NXTUK Bytesize: 30th September 2021

We start October strong with another bytesized NXTUK review from your resident Belt Guy, Paul!

NXTUK Bytesize: 30th September 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back once again with another bytesized NXTUK review! 

On the surface, tonight's card didn’t look as stacked as some of the previous weeks we have had, but this proved to be wrong as the matches we got delivered some great action. 

So why are we waiting? Let’s dive in! 

Carter & Smith just couldn’t climb the Mountain... 

 Our opening match tonight was a hard-fought tag team contest between Moustache Mountain and Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith. 

Hang on! It’s been a while! Let’s check in with our counter... 

Boy, it's been a while huh?!

The match began with Bate starting off with an arm wringer on Carter, but he reversed it into one of his own. Bate then tagged in Seven, who faked out an assisted moonsault, instead hitting a senton. 

With Trent the legal man, Smith & Carter took control, with Carter hitting a hard soccer kick on Seven, and then controlling the next segment of the match.  A quick double team manoeuvre was quickly turned in Seven’s favour as he hit a combination of moves, before getting the tag to Bate. 

The Mountain boys then tried their patented double team assisted senton, but Carter was able to roll through this and get a two count, following up with a Uranage slam on Bate for another two count. 

Bate recovered and picked up Carter for an airplane spin, following up with a second attempt of their assisted senton which this time hit home. Some more back and forth took place before Seven got control and hit a nice Emerald Frosion for a two count. 

The momentum swung back to Carter and Smith again when Carter hit a sick looking double axe kick, followed by a moonsault, but Bate was able to counter into a roll up for two. Bate then hit Bop and Bang, and this is when Symbiosis walked out on to the stage. They began taunting both teams, and as Bate got dumped to the outside, it looked like they were poised to strike. 

But at that moment, Dave Mastiff and Jack “The Fault in Our” Starz came out to make the save! As Symbiosis were dragged backstage by referees, Smith & Carter tried to take advantage with a savage looking pumphandle slam/superkick combo but Bate kicked out at two. Seven then hit a snapdragon on Carter on the outside, as Bate followed up with a German suplex on Smith. Moustache Mountain then hit a Lariat/Snapdragon combination for the win. 

Carter didn’t look too pleased as the match ended, I suspect there could be trouble brewing in that particular camp... 

Backstage Shenanigans! 

At the UKPC, Jinny & Joseph are finishing up their media obligations when they see not-Millie McKenzie training with Meiko Satomura. 

Jinny wanders over and berates not-Millie, wondering why she is still trying to impress Meiko. She says that no one cares about her, and that her attempts to appease others is pathetic. 

Not-Millie basically tells her to shut up and piss off (I’m paraphrasing) before turning back to her training with Meiko.  

Tenner says they have a match in the next two weeks, who’s with me?! 

Next Jack “Video-killed-the-radio" Starz and Dave Mastiff are about to answer some questions about what happened out there tonight when Nina Samuels walks in carrying a microphone declaring this the first “Nina Samuels Show”.  

She starts by asking them what happened out there, and as Mastiff tells her they were stopping Symbiosis from sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong, Nina goes off on a tangent about Amale beating her. Starz says “We don’t care”, and says he wants to discuss what happened out there, initially Nina asks them to continue but she soon goes back to talking about herself, and when she turns round Starz and Mastiff are gone. 

Great stuff! 

There can be no Xia praise for Dani Luna 

Speed versus Strength in this one, and it starts with Xia showcasing her speed to get the early hold. Unfortunately, Luna is too powerful and breaks out, and begins to dominate the pace with body slams, body drops and a vertical suplex. 

With an arm bar locked in on Xia, Luna seems in control, but Xia rolls her up into a small package, Luna kicks out at two, and applies a rear chinlock, but Xia fights out and is able to hit a flurry of offense that starts with a hurricanrana, and ends with a neckbreaker, gaining a two count. 

Sadly, for Xia, despite getting fired up, Luna soon hits a body slam and a powerbomb for the victory. After the match, Luna offers a handshake to Xia, but she slaps her hand away and leaves in frustration. There were a few subtle hints in there, looks like Xia may well be on a path to the darkside... 

Backstage Shenanigans!... again... 

A short recap video is shown of Blair Davenport tearing through NXTUK and demanding she be reinstated. 

We now go to everyone’s favourite Assistant GM: 

Before he can get a word out, Stevie Turner comes running in and demands that they reinstate Blair Davenport so that she can take care of her for good. Sid says he will take it under advisement. 

Serious Sid Scala. For all your critical thinking needs! 

Sam Gradwell is up next and is asked why he ruined Subculture’s mural. Gradwell asks where his mural is?! He’s been here since day one and is sick of people like Subculture getting all the attention. He says he is a better fighter than Mark Andrews, a better singer and probably a better skateboarder, not that he’ll be doing any of that anytime soon. 

Mark Andrews appears carrying a broken skateboard and attacks Gradwell with it. They briefly brawl until officials break it up.  Mark Andrews is incensed! 

Anyone else smell a match for next week coming here? 

Dempsey schools Morrell 

It’s debut time as Charlie Dempsey takes on Josh Morrell. Not going to lie, I’ve been looking forward to this. Dempsey comes out with an old school tron and a catchy theme, but in the ring, he is all business.  

From the opening bell, Dempsey is all about solid technical wrestling. He controlled Morrell through the first few minutes with some excellent grappling, showing the kind of skill that a certain Mr Regal possessed... 

Morrell does put up a good fight though and hits an enzuigiri following one particular exchange which rocked Dempsey, but it wasn’t enough for him to take control of the match as Dempsey reasserted his authority, hitting a gut wrench suplex. Following this he would hit a German suplex on Morrell, before locking in an excruciating looking Toehold/Headlock submission move, forcing Morrell to tap out faster than Speedy Gonzalez can say “Arriba!” 

