NXTUK Bytesize : 25th March 2021

Guess whose back with a brand new bytesize review?

NXTUK Bytesize : 25th March 2021

What's up guys and girls! It's "The Belt Guy" Paul here!

Well, its Thursday, you know what that means... We're back with a bytesized look at this week’s NXTUK! 

This will include spoilers and opinions! 

Supernova Sessions 

The show begins with Noam Dar’s Supernova Sessions. Dar, looking like a classical music teacher, goes on about the fact that he is fated to be a young legend. He mentions taking on Tyler Bate in two weeks in a number one contender's match for the Heritage Cup. He then says that Supernova 11 does not fail, and speaking of failure, introduces Trent Seven. 

Trent comes out looking a bit worse for wear, Noam Dar offers him to take a seat, Trent goes to sit on the sofa but Dar says no, that’s his chair, and points him to a folding chair. 

Dar says that Trent was nearly Cruiserweight Champion, but then he failed. He asks what it feels like to be a failure? Trent says that’s harsh, he put himself through a rigorous training regime at a time when the country is having a tough time. Noam Dar says he wants them to talk a bit more positively. He says during his cruiserweight campaign he got himself in peak physical condition, then makes fun of him asking if he took Zumba classes, but sees him more as a legs, bums and tums guy. 

Seven runs through the things he put himself through to prepare himself. Noam Dar says he has been in WWE for five years and has performed on every brand, and was part of the Cruiserweight division relaunch, and yet he hasn’t had a title shot. He asks what makes Trent think that, as an outsider, he can squander all opportunities given to him. 

Trent takes exception to this and reminds Dar that he is a founding father (or grandfather in comparison to the majority of the roster!) of NXTUK, and that maybe he should worry about Tyler Bate in two weeks. 

Noam Dar then gets back up in the form of Sha Samuels, who talks Trent down. Dar says Samuels always has his back. Trent says in two weeks he will be in Tyler’s corner, and they’ll have an “absolute dandy”. Trent says play my music and walks off. 

Well, that was an interesting segment. Noam Dar is very good at winding people up, and the addition of Sha Samuels (who at one point called Trent Seven a “tart”, getting a big laugh from this writer!) seems to have upped their game to a new level. It kind of feels like Trent Seven is treading water at the moment, hopefully they’ll have something for him soon. 

Sid bans Jinny! 

Backstage, Sid Scala tells Jinny that she and Piper Niven are banned from ringside for Joseph Conners match with Jack Starz tonight. Jinny says that as Sid is just the Assistant General Manager (Assistant TO the General Manager), she doesn’t have to listen to anything he says. Sid says this comes straight from Johnny Saint, and just like that Jinny and Conners accept it. That’s pretty much it. Jinny says fine, and they walk off together. Sid says that went as well as could be expected. Thus ends another fine backstage segment. I’m now off to repeatedly bash my head against a brick wall until the first match starts.... 

Have I mentioned recently just how much I dislike Jinny?! 

Prelude to the Rampage! 

NXTUK Prelude is hyped up next, as we’re informed of the main event once again; WALTER v Rampage Brown for the NXTUK Championship! 

A hype video is played talking up both men's chances, with interaction from William Regal, Fit Finlay, Robbie Brookside, and Dave Taylor. The general consensus seems to be that WALTER is in for a tough match, and I agree! Rampage for Champ! 

Starz in their eyes... 

Jack Starz v Joseph Conners is our first match of the evening. Couple of observations; 

  • Jack Starz ring coat only has one sleeve. Could he not afford the other one? Maybe he needs a few wins to get the winner's purse to afford more... 
  • I watched this episode with my brother who commented that Conners looked like “some kind of weird pirate”, and now I can't get the image out of my mind... 

Anyway, the match itself was fairly even until Conners took control near the end. He told Starz his fifteen minutes of fame were up, then hits a neckbreaker for the win.  

Jack Starz seems to be starting to have longer and more involved matches, so maybe he is breaking out of that “enhancement talent” spot that he has occupied since NXTUK began. 

Pretty Deadly? Pretty Boring.... 

NXTUK Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly, talk up their recent victory. They mention that next week is the first of their many successful title defences when they take on Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan. More posturing from the champs before they reveal their sideplates and walk off. 

Eurgh. I can’t stand these two. They get right on my nerves! 

Before we get back to the action, a clip is shown of backstage where Piper Niven is comforting Jack Starz after his loss tonight. She tells him they’ll get straight back on it in the PC and figure it out.  

