles on the line. 

The match begins, and after an initial lock up, Tyler Bate takes control and is on fire! In fact, aside from a brief advantage following a tag distraction, Moustache Mountain control the match with several double team moves. 

Stoker finds an opening and chops Trent, but this just fires him up and he delivers several chops of his own. However, when Trent goes for his patented DDT, Pretty Deadly take advantage and throw him out of the ring, then throw him around the ringside area, and into the ring steps. 

Pretty Deadly continue a prolonged assault on Trent in and out of the ring, but eventually Trent is able to hit a suplex outside the ring on Stoker, and makes it back in to get the hot tag to Tyler! 

Tyler clears house and is once again on fire! He takes the fight to Pretty Deadly, and hits the Tyler Driver on Howley, but he kicks out at two! Howley manages to tag in Stoker, and they hit a double team knees to the gut to Tyler. They mock Tyler’s rebound clothesline, but it backfires as Howley ends up hitting Stoker, Tyler then hits the rebound clothesline himself, then tags in Trent. 

Trent hits a DDT and back drop simultaneously on Stoker and Howley, then Trent hits a Seven Star Lariat on Howley! 1...2...NO!  

Pretty Deadly fight back, and get the upper hand over Trent, hitting some hard kicks, then they hit Spilt Milk, but Trent kicks out at two! Tyler then hits Bop and Bang on Stoker on the outside. Tyler dives to the outside, but Stoker avoids, and they hit Spilt Milk on him outside, which looks like it takes him out of the match! 

In the ring, they hit a codebreaker, powerbomb, then powerbomb to the knees on Trent, and somehow, he still kicks out at two! At this point, Howley grabs both the tag belts and throws one to Stoker, but the referee takes it away from him, however while his back is turned, Howley throws the second belt to Stoker and he nails Trent with it! 1...2...TRENT KICKS OUT! 

Howley begs for the tag, and heads up top, but Tyler grabs the ankle, distracting him long enough so that when he jumps off, Trent hits a superkick to the midsection of Howley, winding him. Trent tags in Tyler, who hits a rolling Capo kick on Howley, followed by the Tyler Driver! 

Tyler heads up top and Stoker tries to interfere, but Trent picks him up and drops him with the Burning Hammer onto Howley!... Spiral Tap! 1...2...3! 

They’ve done it! Moustache Mountain have won the NXTUK Tag Team Championships!!! 

What a great match! This was a fantastic main event match, and would not have looked out of place on any Pay-Per-View event. And with this result, Moustache Mountain become the first team to have won both the NXT & NXTUK Tag Team Titles, not to mention that Tyler Bate is now the first NXTUK Triple Crown Champion! 

The duo celebrate their win as Trent breaks down from the emotion of it as the show comes to an end. 

This was a really great episode, and was well worth the two-day wait I had to watch this. I’m interested to see where the Mark Andrews and Kenny WIlliams feud goes, and the slow build push of Sam Gradwell continues to gather pace. Stil couldn’t care less about Blair Davenport, but at least Nathan Frazer v A-Kid will be a quality match next week! 

Thanks for joining me, and I will see you all again on Tuesday for NWA Powerrr!