NXTUK Bytesize: 2nd September 2021

The King returns once more with his royal opinion on this weeks NXTUK!

NXTUK Bytesize: 2nd September 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s the “King of Real Rasslin”, Paul, back once again with another bytesized NXTUK review!

And it’s another decent show ahead tonight on paper. Nina Samuels takes on the imposing Blair Davenport, Emilia McKenzie will face off with the French Hope Amale, and we get more Heritage Cup Tournament action as Teoman takes on the always impressive Nathan Frazer

With all this and more to get through, lets dive in!

The Nina Samuels show is cancelled again

Kicking off this week’s show is Nina Samuels v Blair Davenport. Blair comes to the ring first, then Nina begins her entrance, but she doesn’t get to finish it as Blair attacks her outside the ring!

The match never officially begins as Blair hits Nina with a V-Trigger, then a Falcon Arrow. She hints she is going to cause her more pain, but security and referees run down to stop her. Sid Scala also runs down to put a stop to this and tells Davenport to “Calm down and head backstage now”.

But rather than doing that, she hits Sid with a V-Trigger, then a Falcon Arrow of his own!!!

You can’t do that to Sid! He’s not even a wrestler!... Oh, wait, he is? Who knew?

Davenport then heads backstage looking very pleased with her work. You can bet there will be repercussions for this though…

Next up is a recap of last weeks no DQ match between Jinny and Aoife Valkyrie, and apparently Aoife suffered a knee injury that will keep her out for an “unspecified amount of time”.

Backstage Business!

Jinny then appears in a vignette and says that no bird soars too high on its own wings, unless you clip them, and that is what she did to Aoife. She says to be the best, you have to handle the worst, and although Aoife may have won the match, Jinny is the one standing tall. Jinny said she was going to destroy her and that’s what she did. She says everyone witnessed the fall of Aoife Valkyrie.

Symbiosis up next, T-Bone says Johnny Saint has set up a six-man tag team match for next week, Symbiosis v Saxon Huxley and two partners of his choice. Primate says Let’s be honest, Huxley isn’t the most popular, as he used to go around shouting “Saxon Huxley! Better stay clear of him!”?

Eddie Dennis then says Huxley may have beaten him a few weeks back, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Symbiosis is greater than the sum of its parts. Dennis ends it by mocking Huxley’s “Better luck next time” catchphrase.

Starz and Dave Bomb the competition

Tag Team action now, and the newly formed team of the “Bomber” Dave Mastiff, and Jack “video-killed-the-radio” Starz taking on UKPC standouts Dan Moloney and Andy Wild.

Starz and Mastiff look pumped for this as they square off with their opponents, and their tag teamwork has come on well as they utilise quick tags to get the drop on their opponents.

Wild does eventually force things into his control briefly, as he hits Starz with a suplex, but Starz soon turns the tide back in his favour with a shoulder tackle, then tagging in Big Dave for a scoop slam.

With Starz back in the ring, he gets distracted by Wild on the outside, allowing Moloney to take control with a dropkick for a two count, followed by a couple of suplexes. Wild and Moloney control Starz for a time before he is able to break free and get the hot tag to Mastiff, who then goes on the offensive, hitting a rolling senton on Moloney before throwing him and Wild around like ragdolls.

Starz is tagged back in and with Moloney in the tree of woe, Starz hits a diving headbutt, then tags Mastiff in to hit Into the Void for the win. The two then celebrate intensely in the middle of the ring.

Good win for the newest tag team on the block.

Pretty Deadly are now Pretty Drenched!

Pretty Deadly are out somewhere doing a photoshoot at a water fountain and recording content for their TikTok channel (@prettydeadlywwe for those interested), when the Gallus boys of Joe and Mark Coffey enter the scene. Mark says what are the chances! It absolutely disgusts him that they are the champions, and Joe says the titles would be a much better fashion accessory on Gallus, Pretty Deadly sneer at them, before Mark Coffey pushes Lewis Howley into the fountain! The Gallus boys laugh while Sam Stoker dramatically calls out to Lewis Howley.

Great stuff!

Roll up, roll up, one and all to see the amazing “Not-Millie” McKenzie!

Women’s division action now as the deafening superstar Amale takes on “Not-Millie” McKenzie.

It starts with some back and forth, but McKenzie gets the upper hand with a takedown and locks in a heel hook. McKenzie continues to control the pace for a time until Amale hits a twisting neckbreaker to take control.

Amale follows this up with a knee strike then a pump kick sending McKenzie outside. After a brief brawl around the ringside area, she throws McKenzie back into the ring and stomps her into the corner. Amale continues to control the match for a time here, until McKenzie is able to fight back and hit a back suplex for a two count.

McKenzie tries to take the momentum forward, but Amale yanks her down to the mat by her hair and mounts her, delivering punches TO THE FACE!!! After bringing her to her feet, Amale hits a clothesline, then locks in a variant of the Million Dollar Dream.

McKenzie is able to fight out and counters Amale’s next attack with a small package for a two count, but Amale quickly reasserts herself and dropkicks McKenzie back to the mat to reapply the Million Dollar Dream variant. McKenzie again fights out and gets a backslide for a two count, but this just earns her a dropkick for her troubles, followed closely by a facewash kick in the corner.

