NXTUK: Bytesize 2nd December 2021

It's that time once again where we head to the BT Sport Studios in London for NXTUK!

NXTUK: Bytesize 2nd December 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, here again to bring you your weekly dose of NXTUK action! 

It’s the big one tonight! Ilja Dragunov defends the NXTUK Championship against Rampage Brown in a colossal main event! 

But that’s not all, as we also get to see Meiko Satomura attempt to defend the NXTUK Women’s Championship against the bratty Xia Brookside! 

I can’t wait for this one, lets dive in! 

Someone get Xia some cheat codes! She just can't beat the Final Boss!

Kicking off this week's show is the Women’s Title match! Xia out first with all her usual confidence, followed by the Final Boss! If Meiko retains here (and I believe she will) this will be her fourth successful defence. 

Xia manages to hold her own in the early exchanges, and by mid match she is controlling her opponent, having used some basic heel tactics to get ahead such as retreating to the ropes. But this is Meiko Satomura, and she didn’t exactly make it easy for Xia, utilising her arsenal of moves to great effect. 

After hitting a scoop slam, Meiko began to turn the tides, using her array of kicks to gain a two count. Meiko locks in an armbar, but Xia gets to the ropes to break it. Xia manages to keep Meiko down for a two count after a neckbreaker, but in the follow up Meiko takes control and scoops her into a power slam for a two count. 

Xia hits a codebreaker after avoiding a spinning kick from Meiko, gaining a two count, but she loses her mind after only getting two. Meiko hits a Pele kick, taking Xia down, Xia fights out of the Death Valley Driver, but Meiko lands it on the second attempt, following ut up with the Scorpio Rising for the win! 

Good opening match up, it furthers Xia's slow heel turn, and gives another defence to Satomura in her now 180-day reign as Champion. 

Watch out JP.... Secrecy Adoption may be happening here...

If you know, you know...

Charlie Dempsey is in a house as Rohan Raja comes down the stairs. He invites Charlie up on to the roof. 

They look out across the city and Raja tells Charlie that Teoman passes on his gratitude. He asks him what is important to him. Charlie says Legacy and Heritage. Charlie says he knows that is important to Raja and Teoman too, and when he saw the trouble they were having with Gallus, who have no respect for anyone in the ring, he thought they could use a helping hand. 

Raja had Teoman on the phone, and after conferring with him, Raja welcomes Charlie to The Familia. Raja and Charlie Dempsey shake hands. Looks like Teoman’s family has grown as promised. 

“Not-Millie” McKenzie is backstage as Meiko Satomura walks through the doors following her successful title defence. A reporter asks Meiko what’s next? Meiko says she is going back to Japan for a few weeks. McKenzie says that Meiko is going to take a well-earned break, but Blair Davenport (ugh) appears and asks McKenzie what she’s going to do without her only friend to protect her? McKenzie says she’ll be just fine, but Davenport says she doesn’t believe her and challenges her to a match. McKenzie accepts, and Davenport tells Meiko to bring her back a present from Japan before walking off. 

Huxley squashes the Cockroach!

It’s a rematch from two weeks ago now as Saxon Huxley gets a second crack at the Cockroach, Kenny Williams. 

As the bell rings, Williams immediately tries to throw his jacket in Huxley’s face to distract him, but Huxley is prepared and catches it. Williams gets a few shots in before Huxley asserts control, but Williams rakes the eyes. It doesn’t stop Huxley for long though, as he is right back on top with a crossbody against the ropes. 

Williams ends up outside the ring after an exchange and Huxley fakes out going one way to give chase, then going the other, taking Williams down with a lariat. Huxley is prepared for Williams it seems. Huxley with a two count after a leg lariat against the ropes.  

Williams again tries to turn the tides but a backbreaker from Huxley shuts him down, followed by being repeatedly slammed into the mat.  The inevitable happens though as Williams avoids a corner crossbody sending Huxley outside. Willams then lays in some vicious shots to Huxley outside the ring, as well as giving him a back rake. Back in the ring, Williams continues his assault, taking Huxley down by attacking the knee, then a top rope stomp to the back. Huxley turns the tables on Williams after a series of shots, but Williams takes him down again with a shoulder block to the knee.  

The two trade shots in the centre of the ring, with Huxley seemingly in control, hitting another big backbreaker. Huxley with a series of big strikes, followed by short arm clotheslines, then a javelin toss across the ring. Huxley runs Williams into the corners, then hits a third backbreaker for a two count. Huxley with more strikes to the prone Williams, sending him down with a big boot then ascending the ropes, but when he misses a second rope elbow drop. Williams quickly hits a DDT for two. 

Williams looks like he is about to wrap it up when Subculture’s music hits, distracting him. Huxley with a big corner splash, then a Fireman’s carry into a spinebuster for the win! 

Winner: Saxon Huxley 

A big win for the Hartlepool born warrior and well overdue in my opinion! Huxley is a hell of a talent and should be much further up the card for me, so a win here, even with the distraction, should be a big boost for him. 

As for Kenny, well it seems we have a feud with Mark Andrews incoming...

Backstage Bookie!

Backstage we go again now to Sha Samuels, the East End Bookie, and he has a whiteboard with “Next No.1 Contender" odds written on it.  

He has Eh? Kid at 2/1, Tiler Bate at 3/1, John Coffee at 4/1, St Johnny Saint at 14/1, Doink the Clown at 100/1, and Samson Gradwell at 4000/1. 

