NXTUK Bytesize: 7th October 2021

Its the final empty arena NXTUK! Join our resident "Belt Guy" as he covers all the action!

NXTUK Bytesize: 7th October 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back once again with another bytesized NXTUK review! 

This week should be good, as Mark Andrews tries to get a measure of revenge against Sam Gradwell for the heinous crime of breaking his skateboard, “Not-Millie” McKenzie takes on Jinny, and in the main event, we’ve waited for weeks but it’s finally here, the final of the NXTUK Heritage Cup number one contender's tournament. 

As ever, there’s a lot to get through, so let's get to it! 

Liger Kicks? That’s just how Jinny rolls... 

First up tonight is a women's division match between the Knightsbridge fashionista, Jinny and “Not-Millie” McKenzie. 

The early match is a very technical affair, a lot of holds and reversals as both women feel each other out. I have to give props here, I really enjoyed the start to this match, it showcased the technical skill that both women have. Jinny gets control and is pulling McKenzie’s hair while wrenching back on her ankle, which the referee says is a big no-no. 

McKenzie rallies back with an arm drag/drop kick combo, then hits a sick twisting neck breaker, gaining a two count. She then attempts a deadlift German suplex, but Jinny uses the ropes to her advantage and switches the momentum in her favour. 

Jinny begins to dominate and targets McKenzie’s arm, in an attempt to take away her suplex game, and locks in a single leg Boston crab. McKenzie makes it to the ropes and hits a cutter from seemingly out of nowhere (Calm down, Randy...), then a nice belly to back suplex. McKenzie then drops Jinny with a German suplex for a two count, and at this point Joseph Conners tries to interject, but the NXTUK Women’s Champion, Meiko Satomura, runs down and delivers a brutal kick to him. 

McKenzie takes advantage of the distraction and hits a sit out faceplant suplex, gaining a two count, but just a minute later it all goes wrong for her as she hits the turnbuckle, and in the moment that she is stunned, Jinny hits the Ripcord Liger Kick for the three count. 

After the match as Meiko is tending to McKenzie, Jinny takes a mic, and after reminding her that she just beat her protégé, she says that nothing is going to stop her from reaching her destiny, and challenges Meiko for the NXTUK Women’s Championship! Meiko accepts! Following this, we get a glimpse of Noam Dar warming up for his big match later. 

Blair-tant disrespect as Davenport is reinstated. 

Backstage, Blair Davenport is asked what she is doing here. She says she’s been banned from matches, not meetings. She enters Sid Scala’s office and is met with... 

They say ice water runs through his veins! 

She demands to know when she will be reinstated, and Sid tells her she will be reinstated next week, but that it is not a reward for her actions, it was at the request of her opponent, Stevie Turner. Sid tells Blair in no uncertain terms that any future bad behaviour will not be tolerated.  

Blair says she’ll play to his rules, but warns Sid that she always gets what she wants. 

Next up, a vignette plays of A-Kid addressing the NXTUK Champion, Ilja Dragunov. 

Kid says that he respects Ilja, but he doesn’t know the pressure of being champion like he does, and that he needs the NXTUK Title to cement his legacy. That’s about the gist of it. 

Lightning strikes twice for the Thunderstorm! 

Andrews v Gradwell next! And it’s clear that Andrews is seeking retribution... 

No, not you guys! 

Andrews wants revenge for his broken skateboard, as Gradwell comes out shouting about the fact he is a fighter, and is better than Andrews. 

Gradwell gets the early control until Andrews hits a dropkick/arm drag combo to switch momentum. He follows this with a Tiger feint kick, then a kneeslide enziguiri, which sends Gradwell out of the ring. 

This is where it turns back in his favour though, as after a brief brawl, Andrews gets powerslammed onto the arena floor. Gradwell throws Andrews back into the ring at a count of nine and then dominates for spell. Andrews fights back with some chops, but Gradwell hits a double underhook suplex for a two count. 

With Andrews grounded by a headlock, Gradwell appears in control, but Andrews fights out and goes to the top. Gradwell tries to pull him down, but Andrews counters this into a DDT. Andrews then hits a flurry of offense, with chops, kicks and a bulldog thrown in for good measure, but a rolling forearm from Gradwell keeps him down for another two count.  

Andrews fights back again and attempt to climb the ropes, but Gradwell catches him and attempts his finisher, which is sort of like a cradle shock variant, but Andrews counters this into the Stundog Millionaire! Gradwell rolls outside and Andrews takes advantage with a moonsault to the outside. 