I really enjoyed this match; I think Bailey Matthews Charlie Dempsey is going to be a big star for NXTUK. 

Championship face off!

Next up, the NXTUK Champion Ilja Dragunov and the number one contender A-Kid have a sit-down discussion.

A-Kid starts by congratulating Ilja on his title victory. He says he understands how Ilja feels more than most. When he became the first ever Heritage Cup Champion, he felt the pressure of the expectation. He says in order to build his legacy, he needs to take the title from Ilja.

Ilja says its good to see that he is motivated, but he needs to understand that he beat WALTER to win this title. He reminds A-Kid that he fought WALTER once before, and WALTER beat, no, destroyed him. But he came back. Ilja tells A-Kid not to compare himself to him because they are not the same.

A-Kid says he isn’t comparing himself to him, he wants Ilja to think about the impact it’s had of focusing on one person for so long. He says it’s not about endurance, it’s about making mistakes, and when Ilja loses his temper, that’s when he will get him. A-Kid will leave him with three options: Tap, Snap, or Nap.

Ilja says it doesn’t matter what tricks A-Kid uses, the NXTUK Title wants more. It needs pain, struggle, will, and you need to be more than human to hold it. Ilja is going to put him in his place, because he is the Tsar, and A-Kid is just that, a kid.

They both stand and glare at each other, A-Kid stands and offers the handshake, and after a moment’s hesitation, Ilja accepts.

This should be a great match when it happens.

Straight into another hype vignette now, as Wolfgang and Noam Dar talk about the upcoming tournament final. Wolfgang says to him the cup represents passion and heritage, and he wants to inspire the next generation just like William Regal, Fit Finlay and Johnny Saint did for him.

Noam Dar says heritage means everything to him, and he has huge respect for the legends, but humble doesn’t work as well as being aware, he is only 28 and is only going to get better. If he hasn’t passed you yet, just watch him catch up now. His game plan is to use ninja sharpness(?!), not get hit, and leave with a pocketful of cash.

Wolfgang says the difference between the two of them is he cares about the heritage, but all Noam cares about is money. The two end the segment by talking up their chances and how they are going to beat the other before taking the Heritage Cup away from Tyler Bate.

Match announcements!

As is becoming customary with NXTUK, we then get the announcements of next week’s matches.

After their altercation earlier in the night, Jinny and Emilia McKenzie will face off, we will have the final of the Heritage Cup tournament between Noam Dar and Wolfgang, and Mark Andrews will get his chance for revenge against “The Thunderstorm” Sam Gradwell.

Coffey has an Ace up his sleeve…

Main event time now, Gallus top boy Joe Coffey is taking on the Irish Ace Jordan Devlin after the Gallus boys have been winding him up for the last couple of weeks.

The opening exchanges are a real back and forth contest, no one gaining much of an advantage, as they feel each other out. The back and forth between them ends in a stand-off twice.

Devlin eventually makes the first move and controls Coffey with a side headlock, and when Coffey broke free and tried to run at the ropes, he grabbed his feet, pulling him back down, and walked across his back.

This enraged Coffey who then hit a flurry of strong hits, starting with a lariat and then shoulder block before another lariat sent Devlin tumbling outside. Coffey bashes Devlin around the outside for a bit before sending him back into the ring and hitting a sidewalk slam for a two count. Devlin briefly fights back with a jawbreaker, but Coffey reasserts control with a shoulder tackle takedown.

As Coffey goes after Devlin again, Devlin gets him tangled in the ropes and hits a backcracker, then takes control of the match with chops and forearm punches. Both men attempt to backslide each other, but Devlin catches Coffey out with a hiptoss, then works him over on the ground with a submission hold.

Coffey fights out and gets a hiptoss of his own, but Devlin fires back with a Uranage slam, then a standing moonsault. Devlin then proceeds to mock the signature Gallus pose, which turns out to be a mistake as this fires up Coffey who then hits a massive belly-to-belly suplex, followed by a big splash in the corner, then a German suplex to finish the combo off.

Devlin tries to go after Coffey again but gets a back body drop for his troubles, then takes a European uppercut into the corner. Coffey attempts to hit All The Best For The Bells, but Devlin counters it magnificently into a devastating Spanish Fly!

Before Devlin can take advantage though, Mark Coffey distracts him by wearing his jacket and shades, Devlin takes the bait and doesn’t notice Joe Coffey making it to the ropes where Wolfgang holds on tight to his arm. Devlin attempts the Devlin Side suplex but is unable to hit it as Wolfgang is holding on to Coffey, who is then able to hit a Glasgow Send-off followed by All The Best For The Bells to secure the win!

Gallus celebrate on their way up the ramp with Mark Coffey still wearing Devlin’s jacket and shades, while Devlin himself loses his temper in the ring as the show ends.

All in all, a fairly good show tonight. NXTUK rarely disappoints with its direction, and there seem to be some interesting developments coming.

Although it seems obvious to me that Blair Davenport is getting the big heel build up, which personally I don’t like as I am really not a fan of her, but credit to WWE for promoting a new talent in a big way.

I want to see more of Starz and Mastiff too, as I think they are the ones who will be taking the Tag Team Titles away from Pretty Deadly.

Xia Brookside’s change in attitude surprised me as I think many people see her as a huge babyface, but I think a darker side to Xia would be really cool to see. Couldn’t give two hoots about Jinny and Joseph though.

So that brings us to the end of another week’s NXTUK. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all again on Tuesday for more NWA Powerrr!