NXTUK: Bytesize 4th November 2021

Another week, another episode of NXTUK! What went down this week? Read on to find out...

NXTUK: Bytesize 4th November 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another bytesized NXTUK review! 

We have some great matches in store tonight. Flash Morgan Webster is going to get his wish as he goes up against the mighty Rampage Brown, Isla Dawn is in action, and in our main event, the Knightsbridge Fashionista, Jinny, takes on the Final Boss, the NXTUK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura, with the title on the line! 

Add in the usual amount of backstage shenanigans and I’m sure we’re in for a great show. So, let’s dive in, shall we? 

Webster gets squashed by a Rampage! 

First up, Subculture’s Flash Morgan Webster takes on Rampage Brown. 

As the match begins, Rampage pushes Webster into a corner and ruffles his hair in a mocking way before shoving him down to the mat. Webster then gets a flurry of offence in, but Rampage then tosses him between corners. Rampage continues his assault with a variant of a powerbomb then a diving shoulder tackle. 

Webster is already looking pretty beat up, so Rampage throws in a suplex toss for good measure, then gets him up in a military press, into a slam. Not content with this, Rampage then hits a nasty looking high angle back drop driver. Webster is barely moving. 

Rampage goes for a gutwrench suplex, but Webster comes alive and counters into a guillotine. Webster follows up with a tilt a whirl knee drop, a headbutt, then a dropkick which sends Rampage outside. 

Webster catches Rampage with an enziguiri as he tries to re-enter the ring, then a head scissors takedown from the top rope. Rampage is outside the ring again, and Webster tries a suicide dive, but Rampage catches him, but it does him no good as Webster gets free and shoves him into the ring post, then goes back into the ring to hit the suicide dive again, only to turn it into a Tornado DDT. 

Webster tries to take the count out win, but Rampage gets in at eight, so Webster heads up top and hits a senton for a two count. He follows this with a high knee, then finally gets his slap on Rampage.  

That was a mistake though as Rampage fires back with a huge lariat, then hits the Doctor Bomb for the win. 

Good win for Rampage, and to be fair Webster came out of this pretty well, he held his own at certain points in the match. 

Backstage Shenanigans! 

We then get a video recap of last week’s Heritage Cup match, which focuses on the towel being inadvertently throw in by Trent. Cut to backstage and Tyler is about to be interviewed when Trent comes running up to him begging for his forgiveness, saying that it was a total accident. Tyler says he’s seen the footage and he knows it was an accident, and he forgives him. They hug, and Trent then tells Tyler that they have been added to the tag team title number one contenders match next week.  

Into ex-wrestler Sid Scala’s office we go next! He is asked how he feels about the upcoming Women’s Title match, he answers he is excited and is about to go further into it when Xia Brookside walks in. 

Xia gets straight to the point and says she wants to face the winner of the title match later tonight. Sid says due to Xia’s recent form, he can’t put her in the match. Xia complains that Meiko Satomura told them all to step up and take their opportunities. Sid says there is a long line of competitors waiting, but Xia cuts him off by saying that isn’t fair. 

Sid is about to say something when Xia pulls out her phone and calls her dad, NXT coach Robbie Brookside, and complains to him. Bratty Xia heel turn incoming! 

A discovery of witches shuts down an Angel 

Isla Dawn in action now as she takes on new jobber talent Angel Hayze. 

Now you would be forgiven for thinking that this will be your regular kind of squash/enhancement match. But you would be wrong! 

Despite the fact that Hayze got essentially zero offence in, and Isla Dawn was pulling out several big moves, Angel Hayze won the match. 

No, seriously, she did. 

As Hayze was down on the mat, Dawn took hold of her and yanked back on her hair. The referee counted to five, and disqualified Dawn. 

Dawn reacted to this by hitting Hayze with her finisher. I don’t know the name of it, but it's kind of like an F5 into a side slam. 

Either way, Angel Hayze wins her NXTUK debut match! 

Sort of... 

Backstage Shenanigans...again! 

A video reel of A-Kid's international media appearances plays showing all the places he has appeared on the news and in interviews. 

The picture fades out and Sam Gradwell is watching it on his phone, and he does not look happy. 

“Have you seen this? Flashy little Spanish boy getting all the attention? Is that supposed to be impressive? I’ve been to Spain; it was too hot and my phone got nicked. If you wanna talk to a real competitor, a real fighter, you’ve got the Thunderstorm, Sam Gradwell, right here! Not A-Kid...” 

Classic Sam Gradwell! 

We fade to another part of the backstage area where Flash Morgan Webster is being consoled by the rest of Subculture. He is asked how he feels about his match tonight? 

Webster says he’s ok, and he knows that Mark and Dani are concerned, but there was a moment tonight where Rampage had doubt. Webster says he is going to break through to the next level. 

As he mentions next level, in walks Stevie Turner, telling them that she is truly next level, and none of them can comprehend being 4D like she is, which means she is two steps ahead of all of them. Dani Luna says she may be two steps ahead, but she only needs three seconds to beat her. 

I smell a match coming... 

The Tsar is downed by a rampaging beast... 

Ilja Dragunov comes out to the ring, and says he is your NXTUK Champion. He wishes he had words to express the feeling of going from being totally destroyed to overcoming everything that people said he couldn’t overcome. 