Amale seems to be setting up for her finisher, but McKenzie is smart and hits the most devastating move in alllllllll of sports entertainment: The surprise roll up. She locks it in deep and steals the win! Amale is apoplectic with rage as McKenzie celebrates on the ramp.

Backstage shenanigans!

We’re heading backstage again now, as we get a recap on the night’s opening concerning Nina Samuels and Sid Scala. Sid is shown in the doctor’s room being examined and wearing a neck brace, with Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness on commentary once again recapping what happened and the likelihood of repercussions for Blair Davenport. Sorry Sid, did you say something?...

You wouldn't believe it based on what we saw!

Following this, we see Oliver Carter and Ashton Smith heading towards the locker room. Carter is excited but Smith seems apprehensive. Carter says he has a big surprise, and they walk in to see Saxon Huxley throwing coat hangers into the air and destroying the place. Carter says he loves this guy and all the destruction, they know he’s mad about Symbiosis and they are here to back him up.

Saxon, for his part, repeatedly shouts “YOU CAN COUNT ON SAXON!” while shaking the lockers! Smith reluctantly says he is in, ready and forward. Saxon then starts repeating “ALWAYS FORWARD” as he leaves the room. Smith looks very concerned and says to Carter that if Saxon does that again, Carter can tag with him on his own. Carter says he loves that madman, and at least he can count on him.

Seeds of dissent maybe? This segment was brilliant, absolutely loved it!

Next up, we get hype for next weeks Heritage Cup Tournament match between Sam Gradwell and Wolfgang. Gradwell says no one embodies honour, prestige, and heritage quite like he does, but Wolfgang knows nothing about that. Wolfgang says he has been asking repeatedly for a rematch with Gradwell ever since he “left his mark” on him last time, and now they get it.

Gradwell says last time he wrestled Wolfgang, he broke an abnormal number of Gradwell’s ribs, there’s no honour or technical wrestling in that. Wolfgang comments that Gradwell has recovered just in time to face him again, which means he is either very brave or very stupid, and he knows which one he thinks it is.

Gradwell says when they face off, when the catchy Gallus music hits and he makes his little doggie noises, calling himself the big bad wolf, but to him he is just a big bad yoghurt, and he will web him around the BT Sport studio for six rounds if he has to (he actually said those words…)

Wolfgang says if you look in his eyes there is a constant state of reckless abandon, and that Gradwell has to worry about more than just his ribs, as he is going to break everything in his body by the time he’s done.

Major dick swinging there!

Confirmation also of next week’s six-man tag team match between Symbiosis and the team of Huxley, Carter, and Smith, as well as reliving the NXT UK Title match from Takeover 36 with special insight from several NXT/WWE Legends. Thrilling!

Teoman Toretto knocks out Nathan Frazer

The man for whom nothing is more important than family (calm down Vin Diesel), Teoman is set to take on Nathan Frazer in this week’s main event. Nathan Frazer out first with his absolute banger of an entrance theme, followed by Teoman and his little buddy, Rohan Raja.

And in a change from the norm, round one is mostly dominated by Teoman, controlling Frazer with an arm lock, although Frazer does turn it around in the final thirty seconds, hitting a dropkick just as the bell sounds to end the round.

Second round begins with Frazer trying to keep up the momentum, and after a suicide dive to the outside onto Raja, Teoman takes advantage of the distraction and throws Frazer into the ring steps then throws him back in the ring and hits a hard shot to the head to a seated Frazer, picking up the first fall at 1:03

Round three and with his bell rung, Frazer continues to be dominated by Teoman. He is able to fight back, and after knocking Teoman out of the ring, he attempts a baseball slide, but Teoman lifts the ring apron and Frazer slides right into a trap, getting pummelled for his troubles. Teoman is controlling his opponent until Frazer gets free and hits a springboard dropkick followed by a hurricanrana, but the bell sounds before he can get a pin.

Into round four, and the two trade blows, before Teoman gets the upper hand and goes up top to hit a missile dropkick, gaining a two count. After some more blows from Teoman, he comes off the ropes only for Frazer to catch him with a powerslam and pin him at 1:49 of round four, equalling the score!

Round five proves to be the decisive round, and despite starting strong with a slingblade and a twisting suplex for a two count, Teoman hits back with a suplex of his own. Frazer knocks Teoman out of the ring and goes for another suicide dive, then goes up top to hit an elbow drop for a two count.

Raja then distracts Frazer, who has gone up top again, long enough for Teoman to avoid the corkscrew press, and with Frazer seated on the mat, Teoman hits a flip DDT to seal the 3rd fall at 2:47. Teoman advances to the semi-finals!

And that brings us to the end of this weeks NXTUK. Another pretty good show in my opinion, there’s a lot happening, and it will be really interesting to see what Blair Davenport’s fate is after this week’s shenanigans. Saxon Huxley in the main event match next week should be fun, and of course we will have more Heritage Cup action.

Thanks for joining me for this run through NXTUK, and I will see you all next week once again for NWA Powerrr!