NXTUK Bytesize: 28th October 2021

Another week, another NXTUK! Let's see what went down this week...

NXTUK Bytesize: 28th October 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back once again with another bytesized NXTUK review! 

This week, Mark Coffey will take on Rohan Raja, and we have women’s action in the form of Amale taking on the debuting Myla Grace, but the main event this week is for the NXTUK Heritage Cup as Tyler Bate defends against the Scottish Supernova, Noam Dar. 

So, let's get straight to it! 

Family Feud! 

First up tonight is the match between Mark Coffey and Rohan Raja, with the Babo, Teoman, by his side. 

Coffey gets the best of the early exchanges, and takes Raja down with an arm drag, transitioning into a hammerlock. Raja gets himself free and focuses on Coffey’s left arm, tying him in the ropes and then kicking them to inflict damage. 

A little back and forth ensues, ending with Coffey being thrown into the ring post, and from here Raja takes control. Raja lays into Coffey with some heavy hits, including a nasty looking shoulder/back elbow shot. Coffey briefly fought back before Raja was once again able to take control with a double knee attack, followed by trapping the Gallus boy in an arm lock. 

Coffey though once again got free, and this time his fight back was more effective, hitting a couple of lariats, followed by a Urunage slam and a bulldog for a two count. Raja wasn’t out yet though, as he hit Coffey with a sit out powerbomb, and a backstabber, gaining two counts each time, but Coffey’s resilience would shine through, and after an enziguiri and a diving uppercut to a seated Raja he picked up the win. 

Following the match though, Raja and Teoman left Coffey and Wolfgang laying on the mat after a post-match beatdown, signifying that this feud is far from over... 

We then get a short video package led by that man, Sid Scala, informing us that in two weeks there will be a triple threat tag tam match between Symbiosis, Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter, and Dave Mastiff & Jack “In a sky full of” Starz.  

This match will determine the number one contenders to Pretty Deadly’s NXTUK Tag Team Championships. 

Dempsey distressed by disturbance 

Backstage, Charlie “Son of Regal” Dempsey is being interviewed. He is asked what he thinks about taking on Danny Jones in his second NXTUK match tonight. 

Charlie is putting his opponent over, talking about what a good competitor he is and how it will be a good test for him when Gallus come barrelling through the doors backstage. Wolfgang interrupts him and asks if he has seen Teoman? Wolfgang says if he sees him, tell him they are looking for him. Mark apologises to Dempsey as they walk off. Dempsey turns back to the camera and remarks that’s twice now that they have interrupted him. 

The French Hope don’t need no Grace 

Women’s division action now, as “The French Hope” Amale, takes on newcomer Myla Grace.  

The match begins with Amale taking control from the off, slamming her to the mat, followed by a nasty back elbow. Amale is in full control of the match (but not her volume it seems... DAMN she is loud...) But Myla manages to catch her off guard with a couple of roll up attempts, both gaining two counts. 

Amale reasserts her dominance with a double foot stomp, following up with a swinging neckbreaker. She goes for the pin, but surprisingly Myla kicks out at one! Amale hits another back elbow for a two count, but keeps her opponent grounded with a headlock. 

At this point Blair Davenport walks out onto the stage and observes the match. Myla Grace picks this as the perfect time to mount a comeback, as she takes Amale down with a tilt a whirl head scissors which send her into the ropes, and follows up with a Tiger feint kick. Myla then hits a beautiful swinging DDT for a two count. 

Amale though takes Myla down with a big boot, and although Myla gets another two count from a roll up, Amale soon hits Hopebreaker for the win. Amale locks eyes with Davenport as she walks off, then Amale goes back to being the loudest person on the roster when she starts screaming in French again. 

Backstage shenanigans! 

Aleah James is asked about her big win last week against Xia Brookside? Aleah says she has been in NXTUK for a year now so she is so excited she won as she has been working so hard... 

Nina Samuels then cuts her off and says she asks the questions here as this is the Nina Samuels Show. She then says on second thought it takes a certain calibre of performer to appear on her show and she doesn’t think Aleah measures up. Aleah says they’ll do this another time as she’s not doing this now. Nina gives her one hell of a stare. Seriously, look at this; 

Nina then pulls a smile that looks like a mix between a grimace and the face you make after a particularly hot curry, before walking off. 

Next up, Flash Morgan Webster is backstage with Dani Luna and a cameraman, Dani says they should really wait for Mark Andrews, but Flash says he has to do this now. He opens the locker room door and stood there is Rampage Brown.  

Rampage turns around and looks straight at Flash and says “Don’t you dare. I know what you’re up to.” 

 Flash looks dejected and turns to walk away, before turning and attempting to slap Rampage! However, Rampage is ready for it and blocks it, grabs Flash by the throat, and pins him against the wall. Rampage tells him he is going to get himself hurt, and that if he wanted a match, all he had to do was ask.  

Rampage walks off while Flash remarks that he “Got him”, but the look in his eyes tells a different story. 

Dempsey distributes defeat to Danny... 

This match was truly one for the technical wrestling fans, and I count myself among those! 

Charlie Dempsey is a fantastic throwback talent. His technical style was on full display in this match as he and Danny Jones wrestled a brilliant technical match full of holds intended to wear their opponent down.  

