NXTUK: Bytesize 25th November 2021

It's time for more NXTUK action with your resident Belt Guy!

NXTUK: Bytesize 25th November 2021

What’s up guys and girls! It’s “The Belt Guy” Paul, back again with another bytesized dose of NXTUK action! 

This week looks like a decent show, as Mark Andrews faces off against “The Irish Ace” Jordan Devlin after their confrontation last week, and the NXTUK Heritage Cup Champion, Noam Dar, faces Sam Gradwell in a non-title match 

With that in mind, I see no reason to hold us up anymore, lets dive in, shall we? 

Andrews Falls to Pieces! 

Get it? 

Before the match begins, Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster are backstage. Mark is worried as Flash runs up to him, he can’t find Dani Luna, but he tells Mark to focus as he has a match. 

As they lock up, Devlin quickly takes the upper hand, taking Andrews down and talk trash. Andrews gets fired up and fights back with some quick manoeuvres. 

A standing hurricanrana gives Andrews a two count, and Devlin rolls outside, with Andrews giving chase... 

No not you, Andre! Sit down! 

Back to the match, Devlin is in control again after using some dirty tactics to take Andrews down once he tried to get back in the ring. The two then traded blows, until Devlin delivered a knee strike. From here Devlin was in control for a good spell, picking apart Andrews. 

Andrews managed to fight out of the corner, only for Devlin to then take him down again with a lariat for a two count. Devlin then once again proceeded to pick apart his opponent. Andrews fights his way to a vertical base from a seated headlock, and uses a jawbreaker to get free, following up with a tornado DDT. 

Once again, the two trade blows, with Andrews coming out on top with an enziguiri, then a stomp to the chest. Devlin tried to take Andrews by surprise with a Thesz press but Andrews countered it into a Powerbomb for a two count. 

With Devlin on the turnbuckle, Andrews followed him up, but Devlin tried to catch him off guard, but Andrews saw it coming. Devlin charged him in the corner, but Andrews dumped him over the top rope, however Devlin landed on his feet and sprung into a cutter, gaining a two count. 

Devlin once again took control, placing Andrews on the top rope. Andrews thought countered into a top rope poisonrana, into a Code Red! Andrews attempted the Fall to Pieces, but Devlin got his knees up. Devlin with a suplex attempt, which Andrews countered into the Stundog Millionaire. Andrews quickly went up top, but Devlin rolled out, so Andrews changed tack and hit a moonsault to the outside. Andrews went to get back into the ring, but Devlin pulled him back into the barricade, hoping for a count out victory, but Andrews made it back in at nine. 

As Andrews got to his feet, Devlin delivered a headbutt, but held onto Andrews' arm, pulling him up for the Devlin Inside for the win. 

Winner: Jordan Devlin 

Really good opening match. These two have great in ring chemistry, and their styles mesh really well together. Devlin is clearly one of NXTUK’s top stars, and it seems only a matter of time until he is in the NXTUK Championship picture. 

Backstage Bants! 

Sid Scala is here next, as he confirms that Moustache Mountain will face Pretty Deadly for the NXTUK Tag Team Championships in two weeks' time! 

We then get a recap of last week's main event where Charlie Dempsey cost Gallus the match against Teoman and Rohan Raja. 

Backstage in a hastily constructed “locker room” (which looks more like they’re in the back room of a Curry’s store) Joe Coffey angrily punches a locker, before Disapproving Big Daddy Wolfgang says he’s had enough of these cardboard gangsters. 

Joe says he doesn’t know how they didn’t see this coming? Mark says it's because on no planet does Dempsey fit in with Teoman. Mark congratulates them on putting one over on them. Wolfie says if they wanted a fight, they're right here, and they’re always up for a square go. Joe says Dempsey is welcome to his weird family and candlelit dinners, he got one lucky shot, but now he’s going to get his head kicked in. 

Another recap of last week's confrontation between Noam Dar and Sam Gradwell.  What we then see is Gradwell banging on Noam Dar’s hotel room door due to the noise. Noam is having a part, and Gradwell tells him its three in the morning! Gradwell says when he’s ready to go back to work, he’ll knock the angle out of him. Dar and Sha say it's easy money, and they can finish him off, then get back to the party. Gradwell snatches the champagne he’s holding off of him, then tells him he has a date with oblivion. Dar invites the two camera operators into the party as Gradwell walks off. 

Back to former wrestler Sid Scala, who is about to make an announcement, but Sam Gradwell comes up to him and asks why his match with Noam Dar is not for the NXTUK Heritage Cup title? He says that Noam Dar has been celebrating for too long now. Dar and Sha then walk into shot asking Sam Gradwell what his game is? 