As Andrews is climbing back into the ring, Gradwell grabs him, and Andrews responds with a rope assisted enziguiri. He then attempts to springboard back into the ring, but Gradwell catches him and hits his finisher for the win. 

As Andrews lays prone, Gradwell is shouting “I told you I was going to break him just like his skateboard. He was a skater boy, I said get on there, you yoghurt!” 

Seriously, Gradwell should consider a career in motivational speaking... 


Following this match, we see Sha Samuels backstage, he walks through a door and Flash Morgan Webster is stood there. He calls to Sha who says “What do you want, Mug?” and flash refers to him as the hide and seek world champion. 

Flash says if he likes games so much, he has another for him. He slaps Sha across the face and shouts “IT!” then runs off as Sha chases him. 

Honestly, happy slapping was a terrible, ridiculous craze, but in this context, it sure as hell is damn funny... 

We now get a glimpse of Wolfgang warming up, as we are informed his match is up next, but not before we are told that Ilja Dragunov makes his return to the NXTUK ring next week as he defends his newly won Championship against the Spanish Sensation, A-Kid! 

Ilja says he respects A-Kid, and that he knows his path wasn’t easy. But don’t be naïve, he isn't here to compete, he’s the champion because he fought for his life, and he is willing to do it again. He needs to bring more than his best, because that’s how he became the Tsar. 

Heritage Cup Tournament Final: Noam Dar v Wolfgang 

Here we go! It’s final time! 

Dar is out first with Sha Samuels in tow, followed by the Gallus boys. It seems they’re all going to be at ringside. 

Round one is nothing to shout about, as there was no significant action, Dar spent the majority of the round ducking and weaving out of Wolfgang’s way. 

The second round however is when it kicked into action. Dar flew out of the blocks with a dropkick to Wolfgang, but he kicked out at one and then battered Noam around the corners for a time, then hit a double axe handle off the top rope. At this point, Jordan Devlin appears and attacks Joe Coffey, causing the two of them to be dragged backstage, leaving just Mark Coffey as support for Wolfgang. In the ensuing chaos, Dar hit a forearm to the back of Wolfie’s head, and rolled him up with a handful of tights to get the first fall in 1:26. 

Wolfgang wasted absolutely no time however, as just 25 seconds later (including the mandatory 20-second rest break) Wolfgang hit a devastating spear on Dar and pinned him to equal the score in just five seconds of round three! 

Round four was all about back and forth, as both men got some offense in, but would end the round in pain. After the match spilled out to ringside, Wolfgang was against the ring post as Dar swung a kick. Wolfie got out of the way, and Dar connected with the steel, and as he nursed his foot against the barricade, he dodged a spear attempt from Wolfgang at the last second, meaning Wolfgang went crashing into it himself. 

Round five began with Dar going all out with dropkicks, big boots and various other strikes as he tried to put Wolfgang down, but after a flurry of offense Wolfgang took him down with a backbreaker for a two count. Dar fought back and tried an armlock, but as Wolfgang was fighting out, Dar transitioned into a Champagne Super KneeBar! Wolfgang was in trouble, but fought his way free, and after a back elbow from Dar led to an attempted Nova Roller, Wolfgang again speared Dar out of his shoes, but the round ended before the referee could make the final count. 

The final round began with both men looking worn out, but Dar was going full throttle with strikes, but Wolfgang no-sold them all, and hit Dar with an exploder suplex. Dar swept Wolfe’s leg, then hit a double stomp onto it, but Wolfie responded with a lariat. Dar again fought back and tried a roll up, to no avail, then went to work battering Wolfgang with strikes.  

Dar hit a nasty looking back kick, but to everyone's surprise, Wolfgang kicked out at one! Undeterred though, Dar hit the Nova Roller, and when Wolfgang somehow made it back to his knees, Dar hit a second Nova Roller and secured the winning fall in 2:20. 

Noam Dar is the number one contender to the NXTUK Heritage Cup Championship Trophy! 

As Dar celebrated his win, Tyler Bate came out for the obligatory stare down, holding the cup aloft, so it seems fitting that we end this review with a look at the counter; 

So, there we have it, another episode of NXTUK in the bag, and not a single babyface winner tonight. This was very much about the heels as they took centre stage and showed everyone that, whilst they can talk a big game, they can back it up in the ring too. 

Next week will be very exciting as, not only do we get an NXTUK Title match, but the fans will be back as well! 

Yes, for the first time in nearly two years, fans will be in attendance at NXTUK, and I cannot wait for that as the atmosphere is sure to be electric! 

Until then though, thanks for joining me, and I will see you Tuesday for NWA Powerrr!