From the feeling of coming home to his son and showing him his father is a Champion, to ridding himself of all the self-doubt, and that he was right when he said that no weakness is relevant when you put all your strength into it. 

Now, he is the face of the brand, and he is ready to take the brand to a whole new level, and fight like his life depends on it. But to do that, he needs top level competition. He thanks A-Kid for pushing him to his limits and giving him a great first title defence, and that he can't wait for the next one. Long live the Tsar. 

At this point, Rampage Brown’s music hits and he comes out, standing face to face with Ilja. 

Rampage says Ilja is the man. He beat WALTER, and A-Kid, but he and Rampage have unfinished business, and he would love to be next to face him for that title. 

Ilja tells Rampage he is not the first giant to try and take him down, and he won't be the last, but he respects him. He would love to fight him. Ilja offers the handshake, which Rampage accepts, then hits him with a lariat. He then tells Ilja he doesn’t need his respect, just his title. 

Rampage stands above Dragunov, holding the NXTUK Title aloft. 

MORE Backstage Shenanigans! 

Meiko Satomura is shown heading to the ring for her match, she walks past Jinny who stops her and tells her to enjoy her last night of being the Final Boss. 

Blair Davenport then walks up and wishes them luck, but she doesn’t care who wins, because Blair Davenport is back and they are all on notice. 

We now get a vignette of Teoman and Rohan Raja sat at a dinner table discussing their upcoming match with Gallus.  

Teoman says believe it or not, he is starting to look forward to it. Raja is too, but finds it funny that it is being billed as Family v Family. They laugh, and Teoman says they are not family, and he feels sorry for them. Raja says what about Joe? Teoman says don’t worry about it, The Eye is always watching. 

We then get confirmation that the tag team match next week will be a fatal four way with Moustache Mountain, Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith, Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff and Symbiosis battling it out to be number one contenders to the NXTUK Tag Team Championships. 

Backstage Nathan Frazer is asked what he is up to. He says he is doing some tape study, watching Mark Andrews matches. Andrews walks in and comments that he is watching his favourite match, and asks Frazer if he is learning from the best. 

Frazer says yeah, but it’s also a bit of scouting as he wants to test himself against the best some time. Mark says he’s up for it whenever he is, and Frazer says he’s been wanting to face him for ages. Mark says let's do it, and Frazer runs off to find Johnny Saint (Good luck with that, he hasn’t been seen in over a year!) 

Someone get Jinny some cheat codes, she just can’t beat the Final Boss! 

Main event time, and the NXTUK Women’s Championship is on the line as Meiko Satomura defends against Jinny. 

The match begins with Meiko dodging Jinny’s advances, then striking Jinny with some stiff kicks, before grounding Jinny with a hammerlock. Jinny frees herself with a back elbow then applies a wristlock, before the two trade holds for a time. 

Jinny takes control with an arm wrench, then an arm wringer takedown. After a one count, Meiko hits a cross bottom, but Jinny quickly turns it into a head scissors. The two trade strikes again, but again Jinny comes out on top, trapping Meiko in the ropes and delivering a knee to the gut, followed by a dragon screw to Meiko’s leg. 

Jinny takes Meiko down with a lariat for a two count, then tries to apply a single leg Boston crab, but Meiko is able to escape and hit several strikes, followed be one hell of a spin kick. She then drops her signature cartwheel knee strike right across the back of Jinny’s head. This spot looked amazing! 

Meiko goes to the top, but Jinny gets up, knocks her off balance, and hits the Makeover, but Meiko kicks out at two! Jinny applies the single leg Boston crab again, but Meiko gets to the ropes to break the hold. Jinny tries to hit a ripcord Liger kick, but misses, leading to an opening for Meiko to hit several strikes, before hitting a nice frog splash for a two count. 

Meiko applies the STF, but eventually Jinny gets to the ropes. At this point, Joseph Conners tries to interfere, but Emilia “Not-Millie” McKenzie drops him with a stunner off the apron. 

Jinny tries to take advantage and goes for the ripcord Liger kick again, but Meiko stops her and counters with a Pele kick. Meiko follows up with a Death Valley bomb for a two count, before doing what Meiko does best; Scorpio Rising. 

Following this, Meiko again hits a Death Valley bomb and covers Jinny for the three count and the win to retain her Championship. 

The show ends with Meiko in the ring celebrating her win, while Jinny looks on. 

That ends this week's NXTUK. A good episode for sure, with some good in ring action and some very interesting storyline developments. 

Xia Brookside’s slow burn heel turn continues apace, and seems to be heading in the “Bratty child” direction, which could work very well for her. 

Teoman seems to be hinting that new family members are coming, and this could be bad news for Gallus in their match. 

But the biggest development is Moustache Mountain being added to the tag team title contender's match. I see this going one of two ways; 

1) They win the match, and go on to fight Pretty Deadly for the NXTUK Tag Team Championships, and ultimately win.

2) Somehow, they lose the fatal four way, and one of them turns heel, most likely Trent. 

I could be wrong, but it’s definitely a possibility. 

Thanks for joining me for the latest NXTUK review, and I’ll see you all next week with more from the Red and Black brand!