Two three men then begin arguing back and forth, when a hand lands on Noam’s shoulder... 

IT’S JOHNNY SAINT!!! HE’S BACK!!! He says that they’ll do whatever Sid says! 

A clearly delighted Sid then says that tonight's match will be for the NXTUK Heritage Cup Championship! Dar and Sha tried to protest as Gradwell walks off saying “You know it makes sense!” Sid then welcomes Johnny Saint back and they share a warm embrace. 

Isla Dawn has the recipe, and it’s called Black Magic... 

Last week, Aleah James was attacked by Isla Dawn, so naturally, this week they have a match. 

Looks like someone’s been reading Billy Corgan’s book... 

Isla comes out with her box of trophies, carrying them to the ring with her. 

They lock up, and Isla seems in control, using a wristlock to control James’ movements. James escapes the hold and reverses the pressure, only for Isla to do the same, transitioning to a hammer lock. James then transitions to a headlock, before Dawn takes her down with a snapmare. James though retaliates by dropkicking a running Isla. Dawn is sat on the ring apron, and as James tries to get her back in, she hangs her up in the ropes. 

Isla the takes full control, dissecting James with some hard strikes, gaining a two count after a big kick to the chest. Isla backs James into the corner, then whips her into the turnbuckle. James gets a quick roll up, but Isla soon takes control again, locking in a half strait jacket. James tries to fight her way out, and does so with a jawbreaker, beginning a flurry of offence, culminating in a two count. Ilsa attempts a suplex but James counters it into what Nigel McGuinness creepily described it as a “tight small package” ... 

Isla delivers a kick to James in the corner, then hits a modified Air Raid Crash for the win. 

Winner: Isla Dawn 

Good win for Isla Dawn here. Given Aleah James build over the last few weeks I expected her to overcome the black witch, but no such luck. 

After the match, Isla gives James her hair ribbon back... where the f**k are they going with this?! 

More drama than Jimmy Corkhill’s capers! 

Back in the soon to be ex office of Sid Scala now that Mr Saint is back, Xia Brookside storms in and demands to know what is happening with the title match Sid promised he was going to sort for her. He says he promised no such thing, and Xia loudly proclaims that he did, he said he was going to sort it out for her, and her daddy spoke to him, and just because he doesn’t want her on the wall with the nice shiny champions, that doesn’t mean she should get the opportunity. 

Sid snaps here and shouts at Xia like she’s a petulant child (which at this point she very much is) and says “Congratulations! You get the opportunity against Meiko Satomura next week. 

Xia then shouts at Sid again saying that a week is not fair. She needs time to train and prepare. Sid cuts her off and says “It’s next week or not at all!” Xia angrily shouts “Fine” and stomps off. 

Presumably to write in her secret diary about the injustice of it all while listening to My Chemical Romance... 

Moustache Mountain are backstage talking about their shot at the tag team titles. They are ready, and can’t lose this one. They’re going to win this one for the fans that have supported them the whole time. 

They say Pretty Deadly have two weeks until Moustache Mountain take their NXTUK Tag Team Titles. 

Pretty Deadly then appear on the screen. Sam Stoker asks Lewis Howley what could be sweeter than beating Moustache Mountain once? Lewis replies beating them twice, but this time with the fans in attendance so that they can see live and in person that they are the best tag team in NXTUK history. 

Jinny’s seeing Angels... 

Angel Hayze is due to take on Dani Luna, but she doesn’t appear. Instead, Jinny comes out saying she’s made sure Dani Luna won’t be here tonight. She sends her apologies to Mark and Flash, as they’re going to have to live without her for a very long time. She’s handling things on her own from now on, and her business relationship with Joseph Conners is now over. Tonight, she is going to get her winning streak back on track. Starting with Angel Hayze 

In what was a total squash match from the get-go, Jinny essentially dominated the entire match, aside from some brief periods of offence from her opponent.  

Naturally, Jinny finished this off with the Makeover for the win. 

Winner: Jinny 

Given that I am not a fan of Jinny, I was never going to like this match. But it did what it needed to do, it made Jinny look strong and reasserted her position as one of the top women in the division. 

More Backstage Bants! 

Nina Samuels is at the UKPC for another edition of the Nina Samuels Show, and her guest this week is the NXTUK Women’s Champion, Meiko Satomura. 

Nina asks if Meiko has any secret techniques for her upcoming match with Xia Brookside? 

Meiko stares a death hole directly through Nina Samuels, before Emilia “Not-Millie” McKenzie essentially says “Oi, Nina! We're training, do one.” 

Nina calls an end to her segment and walks off pretty quickly, as Meiko continues to stare at her. 