Sha says this is his side hustle to make a few extra quid, and hears his first customer coming as Gradwell enters the room. Samuels asks if he wants to make a bet, and Gradwell says no, he is here to talk about the match with Noam last week. Samuels says “Oh yeah! How’s your leg?”, Gradwell replies "Never better". 

Gradwell asks why he’s bottom? Thunderstorms are always at the top. Samuels says that Gradwell has lost every single match he’s been in, to which Gradwell replies “Not every”. Samuels replies “Most of them”, and Gradwell says Samuels has a selective memory and a weak brain. 

Gradwell challenges Samuels to a match and says he’ll put ten quid on himself right now. Samuels says “At those odds?” Samuels thinks about it, then says the odds say he’s not going to pin him, Gradwell replies the odds say it's going to be a hefty pay out for Samuels, when he beats him, so get them winnings ready... Yogurt! 

Confirmation next that Blair Davenport will face Emilia McKenzie next week on NXTUK, as well as the NXTUK Tag Team Championship match as Pretty Deadly take on Moustache Mountain! 

Following this is a recap of how Moustache Mountain earnt their shot at the titles, starting with their win in the fatal four-way match three weeks ago. Pretty Deadly say that Moustache Mountain are the foundation of NXTUK, but that they are the beautiful building on top. They say that Tyler and Trent just aren’t good enough.  

Moustache Mountain say it's interesting they say that, because you can see Pretty Deadly have respect for them for building this place, but Tyler says it's all smoke and mirrors. Pretty Deadly say that Moustache Mountain gave them their hardest match to date, but they beat them. They wonder what's next for Moustache Mountain when they beat them again? 

Trent asks Tyler what he does if they don’t win? Tyler says “No mud, no lotus, perspective, think of all of that time that’s passed". They’ve weathered all that hardship together. They say that when they started, the name Moustache Mountain was a bit of a joke, but now they know what it means; It signifies the climb and struggles that they have gone through, and they are nearly at the peak. They need this win. 

Pretty Deadly say they are going to break Moustache Mountain fans hearts, and that after they beat them, they will have two tasty snacks to look up to instead. They say they need to apologise to Moustache Mountain though, because they are going to end them. Trent says they need this, and that the titles are coming back to the cabin on Moustache Mountain! 

OH YEAH! RAMPAGE V DRAGUN..... Oh, it's over...

Here we go! Main event time! This is going to be a brutal match! 

The match begins, and the two lock up, neither initially gaining the advantage, until Rampage forces Dragunov into the corner. Dragunov escapes, and they lock up again, with Dragunov again pushed into the corner. Dragunov draws first blood with a chop in the corner after a back elbow attempt from Rampage. 

Dragunov tries to control the pace, but Rampage again backs him into the corner, delivering a hard forearm, and then it begins! Several forearm strikes from Dragunov followed up with a headlock which controls Rampage. Repeated attempts to escape the headlock by Rampage fail, until Rampage hit a back suplex, but Dragunov keeps hold of the headlock. 

A brief separation as they trade shoulder tackles ends with Rampage back in a headlock, which he manages to escape. They again trade shoulder tackles but this time Rampage avoids the headlock and takes Dragunov down with a high angle back suplex. They end up outside the ring, where Rampage rams Dragunov back first into the ring posts.  

Rampage hits a big scoop slam, barely gaining a one count, before continuing his assault on Dragunov, who to his credit tries to fight back but the attacks to the back are stunting his progress. Rampage grabs Dragunov in a waistlock, and after a chop to Rampage, he hits a nasty headbutt, sending the Champion down to the mat. Rampage follows up by whipping Dragunov hard into the corner, and hits a hard chop before throwing him into the opposite corner for a two count. 

Rampage is on top, despite Dragunov’s retaliations, and picks up Dragunov, whipping him into the ropes, damaging the back further, Rampage goes for the Doctor Bomb, but Dragunov battles his way out, somehow hitting a sunset flip. Dragunov goes for a suplex, but Rampage blocks it, and the two trade attempts before Dragunov delivers a series of shots before another failed suplex attempt. Rampage with a strong forearm which is met by an enzuigiri from Dragunov! 

Following the enzuigiri, it appears that Rampage is injured, so the referee calls the match to an end, declaring Dragunov the winner due to referee stoppage. 

Well, I have to say I am quite disappointed in the ending of that match, although if Rampage is legitimately injured, hopefully he recovers quickly. There didn’t seem to be too much in it, but as Jim Ross often says, this isn't ballet. The commentary team of Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness seemed to focus on the fact that, despite mostly blocking it, the enziguiri connected with Rampage’s head, and that this could have been the cause of the injury. 

Either way, Ilja Dragunov retains and is still NXTUK Champion! 

This brought the show to an end, and to be perfectly honest, although seemingly through no fault of their own, this episode left me feeling quite deflated. I had such high hopes for the NXTUK Title match, and this really didn’t fulfil them. 

Great to see Saxon Huxley get a big win though, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the fallout from that in regards to Subculture distracting Kenny Williams. It seems the ascension through the ranks of Blair Davenport will continue next week, as I don’t see Emilia McKenzie beating her, as much as I would like her to. 

A lot of good story development this week too, with Teoman as well as the hype for the Tag Team Title match next week, so there were some good parts to the show as well. 

Thanks for joining me again this week, and I will be back with a special NWA review early next week detailing NWA Hard Times 2, followed by NWA Powerrr as well as another edition of NXTUK!