NXTUK Bytesize : 8th April 2021

Its the final NXT UK before Wrestlemania! Paul is here with all the action.

NXTUK Bytesize : 8th April 2021

What's up guys and girls! It's “The Belt Guy” Paul here back with another Bytesized NXT UK review, and this time it is NXT UK Prelude! Three big matches tonight as Tyler Bate takes on Noam Dar in a Heritage Cup Championship Trophy number one contender’s match; Also, Meiko Satomura and Emilia McKenzie facing off against the longest reigning Women’s Champion of the modern era, Kay Lee Ray, and Isla Dawn. 

And in the main event, WALTER puts his UK Title on the line against Rampage Brown in what promises to be an incredible match. So, let's get straight to it! 

Big Strong Boi v SuperNova 11 

The opening contest of the night is Tyler Bate v Noam Dar to determine the number one contender to the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship Trophy. Still no belt. 

So, the match begins. Sha Samuels is in Dar’s corner, Trent Seven in Bate’s. The match begins with a series of lock ups and attempted roll ups, and to the surprise of everyone, Tyler Bate gets the first pinfall on Noam Dar in the first 75 seconds! Dar looks as if someone has stolen his haggis! 

Round two is uneventful, and round three wasn’t much better, except for when Bate did the airplane spin on Dar, and Nigel McGuinness commented that “Tyler needs to dump Dar! 

I didn’t even know they were dating! Ok poor joke, I’ll move on... 

Round four is where the action picked up as both men started to hit much harder. Dar managed to cause some damage to Tyler’s knee, but Tyler was able to see out the round. 

Round five ended pretty quickly as Dar submitted Bate in 40 seconds with a knee bar to the injured knee, tying the score at one fall apiece. 

The final round began with Dar trying to get the knee bar again but Tyler avoided it. After some more back and forth, Sha Samuels tries to get involved, but Trent goes over and stops him. Cue some outside shenanigans that culminates in Tyler diving over the ropes into Sha and Trent. Dar then throws him into the ring to try and finish him off, but Tyler reverses it into the Tyler Driver 97 for the second fall and the win. 

I always enjoy the British Rounds matches. It’s so fresh and unique to NXT UK. I am surprised that Tyler won this given that he has already faced A-Kid for the Heritage Cup, but then again, we know it’ll be a great match. 

South Wales Subculture say some stuff 

The sub title here says it all really. Andrews and Webster are sat on the side of the ring in the PC, and basically say they need to work their way back up after their latest loss. 

Dani Luna then says “Hey guys, it’s time to work out” or something like that, then we watch them all do rolls. That’s it. Felt kinda pointless, but it leads into a video vignette of the Ilja Dragunov/Sam Gradwell feud, which I am interested in seeing continue. 

Starz is Jacked! 

Back at the PC in the ring, Jack Starz is beating the crap out of that bag again. Didn’t it get enough punishment last week?! Can someone start a GoFundMe to help its poor family?! 

Piper Niven asks Jack, in her best Triple H/DX voice, “ARE YOU READY?!” 

Jack roars back “I’m ready!”, and Piper tells him he will be in action next week, but declines to tell us who he will be facing. 

I hope it’s someone with a little substance and not a jobber, but I suspect it will be someone like Josh Morrell or Danny Jones. I guess we’ll see. 

Jordan shows us the Devlin side... 

Jordan Devlin is on screen and essentially tells us all how great he is, that his current schedule would destroy any normal man, but you never bet against the Ace. He says that once he wraps up his business stateside, he will be coming back to NXT UK as the Undisputed NXT Cruiserweight Champion. 

During the course of this promo, I realised that Jordan Delin looks a lot like my former boss, and now I can never look at him the same way again... 

Suplex Millie” returns to in ring action! 

The next match is Meiko Satomura & Emilia McKenzie v Kay Lee Ray & Isla Dawn. I have to mention at this point, that I am really not a fan of the current ring announcer on NXT UK, I can’t put my finger on why, but for me they don’t fit the role. 

The match though was a great example of four women going out there and putting on a show. It may have been two years since she was last on NXT UK, but it's evident that Emilia (not Millie) McKenzie has improved exponentially, and being in there with the NXT UK Women’s Champion really solidifies this.  