I can see these two becoming a really good tandem, it may have started in a strange fashion, but they work together really well and I am just desperate to see Jack Starz start to climb the ladder.  

Morrell and Jones get T-Boned 

Next up are squash match Extraordinaires Josh Morrell and Danny Jones taking on new team of Primate and Wild Boar Tyson T-Bone. 

Cue a surprisingly long glorified squash match. T-Bone looks to be a good fit for this new team, and Eddie Dennis looks like he is really growing into the heel manager role. 

Primate and T-Bone seal the win with a powerslam/diving head combination. Expect these two to be in the Tag Team Title hunt sometime soon. 

Speaking of Tag Team Title challengers.... 

Williams and Jordan hype  

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan are shown working out in the ring. They state they are ready for their tag team title match next week, and when they win, they will be dancing all around the ring (maybe). 

At this point, if Kenny Williams does not turn heel during, or at the conclusion of this match, I will consider it the biggest swerve in NXTUK history. It seems beyond all realms of doubt that it will happen, and that these two will then square off against each other. Much as I would like to see them as Tag Team Champions, if for no other reason than I just can’t stand Pretty Deadly, I just don’t see it happening.  

Isla Dawns on Aleah James 

The last couple of weeks have seen Isla Dawn tapping into her witchy juju more and more, and tonight was no exception. A more aggressive and dominant Isla Dawn was able to take down Aleah James with relative ease. James got in some offense, but Isla put her away with a bridging suplex to win the match. Backstage afterwards, as Isla is in some kind of witch trance, Kay Lee Ray walks by and says if she had tapped into this earlier, maybe she could have been in her position. Suddenly, there are red lights and sinister music as Isla Dawn appears to go into full witch mode. At this, KLR decides to walk away. 

Whilst I am interested in seeing where this goes for Isla, this bit came across a little corny. But then hey, we all like a bit of corny with our wrestling, right? 

Samuels's month is up! 

A backstage vignette shows us Nina Samuels celebrating the fact that her month as Xia Brookside’s personal assistant is up, but then Xia turns up and says actually there is still a little time left, and so she has he clean the men’s toilets. 

A disgusted Nina Samuels does so, as she leaves, she finds some tissue stuck in her hair, and the segment ends. But it could have been so much more! What if on opening the door Dave Mastiff was sat there with a newspaper? Maybe halfway through Ashton Smith runs in talking about a dodgy curry the night before? Perhaps Ilja Dragunov runs in, spouting gibberish, wrecks the place then runs off again? Even just someone running in, cutting the cheese, and running off again would have helped! All of these ideas and more would have made it more impactful and comedic, but alas.... 

I wonder where this angle will go from here. I expected a bit more change in character from either Xia or Nina, but it hasn’t really happened. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

The Thunderstorm falls, Unbesiegbar rises! 

In a main event match that sure as hell was not lacking in action, Ilja Dragunov knocked Sam Gradwell the f**k out! 

The Moscow Mauler was up against it in this match, as early on Sam Gradwell would use all manner of dirty tricks to gain the upper hand. Gradwell would use the ring bell to smash Dragunov’s arm and from there was dominant for a spell as he used anything he could get his hands on, most notably steel chairs... a LOT of steel chairs, to cause harm to his opponent. Dragunov though isn’t one to give in lightly and fought back hard. Gradwell would beg and plead a few times, causing a momentary distraction to Dragunov, allowing Gradwell the chance to take control. In the closing stages of the match, Gradwell was about to chop Dragunov across the back, but thought better of it knowing that this turns Dragunov into an unrelenting monster who will smash your teeth in faster than the police smashing down the doors to the Epstein estate. 

Despite this, he still ended up hitting Ilja across the back, turning him into said demon monster from Hell, Dragunov responds by hitting a spinebuster onto a pile of chairs, then a soccer kick to the face, before whaling on him with a steel chair! Big Firemans slam onto the pile of chairs, before he mounts Gradwell and continually smashes him with forearms to the face! Gradwell is out and the referee calls for the bell! 

I imagine once Sam Gradwell awakes from the coma and finds he has no teeth left he will be looking to go up against Dragunov again... Pro Wrestling logic folks! 

So that wraps up another episode of NXT UK. I don’t feel this was one of their better episodes, it seemed to lack something. There wasn’t an awful lot to keep you gripped. But with Prelude in two weeks, you can be sure that come the day of the show we will all be excited for it. 

As ever, leave your comments and feedback for us, and I’ll be back next week with a bytesized rundown of all the action from NXT UK!