In an office backstage, Noam Dar and Sha Samuels are covering up the other names on the Heritage Cup, then talk about their plans for the evening. This was essentially a pointless one-minute segment. 

Next up, Ilja Dragunov is talking about his upcoming match with Rampage Brown. He says that Rampage made it very clear that he doesn’t want his respect. And that’s ok, because just by standing in front of him, looking him in the eye and punching him straight to the ground, he gave Ilja the biggest respect he ever could. 

First Ilja fought for the championship for himself, but now he realises how much responsibility he has. The responsibility of being a symbol, of people feeling something when he fights, a symbol for endurance, a symbol for dedication, a symbol to fight like there is no tomorrow. Long Live the Czar. 

Rampage is on screen next. He says “What are you gonna ask me? You gonna ask me about my feelings? Who cares?” Ilja’s everybody’s new golden boy, and that doesn’t sit right with him, but the thing that doesn’t sit right with him the most, is that he has the NXTUK Title. Rampage says he came in as the most respected competitor that NXTUK had ever signed, and at the end of the day, it doesn’t give you anything. It doesn’t pay his bills, it doesn’t feed him, the NXTUK Title will. Respect means nothing when you don’t have the title. Unfortunately for Ilja, he is Rampage’s way, he’s not messing around, he is going to beat him, and make him suffer. He’s going to smash his face in, take his title, and get all the respect. 

Backstage, a reporter catches up to Mark Andrews, and asks him if he is ok as he is outside the doctor's room. Andrews says he’s fine, it’s Flash, he’s getting an update on his shoulder. Kenny Williams comes up and says that they should call the doctors room Subculture’s dressing room with all the injuries they get. Andrews says it's easy to pick a fight with someone on the sidelines, but he’s not injured. Kenny says relax Mark; you don’t want to get in fight back here with someone like him... 

It's all too Knee-sy for Noam!

Main event and Championship match time! 

As such, this will be done by the British Rounds rules: 

Round One: Typical Dar tactics to start the round, little strikes and backing off, and also drinking from a hip flask. The two duel on the ground, trying to get the upper hand, and eventually Gradwell gets a slight advantage. Gradwell amazingly gets the first fall in 2:43 after hitting him with his knee brace, then a cradle shock slam. Dar seems to be knocked out! 

Sam Gradwell 1-0 Noam Dar 

Round Two: Dar slumps to the ground straight away, and Gradwell goes for another cradle shock, but Dar suddenly revives and tries a roll up for two. Gradwell is on great from though and is dominating Dar. Gradwell hits a rolling elbow, knocking Dar to the outside. Gradwell foes to the apron, and after a distraction from Samuels, Dar kicks out Gradwell's leg and takes control. Dar with the Nova Roller, picks up the second fall in 1:35 

Sam Gradwell 1-1 Noam Dar 

Round Three: Dar targets the knee of Gradwell, targeting it with several dropkicks. He begins stomping his limbs, then drags him to his feet, delivering a knee to the mid-section. Gradwell turns the tides with a knee of his own, but Dar reasserts with more strikes to the knee. Gradwell with some hard strikes, then a butterfly suplex. After an elbow to the head, Dar attempts the Champagne Super Knee Bar, but Gradwell is trying to see it out, as Dar rips off Gradwell’s protective knee brace. The round ends before Gradwell can tap. Keeping him in it a bit longer. 

Round Four: Gradwell takes off the knee brace, and Dar launches into an all-out offensive. He stomps away at Gradwell, then when the referee’s back is turned, Samuels attacks Gradwell’s leg. Noam then hits a back elbow into a pin for a two count. Gradwell gets to his feet and catches a back elbow, turning it into an STO, gaining a two count. Gradwell lifts Dar to his feet, and tries to get him up, but ends up delivering a knee to the mid-section. Dar attacks the knee again, then starts with some kicks. Gradwell fights back, but Dar takes him down again. Samuels puts Gradwell’s leg on the rope, and Dar goes up top, but Gradwell gets up and tries to hit Dar with a cradle shock, but an assist from Samuels turns it into a rill up for a two count. Dar kicks out the leg again, then fakes out into the Champagne Super Knee Bar. This time, Gradwell can’t make it to the bell, as he taps out, giving the win to Dar. 

Sam Gradwell 1-2 Noam Dar 

Samuels and Dar celebrate as the show comes to an end. 

Good main event this, Gradwell gave a good account of himself, and loses nothing in defeat here. Given that this was Dar’s first defence, he was always going to win it, and he did so in a typically Noam Dar way. 

That ends this week’s NXTUK, and overall, another decent episode, and it looks like we have some good stuff to look forward to next week. 

Thanks for joining me, and I’ll be back next week with more NWA & NXTUK action!