However, I do have one gripe. If she is now going by “Emilia McKenzie”, why do her tights have “MM” on them?! It’s the little details guys... 

Nigel McGuinness seems to be pulling out every witch-based joke/pun he can think of, and as a master of wordplay myself, not only do I encourage this but I thank him for it.  

The match itself was a great back and forth bout, but at one point KLR runs at McKenzie in the corner while Dawn is attempting to pin Satomura. Now, that would usually be standard stuff, but it seemed to me that at that time, McKenzie was down in the corner and not moving. Maybe KLR just wanted a hug? 

The match came to a close as McKenzie rolled up Dawn for the pin, with Satomura preventing KLR from entering the ring to break up the pin. 

Following the match, Aoife Valkyrie is shown on the ramp, taking a feather from her.... jacket?.... and placing it on the ramp while staring at SatomuraI THINK this means she is challenging her? Or maybe she just thought she would appreciate her very own feather... 

A kid no more 

A-Kid is shown talking about his upcoming match with Tyler Bate for the NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship Trophy... 

Just a reminder...

He says that he is looking forward to facing Tyler again, and that he will epitomise the Heritage Cup style, and prove he is the best mat based wrestler in the world. He is going to build his legacy. 

Pretty standard stuff. I feel like they have had to really try to fill the air time in this episode. Perhaps a 4th, small match would have been a good idea? 

Oh my God! Amir’s gonna kill Kenny! 

Amir Jordan is shown entering the UKPC and boy is he pissed! He is searching for Kenny Williams, slamming doors, throwing things around and being generally angry. 

He runs into Sid Scala in the gym area, who tells him that Kenny isn’t here, but that he will get the opportunity to face him next week, which Amir seems happy about. 

Camera then cuts to Kenny Williams, who says he knows what they’re going to ask, why did he turn on Amir? (Oh my God, he turned on Amir? I TOTALLY DID NOT SEE THAT COMING.......) 

Kenny says if you go back and look at what he had to put up with over the last two and half years, you’ll see that he has done all the work and then any success Amir Jordan has had can be contributed to him, and that going forward, he is going to show the whole world how good he is. 

I really hope they give this feud time to develop and heat up because it has the potential to be great. 

Next, a small video package airs showing that next week, Gallus will be on SuperNova Sessions. Great. Looking forward to that. 

Oh, hang on.... another announcement, next week, Saxon Huxley takes on Ben Carter Nathan Frazer. 

WALTER halts the Rampage 

Main event time, as Rampage attempts to take the NXT UK Title from WALTER. 

Now, as I’m sure many of us have, I have been a fan of Rampage Brown for a number of years. Quite how he hasn’t been signed before now is a mystery to me. Any time Rampage is on the card, you can pretty much guarantee the match will be fantastic. 

This match was no different. It was hard hitting, athletic, and everything that you want in terms of a main event championship match. Both men turned up their intensity levels to beyond their maximum, and I was almost surprised when Rampage was able to kip up after a huge blow from WALTER. 

There were multiple occasions where I thought WALTER’s 730+ day reign as NXT UK Champion was coming to a close, and a couple of times Rampage was only a half second away, but ultimately, as has been the case over the last two years, WALTER was able to pull a victory out of the bag when he hit Rampage with a splash from the top rope. 

WALTER retains, but I get the feeling this feud is far from over... 

So that ends NXT UK Prelude, and it was a decent show. I was disappointed that Rampage didn’t win the title, as I feel like WALTER will be spending more time in America with the rest of Imperium now, so it would have made sense to shift the title over to Rampage, but maybe we are going to see more of this. Tyler Bate and Noam Dar delivered as they always do, and the women's tag team match was great. In my opinion, they just need to work on the backstage promos a bit. Less is more guys! 

That brings to an end the final NXT UK Bytesized review before Wrestlemania 37! It’s wrestling Christmas everyone! Let's all enjoy the show, and don’t forget to follow us on all our socials. 

I’ll see you back here next week for what looks to be a stacked NXT UK card! 

Quick Results

  • Tyler Bate bt Noam Dar two falls to one in a Heritage Cup Rules match (New #1 Contender)
  • Emilia McKenzie & Meiko Satomura bt NXT UK Women's Champion, Kay Lee Ray & Isla Dawn
  • NXT UK Champion WALTER bt Rampge Brown to retain the title