After a Cravat suplex, Danny Jones took down Dempsey with a hip toss, followed by a back fist. Jones then trapped a stunned Demsey in a bow and arrow hold, followed by a two count. 

Dempsey would reassert himself with a double wristlock, which he got by allowing Jones to take his leg in order to catch him off guard. Jones managed a couple of shots before Dempsey was able to pull Jones down into the turnbuckle. Dempsey hit a Gutwrench suplex , gaining three successive two counts, then locked in a gromet on Jones, using it to suplex him twice. 

Jones would hit a backbreaker, but this would be his last piece of offence before Dempsey would hit two successive Butterfly suplexes, followed by locking in a deep crossface chickenwing, forcing Jones to tap out. 

I really enjoyed this match. I love Dempsey’s technical British style, it’s a refreshing change from the norm. Hopefully, Dempsey gets a big push and becomes a champion. He would definitely be a great Heritage Cup champion. 

Womens Championship Hype! 

We now get a video package hyping up next week’s NXTUK Women’s Championship match between the challenger, Jinny, and the champion, Meiko Satomura. 

Jinny says Meiko has been wrestling for over twenty years, and every time she steps in the ring, she shows everyone why she is the Final Boss. But twenty years is a long time. She’s become weak, frail and slow. She says that Meiko asked everyone to step up to her, but didn’t ask her. Because she knows that she is dangerous. Jinny says no one will stand in the way of her destiny. She is going to finish the Final Boss and become champion. 

Meiko says she is nervous before every championship defence, but she is always evolving, getting tougher and stronger, she likes danger, and says Jinny cannot beat her. Jinny may be the Queen, but she is the Final Boss. She tells Jinny to be prepared. 

Dawn of the Dead... 

A grainy black and white vignette now as we see Isla Dawn stood in her favourite ruins with her special box. She then begins to speak, and it seems like she is casting a spell... 

“Face and hand to reach the sun, and the cool dirt still doth turn. Flash of blue, and strength of culture torn from skin and ripped to thunder. A threat to kill the vanity, twisting, turning till insanity. One more charm of powerful trouble and that complete shall be my puzzle! 

The ascension will be there upon, progression inevitable as the Dawn...” 

It seems like Isla has her eye on her next victim... 

Old rivalries renewed! England v Scotland 

Over the years we have seen England and Scotland face off many times in many different sports, but nothing is going to be quite as important as this. Tyler Bate v Noam Dar for the NXTUK Heritage Cup! 

Round one was the usual feeling out process it usually is, with Tyler just about edging the round. 

Round two began with Tyler dominating the first minute, before it became more of a back-and-forth contest. Tyler would get Noam in an airplane spin, but Noam got free and after a short exchange the duo took each other down with a double clothesline, ending the round. 

Round three begins with Noam trying to get the upper hand on Tyler but is unable to. After a dropkick, Noam rolls out of the ring. Tyler follows, but Noam slides back into the ring. Tyler gets on the apron, and Noam takes advantage by kicking his legs out from under him, drops him with a dropkick, then throws him into the ring steps. Noam then hits the Nova Roller and secured the first pinfall in 58 seconds. 

Round four kicked off with Noam smelling blood, taking the fight to Tyler, Noam began dissecting Tyler with targeted stomps, but Tyler was eventually able to fight back, and took Noam down with a flying uppercut. Tyler then takes the momentum, hitting an exploder suplex, he goes for a running shooting star press but Noam gets his knees up. Noam gets a two count. Noam tries to throw Tyler to the outside but he hits his rebound lariat, followed by the Tyler Driver at the second attempt to take the second fall in 2:02. 

Round five was a back and forth round as both men went for the killshot. Both Tyler and Noam were relentless in their strikes and moves as they sought the victory. But despite this, as well as Champagne Super Knee Bar and Burning Hammer attempts, neither man could get the three-count needed to secure victory in round five. 

The final round began much the same way as the fifth round, with both men going all out to try and secure the win. With just 45 seconds to go, Pretty Deadly came out and started to wind up Trent Seven at ringside, stealing his towel and taunting him, then trying to throw the towel into the ring. In the ring, Noam had Tyler in the Champagne Super Knee Bar, and as Trent tried to stop Lewis Howley throwing the towel into the ring, he inadvertently ended up throwing it in himself. The referee saw this and took it to mean that Trent was forfeiting the match on Tyler’s behalf and called for the bell, declaring Noam Dar the winner and NEW NXTUK Heritage Cup Champion. 

Oh wait, I guess its time to update the counter...




Pretty Deadly looked on laughing as a dejected Moustache Mountain looked on. Noam Dar however, continued to celebrate in the ring as he finally picked up his first evert Championship in WWE as the show ended. 

All in all, anther decent showing from NXTUK, though not as good as previous weeks. Whilst I get what they were trying to do by having Pretty Deadly interfere and essentially cost Tyler Bate the Heritage Cup, what was the point if there is going to be a triple threat number one contender's match in two weeks that Moustache Mountain aren’t a part of? Unless of course our old pal Sid Scala ends up adding them. 

Rampage Brown is probably going to annihilate Flash Morgan Webster when they have their match, which is good for him in terms of getting back into title contention, but what does it do for Flash? I think they need to do more with their stables as right now neither Subculture or Symbiosis are looking particularly strong. 

Thanks for joining me for this week's NXTUK bytesize review, and I will be back next week with more NWA Powerrr and NXTUK!